Extremely Disappointed-don't Have a Nose Job Done by This Doctor - Lone Tree, CO

I had a rhinoplasty performed by this doctor and...

I had a rhinoplasty performed by this doctor and he left me with a horrible, weird looking nose that has a dent on the side and is completely unbalanced with the tip being much too large for the bridge he gave me. This has ruined my self confidence and Dr. Weber does not care. He was extremely nice before the procedure and I was completely confident in him but he disappointed me greatly. He assured me for a year that all of my concerns were just 'swelling.' When I expressed my dissatisfaction after a year I was completely shut out and he would not respond to my calls or emails. Do not allow this man to ruin your beauty with a botched nose job. I will now have to go to a renowned plastic surgeon to have his work corrected. His staff ( especially the blond who has had a lot of plastic surgery) is not friendly and are extremely cold. I once waited in the waiting room for 25 minutes and was never greeted. He does not have an aesthetic taste and will give you a generic looking nose with dents in the side and a hanging tip. He ruined my beauty and doesn't care at all. Stay away from this plastic surgeon and his catty staff.


I've included some pics so that everyone can see the odd shaped nose that this doc gave me

Bad nose job by dr weber

Pictures of this horrible nose job

Photos of bad nose job by dr weber in denver

More pics

I am so sad

I am so incredibly sad and depressed over this rhinoplasty and it makes me sick to my stomach that this doctor doesn't care about his patients at all. I truly hope the only good thing that can come out of this is that I prevent another person from having their nose screwed up by dr. Weber of lone tree colorado. He assured me it was all swelling, and promised me he would fix his work if I wasn't happy. He did not do this and completely shut me out not answering my calls or emails that plead for help since he is the one who ruined my face. Please, please helps to find a surgeon who will be honest, and who can give me an aesthetically pleasing nose!! Please!!

Think I may have found a great Denver surgeon for revision rhinoplasty

I am finding a bit of hope now that I have made the difficult decision to go through with a revision rhinoplasty. I am scared, and I pray that this will be the last surgery for me as far as my nose is concerned(in general as well, lol). I have seen Dr. Bershof, but I only saw one good result I liked in his before and after pics. Dr Raval had the best pics I had seen, but it seems dr. Cote has consistent and very beautiful results... I just pray that God leads me to the right surgeon who will give me a good result so that I can get my confidence back. This bad surgery by dr weber of lone tree has been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I wish I had never done it, but I am hopeful... Does anyone in the Denver area have experience with great revision rhinoplasty results? Please let me know if so (:

Before pics... I should have never gotten a nose job :(

I thought I would look better but I feel I looked fine when I look back ;( it makes me cry looking at these old pics. My modeling career has been destroyed by this bad nose job

Docs I will be seeing in Denver

Hello everyone, wanted to update you all on the docs I will be consulting with this week and in early April. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or experience with these docs- I would be so very appreciative! This Friday I will be seeing Dr. Christopher Cote. In a week and a half, I will consult with Dr. Linda Huang... Her website only shows one rhinoplasty she has done and the results are beautiful but I'm skeptical. She is the only doc who doesn't specialize in facial, but a family friend suggested that she was the best- I'll be asking to see more before and after photos. I will also be having my second consult with Dr. John Bershof that week. He needs me to bring op notes from the original rhinoplasty and pics before the rhino, and he doesn't believe in the photoshop imaging. The doctor that screwed up my nose-Dr. Stephen Weber of LoneTree Colorado- did photoshopping but my nose looks nothing like the imaging he did... So I like that Bershof was more realistic in his goals and wants to know as much as he can about what was done/mistakes made. But after finding Dr. Cote, I'm not sure he's the best option. I also have a consult with Raval that week and I was almost set on him because his before and afters for revision rhino were very good, but dr. Cote's are better. I keep praying that God will lead me to the perfect surgeon for these issues I have with my nose, and that God will guide the surgeon to make the best nose for my face. Thank you to everyone who has commented and given advice- you have no idea how much I appreciate this!

Made another consult appt

Just made an appointment with Dr Shah for April 4th. They didn't charge any fee for a consultation which was nice. (: staying hopeful.

