48 years old. Living with back, neck and shoulder...

48 years old. Living with back, neck and shoulder pain my whole life. Always felt out of proportion.

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OK so I was up till 2 am this morning freaking...

OK so I was up till 2 am this morning freaking myself out about the reduction size when the surgery is complete. I'm a BIG girl to start, tall, with broad shoulders; I've always been known as the "bombshell" and I thought it was funny, ha ha, but honestly I always have felt that men dated me because they liked them big, and women either resented me because I looked like I was showing off my business, or they thought that I had giant implants!! Over the years I've just imagined being able to buy a cute bikini top or wear a top with a slight low cut to take the "bulk" off my carriage. Never happens that I find anything that doesn't make me look slutty. I think that way anyway. My mother has chastised me over the years for being too 'exposed' and while I do try to be somewhat conservative, you can't hide these babies coming into a room!! So........now I'm thinking about the necessary 500grms. or as my surgeon said, a little over 3/4 of a lb. for each side. If they take off 500grm, that would take me down to almost flat chested!! I will look stranger than I do now. I have to have something there to make me look proportioned. I'm wondering since it's so difficult to actually be definitive about my real 'size' , how will I know what size I want to finish up with? I don't want to be "small" I don't want to be a "C" cup either; definitely a D but then is the whole process worth it? Is that small amount going to relieve the discomfort in any way or am I just setting myself up for a scarred up body for nothing!? I'm really scared; feeling much trepidation and while my partner is super supportive, I know he is devastated. I looked at a "C" cup bra today and I might as well be a little boy!! I was a late bloomer; close to my Junior year before I developed at all, but I was a full "D" by the time I was out of High School. I sort of just dealt with the hand God gave me. I kind of enjoyed the attention that they drew but was secretly envious of the way clothes seemed to lay properly on other women, but not on me. I live in Orange County area of California so everyone here has these giant implants and they look ridiculous. I'm sure that I want the reduction, I'm just not entirely confident that I will be the size that I think will look best. I am having another consult with my surgeon on the 8th of June; hoping to calm my nerves, answer my questions and leave with 100% confidence I'm doing the right thing.


Well it's scheduled!! I have confirmation for August 20th with a single night hospital stay all paid for by insurance. Last consult with doc I brought my other half who was in the waiting room playing with all the 800gm saline implants. Hilarious. He was putting them on his shoulders to see what it felt like. He thought I wasn't bigger than the biggest implant, but he was wrong!! I am indeed; so discussion is that doc will go between 400 and 500 gm removal based on what he feels is proportionate. He was nice enough to ask me to find some photos of "similar' sized gals who had a like body type and that he would shoot for that look. He feels because of the density of my breasts, even at my age, I should see good results in remaining somewhat "full" and that the lift will be nice. I want him to reduce my aereola size but he feels they are appropriate for my size. I also found out that he does not do a complete nipple removal and he also does not use drainage tubes after surgery. His thoughts and experience concluded that they will not be necessary. That's cool cuz those blood balls are very inconvenient to carry around. I've' started "walking" this week and really watching my food intake; I'm only down 3lbs. but it's a start. If I can get 15lbs. off by surgery date I will feel very comfortable. Minus not eating for a few days and taking another 3lbs. off my boobs, I should be nice and slender when it's all done!!

So the coolest and most exciting thing is that I JUST literally moved over the weekend and am settling into a new place at the beach; the pier and sand are literally 175 steps from my apartment and I see people JOGGING, RUNNING and exercising every day. I cannot WAIT to buy a simple, pff the rack sports bra and go for a jog like a NORMAL person!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah.......

So, I'll keep ya all posted on anything else I hear. If anyone has any pre-op advise or anything I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, please do share, I try to read as many other posts as I can but I'm certain their is critical information that I should know that the doctor takes a little less seriously..........Sure appreciate being able to blog on here and everyones tremendous support!
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hi welcome you also are waiting like me well not as long as me butt im scheduled for Nov 9th 2012 wkhenis your august what
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Hi LongBeach! I was a 34DD before. PS removed 475 grams from one and a tad more from the other. I was a little lopsided. I am now 34C after 9 wks. Instant relief from the shoulder and neck pain I was having. I really don't think removing 500 grams will make you too small. Good luck!!
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So in preparation for the BIG DAY, I have been...

So in preparation for the BIG DAY, I have been dieting and watching what I eat; trying realistically to drop 10lbs. and hoping for the best scenario which would be 15 prior to 8/20. It's coming off very very slowly, but the good news is that I recently moved (just two weeks ago) to the beach and I'm terribly motivated by all the athletes, moms in strollers and just general folks looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful coastline, beach view and walking/biking path. Today I rode about 8miles and walked another 1 mile to the Dog Beach and back.............it's a good start as I have been very inactive due to my Fibromyalgia, nerve damage, back pain and degenerative discs. It's painful to reach down and due laundry bending up and down so this was a GOOD day. I'm feeling very motivated, nervous and excited all at the same time.

What I'm struggling is this: Doctor said to send him some pictures of before/after shots of ladies of similar age/build and proportion who have posted after pictures so that I can show him shots of what I think I would like mine to look like aesthetically. I am struggling with finding gals about 5'8" 150-160 with 38DDD.........I think I want to be a "D" again but that of course as we all know is very ambiguous and subjective. A "bra size" is ridiculous. I just want to be proportioned, but the overall shape and fullness is what I'm looking to gain. Of course a lift with significant perkiness would be awesome too. Keep your eyes on the lookout for profiles similar to mine with maybe a reference or two with photos I might look at?? Thanks ladies, really appreciate your help!

Counting down..............:)


Did you check out the photos section on here. You can search them by age range, etc. I think that it would be fine if you found someone near your age that is about the same size as you are now and that you like the shape of the afters. She wouldn't have to be your height or weight exactly to have a similar size and shape as you are.

Good luck with the weight loss and I'm glad you are feeling so well!
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So I'm needing some help from you ladies if you...

So I'm needing some help from you ladies if you wouldn't mind. I'm trying to locate some really good before/after pics of someone similar in size and age with similar fullness. My doc asked ME to provide him with pictures that I felt were the overall result that I would like to have after surgery. So, I guess if I could paint a picture, it would be one without scars and I would want them super perky and UP THERE and it wouldn't hurt if my nip's were a little smaller although he told me they were perfectly normal and he would not suggest cutting them down at all.. So, I'm 41 days out prior to surgery. I'm down 8lbs. and I'm trying super hard to get another 10 off before the big day. I think it will help both my results and my self esteem. I didn't think I was as big as I was but I guess I am now that I can see that i have 3 chins............... Anyway, I'm not really nervous except that I just got my "packet" of pre operative instructions and it's 2" thick. It didn't give a lot of real life info I felt. Mostly generic so I would really love it if you all had time to tell me what exactly I WILL NEED after surgery to make me comfortable. I have Fibromyalgia so I'm already a bit sensitive to nerve pain and overall a little less tolerant of discomfort. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also too, I wen't through my "bra box" and I mean BOX!! Some of those babies are huge and look like they could reinforce the Sears Tower, but they range from 36DD-38E so I am entirely confused. Last week I went to a fancy lingerie store and tried on a 38 G and it was too tight, so go figure these damn sizes right? I just want to be smaller so I can move around and buy something off the rack and not feel like a slut every time I put on a tank top..............So there ya have it.Love the support from you all!! .


Hi TooBig! sorry for my late responses. I was on my phone all weekend and while I read a lot on it, I get enormously frustrated trying to type out responses.

So glad I can be the little guinea pig you send in a month before your own surgery! Actually, I loved having as many people like that as possible; it's given me an excellent idea of what to expect. I am, as we speak, crapping myself, because I now have 4 more nights of normal sleep. GAHHHHH!!!!!

Your boobs are a lovely shape now. But I can imagine what it's like carrying them around with you. Did you mention what size you are now...did I miss it? I know you're wondering about what size to go down to etc.

Let me just say that I have yet to read about one woman (and I have been doing little but reading about this stuff since April...just ask my boss!), who has been upset about going too small. Granted, many women, possibly even the majority, often feel they are too small when they have their first big 'reveal", but that is such a hard game to begin with, I plan on dismissing my first look entirely (unless, of course, I think I'm perfect - lol!) It takes a while for your head to create that new self-image that is not centered on giant (and, in my case, sagging, droopy, deflated) boobs. I'm sure at first I'll think I look like a 12 year old girl.

If you are experiencing marked discomfort from your boobs now, it will only get worse with the years. I was going to do this many years ago and canceled a few months beforehand (details are in my profile if you're interested) and it's hard to gauge how MUCH worse it is now, but I sure as hell didn't have a compressed nerve in my neck as I do now. The ONLY thing getting me past all the fear of....well,EVERYTHING, is the fact that I don't want to continue to get worse for the next thirty years, thank you very much. So a few months of recovery is more than worth salvaging a lot of mobility for the next 30 or so years. The best thing for my nerves was to read and research the HELL out of every aspect of BR. The more I know, the better prepared I feel and the less fear I feel.

Re: Photos;

If you haven't already, get over to BreastHealthOnline and pay the 20 or 25$ for pictures acess. They have LITERALLY THOUSANDS of before and afters that were immensley helpful to me, as well as all the photos the women here have been kind enough to splay all over the internet :)

August 20 will be here in a FLASH...stay busy, keep researching and start making lists of busy work that has to be done before now and then!!
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TOOBIG!!! Hi! Got your post the other day and now can't find it. On my phone til tomorrow and it's a pain to type for long, so I'll respond properly tomorrow! Welcome aboard!!
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Hi there :). Your nipples do look pretty perfect now. They look small and perfectly round. Pretty amazing for your size boobs. You are seriously going to look like you lost 20 lbs after surgery. It's crazy how big boobs make you look so much heavier. I'm so excited for you! Your tummy looks really good too. Keep up the good work with your weight loss. I know it's tough. I have been drinking detox tea and eating fresh raw fruits and veggies. It really helps.
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OK I just realized I'm barely 30 days out and...

