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Journey Into My Wonderland....Excited and Nervous! - Long Beach, CA

I'm almost 40 years old, and I've always...

I'm almost 40 years old, and I've always been very self conscious of my teeth and never show them when I smile. When my dentist told me that she wanted to help me I almost wanted to cry. She knew I didn't have a lot of money but I saved up enough in a year for a down payment. My insurance covered a portion of it and she is allowing me to make payments to her each month. I'm expecting to get them in soon. I cannot wait! I'm excited and nervous, mainly nervous cause I'm a wuss at pain, but I'm willing to do this. It's one of my dreams coming true!

Well it has been a month and a half now since I...

Well it has been a month and a half now since I have had my molds done. Still no word on when I will get my invisaligns. I have called the Dr. office off and on in the past month and all I get is, "It should be any day now." Getting a little discouraged here! Grrrr! Still undecided!

Speak of the devil, I make a comment of it taking...

Speak of the devil, I make a comment of it taking forever and I get a call today that they are ready for me! I have my appointment tomorrow! Yaay! I'll update after I get them!

Today at 4pm Pacific Time, I'm suppose to get my...

Today at 4pm Pacific Time, I'm suppose to get my Invisaligns. Anyone else experienced anxiety attacks before getting them? I'm realizing it is a huge life adjustment for me. Finally getting my teeth fixed that have embarrassed me all these years. The fear of the future... The pain I may have to endure, (I'm a wuss with pain) Are my teeth going to turn out right? Am I going to talk funny? My diet it going to change drastically, I'm a snacker and not eating as healthy as I should, I know this will be better for me in the long run, but I don't want to give it up just yet...lol I'm freeeaaaakkkingggg out!!!!!!

Just got home from the dentist. They ended up...

Just got home from the dentist. They ended up taking out a root tip where my upper wisdom tooth used to be so only got my bottom invisaline in while my upper heals, going back in 2 weeks to get my upper invisalign in. I have 4 buttons on the bottom which aren't too noticeable. Not much pressure surprisingly. I was disappointed though my dentist seemed in a rush and I have no idea what's going on. I don't know how many trays I will have to wear, how to take care of them, or even how to take them off, she didn't give me any type of tool, just said slowly try to work them off. I did hear her in the background say she never saw a patient that has to wear so many and all the many buttons I will have to wear, she mentioned my top tooth will have 2 buttons on it, ( 1 button is noticeable, but 2??? Don't know if I like that!) I only got to ask a few question because my mouth was numb from her taking out my root and feeling hurried. Hmmm still undecided vote. I hope the next visit in 2 weeks will be better.

Last night I descided to try to take them out to...

Last night I descided to try to take them out to brush my teeth before bed, it took me about 10 min to get them out, they are tough to get over the buttons. Once out, my teeth felt ok. I don't know how I'm going to be able to eat though, I can't close my mouth all the way to chew because my buttons are in the way. Popping the tray back in was another story, they popped on and OMG the pain, thought I broke a tooth! I've been taking Advil to help ease the pain. I slept ok through the night, but woke up this morning about 5 am with my teeth throbbing. I don't know if I'm going to take my tray out today, but I need to eat something or I'm going to pass out at work.

It's been a week today since I've gotten my bottom...

It's been a week today since I've gotten my bottom tray. It feels a little more loose. EAsier to take on and off. My bottom teeth are still a little tender, I can't eat anything that I have to take a bite out of using my bottom front teeth, so I have to either tear off and chew with my molars or still eat softer food.
I'm suppose to get my upper tray on June 5th, so I will update then.

(I wish there was a way to edit our updates, so you can shorten it, so the page isn't so long or after so many updates it archives it into pages!) lol

I got my 1st upper tray today, no buttons this...

I got my 1st upper tray today, no buttons this time, next visit she is going to put buttons on and shave down a few teeth, I don't know if I'm going to like that, my teeth are small as it is! Got my second tray on the lower teeth, she missed a button last time but it must not be important? She said don't worry about it. I still feel rushed when I go in, I didn't get a chance to ask many questions, I did ask about the Advil and this site, she asked me why people said nit to take it and she said don't listen to them, it's ok to take it... Hmm... She basically handed me my trays had me pop them in and I was on my way. I still don't know how many trays in all I have. I don't like being left in the dark on things. I just hope she knows what she is doing!

I'm on my 3rd trays now! Pain isn't as bad, but...

I'm on my 3rd trays now! Pain isn't as bad, but it is there and they are tight. Got new buttons on top, definately feel the preasure now. Bottom teeth, I'm used to the buttons. I have 5 buttons on top, (double buttons on front top tooth) and 4 on bottom. Still do not know how many trays I have all together. When I asked they told me that they really don't know either, that I will have more trays than they originially got, there is going to be a lot of them to refine my teeth.

Can not see a change in my teeth yet, besides I can floss a few bottom teeth a little easier. Patience though!

My diet has definately changed, the first few days with new trays, I have to eat soft foods or jumba juice. I have lost 8 lbs. since May 16th! Yaay!

Well it's been 9 months since I have had my...

Well it's been 9 months since I have had my Invisalign!!! And THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT SO FAR!!!! I've noticed a huge difference already! Not only are they straightening out but they are not pointing inward as much also! Yaay! I'm not going to lie, there has been some major pain off and on. Each time I change them it's different, some are tight but pretty painless, but some you can tell they really want to move my teeth and have to take pain meds for a few days. I wear mine at least 22 hrs a day. I do not like to not have them in. I feel naked without them, so as soon as I'm done eating, I brush and hurry to pop them back in. They are so worth it so far!

