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I have had the DPL device for about 2 months, and...

I have had the DPL device for about 2 months, and incredibly only took it out of the box 2 weeks ago! I think I was intimidated by the instructions to put it together. It was very easy, by the way. It is tedious to sit with your face in this thing for 17 minutes, but after doing it about five times now, and actually noticing my two brown spots fade, I am pretty sold on this device. These brown spots have made a harrowing comeback from two Levelon procedures at the derms office, a year of RetinA, daily Vivite glycolic cream, and anything else I read about along the way. I have used the device once a day, but the instructions say you can use it twice.

Other articles on the web say there is no harm in using it as many times as you feel like. I will now begin using creams with it, as I am certain now that it is effective, since my skin seems to be shedding more quickly. I believe we will be seeing salons with full body LED machines, considering that they turn cells over 150-200 times faster, your whole body would glow! I was in a doctors office yesterday and they had a LED head device, used for hair growth and the side benefit of relief from migraines. They allowed me to try it for twenty minutes and it is very relaxing, and the nurses said they sit under it every chance they get. Light therapy is very healthy.

I purchased a free standing tri color led light but the instructions are a joke. I'm trying to find out how far away from my face I should place it? Mainly blue for acne but also yellow for hyper pigmentation. Thanks for the great post!
Do you happen to have any dermal fillers? Is it compatible do you know. It does not seem anything this mild that does not even directly impose heat on the underlying layer would degrade them, but I'm not sure. I'd like to do this but have restalyne and radiesse and don't want them to degrade more quickly.
I've never heard that it has any effect on fillers. I have them, and have noticed no effects.

This is a good device to use in conjunction with other protocols...

for better results and faster healing. I found that sitting upward was awkward, and there was no "good place" to keep the device on the stand, as it is fragile. So, I started using it while lying down, and place it directly on my face or hands. It is relaxing and warm at most, never hot. Staying consistent with any "device" is difficult but necessary if you want to stay ahead in the race with the aging process! Ya' know?!
Uhm, I don't think using creams with is is wise. I read somewhere that cream acts as a barrier and bounces the light off or something so the light won't be absorbed.
Thanks I would like to know the adsact details of the device. I'd rather buy something from someones recommendations.
which machine is it. Could you give me some more details. I want it for skin tightening, wrinkles plus spots.
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First saw one in a salon, a large industrial size. Found mine on Amazon.

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