7 months post op! And I couldn't be happier! High profile silicone, 550cc left 600cc right! - Long Beach, CA

Hello ladies! So I had a BBL in April (which I...

Hello ladies! So I had a BBL in April (which I also have a review) and after having beautiful results my breast just didn't match the rest of my body. After getting to my heaviest weight of 190 and dropping back down to 160 it took a toll on my breast and they just looked sad and mad at me. So I told myself I needed to fix this ASAP so I can enjoy my body as a whole. After several consults I chose Dr. Daniels to do my breast augmentation because of his credentials, knowledge, thoroughness of explaining the procedure, amount of time in practice, amount of augmentations he's done, I love his results, and he answered ALL of my questions without me feeling as if he was in a rush or if he was rushing me. Yes I like the surgeon that did my liposuction and butt lift but I did not choose him because he just didn't seem like the right person to go to for my breast and he kept insisting I needed a lift when 3 other surgeons said that I didn't not need a lift. I'm 31 yrs old with no children and at this point I do not want the scars from a lift so I am glad I sought several other opinions before choosing the surgeon I had my other surgery with just because I felt comfortable with him. Dr. Daniels made it clear that my nipples do not fall below my inframammary crease so I do not have an indication for a lift. Dr. Daniels went through the pros and cons of every type of implant with me including the different incision sites and I chose silicone with the incision under the breast but I still have not decided on a size yet and will do this at pre op on September 5th. I'm shooting for a D cup so he recommends 400cc min and 550cc max so I have to play around and choose a size. So overall I had a great consultation experience and I am very excited about my upcoming procedure. I will be back for an update either after my pre op appointment or once I'm home from surgery if I feel up to it :-)
             good luck! looking forward to seeing your updated pics!
Thank you! Counting down the days with excitement!

Wow, I just checked out your BBL review...you look great! I agree with you, I wouldn't do my butt and breasts with the same doc. I prefer to have the doc specialize in a specific area. Let us know how the pre op goes. Looking forward to your updates!


Pre op today!

So I had my pre op consult today and brought in pictures of boobies that I liked LOL based on my pictures me and Dr. Daniels went over size that would give me that desired result and most of all fit my body. I'm a pretty tall solid girl, 5'8", so say a 450cc implant on a smaller woman would look totally different on me. I laughed cause he said if I got the same implant size as the woman in the picture I brought in I would wake up like....uh excuse me where are my breast?! Dr. Daniels brings multiple sizes of implants into the OR and we decided on a range of 500-600 high profile silicone implants by Natrelle. He said he will play around with the sizers until he gets the look I want and choose the size. Also he feels I don't have enough asymmetry to have 2 different sized implants but he said once again we will find out once in the OR and he try's the sizers. So after all the sizing and measurements I walked across to the hospital to get my bloodwork done, he does his surgery at a hospital which I like a lot. And he's chief of plastic surgery at Long Beach memorial so he has lots of notches under his belt ;-) So after all that I was free to go and ponder my thoughts until Monday September 9th 8:30 am. Oh and I got se free perks that come with the implants like Latisse or botox for me and a friend if I choose or both for me LOL, and I get the top implant warranty free of charge that comes with 3,500 in surgical fees and new implants even a new style if I wish. Hopefully I won't need to use that warranty but its good to know that I have it. Now I'm just going through the Internet looking for 600cc implants because I think that may be a lil TOO big and I may tell him only 500-550cc range. But I'm not sure :-/
ugh so confusing!
Ur big day almost here! I will get my bbl and ba with Dra Duran in 1 month and 29 days!! I think I want DDs high profile .. Ur wish boobs look beautiful!


Weird because I was far from nervous when I had my butt lift surgery day approaching but with my BA surgery coming up on Monday I'm actually nervous. I keep having thoughts of "OMG what if I wake up looking like Dolly Pardon!" And that's so not the look I'm going for! But then I have thoughts of what if I wake up disappointed. Then I keep having the thoughts of complications and my biggest fear is of course capsular contracture. I just pray all goes well and I won't have to have a surgeon touch my boobs again until it's time for replacements. No more bad thoughts! Only positive peaceful ones....
             love the size you choose for your wish pics! that size is going to look great on you! it will match your new booty! by the way your new booty looks fabulous! perfect! 
I gave him 3 pics of other women but told him hers was 1#. I'm hoping its going to be 500 or 550cc. For some reason 600 seems so big to me and is freaking me out. I will tell him in the a.m. but I still very much trust his judgment. I keep having thoughts of waking up wanting to cry because they're too big.
I know I'm getting nervous :-/ but I pray all goes well. And Dr. Duran does beautiful work!