Before and after

Saw Dr. Cote today

I had my consult with dr. Cote today. I think He was the best I've seen so far and realistic, so I'm feeling hopeful. It's the same price as the Original surgery, while the other docs I have seen want $10-$15k for revision rhino. I am very scared I will not be happy with the results, But I really feel I need to try and change it since I'm so unhappy with it. I have to at least try and change it or I'll never be satisfied. Dr cote said he appreciated me being honest about about the fact that I suffer from depression. To schedule the appointment need to put down 25% deposit. Dr cote pointed out almost everything I do not like about my nose, agreed with me, and validated my feelings of sadness over the fact that I am so dissatisfied with my original rhino. He pointed out things that I don't like about my nose before I even said what my concerns exactly were. He agreed with me and have me much hope. I am petty sure I will go with him. He also said that I have a lot of my septum left so it gives him much more to work with and is definitely a good thing. He did some imaging but was realistic and said it may not look exactly like them but petty close. He seemed to be very hopeful that he can give me the nose I've always wanted that is in balance with my face. If anyone has any experience with dr. Cote, please let me know (: thank you to everyone who has been writing me on here, it is so comforting to talk to people that have had similar experiences and do not judge. Thanks so much

A before and after from Cote

I told doctor cote I especially liked a specific rhino he had done. He said that her nose was much worse looking than mine is before her surgery, and he can give me a similar nose but also give it the width and length specific to my face and in balance with my other features. He only does facial work, hence the name of his practice is "faces first." He used to reconstruct faces/noses for wounded veterans.

Feeling confused

I cannot afford to go out of state and I feel I have no other option but to stay in state as my father cannot help me to pay the extra costs, and I cannot afford it and will not be able to for a long time. I'm so unhappy with my nose that I feel I have to try, and go to the best doc I can find. I am not living life anymore because I am so incredibly self conscious Several docs in my questions section said it's not exactly necessary to go out of state. I am so confused :( I truly believe doctor Cote is is the best I've seen... But many people are discouraging on here... Not sure what to do. My father agrees I need to change it because it is making me sooooo unhappy. Should I at least try?

