7 weeks PO....I can't believe I finally got my Breast lift with implants & Tummy Tuck... woo hoo! - Long Beach, CA

I am 39 and the mother of 1 16 year old beautiful...

I am 39 and the mother of 1 16 year old beautiful daughter. Married to my wonderful husband and best friend for almost 19 years. We have been together for over 21 years. I started putting on the weight right after we said I do. I had gastric bypass weight loss surgery August 16, 2010 and have lost 123 pounds. I lost all muscle mass and fat in my breast and stomach.

My insurance approved my tummy tuck so I thought I might as well get my breast lifted and add implants to give me shape since I had no muscle or fat left in them causing them to sage and hang really bad. I was not going to live my young life with those horribly hideous breasts.  

I had my consoltaion 10/12/12 and submitted to my insurance my request for a tummy tuck and it was approved 2 weeks later. I scheduled my surgery for March 15, 2013 around my husbands vacation time so that he could help care for me.

Everything went smoothly and I am now 18 days post op and feel better everyday. I don't like to be with our my full girdle/ binder as I feel really swollen and unsecured and actually feel discomfort when I am not held in tightly. I can't wait to be healed100% I know I have a ways to go but I am being patient. My breast are still really hard and look like I have 2 baseballs under my skin. Dr. said this is very normal and needs time for my muscles to relax and then my implants will settle in place in time. I hope so. Only time will tell. I will say that I will take these over my hideous hanging old ones. LOL. I did not really have pain in my breast. I did have a stinging, burning sensation under my breast along the incision areas and around my nipples, but nothing that I could not handle. You have to be careful not to use your muscles. I notice when I try and lift myself from my recliner or lean my weight by my arm/elbow to get off the toilet and feel that I am pulling little muscles and it's like a shocking sensation. I don't like it. Anyone else have this????

Yes I have the pulling thing when I get up and im scared im tearing something. Lol now I have this bubbly feeling in my right breast here and there . weird but its not painful which is my big problem. Im just trying to get it sobits tolerable. I had an anchor lift with saline mentor moderate plus profile. 520cc on the left and 600cc on the right. Im only on day two so I still have a ways to go. Hope youfeel better soon. I think your weight loss alone is remarkable and a hard thing to do so I commend you for that .keep us posted
Hi new booty to new boobies, Thank you and congrats to you and your new boobies. I am thrilled with mine and can not wait for them to settle in place and soften up :) I got 450cc and it's perfect for me. I use to be a DD and I like the full D. Anything more then a handful is a waste my husband says :) did you get a lift + implants or just the implants?
I got and anchor lift and the implants. Theyvfit my body very well. I was a dd before I had kids so I wanted to go back to that. I think im gonna like mine. I can't really see them now cuz I have to keep gauze and these vasaline like gauze on them for seven Days . Then he will see if he wants to takw the stitches out or not. I cant upload pix from my phone. You think they would allow this feature by now but maybe when. I heal I will try and do it from a computer.

I had most stitches removed yesterday 4/4/13!...

I had most stitches removed yesterday 4/4/13! Today is 3 full weeks po and I am feeling much, much better. I went and got a pedicure and a nail fill with my daughter. I don't go back to see my Dr. for 2 weeks now to have remaining stitches in my belly button removed. I am going back to my office job Monday 4/8/13
Hi Butterfly73, You look great and all dressed up you look 100% pain free. How bad is the pain? Did you have a lot of help or how did that go? I'm about to go through the same thing and I have got to say you look like your doing great with the pain. Are you glad you did it all at once? Thank you for taking us along with you. I am just so worried about all the pain. I've had two c-sections and did fine. But you look so great. Hope that you will keep updating with photos and what kind of weight loss surgery did you have and how was that. I went with the sleeve I started at 300. If you don't mind sharing. What type of surgery and weight started then also weight they removed with surgery. Thank you so much for your inspiration.
Hi Babydurl! Today is 27 days PO and I do feel much better. I have no pain in my breast and incisions are healing great! I do still have a little discomfort in my tummy area only if I get up to fast or use my stomach muscles like getting out of bed from a laying down position or if I sneeze or laugh. I have to really hold my tummy tight if I know I am going to use those muscles. I still wear my full girdle for support because I am still swollen and swelling gets worse the more active I am. I am so happy I did both procedures and got the pain out of the way at one time. I would not have wanted to go back in the future for another procedure. I had a c-section also and the pain is different, but if you could handle that, then you could handle TT and or BA. Your just real sore not so much pain. I had gastric bypass surgery 8/16/10 and today I am down 123 pounds my surgery. My insurance covered my gastric bypass and also paid for my tummy tuck :) Thank goodness! I paid for my new boobies :) Take tons of pictures to document your results. When is your surgery date? and what all are you having done?
You look great!!! You dont have a ton of bruising either. My breast still look scary. Go backvto the dr Tuesday and hopefully thry look better. He may ir may not take the stitches out. Ne way you look great congrats

