Getting excited about my surgery scheduled for...

Getting excited about my surgery scheduled for April 3. Im 49 and my eyes look so tired. I feel young and I'd like to look younger and not so tired. Doctor says my lower eyelids are worse than my uppers. My upper lids have become more and more hooded as I age. I'm eating right, drinking lots of water and taking my vitamins. Three days prior to surgery I will start taking arnica montana to help with bruising and swelling. So ready!


Good luck to you! What will your PS being doing with your lower lids? Fat repositioning? Laser? I recommend the arnica and bromelian to help with recovery. I liked the arnica creme a lot. In case your PS doesn't mention it, you are supposed to ice for no more than three days. After three days, switch to warm compresses. Somehow I missed that info and iced for 2 weeks! My PS told me that slowed my recovery a lot. Live and learn!
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Thank you, I did read that about ice for 3 days only. I'm not having fat repositioning or laser, just skin removal on lower lids. I post updates next week.
Welcome to the Community.  So exciting for you!  Sounds like you are doing everything you can to prep for a sucessful surgery.  I'm looking forward to reading your updates :)
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6 More Days Until Surgery

Only 6 more days until my surgery. I had my blood work done yesterday. Emailed with my doctors staff and they are sending my pharmacy the prescriptions so I can get them filled ahead of time. This will be antibiotic ointment, antibiotic pills and pain meds. My surgery is scheduled for 7am on Thursday. I will be having my surgery in my PS's surgery center in his office under general anesthesia. He tells me it's about a 2 hour surgery.

Feeling like I need to get everything wrapped up with work and needing to clean my house and do laundry and get all of my other duties done so I can just relax and heal after surgery. I'm thinking about using a zero gravity lounge chair to sleep in after surgery so I can stay elevated. I'm a stomach sleeper and this is going to be so hard!!!! If I try to stay propped up in my bed I think I will roll over and hurt my face.

I haven't told my friends or parents about my choice for surgery, although they have heard me say over and over that I want it done for my 50th birthday. Let's see who notices first. LOL

Keeping all of my thoughts positive and visualizing a beautiful more youthful look!


A zero gravity chair should work out just fine. I slept in a recliner for 3 weeks after my surgery and it was surprisingly restful and definitely helped keep the swelling down.
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Im a stomache sleeper too but I've worried about so many other things that I figured I'm just going to do the best I can with sleeping. If I don't get a lot I can always nap during the day. I'm sure we'll be fine. I don't think they're worried about us ruining our face but getting swollen from the horizontal position. I'm such a heavy sleeper I sleep thru alarms, tv's, etc but I think I'll be more aware because I have it drilled into me that we have to sleep upright or at least a good incline.
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Good for you, keep up the positivity. My doctor said there's no prescriptions for me. Weird. I still think it's funny how they're all different. I've been doing the same as you, spring cleaning, decorating for Easter, etc. so I won't have anything to do after surgery. I'm going to be bored. But we'll look great for summer! 10 years younger is what I see in everyone who had the surgery.
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Just a Few Photos of Before Surgery

Just wanted to add a few "before photos". 5 more days!!!


Wondering if you're taking bromelain too. I've been taking the arnica and bromelain. As far as I know there are no prescriptions for me so hopefully regular tylenol is good enough. Most people say there's really no pain. I actually did get tylenol pm just in case i have a hard time sleeping sitting up. Happy resting!
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Just taking arnica, 1000mg vitamin C and multivitamin twice per day. I looked for Tylenol PM at CVS and it was recalled and pulled off if the shelves apparently only at CVS (according to google). I have 15 pills of Tylenol #3 left over from my hubby's hand surgery in Dec. I'm sure that will help me sleep. I've already planned to take a Vicodin on the morning they remove my stitches. I hear it can be pretty painful. I'm sure we are going to look like hell over the weekend. Just answered my phone and it was the PS office and they changed my surgery time till 9 AM because they couldn't get an anesthesiologist to come until then. Woo hoo I guess I get to sleep in a little bit. Good luck to you!
9 is great. when you said 7 i was thinking that would horrible for me, i usually sleep til 9 or later. my 10:30 was perfect but they called me as well and moved it to 11:30. i'll be starving by then. i found a generic tylenol pm at job lots $2. my son swears by melatonin. he had long flights to germany and afghanistan, he's in the air force, he took that to help him sleep on the planes. he has some in case i need it. i think my stitches will be disolvable, someone on realself with the same surgeon had hers done 2 weeks ago and he used those so no stitch removal.