OK I just realized I'm barely 30 days out and starting to freak cuz I've lost only 5lbs.!!! It was 9 as of last Sunday and who the (RU#O$U! knows what I ate to throw me off but I'm back up and realizing even if I took pills and puked daily and completely starved myself, there is NO way I'm losing 15lb.s in a month. SHITOLA I'm so chunky and hating all of this. Then last night I had this thought which happens at least 10 times a day when I look in the mirror naked......You know, they look pretty good. Especially for my age. A bit large and uncomfortable but I'm gonna cut off two totally amazing titties for the HOPE of some relief? I'm freaking myself out. This site is a godsend and a detour at the same time. While I'm inspired by all the beautiful images of littler boobies and easier lives, I'm flipping out about the scars, the oozing, the itching, me being a wild crazed bitch, my Fibromyalgia attacking me while I'm unable to lie on my side because I get spasms through my back when I lie flat on it. Then I caught my BF/Fiance looking at that fucking website the other day bigtitties.com it's a webpage for vouyers and maybe TMI, but he posted to this really young gal about how beautiful her boobs were and they were REALLY big and not nearly as nice as mine! Honestly don't creep out, he's not a freaky creep guy. He would never cheat and he just has his little fetishes which we all do so I don't fault him but if he is gonna miss my boobs that much and fantasize about someone elses, what the hell am I setting myself up for. I know, I know, your instinct is to tell me that means he isn't a good guy but the truth is, he IS a great guy who has been by my side for 8 years and is PAYING for this surgery. I couldn't ask for more support but I can't help but wonder what is REALLY going through his little brain and how freaked he's gonna be with them gone. I'm really seriously reconsidering. Ughhhhhhhhhhh bad day.
Someone please tell me that my boobs are TOO BIG and they need to go. Please.


Oh Long Beach. :( Sending you a big fat cyber (((HUG))). I went through the same thought process as you...feeling like I was crazy for cutting off my boobs that I thought were nice looking...wanting to lose as much weight as I could...having panic attacks about what they would look like after...so I FEEL YOU! I think you know deep down that this surgery is going to change your life for the better. Iowa was so right in everything! Can you imagine what your girls will look like in 5, 10, 20 years?? As much as I can say do this for YOU, and not your man..I also know how much our mens' opinions of us mean. You are going to look and feel amazing. Recovery is a rollercoaster, but I never once regretted my decision to do this. Hang in there...this is going to change your life!
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Oh thanks so much Iowa. Yes, you know I should have been more careful about sharing that info about boyfriend. He is truly an amazing guy. He admittedly is gonna miss the girls as he does love them lots and lots :) However, he has also said that he looks forward to me being in less pain and free to do many things I constantly complain about NOT being able to do, like: Sleep on my stomach, go braless, exercise, DANCE, wearing something cute without looking like a slut, etc... As far as the website posting I did tell him that it hurt my feelings and he acknowledged how insensitive it must have appeared and has committed to discontinuing peeking at the other ladies boobies. I don't really mind that actually; not insecure about that at all as I'm pretty attractive and we have a healthy relationship, I just told him it kind of sucked particularly a month prior to me getting my girls chopped down.........:) He gets it. I promised he could do a FULL pictorial photo session including any props he wanted so that he could have plenty of "masturbation material" for the rest of our lives. He found that to be pretty humerous however is taking me up on it!! LOL... These men are such visual creatures. Strange. THANK YOU for confirming that they are too big. I don't want nipples that hang past my belly..........ever............xoxox you are great. thank you!!
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Ok, LongBeach, here's the thing...your breasts are huge! And the fact that you suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain is just another reason to have this surgery. Do you think the pain isn't going to worsen over the years. Trust me...it will! You have your opportunity to do this and I say take the chance at improving the quality of your life. The scars fade. I was so worried abou them too. It almost kept me from doing it, but then I thought, what is worse, scars that fade over time, or nipples that hang past my bellybutton? I opted for the scars. Does your boyfriend know how you feel about what he is doing on that website and the message he sent? I would hope that if he knows how much it is bothering you, he could offer you some reassurance. I'm not saying he is a horrible guy at all, but he needs to know that while he may say he support you, his actions are sending another message. I wish you the best of luck as you go through this rough patch. Remember there are lots of us on here who are cheering you on!
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ANYBODY WITH AN AUGUST SURGERY?? I'm 27 days and counting pre-op..............still trying to figure out why my body won't allow me to lose any more weight. I've been taking in substantially less than usual, and exercising every day!! While I don't do a lot, I have been biking and walking a ton! I would think just a pound or two to keep me motivated. I'm nervous and more nervous as the days count down. I appear to be glued to this site and the postings and while it's a blessing I think it might be even a small curse as well because I'm getting obsessed and even wondering again if I should be going through with it. Over the weekend, I had on a rather sexy one piece bathing suit that boyfriend found highly provocative. We talked in great length about the 'girls' and while again he is 100% supportive he did confess that it will be very hard to see them go. I'm wondering if just taking out the 400grm. from each side will even be worth the pain and discomfort and scarring? Is it even POSSIBLE to get physical relief with that little of an amount removed? I'm dying to know the answer to that and wish I had a fairy to answer the question? Maybe someone on here will see. ANYBODY GO FROM a DDD to a D cup and find significant relief? Should I go smaller for my frame? I know the doc will make the right decisions aesthetically for me but I'm frantically worried about being too small................Anyway, just checking in ladies. I'm August 20th if anyone else wants to keep in touch. I'm not as funny as Piggles but I can get my fun groove on too!


Hi Toobig, not sure if you will find this helpful, but I was a 34 DD and my PS removed 480gm from each side and it has left me with a nice full C, so I don't think it would leave you too small, also even though mine was not the biggest reduction the relief is worth it a million times over. Also, im sure your boyfriend will love the new girls just as much, I think its just hard on them to be excited over "unknown" territory as such! Good luck, and all the best for your days leading to surgery:-)
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Hi SA thank you SO MUCH for that comment. I was really hoping to hear from someone who had a small amount taken out and hear that you actually do FEEL some relief. I was joking around the other day with these 1lb. bags of powdered sugar on each shoulder. It didn't feel like anything at all and I started thinking how could it possibly be a relief if the sugar wasnt' bothering me?? So, silly but I don't suppose you would be willing to share any pics? My personal email is grmtchk@verizon.net. I promise not to share with anyone except maybe surgeon? I'm dying to see the shape of how they came out and do you think you were similar in shape/size to my upper torso or are you much smaller than me?? Anyway, that is very encouraging and yes the unknown is very scary. Thank you for your support. I'll keep ya all posted! 19 days and counting...............

I'm sorry you are feeling so conflicted! If you have faith in your PS and he has a good reputation then I think you should trust him to give you the breasts that you have discussed with him. This really is a leap of faith. There are no guarantees. You have to take control of the aspects that you can (supplies, avoiding infection, resting) and push ahead. Good luck! Take a look at the Before and After photos on this page. You can search by age and size to get a better likeness to your current self. I copied a ton of those to take in to my PS and he said he could tell that the breasts I liked were all rather similar, so he had an idea of what I was going for.
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So after LONG discussion with boyfriend over the...

So after LONG discussion with boyfriend over the weekend, we cumulatively decided that going smaller than a "D" cup for my frame (I tend to be wider in the carcass, shoulders) with little hips and legs would be a poor decision. I'm 5'8 almost and currently at 169lbs. I've lost 12 so far and praying I can get another 5 off before surgery. I'm most comfortable at about 150-160lbs.,but at near 50 years old, keeping the pounds off has been getting harder. So, here's my dilemma again. I'm reaching out in a huge way for anyone who can point me to some SPECIFIC pictures of ladies about my size who look nicely proportioned at about a "D".........Looking at all my friends who wear a "C" cup, that is definitely WAY TOO SMALL for my frame. So, I'm looking for some pics to show the PS next week on the 13th which is my pre-operative appointment and my last shot at getting any questions answered. Pics of a DD-DDD down to a full "D"?? Is that even possible with a 400gm removal? Help if you can. Greatly appreciated. Nervous. Getting crazy and weird and entirely too anal about the healing process. Scared, Terrified, Anxious, Bitchy are just a few adjectives to describe my current state. In fast, I'm so nervous, I just rescheduled a trip to Cancun in October cuz I'm terrified my boobs will leak in Mexico and I will not be fully healed to go in the ocean......I'm reading these posts like they were a newspaper every day and I think I'm frightening myself too much. I read from one patient who's surgeon told them NO SALT OR CHLORINE swimming until way after 8 weeks!?? Now I called my surgeon to make sure and he said that it was "possible" that I could have a rupture or an infection and so I am not going to take any chances and am scheduling holiday for 11 weeks post op!! Ughhh I'm a stress case. Thanks ladies, love you all! Too Big..............

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Updated on 6 Aug 2012: So after LONG discussion...

Updated on 6 Aug 2012:
So after LONG discussion with boyfriend over the weekend, we cumulatively decided that going smaller than a "D" cup for my frame (I tend to be wider in the carcass, shoulders) with little hips and legs would be a poor decision. I'm 5'8 almost and currently at 169lbs. I've lost 12 so far and praying I can get another 5 off before surgery. I'm most comfortable at about 150-160lbs.,but at near 50 years old, keeping the pounds off has been getting harder. So, here's my dilemma again. I'm reaching out in a huge way for anyone who can point me to some SPECIFIC pictures of ladies about my size who look nicely proportioned at about a "D".........Looking at all my friends who wear a "C" cup, that is definitely WAY TOO SMALL for my frame. So, I'm looking for some pics to show the PS next week on the 13th which is my pre-operative appointment and my last shot at getting any questions answered. Pics of a DD-DDD down to a full "D"?? Is that even possible with a 400gm removal? Help if you can. Greatly appreciated. Nervous. Getting crazy and weird and entirely too anal about the healing process. Scared, Terrified, Anxious, Bitchy are just a few adjectives to describe my current state. In fast, I'm so nervous, I just rescheduled a trip to Cancun in October cuz I'm terrified my boobs will leak in Mexico and I will not be fully healed to go in the ocean......I'm reading these posts like they were a newspaper every day and I think I'm frightening myself too much. I read from one patient who's surgeon told them NO SALT OR CHLORINE swimming until way after 8 weeks!?? Now I called my surgeon to make sure and he said that it was "possible" that I could have a rupture or an infection and so I am not going to take any chances and am scheduling holiday for 11 weeks post op!! Ughhh I'm a stress case. Thanks ladies, love you all! Too Big..............


Hi all.............just having a momentary panic attack and nervousness. My stomach is a wreck, wreaking havoc and grumbling around. Of course the upside to that is that I lose a pound or so every time I get nervous and have to use the ladies room! I guess I am making up for whatever lost time I WONT be going to the bathroom after surgery. So this morning I am down a total of 12lbs. Not as far as I wanted but I still have 13 days to starve! LOL - if my tummy keeps acting up the way it is, I might actually reach the 15lb. mark I wanted! Uhhhh nerves.
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Oh no, Longbeach! I hope your tummy (and your nerves) settles down soon
Hey, I posted some photo's on my review, go have a look.

Just flipping out a bit. Didn't get any of you to...

