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Another Newbie to Invisalign

Today my first trays were "installed". I...

today my first trays were "installed". I knew about the attachments and although i agree they are unattractive, it is logical that they are there. so far no major problems, but its only been 12 hours. i plan to post some in process photos. i have severe bottom crowding , some top crowding and a very narrow bite. i found the ortho online and he is an elite provider and says he does tons of invisalign. he also added "bumps" to the trays to help correct my bite and widen my jaw (but i dont understand how). i left the office with 6 trays (of 30) and was told i dont need to see the dr. again for 12 weeks. ill keep you posted.

it has already gotten easier in just the first 10 days. my problem was getting them out - especially the bottom tray. putting them back in after a thorough cleaning was actually easy. ive also lost a couple of lbs because its not worth the effort for a snack. good luck!!!
I am going to be starting invisalign in Jan. The only thing I worry about is that I won't want to put them back in after I take them out. Do you have an issue with this as well? Thanks
hi megan. i did not start with trainer trays. i do feel some minor pressure on the bottom teeth. they are out right now so i could eat breakfast and i am not anxious to go put them back in, but i will.

Just started 2/30 tray. the first tray was...

just started 2/30 tray. the first tray was starting to get looser, so it felt good to have a tight fit again. im feeling this one on the uppers more.

im at the half way point!!!!! its really passing quickly and my mouth has definitely changed. i want to post a current picture to compare to the one i posted pre-invisalign and will do so as soon as i remember how!

I can help with that!

If you ever need any info you can always scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find a little "Help" button. Click on that and it will give you directions for lots of things, including how to upload pictures to your review. :)

So glad to hear things are going well. Hooray for being at the halfway point!!! Can't wait to see your pics!

I was told the bumps "could" be added to hold the invisalign in place and that they are not very noticeable. Any comment on that? I would have loved to gone with the option with braces on lower and invisalign on the upper but it was an extra grand because the # of invisalign trays. Possibly will have to get braces on the bottom after for 4-6 mths. The cost is not too bad. I start in Jan. due to our insurance change. Excited about, I hate my bottom teeth.
Los Angeles Orthodontist

he was very informative at the initial sales session. i didnt see him today at installation, so i am rating him in the middle and will keep you posted. what i did like is that he didnt insist i remove a bottom tooth which other orthos had suggested. also i am older (57) so i really recommend someone starting younger.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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