Thursday 4/3 Surgery All Set

Spoke with my PS's office today. I was able to ask my questions regarding Thursday's surgery. I will arrive at surgery center at 7:00 am and be prepped for surgery. Photos will be taken for my "before". Dr. and anesthesiologist will come in and answer any questions and go over procedure and expectations. Dr. will perform his magic on my eyes and I will recover for awhile. I will go home with the nurse's cell phone number and I can call her anytime over the weekend. She will contact Dr. if needed. I will be taking Vicodin for pain or Tylenol 3 as needed. He also prescribes an oral antibiotic so I don't need eye ointment which can limit my vision. I like that! I'm told not to use anything on my eyes except ice until after the stitches come out in 1 week. I'm taking arnica currently and will continue that after surgery. On day 8 I have an appointment to get my hair done. On day 11 will be my husband's birthday dinner in a low lighting restaurant. I guess at that point my parents will know what I've done. LOL

Still finishing up all of my work and home chores. I'm a Real Estate Broker and Property Manager so I'm super busy. Trying to hide out might be challenging but so far everything should be quiet for the first week. Hubby will take care of me for the first 4 days then he'll go back to work. I know I will be much better by then.

Super excited and I'm feeling so positive and lucky to be able to have this opportunity to improve my eyes. Just grateful for my blessings!!! Stay tuned. . .


I'm still out of sorts from anesthesia. I shuffle around so I won't fall, lol. Hanging out in bedroom so I won't scare my kids, haha. I found it all pretty easy myself other than I still feel drunk, light headed. It took me 2 hours to wake up from the anesthesia in the recovery room. The worst part is over now though and I'm very excited even though I look bad. My surgeon wants to see me on Tuesday just to look, my stitches are dissolvable.
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Yippee!!! You look great so far.
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This morning I had to use wet qtips to get the dried blood globs out of my tear ducks.. Other than that, doing just fine.

Surgery Behind Me & No Pain At All

Piece of cake! Doc said everything went great. No bleeding and no problems. Going back on Tuesday to remove stitches. I can see fine to watch TV and use my ipad.. Been using my frozen peas and eye mask. Taking my antibiotic every 4 hours. Doc says icing is important for the first 24 hours after that it's up to me. No laying down flat so I'm in my zero gravity chair. It's 2:39 am and just got up to watch some TV. I have the nurses cell number if I need anything. All is well and so far super easy and no big deal :-))

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Day After Close - Ups

Some lovely day after surgery photos


Looks good, not too much swelling. I have a lot of swelling in the corners, worse part, because I had fat pads in there that needed to be removed. Icing all day but those corners are being stubborn.
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Looks great! Please post pics Tuesday if you can
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you look so good, you gave me hope .
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Feeling Human Again

My friend came by for a visit today and brought me some lovely flowers. After our visit I took a nice hot bubble bath. Washed my face very carefully around my taped eyes. Pretty tender to move the washcloth around. Had to pat the face instead of rubbing. I feel so clean and new. No pain at all. My nurse called to check on me and I let her know I'm doing great. I think I'll go for a little walk down the street tomorrow with sunglasses on. My eyes are not as runny now. Getting hungry for dinner! That's a good sign.


You look very good! Interesting how some doctors tape the surgical area; mine didn't.
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Looks great Marilyn and thank you for sharing .
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2nd Night - Little Tired

Ready for bed tonight. Had 3 visitors today and I'm done. No pain and I can feel the healing taking place :-))


You are looking great! But take it easy! Don't do too much. :)
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2 Days After Surgery

I slept super well last night. I only got up once and took an antibiotic pill. Hubby made me breakfast and I took a bath and got dressed. I think I'll rest this morning and then take a walk this afternoon. Bruising is very minimal. Absolutely no pain and I feel pretty good!