I attached a new pic!

I attached a new pic!

Getting there!

I am on #19 trays out of about 25 so far and my teeth are moving pretty well! I've had my ups and downs with pain, but it has been worth it so far! Adding an updated photo.

Almost Done!

I'm on my last lower tray and 2nd to last upper tray. I don't know yet if I will need refinements. But I'm almost done!


It's been almost 2 years and my teeth are just about at the end of their journey. We had our ups and downs, but it has been worth it!
Dr. Denette Anderson DDS

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Beautiful teeth! Congratulations!!!!
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did your insurance cover part of your invisalign? was the total $3,000?
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My ins. covered $1500. My dentist let me put down $1500 and then I made payments on the last $1500. So total was $4500
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I'm glad your process has been worth it!
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Hi, I enjoyed and giggled at your blog as no doubt you do when you write some of it as I can relate to your story. I am very lucky as mine is just a straight forward overbite and will only take 4 months to complete then the tweaking begins sorting out tooth chips and whitening. I have only just began my journey with the invisilign and am also very excited. I feel naked without mine but have still got the lisp and My step son who is 22yr does not know I have a brace in but was asking what is wrong with my voice! Looking forward to your next blog.
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Hi! So sorry I didn't realize there was comments on the bottom of my page! My lisp went away thank god! But if I had to do it over again, I would!
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I read, your review and I'm delighted it's going so well for you and you are Happy with it. I was just wondering a few things . Do you know how many Trays you need? and Did you get a Clin Check? It just seems that your Dentist is not giving you enough info and that would worry me.. Just wondering?
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I will need at least 25 on top and 24 on bottom. But that does not include refinements. At first I thought she wasn't giving me much information. But after a few trays we went through everything. All is good now and it's rolling along just great so far!
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That's good to hear, it just sounded starnge that there wasn't much info.. Ive just started my second Tray of 16U 19L .. But I'm sure, by the sounds of it i'll have refinements (everyone else seems to) .. Good luck with it all..
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Thanks! I just have about 28 more lbs to lose, I think these trays will help lose the weight in time!
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If it keeps going at the rate you are at that is only 3.5 months to your goal, so even if it slows a bit you will still probably get there well before your treatment is done! :)

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Wow, 8 pounds in a month?! That is a pretty nice side effect! ;)

Sounds like you are doing really well adjusting to things!

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I know I need to say something, I just know she is popular and has a very busy office. Another thing is my lisp, it's bad with both trays in now, my boyfriend made fun of me tonight...lol
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It sounds like you are really having some concerns over the amount of communication between you & your doctor. You might want to consider calling in and asking for a special appointment to discuss your concerns, or even a phone call with your doctor to discuss them.

As for the concern with having your teeth slenderized (shaved), I wouldn't expect that you would see a noticeable change in the way they look. That is usually done to help with crowding, so its just the sides of the teeth if that is the case. Again, something else worth making sure to discuss with your doctor. I know it can be uncomfortable to have to be persistent, but you do deserve to understand your treatment.

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I agree with Megan. You're doctor should be open to all questions and you shouldn't be afraid to ask - this is a big investment you're making and you have every right to ask away. I have a totally different experience with my doctor and the staff - any questions i have, he/they will take the time to provide you with the accurate information. My doctors office is always full but i have never had the feeling of being rushed. You need to be comfortable in all aspect.
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Sorry to hear your teeth have been so tender. :( The teeth are loosening up right now, so although you will probably have soreness with each new tray my guess is it won't be this bad.

As for the updates, I like the idea of them archiving into pages. I'll be sure to bring that up as an idea! We don't want people to edit them, because that would take away from the entire story. A person considering Invisalign will greatly benefit from hearing what each step in the process was like. Most people read every word written by a reviewer, because they really want to know what is in store for them if they decide to do the treatment. A lot more people read the reviews than comment on them, so you are helping a ton of people by sharing this info. :)

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np, how many sets are you getting at each visit? My Dentist gives me 3 sets of trays every 6 weeks. I wear each set for 2 weeks...
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The dentist just gave me what's in my mouth she wants to see me for each tray.
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Ok thanks! Just checking cause I was afraid they gave gave me #2 Instead of 1, cause it said Invisalign 2, but maybe that's the type of Invisalign.
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I should've looked closer at my own aligners before I stated that the aligners are not marked.
It actually is marked on the aligners as well. As in your case the L 01 is Lower #1. Your Upper should read U 01. I just checked my aligners, and I'm on tray #6. My upper reads U 06, my bottom reads L 06. The same goes for my previous set #5 that I carry for a backup are marked U 05, and L 05.
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The plastic ziploc bag that the aligners come in has the number marked on it Crystleen. It's not marked on the aligner itself.
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How do I tell which # I'm at on my trays? One side says Invisalign 2, other side says a bunch of numbers then L 01 N. I tried looking it up but no avail.
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Thanks! I've been popping Advil like crazy...LOL
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Crystleen, I have a bit of advice. I wouldn't advise taking advil while under the Invisalign treatment. Advil is an anti-inflammatory, and during the process of tooth movement,  it is actually starting a controlled process of inflammation in the bone around the root so that it can resorb the bone, and allow the tooth to move.

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This is a very interesting topic. I haven't heard that a person shouldn't take Advil while doing ortho treatment. To make sure we are passing along good info I posted a question about it in our Q&A section so we can hear from the dentists who volunteer on here. :)

Is It Ok to Take Advil when Using Invisalign?

It usually takes 24-48 hours for answers to start being posted. You can click on the link above if you would like to check for them.

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