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Im 5'2" 130 lbs and have a 5yr old son and an...

Im 5'2" 130 lbs and have a 5yr old son and an almost 2 yr old daughter. both were C-Sections. I had my BA on my birthday! May 16, 2013. Natrelle style 20 high profiles 425cc on Left and 500cc on Right. ( after breast feeding my daughter I had one bigger! I didn't need a lift) 34 B (full B on left and small B on right) under muscle and Crease incision.

Dr. Daniel and his staff are very nice and the RN's from the hospital were all so nice and made me feel very comfortable.
I remember going in the day of my surgery at 6:30 and I had to get naked and I wore this different type of gown, which a hose connects to it and it blows warm/ hot air.
The RN hooked me up to the IV . Took my vitals and I was off to another room. Dr. Daniel arrived he marked me up and asked me whats my fav music I said 80s- Madonna and asked me whats my fav color and I answered pink and purple.
Then the anesthesiologist came in and he gave me the anesthesia And told me that they were going to take me to the OR. But I don't remember going there because I was out. When I woke up I was in the same recovery room. I was very sleepy and I just asked the RN if i had my implants in and she answered yes. I had no pain but felt a lot of pressure.
They took me to the other room and there I met my husband and sister. Once I was dressed the nurses brought me a yogurt with a soda lid and a candle and sang Happy Birthday to me! That was so nice!! I before I left I was given a Purple beaded necklace by my dr!
I came home I took norco every 4 hours and I wasn't nauseas because of the patch behind my ear.
Friday I was also fine, no pain and just icing with frozen peas.
Friday night I removed the patch. Saturday afternoon I was very nauseas. Glad I didn't throw up.
I stopped taking Norco and took Ultram. I took one Saturday and one Sunday. Tylenol is what I started taking Saturday night and Sunday. Again I had no pain but I wanted to be on top of my Meds.
My husband helped me a lot!! Sunday and Monday I only took Tylenol once but I still had a lot of pressure on chest. Tuesday was the same just pressure and my breasts were still hard. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I rested i don't think I had a lot of energy. Monday I went to my post op and my dr showed me how to massage them.
Tuesday I had a more energy and I'm sleeping better. I can't wait for my boobs to soften up!
            thats sweet what the nurses did for you: listen to your body; dont rush the massage; when your boobies stop hurting than you might want to start your massage techniques; dont worry they will soften up; your still in the early stages: 
Yes it was really nice! :) Thanks for your advice Violet1234! I started reading many of the stories here even yours and I had an idea of what to expect. But yes, I need to be patient and let my boobies drop and soften up! Lol
ur size looks great on u! i like ur zipper bra, did ur dr give that to u or did u buy/order it from somewhere? im having a hard time finding zip front :(

10 days Post Op

10 days post op and feeling good! I started getting shooting pains (I read about that on RealSelf) and they don't hurt but just annoying. Not sure if I mentioned it but after my surgery I touched my nipples and I had sensitivity and still do :) went back to work on Wednesday the 22nd and I wanted the day to be over! My boobs were super hard and I would get out of breath I had so much pressure on my chest. But it has gotten better. They still get hard but I don't feel they much pressure.

Oops! It's 9 days post op not 10! LOL

It's not 10 days...i forgot to mention that today I started to lightly clean my house but I had to take breaks. Today I didn't feel the need to ice my boobs. Oh and last night my incisions were itching badly! Well, I'm super happy with my boobs so far and hubby too!
Your new twins look great :) I kind of wish I would listen to my PS and let him add a little bit more to my left breast since its slightly smaller than my right one. I ended up wanting the same size of implants on both of my breasts because I didn't want to deal with any psychological post op. I didn't want to pull the blame card if my breasts were uneven, if anything I'd rather it be my decision that I have to live with. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, my twins hasn't fully dropped it fluffed yet. So hopefully it won't be much of a difference. Again, you look amazing. And honestly, it makes me regret my decision ...lol :/
Barbie0208 Your boobs look great! They don't look small. I was worried when my dr said he was going to put 500cc on one boob! I was afraid I wouldn't look natural but with these sports bra I'm easily able to hide them and no one at work has noticed. Even I have to stop and touch to make sure they r still there LOL because these sports bras squishes them. You have a small frame so I know u will look proportioned once they drop and fluff. Just keep in mind that you LOOK GREAT!!!