Just flipping out a bit. Didn't get any of you to respond to my last post about getting some photos of good "D" cup results afterwards. I'm stressing to see surgeon on Monday and he wants to see pics and it's my last time to see him before Op on the 20th. If anyone can help with reassurance, please do. I think a C is gonna be way to small for me and I'm thinking of backing out if he has to go that small. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?? Ugh and my mom who is 84 came over today to see my apartment and where she would be hanging out with me for the first few days. She could barely make it up the stairs and she did not sleep well, nor did I. I am more worried about her now and whether she is gonna trip/fall while she is here! I have boyfriend and my BFF gonna be around too but wondering if mom is gonna be able to handle it. She wants to be here for me and that would hurt her feelings if I replaced her as my caregiver.............however, if she can't even make it to the bathroom herself with out her cane how is she gonna help me? We have to "chat"......scared. Nervous. ughhhhhhhhh


Hey there, thought I would respond on your review instead of mine. I think you, like me for a moment there, are getting too caught up with numbers and letters.

First, I would just look for some other tall women (piggles, and a woman from Florida whose name I've forgotten come to mind, also Sammysmomma) and see if you like their results. Don't worry what they were before. Just see if you like how they look after.

Second, if you have disc disease AND fybromyalgia, I gotta think you are going to get significant relief from this surgery. The biggest difference for me comes from the lift - now that boobs sit up higher, my back and neck feel 100% better. It's friggin AWESOME.

Third, gentle suggestion that you back off a little discussing your fears and worries about the BR with your bf. He clearly is anxious about this change, too, and wants to support you. YOU can be the one to provide the confidence that this will be great and let him take care of you after its over. Let him know that the healing will take a while, but once it's done, you will feel so much better and the two of you will enjoy life much more.

I told my PS "I picked you cuz I trust you. Give me the healthiest, prettiest, most proportionate boobs you can." I think I got a great result. You can say something similar to your PS: I love having a voluptuous figure. Please reduce my breasts enough to give me relief from my symptoms, and maintain my curves.

Hope that helps!
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OK, Longbeach...take a nice deep breath! You are going to do very well! I'm a bit shorter than you are **smirk** at 5 foot 1 ;-) I was a 34H and I had about 500 grams removed from each side. I am still a 34DD. I was certainly shocked that I wasn't smaller than that post-op. My PS had thought that would get me much closer to the C-cup that I wanted. As the time passed though I was distressed to discover that I wasn't getting any smaller. It is not possible to guarantee what size you will be. I do know that you will appreciate the relief on your back pain and/or any other things that distress you about your big breasts. I had been without any pain for almost a year. My right shoulder has been hurting like crazy the last couple of days, but I'm hopeful that it is just due to sleeping on it wrong or something, because I can't believe I lived with pain like this on a daily basis. Good luck!
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Agree wholeheartedly with Se1lfie and Iowa. I had 500g removed from each breast, wnt from a 36G to a 36C; the relief in indescribable...it's like being in a new body. And the clothes possibilities....don't even get me started! Just LET yourself be nervous....it's GOING to happen....and being nervous...INCREDIBLY, throw-uppy (but I didn't) nervous in my case, is NORMAL. As this point, I wouldn't even try to squelch it. Just stay as busy as you can and TRUST all the women who have gone before you. At some point, you just have to close your eyes and jump.

I also agree with Se1fie re: your BF. If you can, try to come here or to other freinds when you're getting extra antsy. You don;'t need your BF gerring super nervous with you......you need him in one piece to help you immediately before and afterwards.

It's going to be OKAY. But, YES, the nerves are all part of it. You WILL GET THROUGH THIS. You want it badly enough, so it's going to happen. Being nervous isn't going to change that. You just have to manage the nerves, as opposed to try to eliminate them.
Hang in there, it's getting closer by the minute :)

So, while I'm still working for the next few days,...

So, while I'm still working for the next few days, today was the last of four days at a trade show that I often do for work. My lovely boss who is gay, pointed out to me how many men "stare and leer" at me as I walk by and "did I notice"? I guess that comment really through me because as I wandered the halls of this giant tradeshow, noticed all the "hostess whores" who are hired to draw attention to booths because of their long legs, hot bodies, big cleavage, hair, models, whatever, I thought quietly to myself for a moment when he asked me the question. Yeah, I thought, o.k. I'm not gonna like and say that my big hoots haven't gotten me into some doors in my career, but TODAY would be the LAST DAY EVER that it could be the excuse! I told my boss that my pure sales talent and knowledge would have to carry me through from this point forward. It will be an interesting life to know that I am "not" the one that is turning heads. Hopefully my tall stature, and self confidence will keep my self esteem high as I journey to a life unknown with "average" boobies.

So yesterday afternoon I met with my surgeon for Pre Op review, discussion. His bedside manner is that of being very precise and there is no giggling or nonsense or room for drama or emotion. He's very matter of fact. He WILL take my breasts to a size which is proportionate to my body as best he can while still completing the mandatory requirements of the insurance which is 400-500gm. per breast. Apparently I am slightly assymetrical which is news to me. My right boob is a smidge bigger so she will go down further. I'm praying that my nauseating list of questions did not piss him off so much he decides to take me down to a "B".........I'll be pretty gosh darn flat chested if that is the case. He did tell me I had to purchase my own front closure bras' somewhere like JC Pennys or Sears; just a front closure and suggested something that would be snug on me "now" as the swelling will make me slightly bigger than I am at the moment? Odd. So I will buy two. He recommended Dial antibacterial soap prior to surgery morning and my last meal at midnight. (that will be Crab legs!!) We discussed size again and he feels the density of my breasts is very heavy and he should be able to leave a good amount. He showed me where my nipples will be placed;; not as high up as I had thought, but they will look natural. He gave me prescription for NORCO only; nothing as serious as Percocet so I'm hoping it will do the trick for my high pain levels. I'm wondering if I should call my GP tomorrow and ask her to script me for something stronger?? Any thoughts ladies on that? I take 500mg. of Vicodin almost daily now for lower back pain and while it usually kicks out the worst of it, I'm kind of used to it...??

So, pre op usual blood, urine, a million questions and I will be seeing them on MONDAY a.m. at 6:00 sharp. Doc will see me one more time to draw on me and get me ready to roll. I'll have one night in hospital and be released the following day. House is prepped. Mom and friends are ready for support. I have a recliner chair brought in just in case I have trouble on my back (I usually do) and I have most of my shopping done and most of my work.

Got a little sad when boyfriend admitted he probably wasn't gonna be cut out for seeing the girls while they are in ugly mode. I told him he could come by and visit daily but I would leave the rough stuff to mom and girlfriends so when he finally get's an unveiling they won't be like a horror show. He seemed happier with that than the alternative to taking care of me...........so there ya go. I am going to be subjected on Friday evening to the pre-op boyfriends titty photo shoot with props so he can get all the pics he wants of the big girls before they go in for their tortured doom................ I'll keep ya all posted.


Hi TooBig,
You're almost there! Two thoughts:
1. I agree. If you take Vicodin on a daily basis, you may need something that strong for your post-surgical pain. Do you have enough Vicodin left to get you through the next couple of weeks? Sounds smart to talk to your GP.

2. Before I had this surgery, I too imagined that my days of being the object of male attention might be over - at least male attention of the leering on the street kind. Actually, nothing has been farther from the truth. I get at least as many leers (ha ha) as before, maybe more. Now, I've tended to be a conservative dresser when it comes to revealing boobage
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Doh! Typing on phone fail. Anyway, maybe it will be different for you, but I predict you'll still get plenty of attention.

Also, heads-up: almost all of us have a day or so post-surgery where we fret that the boobs are too small. I think it's the brain struggling with the big change. Usually wears off pretty quickly. I'm betting that your new girls are gonna be gorgeous head-turners!

Well it's Saturday; today I'm doing my last minute...

Well it's Saturday; today I'm doing my last minute chores, getting my RX filled (by the way I did call my primary and get a prescription for Percocet because my surgeon wouldn't) So Im gonna write out instructions for my care-givers how to take care of me and my kitty the first few days. Found a couple of wretched 18 hour stiff as a board bras at Sears for my post op (Dont know why they can't provide me with those especially if I bought the wrong size??) Don't get why they wouldn't put me into something more comfortable than what I was able to find over the counter. It's not like I wouldn't pay for the bras, but what is out there wasn't much to choose from and they are gonna be itchy and scratchy! Oh well......................so yesterday BF and I spent the day at the "nude" beach where he took LOTS of pictures of my old girls so he can savour them in his private time. LOL!! Such a hoot these men. I haven't said "good bye" to them yet. I'm sure I'll have myself a good cry tomorrow night or Sunday when I'm alone before surgery.

The hospital called yesterday to tell me that there was a surprise $500 "co-pay" for the hospitalization, and they would appreciate me having a check ready for them at the time of service (5am!!) Thought that was funny. Small price to pay for a $12k surgery but still, they told me it was 100% paid for..............

So, the last meal will be Sunday night. Captain Jacks, my FAVORITE for THE BEST KING CRAB legs ever except if I was in Alaska.........) Can't wait. It has been so hot and humid here anyway, my appetite hasn't been up. Total weight loss before surgery only 13lbs.,but it's better than nothing.

So, keep in touch ladies! I'll post after Monday!! Pray for me!


hey how are you doing
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Oh Piggles I can only hope and pray that this is the case. I can't even imagine all of the changes in my physical but also psychological perspective about my "being" in this world. I never thought that "tits" would be such a huge (literally) factor, but I notice, particularly where I live in Southern California, where the beaches are loaded with giant, ridiculous implants and women my age have nipples pointing to the sky, and it's perfectly acceptable to walk down the middle of main street with a bathing suit top on in order to disrupt traffic................that I, will be one of the "average" ones soon. Yeah, I'm tall and everything, but it will be so fascinating to watch and observe how life treats me differently. I never considered that my breasts were an advantage in my life, but I'm beginning to suspect that they might have been..................I think I will enjoy "blending in" for awhile! So thank you so sincerely, everyone for this site and your blogs and posts. It has gotten me through this last 3 months and I'm certain afterwards. I feel a kinship and a love for all of you going through the same. Pig, when I dominate, I will wear my crown of jewels proud and think of YOU!!!!
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You can't imagine. You just can't. Just be prepared for unprecedented JOY.

That is all. :D

Hi ladies, well I spent 2 hours on my Iphone...

Hi ladies, well I spent 2 hours on my Iphone sitting in my chair yesterday ready to send you all the details of everything. When I went to hit "submit", everything disappeared!! So, since I'm exhausted, I will just say now a couple things to let you know I'm all good. Worst part is over. I'm SO GLAD I got to stay the first whole night in hospital. There is NO substitute for a catheter despite not being able to sleep and them waking me up every 45 minutes to take vitals. I would not have made it at home having to go to the bathroom every few minutes. I swear I peed over a gallon of fluid.

So, here's some initial thoughts.
2. Use Ice on Swelling it is a huge relief
3. start taking the Colace right away if you can
4. Did I mention to take your pain meds?
5. Let someone or anyone do everything for you.
6. Expect not to sleep much; just stay comfortable and move about if you need to and change locations. You wont sleep all the way through cuz your meds will wear off so expect to be up every 4 hours and take another pill.
7. I have INSTANT relief off my shoulders.
8. I'm certain my boobs are tiny. Doctors nurse told me they took out 450 from left and 500 from right. That would make me pretty much a boy. I can't even see anything under that gauze, but today is post op appointment with BS so I will get pictures.

