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Ok, so here is my story. I am in my late twenties...

Ok, so here is my story. I am in my late twenties and just got engaged. I wanted to feel like a woman on my wedding day, so I decided I'd rather have a small wedding and big boobs :). I went with silicone unders, incision in the crease. I was an A before surgery and with 600s, I'm about a DD now (I'm tall so its not as enormous as you might think).

I have never had surgery before, so I was nervous. The staff at Long Beach Community exceeded my expectations. The nurse stayed with me the whole time before surgery and let my fiance come with me all the way to the elevator. Handsome Dr. D came in and marked me up. He asked me what music I liked and I was so nervous I couldn't even think or speak! Then, the happy drugs kicked in.

Getting wheeled into the OR and going under didnt scare me a bit. It was actually kinda fun and I remember thinking what a kicka$$ kinda person you have to be to spend your mornings blasting the Drop Kick Murphies while you operate on a woman to give her fantastic breasts. The next thing I remember, Dr. D is asking me if I like gold or silver. What? Gold, I said...out come the mardi gras beads...apparently, I had my new breasts! Going under was such a quick time lapse, that I didn't know it was already over. I found the whole thing strange why someone would give me mardi gras beads before surgery! I was shaky when I awoke, but in no pain and none of the tight feeling I've read about. I just wanted to sleep and was very slow to move. On a scale of one to ten, I was a two. Honestly, it was that easy. There was a small amount of nausea.

I slept for two hours and was then released. The ride home was fine and I pretty much was out of it for the next couple of days. I would say that during the first four days, my pain never exceeded a 4. If I just had the BA that Friday, I could have easily been back at work on Tuesday. Not 100%, but I could have worked. I had lipo as well, so I stayed out longer because of that. I had frankenboob for about a week as the implants were tight under the muscle. Again, there was no overwhelming feeling of tightness except during cold weather which really hurt. Keep your new boobies warm at night, ladies. Trust me on that one!

The incisions and placement are flawless. After two weeks, I am impressed by the progress and I am starting to see what will be some very beautiful cleavage. The implants are still high and will continue to drop. Even now, it has made my figure proportional and my breasts look so beautiful, it is ridiculous. I have perfect, fantastic, spectacular breasts, something I NEVER expected! I LOVE them!!! They are also very easy to hide, but now I realize I dont want to hide them as much as I thought I would!

I am so happy and realize that its in good part to choosing the right surgeon. I would (and already have) absolutely recommend my surgeon. IMO, the most important thing for any woman is choosing a surgeon that is ASPS certified. Did you know that any doctor can perform plastic surgery? ASPS certification ensures that you are working with a highly qualified plastic surgeon. I will return to update as necessary.

Thanks for sharing your story! The mardi gras beads were a nice touch... I've never seen that before. :)

Sure thing! It was a wonderful experience and thinking of those beads always makes me giggle to myself...I never had a reason to have mardi gras beads before, but I sure do now!

It's been about four months and I am still very...

It's been about four months and I am still very satisfied. Zero complications. They are looking more natural as time passes and they continue to drop into place. There is some upper pole fullness that can look a little fake from the side, but the flip side of that is that my breasts ALWAYS look perky, never saggy.

Congratulations on your engagement and you new fantastic look! Can you tell me how tall you are and your weights? I'm 42 and 6 , tall and 160 my weight. I like to have big books because I'm tall so monographs deal if is big. So I don't know how big is look good on my. I see my ps this week Friday. Thanks!
Hey there,
I hope things go well at your PS visit today. Size was certainly a concern for me too. I am 5'10", 155 and, after the swelling was reduced, about a D. Age doesnt matter, but I am 30 if that helps you at all. They are a good size without looking too big. There are considerations beyond your height and age...number one...what does your PS recommend when you tell him what look you are going for? Mind recommended 500 - 550 and he was right on. You really have to trust your ASPS certified PS to take care of you. Number wide is your chest? I have a pretty wide chest, so going a little bigger to fill the gap was important to me. If you are narrow chested, that may not be a concern.
Dont worry, sweetheart, choose the size YOU want and everything else will fall into place. I was very worried that my co-workers would judge me, but now I realize that 1) I dont care what they think and 2) they look so great that I have actually told a number of co-workers...I am so pleased!
Thanks your answer :) Ps visit went well, My chest not to wide as yours. He recommend 550-600, Im also tall 6.2. If everything goes well, we schedule the surgery Marc 30. Im very exciting and the same time doing liposuction. Not like I need but I wanna look good :) Take care!

It has been a few years now and I have really had...

It has been a few years now and I have really had a good amount of time to get to know these boobies.
If I had a time-machine, I would not to high profile implants. I feel like they stick out kinda like torpedoes; that being said, they look pretty good in most clothing. Tube tops are out boobs look fake and a half in tube tops.
If you are wanting to go big, like me (D/DD) and high-profile, they may not look natural.
I think that if I had a do-over, I would have asked about a moderate plus or moderate profile.
The liposuction is still one of the best decisions I ever made. Eternally grateful.
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. D is ASPS certified and his work was flawless. My fiancé and I were actually admiring the almost invisible incisions. The placement is exquisite. Amazing. Plus, he is deliciously handsome. I came home and told my fiance, 'sorry, baby, I got a crush on my plastic surgeon!' lol! Totally happy and will go back for any future procedures.

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