Went back to my office job yesterday and ended...

Went back to my office job yesterday and ended with a lot of swelling by the end of the day. I doubled up on my compression garments today and felt better. This Friday April 12th will be 4 full weeks since my surgery. My new boobies are healing very well. I feel my nerves starting to grow on my left nipples. Feels like little shocks or tingling. Not the most comfortable but doable. I feel nothing on my right nipple :-( I can't wait for my implants to soften and settle in place looking more natural. How long will it take? I'm told 3 months??? I will post pictures Sunday.
You look amazing! Congrats!
Thank you HennyP!

Yes, I had implants about 7 years ago after nursing 3 children. I really wished that a community like RealSelf was around back then! I just love your review and photos. Do update us when you can as I'm certain you will continue to see changes. You look wonderful!


Today is 28 PO 4/11/13. I am feeling great with my...

Today is 28 PO 4/11/13. I am feeling great with my new boobies. I have no pain whatsoever and my incisions are healing beautifully. My TT is healing nice also. My tummy is still swollen whenever I am active. I went back to work this past Monday and by the time I get home, I am really swollen. When I wake up in the morning, I am flat. I still wear my full girdle for support because without it, I feel really bloated and swollen and really uncomfortable. I am sleeping on my side now with long body pillow between my legs and I rest my top arm on the top of the pillow so that I don't put my arm weight on my new boob. Trying to get as much rest as I can. Only work then home with feet up in my recliner.
congrats, and hope you are happy with your results, you are very brave... I had breast lift/ mini tummy tuck ( skin strip they call ) and lipo done on my thighs, flanks and abdomen area 9 days ago. my surgery was 6H long too. I can't believe that you we're able to take pictures and look at yourself. the first time I looked at myself was 2 days after surgery when I had to get naked to shower and I fainted :( lol. looking at you taking pics and everything, so brave. didn't even take a pic yet, scared to look at myself. were your nipples itchy while healing? right now my nipples are soo freaking sensitive and itchy it's killing me, I wonder if it's normal. hope everything turns out well, you look great. :)
I'm so glad you're doing so well! I go I'm first thing in the am. . Boy am i ever nervous...
Hi freshstart! how exciting! you will do just fine! what are you having done?

Breast are healing nicely. I could not be more...

Breast are healing nicely. I could not be more pleased. I absolutely love my PS. Still waiting for them to settle in place and soften, but so far so good. My incisions are lighting and I have prescription cream my Dr. gave me to rub on them 2-3 times per day to lighten. I will be ordering the scar tape soon.

Today is my 6 week post op and I am feeling...

Today is my 6 week post op and I am feeling wonderful! My next step is to start to fade my scares as soon as I see my Dr. in 5 weeks.
Looking great!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!
Thank you Silversunshine! How are you doing?
You look great! Thanks for sharing your journey with rs community. I'm glad I found you...it definitely motivates me. Also, I can't believe you returned to work so soon! What type of work do you do, if you don't mind sharing? You are brave! Sending positive vibes your way!

I'm pretty much the same today 7 weeks PO as I was...

I'm pretty much the same today 7 weeks PO as I was last week. No pictures needed. I still have midday to evening swelling. I wear my compression garment when I get home from work after my shower and I sleep in it. I wake up flat and then start the the whole cycle over. I really can't wait for swelling to be totally gone.
We have the same shape. May I ask your weight at surgery? I have lost 120 lbs. I am currently 220 lbs 5'5. My goal is to be 160-170lbs. Just wondering if that will be enough.
You look amazing! I can't believe the difference from pre-op...to post op and recent pics! I hope my results are like yours. You look fabulous!
Looking awesome!
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