Pray they made it through pretty.

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So the doc was very happy and in good spirits. I...

So the doc was very happy and in good spirits. I on the othe hand told him I was not ready to look at them but he kind of shoved mirror in my hand. Saw enough to make me hysterical. Ok I knew they would be small but I didn't expect that my righty is slightly deflated and sunk in and the nipple is pointing down. Ok ok everyone sais it's going to get better in time but no one else's boobs have these glaring and obvious freakish issues. DOnt even get me started on the puckering stitches. Just someone please report back that in 3 days it's gonna fill in where it's flat and everything is gonna be wonderful. I have done nothing but marinate in self pity today ignoring phone calls not seeing my boyfriend to let him visit and just being super depresses. God I was Praying for Kate's boobs or piggies and instead I feel like I'm being punished. I'm certain I neglected to share that the relief on my shoulders is remarkable. I know that was the whole reason for this but it seems unusually cruel outcome aesthetically.


450 from one and 500 from the other doesnt make you a boy. Haha. That is about a 3 cup size drop. It will leave you about a C if you were in a DD/DDD

I also thought I was super small when I was wrapped up, and even when I got to see them. The first time you get to wear just a bra and a shirt though, that feeling goes away.

Plus, after a week they started to soften up, and now have more shape to them.

Hold in there! You will love them!
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OK I didn't even bother to re-read my post from...

OK I didn't even bother to re-read my post from delerious evening depression. I have been getting MORE than enough sleep. Haven't left the chair yet. The recliner is a god send. Honestly my mother is driving me crazy but I'm depressed and unhappy. I feel like crying all the time. Even after doctor said o.k to take shower yesterday I went to bed in soiled clothes. If that aint depression I don't know what is. Mom and I attempted it today. She is 84, so imagine her 5' tall body naked with a hair net over her head, and me 5'8" trying to hold a towel with one good arm (I have tendanitus simultaneously in my right arm) over my nipples so as not to get them wet. We soaped me down, washed the hair and rinsed. I was soaked. The nips were soaked adn so were the stitched underneath. Those aren't bothering me as much. The puckering is quite bad in my opinion, but I can live with that, it's the right nipple which is pointing DOWNWARD dog that is giving me such grief. Both boobs seem flat at the bottom end. Yes it's been 4 days but honestly how much of that is gonna fill in ladies?? Is that nipple gonna find it's way upwards? I posted more pics.

Without pain meds so far today but the Benadryl is a must. I also put some Hydrocortisone cream and anti itch stuff on underneath incisions. Seems to help a little with the itching. All the sensory nerves seem to be working. Nipples are SO SENSITIVE I brushed against one and almost passed out.

Not eating much. No appetite. Haven't gone #2 yet. It's been 5 days. Colace I'm taking but still no urge. Gonna get some Milk of Magnesia today.

Haven't seen the BF. He is calling concerned but I won't let him over. I don't feel like talking to him and I don't feel like seeing him either. He's getting the brunt of my anger and whatever but I don't care. He keeps asking if I'm feeling great. No I'm not feeling fucking great. My boobs are "f'd up honey and I can't stand to look at them, so why don't you just stay the hell away from me? Please please please don't let my boobs stay like this.Ughhhhhhhhhhhh


I hope that you are having a relaxing weekend and giving yourself some time to adjust to your new boobs and your new look. That puckering will smooth out, but they are certainly pretty frankenstein-ish at first. Your nipples may seem low to you now, but remember that the breast tissue is all held very high right now. As they soften they will also settle. Your nipples are suppose to stay right where they are, but the tissue is going to drop a bit (down to that boxy/flat area at the lower aspect and then that nice rounded globe will appear. It does take time, and it is a lot for your mind to assimilate, but please be patient with yourself. Rest, drink, eat, and allow yourself two weeks. While they aren't going to be final at two weeks, I bet you will see a marked improvement by that point. Good luck! And many hugs to you!
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Toobig, having lived a few blocks from where you are...can I remind you it's a place where everything goes non-stop all the time? You are expecting the same thing from your body! SoCal is the epicentef of Instant Everything. If you aren't moving at a million miles an hour, you're run over by everybody who is! Unfortunately,, that is a rotten prescription for healing. The more you push your body to heal faster/look better, the longer it will take (how do I know that...).

You're about 72 hours out...maybe a bit more? I didn't LOOK at my new booblets for at least 5 days! (Engineers are, by our nature, pretty squeamish. :-). Give it at least a week...pamper yourself, sleep, drink water, water, water. When you get over this hump, you will start realizing how many different dimensions of great things will come from this. Don't think any of us realized how much living with chronic pain colored everything else in our lives.

Give those booblets a few weeks to settle in and recover from the trauma, and you will be as pleased as we are. Braless! A strappy sundress! Cute bras! And...guys talking to your face and not your chest. Trust me...it's all great. Give it some time... try to throttle back and things will fall into place.
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I think they look great!!!
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Just wanted to put a few more pics up. I'm off all...

Just wanted to put a few more pics up. I'm off all my pain meds entirely. Bathroom no more issues but the Milk of Magnesia produced the best results with some cramping at first. Now 2 days in a row. Bruising still there; Using some Palmers Oil on the incision site. Anti Itch cream helping also at night. Today put on MEDIUM Sports Bra - Could be a C cup, but not sure still swolen. Please take a look at the puckering and the flatness area on top of right breast and tell me what you think? Not seeing doc for one month and I'm afraid that this little aesthetic boo boo is not going to go away despite waiting out the time. The right nipple is definitely pointing down. Left boob has decent shape; I'm good with it. Just scared about the assymetry I have now and that stupid right boob that looks like a deflated tire. Ughhh - Venturing out to the real world today with BFF in from Texas. Gonna get some air.

Oh, and just to let you all know, it is accurate that you will get a wave of confidence to do things. I'm obsessing about cleaning and I know I should not be doing anything but resting. If you can find a slave person to do things for you, find them and let them. You will run out of energy VERY quickly.

Check back soon.


Hey girl.

listen, I just had my surgery on August 9th. I was a 44H.... I wasnt sure what size to expect as the doc and I felt being proportionate to my body size was the best idea. I will tell you honestly, I was a nervous wreck and the second day after I was home from the hospital, I actually cried because I thought I didnt have any breasts left at all... which tells you how much smaller they got....currently, Im wearing a post surgical bra 44B... I have been told that it will likely be a C once all the swelling is done with and the girls fall into place. I stayed at my bestfriends place for the first 2 days so that I had someone with me... I am a single parent... the teens go back and forth to their fathers. my bff told me straight out, you arent regretting this are you? cuz you know its the best thing you could do for your health...and as you have mentioned health issues, that is what you should be focusing on. All these little kinks you are experiencing right now are just that. kinks... Im not crazy about how my girls look right now...infact, the doc asked me if I was happy with them when I saw him at my 2 week post op checkup..and I told him, no I wasnt...but that is because of the way they currently look. I was warned by two friends who had the procedure done, it will look bad at first, but it will get better. I know this was the best thing I could do for myself, even though Im a bit nervous that they are a bit smaller than I think they should be. but!!! and this is the kicker.... I was so USE to SEEING BIG GIRLS...this will seem strange and upsetting ... just like a drastic hair style change, often we arent use to the new change because we are soooo use to the old ways... so keep that in mind... be patient with yourself. and let your bf see you...you need his support... if he really loves you, it wont matter what size you are. Im a total scaredy cat about that too...and its only because I dont have someone in my life to support me like that...I terrified about what the first man will say once he sees my scars... but I will remind myself as many times I need to, that this was for the best and be excited about all the new clothes I will get to wear, and havent been able to wear because the girls were too massive. Hell, I have this fantastic blue halter top I stopped wearing because it just didnt look right on me ...I tried it on last week and omg!!! I was sooooo happy to see that it actually fit me as its supposed to. Not only have I helped my physical well being but I have helped my emotional well being ... so try to keep that in mind... give yourself lots of love and kindness, you deserve it.
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thank you for saying all of this piggles... I needed to hear all of this too! :) especially the healthy eating and water part...I often forget to get the protein in :( and then I notice my energy level goes down the drain because of it.

Hi all. So it's day 7. Exhausted after spending...

Hi all.
So it's day 7. Exhausted after spending day doing 'easy work' but still finding that I shouldn't be lifting the Brita water filter jug or reaching for glassware. At least I'm no longer drooling into my sippy cup with a straw. Had a lovely lunch out with a friend, got some fresh air, went SHOPPING and bought a MEDIUM Y'ALL!!! A blouse with BUTTONS OMG OMG OMG!!!!? Unbelievable. So I posted some cropped and closer up shots of the extra deflated right booby with the nipple pointing elsewhere. You can't tell from the shot but it looks awkward and the excessive sagging of the skin around the bottom above the incision is hideous to me. I know everyone sais they need to "settle" so I'm going to quit complaining about it yet still sent a pic to my surgeon and wonder if anyone else has any experience with something similar. The left boob is looking pretty good. Shooting pains and vibrating from the nerve endings in the nips but at least I know their working. No more pain at all, bruising almost gone for the most part. A smidge of a dog ear on one incision but I will give it some more time before panicking. No leaking, no real issues except aesthetically. My pain in shoulders is almost entirely GONE! What a thrill and the shopping for tops today (even window shopping) was beyond exciting as I know in a few more weeks when I am my "real" size, I am gonna be able to ROCK those little cutie tops and feel drop dead sexy!!! I CANNOT HOLD A PENCIL UNDER MY BOOBS AND I"M GONNA BE 49!!! Whoop Whoop....

So, here are my questions:
1. How long before you can resume taking your normal meds in particular my antiinflammatories for other issues. Is a week long enough to not have to worry about bleeding issues any more? What about vitamins and stuff?

2. Can you massage the breasts in any way to get them to soften up? When is it o.k. to do that?
3. Why can you get the incisions under the breast wet, but not the ones around the areolas? Why is more important to keep those dry?
4. Bali makes a firm 2-hook (OMG) sports bra I'm wearing a medium and it's snug and feels very comfy. Is that ENOUGH support? Didnt get too much feedback on that from docs office.
5. I'm icing every day but is it o.k. to start using hydrocortisone or anti itch cream on the under incisions and bruises?

That's all for now I guess. Would love to hear how everyone else is doing.