Made it safely to the other side ladies!

So I'm home a few hrs post op and I'm feeling so so. Really hurts to move my arms and feels like bricks on my chest with lots of tightness. The staff and nurses were super nice and professional at Long Beach Community hospital. I adored each and every one of them. And Dr. Daniels is an absolute doll! (Quite handsome too :-p) about 10 he came in marked me up and I was good to go! Spoke to anesthesia and got some happy juice in my IV and that's all I remember folks. Don't even remember heading back to the OR. I just remember waking up looking down to see the new girls and laughing at the green madi gras beads around my neck LOL I truly did flash them so I deserve em Lol. But right now I'm resting with my frozen peas and a lil loopy for the pain meds and this tight feeling in my chest is killer. Oh and I have Naterell style 20 high profile silicone implants 550cc in one breast and 600cc in the other. I will give all the complete specs once I don't feel so drugged up and give a not so generic review of my experience when I can. Thanks for your support!

Just a little under boob action LOL

Oh boi!
looking great so far hun !! congrats!! I'm already wishing I went a little bigger lol
Thank you! And yours look perfect for your proportions!
              i dont 500cc will be too big on you! you should go for it! 


Hello ladies! I don't remember if it was ok for me to sleep on my side or not. I'm so not a back sleeper and my sleep has been so broken. Is it ok to sleep on your side?

Congratulations! They already look great! Check with your PS about side sleeping. It's been 8 years since I had my surgery, but I do recall becoming a temporary back sleeper with loads of pillows. Can't wait for the dropping and fluffing. Happy healing!

congrats on finally getting to the other side I cannot wait to be there too!

Post op visit today...

So I had my post of visit today (was supposed to be yesterday but something came up and I had to push it to Friday) and I feel great! Dr. Daniels said all looks good and showed me how to do my massages which are pretty gnarly LOL. It actually doesn't hurt it just feels weird to me. And boo to me having a diminished nipple sensation. It's like I feel them but I don't. Hopefully the sensation will get a bit better with time. So far the incision scars look good to me. They just need to flatten a bit more and fade, not sure if ill invest in those silicone sheets but we will see. But overall I feel great! Little to no pain just stiffness in the morning and at times I get those pains that just come and go out of no where. But I will do weekly updates to show how they are dropping and keep everyone posted. My next appointment is in October long as nothing comes up between now and then ;-)
They look great/--really proportioned too! I wish I was 5'8"--lol!
Thank you so much! I'm glad I trusted his judgement because he told me with my height if I got 400-450cc I would wake up and want a refund LOL. I surely thought 550 and 600cc would look huge on me but they don't. So choose wisely and keep me posted when you have your procedures! ;-)
Exactly that....I'm tall like you..got 450cc and so bummed out I'm looking at a revision.

2 weeks post op tomorrow! I am theirs, and they are mine :-)

So tomorrow makes 2 weeks! I am so in love and attached with these things. Why didn't I do this sooner eh? Anyway all has been well not much pain just very stiff in the mornings and since they have been slowly descending I'm noticing that pressure feeling again that I had right out of surgery. But who knows maybe I'm crazy. I just know I'm sooo in love with these things! Lol
Your boobs look awesome!
Wow they look fab girl ;-) mine is this sunday :o lol can't wait ;-) I'm only teeny tiny and I'm getting 525cc's haha so glad though because I love them big and everyone always says they wish they went bigger so hopefully I won't have that problem as I coudnt go much bigger without falling over haha congrats lovely :) xox

Had to get a pic of the girls laying down...

I was so excited that they weren't spilling into my arm pit LOL. I love them, they complete me :-)
Thank you so much! And happy healing to you!
Thank you! Yea you definitely don't want to be dissatisfied going to small. And keep in mind you lose some size hoping under the muscle anyway. Good luck with Sunday! And post pics! ;-)
I think yours look great! But yea us tall girls can handle a bit more up top than shorter women. Are you totally set on having a revision?


