Long Recuperation After Eyelid Surgery - Long Island, NY

I had both upper and lower lids done on July 20th....

I had both upper and lower lids done on July 20th. The uppers had been covered by insurance ($5000) and I paid $3900 for the lowers. The instructions I had been given told me to use ice for 15-20 minutes per hour and sleep sitting up for the first 48 hours. I was also instructed not to read, watch tv, use a computer or drive for 48 hours. I told my doctor, afterwards, that his instructions were ridiculous! I was 100% blind, due to swelling, for 48 hours. My vision was so blurry that I could not drive or read for 2 weeks. If I slept in a normal, lying down position, I awoke with my eyes and cheeks swollen for at least 4 weeks. Now that the swelling is gone and vision has returned to normal, (5 weeks) I can see that I will be very happy with the results. My lower lids look wonderful, although often still red, as are my cheeks. My upper lids look good but still feel kind of numb. I would have liked to have had some warning that the recuperation could have taken so long. I would suggest that having the lower lids done greatly increases recuperation time.

So far, I have only received negative experiences regarding the upper and lower eyelid surgery that I have coming up. Is there anyone out there with a positive experience or am I just in for a living hell?
I promise you even although the recuperation has taken a bit longer than I expected, it was well worth it! Don't worry about the lengthy recuperation some of us have had, you may heal much quicker. On the positive side, it is a pain free operation....enjoy it !
Seven months post op for upper and lower bleph. Very sorry i had it done as have had major dry eye (surgeon should have tested for this propensity beforehand) as well as major vision changes (increase in astigmatism). post op a living hell managing severe dry eye. Now cannot read for extended periods or be outdoors in wind. Have 6 new pairs of glasses. Nothing compares to having to manage dry eye. Be forewarned and be wary of having any bleph.
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