So glad you are doing good! I don't come on here too often, but was thinking about you and wanted to check up on ya!
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Hi Iowa. Thanks for the input. I sent an email to my surgeons office on Saturday asking questions about the meds. Couldn't wait for an answer so I began with my antiinflammatories again and my other joint pain is substantially reduced thank goodness. I guess I'm taking a risk doing that without hearing back but the pain was too much and they work better than pain meds. So........about that picture, no I was at a slight angle, but you can clearly see that the skin is deflated right?? It's so weird to see that I had these giant, full, dense and pretty breasts before and now they look like I'm 90 with all that crinkling and that giant cavernous flat edge off the right boob that looks like a flat tire....I'm trying to be patient. I have been using the anti itch cream on incisions but not on nipples. I'm blow drying before putting anything on. Do you think the regular sports bra is enough support or should I be looking for something fuller and firmer? I am not getting a response from docs office and I know you are a bit of an expert. Thanks for the support. I hope that the surgeon recognizes that while I signed my life away for "cosmetic surgery" that I did sort of expect to have to relatively normal looking boobs. The nurses in his office sais he never lets a patient leave unhappy so I guess that time will tell on that. 6 months though huh? Well, I'll keep ya posted on the shopping!! Thank you so much for your help always.
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Now I hope you don't take my word as the absolute gospel :-) Every situation is different and my opinions are just that...opinions based on my experience and what I've read and learned over the last year and a half. I would always point everyone to their PS or primary care doctor if they have any concerns or issues. But I think there are things we can all learn from each other. I found this site so helpful to me when I was a spastic pre-op girl and when I was post-op and didn't want to sound dumb to my PS but was worried over what I saw as HUGE issues but ended up just being normal healing. So I'm just glad if I can help support and encourage someone who is going through some of the same anxieties.

I think your sports bra would be fine. I just had a Wal-Mart cheapie that my PS approved, as well as a Bandini and they said as long as it offered some support and didn't let me flop around. And if it is comfortable then all the better.

I certainly don't think your breasts make you look 90. I am glad to hear that you were standing at an angle because that means that your breasts are evenly placed. I went back and looked at my pictures and I had that puckering and pulling for about 4 weeks. Then it started smoothing out. There were a few areas that persisted after that, but they did completely smooth out. I can almost completly guarantee you that your puckers will straighten themselves out. Your nipple may not be completely centered but I think you will notice changes taking place in the next few weeks. Your breasts will certainly heal at different rates and while you are aggrevated with ol' righty at this point, she could completely straighten herself up and little miss perfect will take a turn as the trouble-maker. It is crazy how this healing process goes.

Most PSs won't do any touch-up work until at least the six month mark. They want to give time for all swelling to go down and the healing to have "taken hold". My recommendation would be to give yourself that amount of time without being overly critical of your new little friends. And then at six months(or even say the five month mark) if you just can't tolerate them see what your doc has to say. I'm sure you both can come up with a plan of action should  you need it. But I wouldn't hesitate to mention it to your doc at your next post-op with him and just feel him out as to what his opinion is. But I am confident that your boobs are going to end up looking more than relatively normal :-D

Hi Ladies So I'm at day 10, feeling pretty darn...

Hi Ladies
So I'm at day 10, feeling pretty darn good recovery wise; grateful that I have no pain, grateful that I'm going to the potty (albeit not daily) grateful that I am down 17lbs!! Grateful for the relief on my shoulders and neck, and grateful that I am going to be crowned with the title of SHOPOHOLIC for the first time in my adult life! Seriously, the BEST part of all of this was the first week where I just drooled, slept and drank from my straw and sippy cup while others waited on me hand and foot. Tomorrow, my sister in law leaves, and so does the entourage of loved ones that have cared for me for these first 2 weeks. Right now she is cleaning my bathroom and vacuuming!! Seriously I could get used to this kind of laziness, but really it's been a GODSEND to have people around me because everything everyone sais is true! You feel up to doing stuff, so you do, then realize you've overdone it, reached to far, lifted something you shouldn't and basically misbehaved. I want my recovery to continue to go well with no complications so I'm promising myself that I will not LIFT, REACH or try to sleep on my side for two more weeks!

The downsides of course as there are always some are the back sleeping, the constant nagging itching and discomfort of the bruising, and the fact that I cannot take this FRICKING bra off for even ten minutes unless bathing. I'm just wanting to let the girls be free but doc sais not to, so I'll heed the warning and leave them bound for another few weeks. The shaping is changing slightly, but as you can see from the most recent pics, the sagging, sort of deflated look around the cleavage is the most upsetting. I don't know if that will improve. My skin while not young, was pretty good in that area and since the left boob looks good I don't know why the right one can't be the same. They are indeed up there and perky and the nips have all the sensation and then some one could hope for (in fact just rubbing against a piece of material sends me flying) but I'm not regretting this one tiny bit. They are small indeed. I am shaped totally different now, but I am getting excited at the thought of serious shopping pre-holidays and my upcoming trip to Cancun the end of October to celebrate my 49th Bday and my BF and I's 9th anniversary year together. I will continue to drop some pounds and hopefully hit that beach at a great fighting weight around 150lbs. or so!! Looking forward to getting a super sexy one piece actually, instead of a bikini. I think they are sexier, and some adorable little tops that show off my new girls. I think BF is gonna have a hard time with the new ones. He hasnt seen anything of them yet and I don't plan on showing him until all the stitches are completely closed and slightly faded.

As you can see I have a few little 'angry' stitches and some thick scarring down under the cleavage area. I'm praying in time that heals and softens up cuz it's like touching a thick band under the skin right now. Any suggestions on that ladies? Healing? Any thoughts on scar improvement?

I have resumed work from home (grateful boss is cool with that as I'm in sales so I can do a lot on the phone) I will resume driving on Monday.

So, everyone I hope you are all well, and I'll touch base again soon after my 30 day post op with my surgeon. Best to everyone out there going in, and coming out!! xo


Now I'm not just blowing smoke here, I really do think your breasts look really good! I think they are taking on a nice natural shape. Your scars are fading wonderfully. For scar treatment you can start light circular massage once they are completely closed. You can slowly increase the pressure as tolerated. This will help to break up the scar tissue underneath your skin. I used a product recommended by my PS called ScarZone. It is a silicone based cream that you can get at Wal-Mart for about $10. It seemed to work well for me. I know some of the other ladies have used silicone scar sheets that you can get at Walgreens or Palmers Oil. But make sure you aren't putting anything on them until the incisions are totally closed. You don't want to introduce any bacteria to the area. And then once you do start using a product, make sure your skin is completely dry before putting a bra back on so as to not irritate your skin.

Good luck! And don't be too hard on ol' righty...she will shape herself up in no time!
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Thanks much Iowa. Your always the voice of reason and hope on here! I am glad you think they look o.k. Watching all the other 'reveals' and having their boobies looking so perfect and round I admittedly have been jealous that mine didn't get any standing ovations from the crowd. I know they are "awkward", but I'm getting more used to them, the scarring is doing pretty well and overall I'm just pleased with the size. Went to pick up a few more bras at Tar'get today just because I've been living out of two and they are just not enough. Two I bought Playtex brand were actually 38D!! Surprise, but I tried on several C'ups as well different brand and those also fit....so I'm guessing Doc did what he said he would and made me a small D or super full C that is great. I also bought the cutest "off the rack" little boy short and lacey top set for sleepy time when I do the big reveal to the BF at the middle of next month. Two more weeks and everything should look good enough not to freak him out!! LOL
Aww! So happy for you! I can't wait to buy sexy lingerie. I don't even have a boy currently, I just want to know I look cute underneath my clothes!

Hi all. So the last two nights all of a sudden...

Hi all.
So the last two nights all of a sudden I'm back on my pain meds to help me get through the night. The itching and contstant nagging of the stitches is giving me the blues and wondering if I'm doing something wrong? I'm wearing very light sports bras Bali/Playtex with the band just slightly under the stitch line. I haven't yet taken it off except for showering. I've washed them all very well in anti bacterial wash and rinsed a hundred times and air dried. I'm applying Lanacane anti-itch around the leftover bruising and stitch line areas 3-4x a day which helps but only temporarily.I take Benadryl every night. I don't have any noticeable stitch issues although the ones at the very beginning of the incision towards the armpit on both sides seem to be giving me the most aggravation and haven't quite healed up. The cleavage line is awful looking and the scarring seems heavy and thick in that area. Still haven't gone down completely from swelling I know, but it doesnt' appear that the fullness is going to return and I have that flat/deflated look mostly on the right. However, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions aside from Anti Itch cream, Palmers Oil, Ice and good cleansing that can help me to relieve the annoying, nagging "I wanna tear this bra off feeling" ???

Thanks all.


I think you look good! I'm a bit jealous that your underneath sides look so good! Ive had some issues between this crazy oklahoma heat & the sports bra, you can't open the door without sweating! lol I'm sure once all the healing happens everything will work out.
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Dear, I think your breast look amazing..I have a huge cut on my left botton which is not going to be covered by breast tissue as there is none to reach that far..I cannot wait to be so far ahead with recovery as you are..I think you are doing amazing and I am very happy for you!
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I haven't used anything near my incision sites...my surgeon told me I wasn't to put any Vaseline or antibacterial ointment on them...nothing. So I've experienced literally zero relief from the itching/burning/stinging. It seems that you all were allowed to use those things or at least something similar. Wahhhh!
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrated. As I have been saying I have these thick, ugly, non healing keloid scars under the breast both near the cleavage line where the skin is sagging down, not up like the rest of the boob. They wont heal and it's bloody hot and humid and I can't breath and nothing I wear seems to relieve it, so I just want to go without a bra for a night and see what happens?!?! Will I screw everything up? I've been waking the last 4 nights with unbearable discomfort from the swelling and bruising and the itching. You can hardly see any bruising any more but those few unhealed stitches are gonna be the life of me I swear. I bought 3 new Danskin bras with no seams or anything today at Kmart and the band is about 2" lower than my scar line so WHY THE ITCHING still? I'm icing all day long (the only thing that helps) What do you all think about going without for a night? Of course my doc is out of town on holiday so I can't get any real answers. I'm just so uncomforable and I feel like if those few stitches got some actual 'air" they might heal up faster??? Thoughts? Thoughts?


TooBig....the itching..ughhh the itching for me!! I have always had the itching pretty much from week 2 until now. But the past week it has be BEYOND!!!!! I am taking Benadryl every single night. Its SO bad!!!! I hope it gets better for you(and me)
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Does the Benadryl actually help with itching?
I'm doing great, thanks toobig. I just hope the cami offer you some relief. Let us know.
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So, I always like to start with a positive, so...

So, I always like to start with a positive, so here are the things I'm super grateful for after 17 days despite some possible redundancies............
1. My 84 year old mother who relentlessly is STILL taking care of me. Cleaned out my whole closet today almost by herself!!
2. Ice packs, ice packs, ice packs
3. THIS FORUM OF WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL AND SPECTACULAR LADIES!! (seriously if I depended upon the limited information in my "physicians packet" I would be a lost and miserable soul. Everyone here has helped me to prepare and expect the best and the worst from this journey. I can't thank you all enough.