You are healing so nicely!  Love your detailed review.  Your dog is so adorable.  Thanks for sharing on RealSelf :)
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My little dog "Teddy" is the best medicine. He is a snuggle bum that is always by my side. He even sleeps right between hubby & me. I'm still resting today and I'm so bored. Thanks for stopping by :-))
Thank you! I feel so good today. I'll rest and be good.

3 Days After Surgery

Feeling really good today. Washed my hair in the bathtub with hubby's help. It's hard to blow dry my hair because it pulls my scalp which pulls my forehead which lifts my eye tape. It doesn't really hurt but in a way it kind of tickles. Taking it easy today but going to a friends for dinner. I put away the pain pills and still taking oral antibiotic and arnica. Can't wait for the tape to be off!!!


You're doing so well! Hardly any pain from day 2? Fabulous! I found that when my stitches came out (last Monday) I did have a little bit of swelling that night and day after...just so you know! Gosh I wouldn't be blow-drying my hair that soon - but then I had an endo brow lift, too, with scars at my temples :)
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Looks good. Eye gel is a nuisance but I'm glad I'm not on oral antibiotics because they give me yeast infections. I'm having a hard enough time with the arnica and bromelain, you have to take on empty stomache and vitamins with food, it's hard to keep track of what's what, haha. Glad you're doing good. Maybe I should have taken the Oxy 's prescribed to me and I wouldn't be aggravated about my dizzy head and swollen eye!
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4 Days After Surgery

This tape is driving me nuts!!! I feel good today but I'll still take a nap. So looking forward to tomorrow when the stitches come out. It's like Christmas and I get to open my present.


Hi mm, how did your doctor visit go? Is your tape off? You must be so excited. I know I am. It was a pretty short recovery if you ask me. I know we need more time to look great but I'm just glad the nasty stuff is over. I still have some redness and swelling but nothing like the first 3 days, I'll take that.
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Just got back from Dr.'s office. Dr. removed the tape & stitches. I am so happy with the results. I'll post photos tonight.
so happy for you , i am waiting for your pictures , my surgery is tomorrow , i am freaking out

5 Days After Surgery - Stitches Out!

I took a Vicodin before going to see my PS just in case. It did hurt while stitches were being removed. A little pinching and burning but so worth it. I can't get over how great I look. Dr. wants me back in 2 weeks and we will take his "after" photos. I love my new look! It will be even better in the upcoming days :-)). No makeup allowed until Dr. Gives me the green light.


Don't freak out! Easy stuff! No pain and the results are awesome. Best decision ever!!!
Don't freak out, no one was more nervous than me, the perpetual worry wart. Stay calm, if this is what you want to do then you have to just accept it. That's how I thought of it the last day or 2. No more worrying, that part is over, now it's time to just do it. As soon as the surgery is over you will feel a great weight off you - the recovery is easier than the worrying. The first 3 days are all you need to get thru (not too bad) and it's all downhill from there.
thank you so much for your support .

6 Days After Surgery

I am so happy! So glad my hooded eyes are gone. Hubby tells me he doesn't see it because he still sees me as the 30 year old that he fell in love with. I guess "love is blind". I would highly recommend this to anyone that is bothered by their hooded eyes.


Looks great!
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Looking great! After my lower lid surgery my fiancé said, "You look so much better!" And he didn't think I needed the surgery! He's a believer now. Lol.
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Awww that is so sweet.  The one time I let my dog cuddle with me post-op (after having a c-section) she karate kicked me right in the belly and I had a dent for months.  Glad your doggie is a little more sensitive to the healing phase ;)

The healing is super boring.  Your bruises are looking pretty good- hopefully you have a big pair of sunglasses and can go outside now!