I must say good Lord my nipples are driving me nuts! After surgery when I went to my post op appointment my nipple sensation was diminish, but not it seems to be back but with a vengeance! I can barely tolerate anything touching them not even my sports bra. And I know this is a no no but when I drive I have to put the seat beat behind me because if it touches my nipples it just feels awful! Does anyone have any type of remedy for this? Does it go away? If so, when!
You look beautiful! Absolutely perfect, thanks for sharing with us, we support you and care about you!,,
Thank you so much!

This coming Monday will be 4wks!

Just a pic of how much they have dropped at almost 4 weeks.

Got sized at Victoria's Secret today!

So I decided to go get sized today and was sized at a 36DD. I'm totally happy with my size but so not happy with the price difference between my 36C bra and a 36DD bra. I also seen my PS earlier than my scheduled Oct 14th appointment and he said everything is coming along beautifully which is great news. My only concern was how hypersensitive my nipples are and he told me to massage them also and that will help. So overall I'm a happy camper and I hope they continue to heal perfectly until my next appointment.
i am SO happy i found your review! iv been searching and searching for some good looking boobies in my area at a reasonable price ! looks like i found em lol i live in lb , and need a redo and am thinking im not gunna use my ps, so i need another! all in all would u recommend your doctor? thanks for any info. i LOVE your boobs!
Thank you jessy07! I highly recommend him! I chose him because breast is pretty much his speciality and he doesn't do everything under the sun like other plastic surgeons so he has lots of experience with breast.
they are perfect! did u have a lift or just implants? your natural boobs look just like mine but i am only 5"0 i am gona use u as my wish boobs love them!

Once again I LOVE these boobs! God bless Dr. Daniels!

These things are just purely amazing! They way they have transformed just amazes me and I think they are beautiful! Dr. Daniels did an amazing job!
did you go under or over the muscle? you look fantastic
Thank you! They are under the muscle.

Looks like you're gonna be everyone's "wish boob" girl! You look fantastic! Have you tried putting nursing pads in your bra all day long to ease the nipple sensitivity? 


Had to show these babies off in the Bahamas!

Just got back from a wonderful vacation and the girls completed my look! I'm still so very happy with them and have no complaints. They are very soft and move around just like real breast. Happy camper!
Hey hun.. First of all, your body is amazing! I love the way your boobs came out, which is great because coincidentally, I have my consultation with DR. Daniels tomorrow! I've been searching for a while & I felt like he would be the one for me. After reading and seeing your results, I'm pretty much sold! Lol. Thank you! :-)
And those babies look hot!
Thank you! Hope you're recovering well!

Had a post op check up today!

Well I went in for my last post op check up until my girls 1st birthday in September :-) Dr. Daniels was very happy with how everything has healed and came together. He checked to see how freely my implant was moving and they are prefect! Both implants move freely up and down with no issues at all. He also showed me my before pics and said he's sure I don't miss those old girls, which I don't LOL. I'm very happy with my choice of getting implants and my choice of doctor. I'm also happy I didn't not go with the doctor that was telling me that I needed a lift. Extremely happy that I found Dr. Daniels, and I am in love with the 36DD girls! Happy healing ladies! And I will add more pics late and pics of the scars.
You've got it all now, beautiful body, amazing boobs, great hair and a pretty face. I'm not usually a huge fan of big butts but I think yours looks big but so right on your body. I am pea green with jealousy for your waist :) try not to cause accidents :)
You look amazing. I am 5 days post op with 600 cc. Looking at you and your progress I know I made the correct choice.
Girl you look amazing!! I'm scheduling a consult with your surgeon! Bomb!!!

Just a little update...

Hello ladies! Just wanted to give an update on the girls ???? I'm still very much in love with them and I have no complaints.


Humm I'm not on my pc so I'm not sure if the video is working or not. Oh well here's a pic.
You look amazing.... I can't wait til minds drop....
They look really good! I can't wait for mine to drop and stop looking so squarish
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EXTREMELY informative doctor with great staff! Out of all of my consults he is the only doctor that gave me so much informative information and made me feel confident and comfortable with him doing my augmentation .

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