So........I posted some new pics. I want to note that the steri-strips were put on by me; bought them on line because it said they help heal so I put them on some of the more aggravated areas for a bit. Tried putting them in the cleavage but too hot here and sweat them right off!!

I've finally gotten a decent night sleep this 2nd week but still on Benadryl and pain killer and sleeping pill. I'm still not happy about sleeping on my back just SO uncomfortable for me but I'm managing.

My boobies are changing every day, sometimes good sometimes not. Today my mother and I cleaned out my entire wardrobe and what a job that was. I have a 22lb. box of clothing I'm donating, 16 bra's (all expensive ughh!) and I fit into 3 blouses that were hidden in the back that I never thought I could ever wear but actually were totally adorable and I'm so glad I never gave them away!! I put on a couple of my 'sexy' dresses and strangely they no longer look sexy but they fit. It's an oxymoron really. I can see how the girls got the attention they did, cuz what I have now aint filling anything up and no cups are spilling over but things sort of lie nicely on me and the dresses and blouses that made me look (pardon me) somewhat "slutty" before, now just look sort of normal. The cleavage area isn't very pretty yet so I doubt I will be showing it off, but I was very pleased with the way most everything looked and even happier to be able to donate some really beautiful and awesome things to others who will enjoy them.

I doubt I will shop too much although I have a Cancun vacation coming for my birthday in the last week of October. I will try some older things that didnt' fit, get a couple of new suits (of course) but I think I will mostly wait until probably November before I decide what size I truly am. I lost 16lbs total before/after surgery but I have another 10 to go so senseless to invest in things that wont fit again in a few months.

My BF is terrified of me. I kind of teasingly pretended to lift up my shirt the other day and he ran and shielded his eyes. We have not discussed it too much. He has explained that it was "hard on him too" oh my, what to do about that?? He was a boob guy for certain but it will be interesting to see if a BR can weather this storm of 8 years. I bought a cute little cami bra and little boy shorts for the big reveal, but now I have no idea when that will even be. Ladies? Any advice on when to show off the new girls to a boy who liked the old ones? When all scabs are gone? When all stitches are closed? 3 moths? 6 months? Ughhhhhh


Hey long beach in your new pics your girls look like they are coming along nicely. I really think its too soon to get worried about scaring, I haven't even seen my incision lines yet so I don't know what to expect. I took a quick peek over a week ago when hubby changed a loose steri strip and all I could see was the marking ink doc used inside the incision. Yuck! I had a cyst removed from my chin once and it took a whole year for that scar to go down. It stuck out puffy like for a long time. Gotta get ready for my 3 week post op appt. it's today. I'll update you later. Oh yeah it must great having your mom so dedicated to helping you. Cleaning out a closet is a pain the beep.
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Thanks Tigol..... I do think overall the healing is going well. I'm so strangley confused by the methods that each of these PS's use for after care. Some say Ice, some say "no". Some use steri strips, and gauze and drains.....some no. I was out of my wrapping and with complete freedom except the sports bras this entire time. I've not had to deal with a steri strip or stitches poking out or anything like that. I have been so fortunate by comparison really. I look at some of the other ladies at 3-4 weeks and I'm very blessed that my discomfort has been a minimum comparably, so I had better quit whining!!! I'm turning a large corner this week I think, shaping up and starting to slowly massage the scar points and the rock hard boobies with the Palmers oil. All of my stitches appear to be closed now with no oozing or infection (knock on wood) so I'm happy with the relief that the skin ointments bring.Yes, my 84 year old mother is AMAZING!! Such the Jewish mommy, and we argue like a married couple but she is so compassionate and loving in her way. I am SO fortunate to have her. Good luck at your appt. today! Can't wait to hear.
Longbeach I know we are all different but I think your scars are beautiful! My right scar goes under my armpit and I have a bit that is just wrong in the middle of my boobs..mine is aint half as nice as yours...and I still have the marking ink on my incisions and have no clue how and when that is going to come off...I completely understand your feelings...we go through so much we wish for perfection...but I think your boobs are very very close to perfect if not perfect...wishing you all the best!

So, today the BF and I went to a local car show. I...

So, today the BF and I went to a local car show. I was wearing this tank top that is one of my fav's that for the first time laid nicely against my chest. We walked and walked for hours looking at all the cars and for the first time ever it seems, I wasn't oogled, double-taked or given the once over by the male species. The funny part was how much I noticed everyone ELSES boobs. I live in Southern California at the beach, and it was 90 today, so the ladies were all about showing off their boobs today and like a minimum of 50% of them had IMPLANTS!! It was hilarious to see woman my age wearing tankini tops with little straps and these nips pointing to to sky and I just found it so totally amusing that here I was buildiing my self esteem by lessening my load, and they were increasing theirs!! BF was looking too which didn't bother me too much actually. I mean, it's not like he hasn't figured out which ones are real and which ones aren't and how totally ridiculous some of these women look, but it never does stop the men from glaring and getting in trouble! Cheers to me, for being NORMAL now and living off my fabulous personality!! Seriously I am SO happy today and it is gonna be fun to show off my little perky ones again once I can get myself to VS for some push-ups that squish them back together again! LOL................It was my first "fun" day experiencing others reactions and while we ran into about 3 or 4 people we knew, everyone just said, "Oh you look like you've lost some weight or you look so slim!" Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just saw the tank pic. You look amazing and so happy.
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That's so FUNNY Tigo...boyfriend was playing offense and defensive back today at car show.............me holding my arms up over my boobies and him as front guard so no one would elbow me or bump into me. It was very cute!
Sounds like fun. Good for you. I am the same way about looking at other boobs. I'm checking out every set that passes. Lol can't wait to go out with some friends. I still don't want to go to crowded places yet. Scared ill get elbowed or something. Lol
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Turned a corner last night and slept partially on...

Turned a corner last night and slept partially on my side for the first time in 3 weeks!!! OH what a glorious sleep! Post op is this Friday; we will see what doctor sais about those nasty keloid scars............Happy Monday All!


LOL! I live in Sydney and noticing the same ! Ever since my BR - almost 2 weeks!- I am noticing other ladies' bust a lot more..I have never taken a look at anyone else's boobs and now I see them..And I see girl after girl who should have a BR - cos their breast are big..not as huge as were mine I gotta say but big big big...The other thing I notice is implants...and I am smiling inside..My results look like I had an implant..yeah right....but on the other that makes me soooo happy..cos mine are ALL NATURAL! :)
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Holy SMOKES Australia!!! You had SOME ENORMOUS BOOBIES!!!!!!! Wow, I can't even imagine hauling those chicks around with me as long as you did, and even better, your new girls are spectacular!!!! You are right, they look like new firm implant boobies! YOU deserve to look so very wonderful and I would LOVE to compare notes on how good you must feel? Instant relief?Yes? Mine were and I only had a pound taken off each side!! Wow, yours is the most impressive I've seen yet. Have fun girl, I know I am!
WOW were you right on target Iowa!! Seriously JUST Turned a major corner this weekend. Today is 3 weeks and I slept partially on one side last night for the best night of sleep thus far..........all the stitches are healed up, the itching is subsiding and I'm icing only once per day now instead of 5-6 times. I can still feel it if I stretch too much or reach, but overall it's a massive improvement then just a week ago. Almost all the scabbing is gone; the stitches are no longer purple and I can see where I need to concentrate on the steri strips and the scar magic potions. Post op with surgeon is next Friday so we can discuss the assymetry issue and hopefully he will have some good suggestions for the keloided areas around the cleavage. I'm really happy today! Thank you for your continuous support

Hiya all........so I just put up a pic of my Bali...

Hiya all........so I just put up a pic of my Bali sports bra's in a size Medium (I'm between a 38C-D right now) but OH SO COMFY and the band does not lie directly on the incision line...............Anyway, I have some questions if anyone can answer? Iowa?? Piggles?
1. Does the nipple ever perform like it used to? Stupid I know, but does the aereola ever heal up and then shrink up when stimulated like before or is it just the tip of the nipple that feels sensation? Does that make sense? Obviously the areola just lays flat right now while healing instead of getting tight and puckery. (So embarrassing to ask) Just wondering if it will ever be like it used to be?
2. I thought all my incisions were entirely healed up. I'm still 10 days out from seeing my PS for post op 30 day and I just found a little hole where an incision broke in the Tsection under the nipple. It's small, like 1/8th inch but it is like a "dent" and you can tell that it has been oozing something; sort of scabbed over right now, kind of yellowish in color and I covered it with a steri-strip to protect it. Should I remove the strip? Put some Neosporin on it? Any suggestions? I don't want to have it infect and I don't want him to have to restitch it.
3. How long does it REALLY take to find out what size your gonna be? 3-6 months? I noticed already after 3 weeks that I am not nearly as full as I thought. I'm shrinking daily.

Thanks all. Appreciate your help with answers.

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Fun to add a few pics of the 'previous' me...........

Fun to add a few pics of the 'previous' me..............I haven't had any new pics taken, but you can see how I was "a-over-flowin" and even in the bikini shot when I was 135lbs. and my thinnest, I still looked ridiculous.......now BF would argue that point to the ground, but I think for the most part I just looked silly and over the top (literally) Thought I would share.


First off I would like to add how fabulous it is to "hear" the happiness in your newer posts! It sounds like you are really getting acquainted and comfortable with the new you! I would love to see pictures with similar shots for comparrison. I don't think a lot of people (men or women) realize how those overflowing breasts can burden a woman mentally. You are right...we feel ridiculous! We want to be normal and wear normal clothes, but when we do people seem to think that our huge breasts automatically mean we are air-headed bimbos.

My nipples react normally. I did not have a free nipple graft so my nerves remained connected for the most part. When my nipples are stimulated, either by friction, temp changes, etc, they react as you described. I will say this was a shock to me as I feared that  I would not have any at all since prior to surgery I had very little feeling in my breasts or nipples. But post-op I have significantly more sensation and I now realize what I had been missing for so many years!

For your small opening, I would avoid the Neosporin. Keep the area clean and dry. You could use the Polysporin, but small amounts. You do not want to saturate the area. This area should hear without any problems, as these small openings are not uncommon and generally close up quite quickly. If you should notice it getting larger, being warm and/or red, or you start running a fever, it would not be wrong to call your PS. Never hesitate to do that. The doctor and staff are there to help you assess what is significant and what is normal so take advantage of them if you need to.
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Hey! Just wanted to weigh in on some of your posts! I am 3 1/2 months post op and everything is coming out fine. I had some of the same worries as you when it came to puckering stitches, areola size and nipple sensation. Now everything is fine. the stitches even out and flatten. The areola does everything it's supposed to do, and my nipples have sensation. My breasts are not exactly the same shape right now, but they are beautiful and really like them. I had drainage for about 6 weeks after, but it all healed up just fine. My aunt, who had her reduction 8 years ago, said that it took her up to a year to know what size she really was. Initially they will feel and look tiny, but your body (and your brain) adjust to them over time. i still sleep in a sports bra most nights because it is the most comfortable for me. I often sleep with a pillow under my top arm when I am sleeping on my side. It takes a lot of patience and acceptance to heal from this surgery, but it is so worth it! Just accept your body where it is at and everything will work out just fine.
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Oh now Piggles is just bored! Someone give her a project please!! xoxo
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Super excited when I put this little blouse on...