7 Days After Surgery

Feeling great! Tomorrow night going out for hubby's bday with the parents. Do you think my Mom will notice???? LOL


It will be interesting to see who in the family figures it out first. I hope you don't tell until they bring it up. I think if it weren't for the bruise you might get no one to notice. I played bridge( after an upper eye lift) with 11 other women who knew me for a decade or better and even at day 10 and at close quarters around a rotating 3-table bridge evening not one person could identify what was different. A couple of comments about hair or something else. And thru it all and to this day (2 decades later) I told no one incl my parents....grace60
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I love it Grace! I told my husband I want to be seated directly across from my Mom so we see eye to eye. I won't say anything until she asks about my bruise or my eyes. She thinks I'm too big of a chicken to get an eyelid surgery. LOL

8 Days After Surgery

It's 8 days since my surgery. Got my hair done this morning and I feel like myself now. Ok, I've covered my bruises on my under eye area and I'm getting ready for hubby's birthday dinner. I bet my Mom won't notice a thing. Still super happy with my decision and I know it's going to continue to improve everyday :-))


Looking good! I just saw a friend for the first time since before my surgery. She asked if I did something different with my hair! I hope that is a good sign. You look fabulous!
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Thank you. I am so happy now that my aging hooded eyes are back to normal :-))

11 Days After Surgery

Getting better everyday! Feeling good and my eyes are looking 10 years younger. My bruises are faded but still noticeable.


Ms M...And so your mother's reaction was what? grace60
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Haha - my Mom noticed my bruised cheek and asked what happened. Before I could speak she said, "you did that surgery!" I showed her the photos and told her about it. She didn't think I was brave enough to do it so she was surprised. When saying goodbye to Mom and Dad my Dad called me Hollywood lol. It's all good :-))

12 Days After Surgery

Everyday get better! My lash lines are still numb which is normal per my PS. The tenderness is going away finally. Still sleeping on my back so I can heal better. No eye makeup yet because PS said makeup can stain my incisions. I wouldn't want to rub the area either for makeup removal. Trying to avoid the sun here is sunny SoCal as best as I can.


You look great!
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Thank you! My doctor did an amazing job! So grateful for the opportunity to change what bothered me and feel better!

2 Weeks After Surgery

So grateful to Dr. Hicks for his ability to improve my eyes! I look much younger and more refreshed in just 2 weeks time. I'm overjoyed with my decision to change what bothered me. Forever grateful ??


You look great! It is great you have had such wonderful results.
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Marilyn, your eyes look fabulous! I'm so happy for you and that you have such great results . You look great :)
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Thank you Martuska. I appreciate your compliment.

1 Month After Surgery - So Pleased!

It's been a month since surgery. All of the tenderness is gone. The scars are fading very nicely. I'm am so happy I had this done! What do you guys think?


What amazing results!! You look fantastic!!
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Thank you. You're going to look great too. I was nervous before but it was very easy (because I was asleep) and when I woke up there was no pain. It is not painful just ugly. Just try to relax and think about how awesome you will look in a few weeks. I'm so glad I did it and you will be too. Good luck on the 2nd. That is the day before my 50th bday. I had my surgery exactly 2 months before my 50th so I would look and feel better. Can't wait to see your after pics!
You look great, Marilyn. I'm 61 and am scheduled for blepheroplasty and brow lift next month. Your before (look pretty much like my lids) and after pix are very encouraging. Did you have a brow lift?
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8 Weeks Post Op - Keeps Geeting Better!

I saw my PS the other day. He said there is still a little swelling under my eyes. We are both very happy with the results. PS wants to see me again in six weeks for last follow up. My scars are very faded and nobody would ever know what I had done. If you are considering this surgery, do it! Best gift that you can give yourself! :-))


Hello Mrs. Beautiful! do you have any new updates to share with us? Has the rest of the swelling gone down? xoxoxo
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Hello, ok I'm 10 weeks post op now. I'll post a photo for you. :-))
You look so amazing for 1 month out!
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10 Weeks Post Op

It's been 10 weeks since my surgery. My eyes continue to change as things settle in. My scars are very light and really hard to see. Eyeshadow was not too smooth over the scars over the last few weeks. Now makeup is easier to apply over the scars because they have healed so much. I'm really happy that I did the surgery and my results are fantastic! If you are reading this because you are considering having eye lid surgery, I say do it!