Congratulations! You look great! Glad to hear your husband was able to help you. Did he have any extra help with the kiddos? Try not to clean your house too much. Rest when you can. (Easier said than done, right?!) Thank you for sharing on RealSelf.


Two weeks and still in Love!!

Two weeks today!
It's getting better each day.
I still get those shooting pains, mostly on my right boob but its not painful.
I have not experienced any spasms so hopefully I don't. I will say that my nipples have been VERY sensitive. I don't even let my hubby touch them! Lol
My boobs are still high and tight. They get hard at times (especially at work when the AC is on blast!) Lol
It's getting better to sleep and the "morning boobs" is getting better!
Oh and no one has noticed at work. The zipper front sports bra do hide them well.
I have not been icing and I try to relax in the evenings.

I tried on this VS bra that my mom bought for her.
So I don't know what size I will end up but my Dr
Told me I would be a D or DD! OMG!!
My next appt is June 18th and I need to get sized before.
Well good luck ladies!!!
Take care!!

I just love the 36D tag on your cute bras!  ;)

Haha! Thanks Beth! Just wanted to show the size! Lol

I don't blame you...I would want to show that tag off too! 


3 Weeks and very happy!

Hey girl u look great!!! It will look better every day :) last time i got sized I was a 32DD/34D but they were still a little high. I should probably go get resized since theyre pretty much settled. Your girls look sooo good!!! Just wait til they become a part of u n ppl dnt notice u had work done. It's kind of funny cuz its like really?! U didnt notice my tic tacs went from that to this? Ppl get used to seein ur big ones they forget that they were ever little lol!!!!
Thank u Momof4CA!! Well so far it's true!! No one has noticed at work or friends who i didnt tell have no clue. But I think it has to do because I'm just wearing these sports bra. I love how the HP look on u so hopefully mines look like yours too ;) I will get sized on June 15 before my Dr. Appt and I'm so nervous! Lol I'm also going camping in August and I can't wait to show them! (hopefully they are a bit more settled)

I Got sized!!!

4 weeks and everything feels more normal now. I am able to drive although the seat belt still bothers my right breast.
I still can’t carry my 2 year old, but I do bring her out of the crib and put her on the car seat.
I am able to sleep on my sides too.

Today I went to VS to get measured! The lady said she thinks I'm a 34C...I was sad to hear that. So I went to try a 34C Body by Victoria and it was TOO SMALL!!!! So the lady brought me a 34 DD and it fit PERFECT!!!!! Woohoo!!!
Super happy!
Thank u Calibabe23!!!
So happy for you, they are looking amazing!
Yeah for DD!!!

5 weeks post op!

More pics on 5 weeks!!

             i think your way bigger than a 34D ! love the cleavage! 
Thank u violet1234!! I'm actually wearing 34DD or 36D also fits fine. I love them!!!

Almost 3 months pre-op

This has been a great journey for me. I'm so in love with my boobs! My hubby loves them too! I'm back almost 100%. I can do mostly everything now. I'm so happy!
Wow you got amazing results! I am going in for my consult with Dr. D in April. I have scheduled the surgery for May - and I will be in recovery on my birthday!! You got AMAZING results! They look awesome and natural too! Congrats!
Im going to see ur doctor for a redo @ the end of the month... does he charge for a first time consultation? I loveee your results!
Jessy07 sorry I'm just replying but I didn't get any email notification. I want to say that my first consultation was free. Thank u! My left has totally dropped but my right is still a bit high since it has the larger implant but I love them and couldn't be happier! Dr. Daniels is great and he will make u feel comfortable and will give u the results u want! Good luck!!
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