Super excited when I put this little blouse on this morning. I thought my profile looked FABULOUS and so much more slim it's just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I feel 100% more comfortable in my own skin. Just that simple! Who would have thought?? This outfit this morning would have taken 2 layers of spanx for me to even dare before the BR.

So, the heat as everyone is experiencing is not making this healing process any easier. HARD to stay dry when it' so humid. I have this ONE little opening at the T-incision that has a little puss (yellow) still hanging on. Followed everyones advice; giving it a 3x daily dose of Polysporin and trying to "air out the girls" for an hour a day to let the scabbing over take affect. Hope that happens before my post op next Friday with surgeon. Still not sleeping entirely on one side, but my big TA DA thing today was having a client tell me that I look like I had lost 30lbs.! Now normally that would be an insult cuz as you can see I'm not a small girl, but I'm a size 6/8 or so on the bottom; now fully proportioned I feel so guilty almost; took the "compliment" and ran with it.............feeling good ladies. I hope you are all too.


I must say you look gorgeous! I have been having issues with my t area to it's taken a bit but they're finally healing up. I've using the bacteracine/polysporin just on my non stick pad to keep it from sticking. The dr said that they are very common & sometimes stall out then next thing you know it's healed. So glad to hear you so happy, hope the rest of the road to a full recovery is good! I totally understand the heat thing Oklahoma has been miserable up until yesterday when we got a cold front, now I can open the door with out dripping sweat! Lol However this is Ok it probably won't last long!
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It is exciting to hear the happiness in your posts!
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Hi ladies. Getting ready to see my PS on Friday...

Hi ladies.
Getting ready to see my PS on Friday for my 30 day post-op appointment. I posted a few new pics which I seem to be having trouble getting decent shots with my $700 Iphone?!?!?!? Originally the left booby was healing up so much nicer than the right. The right still has a deflating and sloping and when I touch it, I have ZERO sensation on my breast skin!! BUMMER! Also, when I massage the right one, I feel lots of unusual bumps and things that concern me under the skin; large lumpy and then this flat section where there is nothing under the skin at all. It's creepy. Then you can see that I also have a non-healing area under the right at the T-section that I have been keeping as dry as possible and using Polysporin for a week; it has not closed up. Left boob scarring is WAY darker and more severe it seems than under the left now. Wierd. The scar color seems more dark and ugly than even just a week ago which is strange. I am wondering if my bra's are too loose, too tight?? If I'm not giving them enough support etc.. Obviously doc will give me some feedback, but any insight on HOW to let the PS know that I am unhappy?? He is not as bedside friendly, more just matter of fact and I know he is gonna tell me that everything looks FABULOUS in his eyes...........so I need to be firm and tell him what is making me unsatisfied but not sure the approach?? Any advice? I realize he would not even attempt to repair anything for probably 6 months, but I at least want his commitment that he will do something for me if I still feel the same way as I do today?


I would just blurt it out and mention it. At my 3 week visit, the first thing I said to my doctor was, "I only wanted 2/3rds of what you left me with!" And he went on to say I was swollen, which he repeated to me visit after visit until I quit bringing it up when he said, "If in 6 months you still feel they're not small enough, I can go back in and do it again, but it will be another surgery." So I quit bringing it up and don't plan to until December, my 6-month mark. He may think that since I've been quiet for 2 months that I am now happy, but they look just as big to me now as they did when the nurse first unwrapped them, and then looked expectantly at my face, which was deadpan. My doctor only took out 96 grams from my left breast, and 73 from my right. Hardly worth the $5,500 extra expense to add onto an almost $10,000 tummy tuck (which looks great).

So I'd just be blunt and let him know. You have a right to communicate that this is not what you had intended. Then listen to his response. You might want to keep quiet until the 6 month mark and then bring it up again at that point, so that you're not angering him by repeating it at each post-op visit. You want an amicable, even friendly relationship with your doctor. Did you supply him with pictures of what you wanted? If so, bring those in again, if you saved them. Then don't bring them in again unless you're past the 6 month mark, when it would be appropriate to discuss any further actions.
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im sure someone here will know the answer and it will be a commin thing thats gona settle in and fix with time.geez. sorry to hear you unhappy today. that suxxxx. good luck and i hope one of 'those things' to deal with a tiny bit longer. xoxoxo. you know im praying for good news!
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So today was my post op for one month; I had a...

So today was my post op for one month; I had a feeling that my list of 11 questions were going to be skirted off as casual and unanswerable except with the template statement "Wait 6 month".........I wasn't wrong about that. Dr. pretty much rushed and brushed over my concerns, particularly the flattening out and unevenness of the right breast. The deflation issue, the scarring issue, and when I said the word "keloid" he actually got argumentative with me, telling me that I didn't use the word correctly and that keloid scarring is really scars that have blossomed out far beyond the incision line. So, basically I said "if I am still unhappy with the appearance, symmetry and scarring after 5 more months, can we discuss now what some options might be??" Thought that wasn't an unreasonable question and he wasn't rude about answering however he would commit to NOTHING saying he would see me in a few months to look at things again.

So, here is the positive stuff:
1. He said the healing is going extremely well and fast considering my skin elasticity and my age.
2. He gave me the thumbs up to begin EXERCISING, as long as it is not aerobic like running, jogging bouncing and the obvious! So biking and walking and sit ups and etc are all o.k. despite the incision line still being very tight to me.
3. As far as sleeping without a bra, he said in 2 more weeks I could do that if I was comfortable. Said there was no real scientific study that showed a resting position could harm the overall shape. So I get to let the girls breathe in a few weeks.
4. No answers about the pain, the discomfort at the scar line or what I can do about further discomfort. His answers were already things I am doing, ie: icing, Benadryl, topical anti-itch creams, etc.
5. Gave me the go ahead to purchase bras. Said the majority of swelling is gone!! Wow, that was a surprise, so I think I'm gonna be a full "C" ladies!!

So........overall I'm not unhappy; when I look at the pictures they do seem a bit more distorted than what I see in the mirror. Bad lighting and the fact that I am taking them myself at weird angles probably isn't helping. I'm really happy for the most part with the weight off and the fun perkiness of them. Shape...........well, obviously I will have to wait awhile.

Perhaps now the boyfriend might be prepared for a "reveal".............he's terrified of seeing them. I guess I'll take my chances and try something cute maybe next week.

That's my 1 month girls. All of you waiting, healing or in process.........it will all be ok,; I think MY results are a worst case scenario. Albeit his sewing and stitching was great, I have some shape problems but for the most part, I'm not crying when i look at them so that is a good thing.

Best to all


Over all I think you look great, LongBeach. From the pictures I don't think your scarring looks bad. I guess in the pictures I don't see any unevenness, I kind of wonder if what I'm looking at is a shadow or an effect from the way you are standing, but it kind of looks like your right breast just has some more relaxing to do. Maybe then things will appear more even to you. I'm glad that you were able to get back on track with your doc and get him to agree to discuss things more at another follow up. I do agree that if you go back around six months and are still unhappy that you should be able to discuss your options. Its not as if you are saying he did a horrible job, it is more of something just didn't "take" quite right and you want to see what he thinks can be done. Totally reasonable in my opinion. Good luck!
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well im sure when the 6 month mark comes you can get a better see whtats what.i think they look fantastic
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Since the doc gave me the thumbs up to start...

Since the doc gave me the thumbs up to start exercising and shopping I did have a fun weekend. Because I live at the beach and it was still in the mid 90's, I went for a LONG bike ride. Note to self, always bring supportive bra extra with you when you go out all day. I was miserable by noon yesterday but had nothing to change into. Thought going basically bra-less in a tankini would be a o.k. but my boobies really hurt and I was super sore in the evening. I think they will need some support for quite a while longer. Just wanted to bring that up as brief reminder to all who think that we are free from needing the support of a good garment.

Anyway, also went shopping at local FANCY mall in a city called Newport Beach where the majority of breast IMPLANTS are done, and everyone looked totally over the top with their big boobs, overinjected faces and duck lips. I on the other hand, enjoyed my vintage sun dress with no inappropriate glances from strangers.................and while I didn't secure a purchase of major proportions, I did find some super cute little tops for my upcoming trip to Cancun. Having some fun now. Trying NOT to obsess about the scars and mishape which is not easy to do but I'm doing it. It is what it is and I have 5 more months to wait before PS will even discuss fixing things with me, so I had better pull my head out of my pity party and have a good time! I encourage you all to do the same. It's never gonna be perfect but right now it's still pretty great.........:)


Hi, just wanted to say that you look great, but mostly I wanted to say that I love your attitude! I had my BR on 9/13, and, while I'm still a bit bigger that I would like (I know I'm still very swollen, tho) I am thrilled with the results. Keep up the positive attitude, enjoy yourself, but you still have a lot of healing to do, so take it easy!
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Love your story! Please keep posting...u made me feel normal :) My surgery was 8/29/2012. Love your pics!!
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SO ladies I went to SOMA an Intimate shop here...

SO ladies I went to SOMA an Intimate shop here locally; supposedly she has this patented new measuring thing that guarantee's that your size is accurate. So, I am officially a "38-C" or a "36-D" I opted for the larger band size because it was so much more comfortable; Either way, they look the same but the funnest part is being able to grab off the rack. I bought two really super soft non-underwire's to get me through the next month or two until those darn incisions under the cut line go down. They are so hard and tough and anything that rubs against them is too much friction and they irritate very quickly. I will wait it out, but fun to know that come Christmas, I will be the shopoholic of my own nightmares!

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Hi all, Just wanted to update that above all,...

Hi all,
Just wanted to update that above all, i'm having DISNEYLAND kind of fun with this bra-buying and shopping thing. It's like a new thing I never knew existed. Totally grand! So happy overall............however, just wondering, I'm almost 5 weeks and my nipples have started with this burning kind of sensation?? Not only are they delicate to the touch and everything that I drag over them either stings or burns or hurts them, but they have begun hurting like not before. Also, I know all the nerve endings are growing back, but how the heck long does all that take? Seems like every day it's a new pain, a jab in my boob or a soreness that wasn't there before? The incision lines still hurt if anything rubs against them; the scars are deep and thick and even the sports bras still annoy them. I just can't wait to rip my clothes off at the end of the day and just be bare for a few minutes........So......is it NORMAL to be feeling all of this and in anyones experience, what can I or should I expect in the way of further healing time? PS has given me the go ahead for a totally normal back to life schedule I just don't quite feel totally normal yet!?