You look so beautiful!
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You look amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am due to go for surgery in 2 weeks time and the nerves are starting. I'm having upper and lower eyelid surgery. I'm so pleased I found this site as it calms my nerves and I know I am doing the right thing. I am 45 and noticed bags under my eyes 20 years ago and just knew that I would be having surgery before the age of 50! I think the only regret I will have is not having it done sooner!
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My best advice is to stay positive, don't read any negative results on here, eat well, rest well and you will do fantastic! Thank you for the compliment. I'm so happy that I did the surgery and you will be too! Good luck and I can't wait to see your photos and hear about your excellent progress.

14 Weeks Post Op - Dr. has released me

I went to see my PS for a final check up. He and I are both happy with my results. Here are my before and after photos. So glad I had this surgery. My PS was fantastic and I have a very natural look. I feel so lucky! Forever grateful to Dr. Hicks.


I would be ecstatic with results like yours :) Saved your Dr.'s info, might be worth a trip from Arizona...
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Thanks, I was very happy with my doctor. He has many years of experience and really prides himself on his skills for reconstructive surgeries. Just google him and you can't find anything negative about him. He went to Harvard and I read he was the very first African-American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in CA. Good luck!
You look so great. I am 63 and my bags are packed and ready to go. Sigh. I really want to have lower eyelid surgery. Just scared about a. the cost and b. the results. Guess I should at least go for the consult. Thanks for your brave sharing.
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4 Months Post Op

It's been 4 months since my surgery and all is great! Seems like everything has settled into place. It's really hard to see any scar lines at this point. I started using Rapid Lash a few weeks ago and my eyelashes are healthier and thicker than before. I am just tickled with my results!!! Thank you all for your kind words :-))


Having the surgery Thursday of this week! SO excited after seeing your results! Hope mine is as great an experience as yours!
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WOW, your photos tell a great story. I just turned 49 as well & have hated the dreaded hooded upper eyes for years. I went to see my PS for Botox again & he mentioned my upper eyelids. I'd never really looked into it & didn't realize how simple the surgery was.....SO glad I did it! My surgery was Wednesday & I'm doing great. Thanks for sharing your your comments about having fun again with makeup. I can't wait to do the same!
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Congratulations Karen! You are going to look 10 years younger. I can't wait to read your updates and see more photos.

Feeling So Grateful

Well, it's been over 4 months since my surgery and I continue to receive kind & beautiful messages from women around the world. I am so grateful for the support here. I hope anyone reading this that has not had the surgery can find the courage to take the step forward and do what you have been dreaming about. It's fantastic and amazing how great I feel at 50!!! So grateful :-))


So glad you posted your adventure! I'm doing the uppers in Dec 2014! Over Christmas break, so hopefully I can cover any bruising. I hope my adventure goes as well as yours! (Notice it's and adventure, not surgery!) *L* You look wonderful!
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Thank you and you'll do great on your adventure. Take this time to eat healthy and be good to yourself. Can't wait to see your results!
Stunning results and such a helpful review!!! But you forgot to tell us whether your MIL noticed a difference at your hubby's birthday dinner!!
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6 Month Post Op

People told me that I wouldn't see my final results for at least six months. Here we are and tomorrow will be six months since my surgery on April 3, 2014. I am thrilled beyond words with my final results! I feel so much better after my "makeover" surgery. My eyes looks great and it was so worth it. It is so wonderful to feel confident again. I'm 50 now and I feel fantastic!

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Before and After

Here is my Before and After - 6 month follow-up


Wow, fabulous results! You've given me incentive to get it done when I'm ready :)
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Yay MrsM. So glad you are hAppy. Congrats and well done. I'm one day behind you. 6 months tomorrow. I'm v happy too ! Anyone reading. Go for it. ESP if you are in 40s. Don't wait.
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Thanks Cassandra! This is the only thing I've done to my face. I've never had Botox or filler but thinking about filling in my lip wrinkles with Juvederm. I'm a big chicken and I don't want to mess up my lips and end up with duck lips. Haha
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Excellent Surgeon! I love what he did for me. I would recommend him to all of my friends. He is so caring and so kind and his staff is exceptional. This was such a positive experience for me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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