Thanks much and hugs to all!


I would give it a good three months to be feeling more normal. There will be little zingers and twinges for longer than that, but after three months I wasn't aware of them with every movement I made. My nipples are still more sensitive than they were prior to surgery, but they don't "hurt" anymore (unless it is really cold...then they feel like they could just snap right off) Glad you are having fun with your rockin' new bod!
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I think your results are amazing!! Just a thought - how about putting a bit of cotton on your incisions to give padding to the bra strap...then it might not rub that much ...just a thought..
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Just a quick note to say that I have never (since...

Just a quick note to say that I have never (since maybe 13 years old) been able to wear a BANDEAU style top. Today, a Tankini in adorable blue/white sailor stripes HORIZONTAL LOL and a cute little HALTER number!! OMG never would I have imagined. Cancun has NOTHING on me next month!! Whooop Whooop I'm gonna be struttin my 49 year old self like a 20 year old! Oh, and I'm 41 days post op today! Size 10 bathing suit. Who would have imagined in my life time off the rack at Dian'e Bathing Suits?


glad to see you are doing good, and are happy!!!
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Looking great, Longbeach!
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You rock those bathing suits miss Cali! - See, you'll still turn heads after all!
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Hello ladies! It's been a while since I updated,...

Hello ladies! It's been a while since I updated, so I wanted to share briefly that I just returned from a Cancun vacation after having BR on August 20th. Waited until more than 2 months for healing to be just enough that I felt secure diving into water and using a public pool, etc. I bought THREE bathing suits off the rack, 1. BIKINI (my first since I was in my 20's) 2. A "tankini" and a super cute 1 piece.............ALL size 10 or smaller at Dianes, a place I've drooled over for a lifetime. I spared no expense in the shopping and thoroughly enjoyed all the fun accessories, matching tops, wraps, shoes etc. to go with. My boyfriend came "around" finally and appeared to really appreciate the work done and the new perky and fun girls. I have to say while the rest of my now 49 year old body isn't ideally suited for a "suit" lol, I didn't care for the first time! It's just strange how confident I was at the way I looked. So, I'm almost at 90 days and while I did attempt some jogging on the beach, I realized that it was too soon to be bouncing that much and scaled back to fast walks. I'm still not exercising a lot, just walking and doing some biking but the jogging was way too jarring for the new girls and they let me know it. Still very sore in some areas, still getting stabbing pains at any hour of the day in the center of a boob or under the nipplage areas deep under the skin. I know that it's "normal" so i'm not freaking out. I am happy every time I get poked unexpectedly because I know those nerve endings are still growing and healing. Sad to report STILL no feeling on the right boob. It's numb and I have no sensation except that eery feeling of something lightly dragging over the skin instead of being able to feel the whole thing. Left boob seems the best. Right is filling out nicely and the lumps and hard, rocks under the tissue seems to have softened quite a lot. The nipples are "reacting" to everything and still burn a bit sometimes but not as severely as even just 2 weeks ago. I just pray I get the sensation and feeling back in the righty, or I will feel off balance for the rest of my life!! They have fallen into place for sure now, and are sloping down faster than I can stop them! They were significantly fuller before and while I still cannot hold a pencil under them, they are really falling into their permanent place very quickly. Kind of a bummer as i was hoping for the perkiness to hold me over another 10 years or so, but not complaining. Just wanted to verify, validate and clarify that the doctors are 100% correct in their assessment that the healing process is ongoing and can take upwards of 6 months or more for final results. I know I have been massaging the Palmers Oil in 2x a day since the beginning and that seems to have helped with the redness of the scars. I don't notice the scars really unless I'm raising my arms over my head. Everyones sais they look great and I think so too.......... I believe I am officially a 36D or a 38C as most of the new bras I'm buying are those sizes depending upon the brand. I'm having a good time picking out inexpensive and fun little combinations and it's hilarious to know I can buy 6 bras now for the same price as one of my old ones. It's a ton of fun! Ladies in waiting and those who are just beginning the journey, know that while it wasn't a 100% perfect reconstruction, i am entirely pleased and would do it again in a heartbeat. Totally life changing and wonderful!! Thanks for listening and hugs to all of you.


lookin great,,im so happy for you!!
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Great update! You look beautiful.
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So nice to hear from you post Cancun! You look gorgeous and I can tell how confident you feel - Love you suits. I'm just now 3 weeks and feeling great! When I was first beginning this process you were a highlight here and very active in posting, and I hung on your every update - so great to see how far we've both come and that we made it and are happy. I think of you often - Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated!
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Hello ladies! I'm so sorry I've been off the radar...

Hello ladies! I'm so sorry I've been off the radar for awhile. Lots of personal drama stuff but I enjoy reading everyones posts and excited about the "newbies" as well as how everyone else has progressed. So, I just posted the most current version of the girls.........as you can see the scars have done quite well particularly around the nipples. I can't complain much as the overall experience of downsizing has been terrific and the burden has been lifted. I think the shape is not ideal and you can see the way they pull, not full and not centered but at least the right boob isn't pointing in another direction so drastically. I never regained sensation in the right breast at all so it's awful, like scratching an itch that is covered up; it's an eery strange feeling and most of the time, the left nipple is erect, the right isn't, so going while going braless is comfortable, it looks a bit strange because I can't ever anticipate what they will want to do. Has anyone had the feeling come back in the skin after 6 months? I would love some kind of hope on this......it's not great for the intimacy issues. It makes me super self conscious and it's rather uncomfortable to have the right one touched because the sensation is so strange. So the last visit with the surgeon, he injected some saline into some deep scar tissue under the breasts which seemed to break up the scars and helped them to lay flatter. That was super uncomfortable but he did it so fast I didn't have time to object. Not being one for pain, I'm glad he pulled that needle out fast cuz i would have probably declined if he had really explained what he was going to do! He admitted that he noticed the way the breasts both flatten in the cleavage area and how they are very point forward but flat instead of being full. He explained that is the way things go and that is how I healed. It's super unfortunate cuz I really am unhappy with the way they look. He said that unfortunately if I were to have them "fixed" that the insurance would consider it cosmetic only and that it would have to be paid out of pocket. He was not willing to discuss anything with me untiil my 6 month mark and that is coming up on an appt. on the 22nd. He mentioned some kind of remedy but I have no idea if it includes silicone injections and if anyone has had any experience with revisions of this type? Everything I read about it sais that it is a foolish and high risk procedure. Can anyone share some light? So........overall, I think things are o.k. I wish that aesthetically they were a bit prettier and fuller but I have to be realistic and know that all things are never perfect. Any procedure I've ever had I don't heal well. My skin is quite saggy and I don't have alot of elasticity, this procedure is no exception.......however, would I do it over again?! Absolutely. It's so fun to shop for clothes and despite my boyfriend being obsessed with women with implants and/or big boobs, I feel 100% more self assured. I look forward to hearing from any of you. Take care........."Normal In Long Beach"


Hey Long Beach Friend! Great to hear from you. Love all your glamour shots - you look gorgeous and so do your girls!! I'm not in an experienced position to give advice on this, but giving an “if it were me” perspective...I know we can't expect perfection but I believe you can reach an outcome that you are happy with so I wouldn’t stop or give up on attaining that, just may take time and research. I agree with Wend and would seek many, many different surgeon's opinions – until you find someone who can work with you to accomplish your goals and wants to make sure you are happy. I probably wouldn't do a revision with the same doc if I didn't like his work in the first place. There might be a possibility they could do just a little fat transfer to plump up the cleavage area you don’t like and give you the fullness you want. Perhaps relatively simpler less invasive procedure?? Just totally guessing on this idea and not even sure if it’s a possibility, but seems like it wouldn’t take much to fill that in. My surgeon did mention this option during my pre-op consult if they ended up too small – kind of a reverse lipo. You could go on this forum and ask a general question of the surgeons here and see what they suggest. You probably have to wait for the 9-12 month mark before another surgeon would touch it, but they just need the prior surgical notes to know where your pedicle is located so it doesn't damage sensation if they do any further surgical revisions. It’s a tough decision because you don’t want to make things worse if you are relatively happy. I like the comments here that time may help your sensation – even another year or so and sure hope that happens for you. Your scarring looks way better now as time goes on! And a positive spin is always helpful and I agree, what we have now is so much better than before and we are thankful every day that we did this. You look fabulous, sexy, and enjoying life! Was so great to hear from you. Take care and hope to keep in touch.
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Hey! I just realized that I am six months out!! My doc also told me it would a couple years till feeling came back. I have my days on how I feel about the girls. I lost 10 to 12 pounds of boobs. My nipple scars look good but the scar from nipple down is horrible . My body didn't like the internal stitching . My computer is down but will post update pics soon. Mine are full but I feel like they under my arms though. Good luck on your six month check up!
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Hi there! I just wanted to give you some hope regarding the sensation and feeling returning. My PS told me its not unusual for it to take 18 months - 2 years for sensation to return. Keep the faith! Personally, I wouldn't want the same surgeon if I was to have revision work done. If he didn't do the best job the first time, why would u pay out of ur own pocket so he can fix his own mistakes, yk? Just my opinion, tho. Good luck with whatever you choose!
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Can Anyone Help Me With "Revision" Question? 9 MONTHS POST OP

Hi everyone. Been off the grid for quite a long time now due to a weird neurological issue that has kicked my butt and affected my vision and ability to see close up (hence emails) and wondering if anyone has some advice? I posted last in February wondering if anyone had any information or experience with "fat injections" for breasts that need some revision? Both of my boobs, mostly the righty is quite flat and deflated in the skin surrounding the cleavage area. I last saw my surgeon in December and I was supposed to have a follow up appt. with him in February but had to cancel. He had discussed with brevity, the possibility of fat injections into the area to give them a slightly better shape. Said insurance wouldn't cover it because it would be considered cosmetic at this point; that's fine, but I'm wondering about the success of this procedure? Has anyone had this done? I know it sounds so strange to have fat ADDED to where I just had it removed ,but there ya go!!? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? :) Thanks ladies.


Hi there, I kept up with your review when you were writing it, how are you doing now?
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Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniels is an excellent surgeon. After 1 month of healing from a breast reduction I can honestly say that his technique in stitching is outstanding. I suspect that the majority of my scars will heal very nicely. He has a great eye and while my results remain to be seen and I recognize he cannot give me all the answers I wanted as quickly as I wanted, I feel confident that not only would I recommend him, but will more than likely be having him complete some touch up work in 6 months and possibly even use him again for my tummy tuck! I'm super pleased with the relief I have from this procedure. His staff, particularly Lorraine are all lovely and caring.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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