Some better angles



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I understand what you're going through and just know that as painful as this is, it WILL get better. I know that may not feel like a consolation and this feels so violating in many ways, but things will improve. You will sort out what you want to do with a revision and ultimately, will make the best decisions with the information you have. You will gain your confidence back and be able to enjoy life again soon. I have been through the same thing and understand the emotional rollercoaster. Hang in there!
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Thank you so very much for your kind words, it means so much to hear this. I believe I have found the right doctor, and I just keep praying I can get my confidence back... I so appreciate your kind words!
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Who did you decide to go with? How was your last consult?
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I've decided to go with dr Christopher cote here in Denver. I am hoping to have my revision asap. I have my second consult next week with him and then will schedule the surgery(: I am very hopeful but very nervous. I am so unhappy with it though, I have to try and change it or accept it, and I am not happy just accepting it. Thanks for all of your support!
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Good for you! Screw living life unhappy because of a bad nose job. Fix it & go take over the world, damn it!
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. I too am a victim of a bad nose job. My nose was destroyed by Dr. Solomon in Toronto. Look at my pics to see what happened to me. You're not alone. Be positive and it will surely get fixed by a competent, caring surgeon.
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It may be hard to hear but your nose looked better before (forward-facing) and better now at profile. My answer is, emphatically, YES you should at least try! It doesn't matter what anyone else's thinks but you put up the before/after pics & that's my two-cent assessment. It's effecting your self esteem & significantly impacting your quality of life. Nothing is worth that & no dollar amount is too much to fix that. Go for it!
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Thank you so much for your support!! (:
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your nose was so beautiful before I can't believe you ever wanted to change it!!!!!!!!!!! So sad you had this experience. but seriously. your nose before was perfect!
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Dude that is not a helpful comment. At all. To the original poster, I understand your dissatisfaction, but I think your nose actually looks better in some ways and you definitely don't have a botch. I actually like your side profile now better than before (Altho I admittedly prefer and love a pointy tip, so if your aesthetic doesn't align with that look, I can understand your disheartenment.) I'm not trying to minimize your grievances at all--you're totally entitled to feel how you do. However, you're still beautiful and your nose is not detracting from that. If you're unhappy, I think this could be fixed by a revision specialist like Le, Davis, boahene. I have no experience with these docs personally but I've heard good things. Do your research--but know that for all your disappointment, I think you look better than you think :)
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Just read more of this thread and your challenges with travel. Just wanted to say I have heard good things about Shah.
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Yeah I am aware... Thanks
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Thank you for your helpful advice :) I like Davis' work out of the many, many surgeons I have researched. But I've also found a few bad reviews on him... Maybe it's just always a gamble with any surgeon. :( I really only need tip work... And just a bit of filler to fill the indent on the left side of my nose. The main thing I dislike is the hanging columella, which becomes even more obvious when I smile. I just know if I had some minor tweaking my full potential beauty will come out. Thanks for your support. I don't understand why someone would come on here and be discouraging, I am already extremely depressed and know I made a hug mistake, I cry looking at before pictures. thanks for sticking up for me (:
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Thank you
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Oh, one more thing. I just read a bit more and realized I think I'm referring to a different Shah than the one referenced below. The only Shah I know of is Anil Shah in Chicago. I don't know of any Colorado docs, but you seem to be doing your due diligence in terms of research so this time you can go in equipped and informed. And, like others said, the good news is, it looks like only tip work needs to be done. Btw, screw the people on here who are unsupportive! For every jerk, there are a ton of us who are here for you to lean on and help as much as we can. I for one wish you the best and will check back to see how you're doing :) may we all find peace and happiness with our schnozes!
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Thank you so much for you support. Not sure why people would ever say to someone on here ' oh you looked better before I can't believe you ever did it.' It's like yeah I'm aware already but thanks for reminding me. There is nothing I can do to change back time, and if I could I would have never gotten he first rhino. :( but I can't. I have to make a change and try
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All i can say is dont compromise on the surgeon, if this dr is the best then dont let other discourage you either. This is your one chance to get it right and to get ur life back. Go with your gutt feeling.
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Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it ! (:
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I am very very sorry about your experience and results. Your nose looks however better than before. But I do understand and see what you mean with your complaint. The one thing I understand and agree with you, if you discussed with your physician what not to change and to leave alone, and he didnt. That's a problem, you MUST address to him. Make the doctor aware, you are unhappy for more than one reason with his work. But I have personal question to you and please dont take this the wrong way, im not judging you or anything. But why did you even pick this particular doctor? I mean, I went on his website to review his work, and he has literally less than 5 rhinoplasty pictures on his personal website. and less than 3 on here... Makes you wonder. And I will not understand, how people safe 5-6 k for a surgery, and pick a surgeon thats conveniently close to them within their city, suppose to pick a surgeon that is an artistic pro in rhinoplasty and might be few hundreds to few thousands miles away... If you can safe and spend 5k, you might as well wait another 6 months or a year and safe a bit more and travel somewhere where its done right. Its your face, you dont wanna pick a plastic surgeon because he lives in your town. Seriously! I know 2 rhinoplasty doctors, who specialist in rhinoplasty and revision... I can tell you, there are not in Colorado. I can PM and give you their website
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Hello and thank you for your comment. My father and I chose weber together, as he had the best reviews on realself and in all online searches. He did show me more pictures at his office, and did have some phenomenal pics. Do not worry, if you read my earlier entries on here, I tried for weeks to contact Dr.Weber via phone and email and never received any response once I told him I was not happy. I paid 8k for the primary rhino with weber. The main issue with travel is that my father is 80 years old, and I am an only child. And he really does not think we can travel. I've looked at plastic surgeons who specialize in revision rhino all over the country, and a doc on here said it is not necessary to travel out of state. I especially like dr. Davis's rhinoplasty work out of Florida. And I think his work is comparable to Dr. Cote's revision work. I have a lot of septum left and a lot of nose to work with. Like many other patients on here, I did not understand how complicated of a surgery this was and did not think the doc could screw up on such a minor change (bump removed only). I have done my research this time and am almost positive I am going with Cote. I will ask him for more before/after rhinoplasty revision pics. I know you are trying to be helpful but it seems a bit condescending the way you ask why anyone would not travel out of state, choose a bad doctor... My primary which cost $8k+ was paid for in cash with my savings. So, I now how to finance and have my father help me. Hence, another reason why it is financially so much tougher to travel out of state. If anyone else has opinions on this subject please feel free to chime in. I was feeling so positive and hopeful about Cote, and now I'm nervous but going out of state isn't an option for me ;( now I am feeling I will never have the nose I want ;((
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You should wait and decide until after you meet Shah- stay open-minded and then make your decision. I guarantee you he is better than Cote.
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Hello dear, please do more research! Revision rhinoplasty is VERY challenging and only a couple of doctors are good at it. Rebuilding the bridge is very difficult and needs lots of expertise/experience. Ask your next surgeon to show you pictures of similar revisions he did. Good luck to you!
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Thanks! I am being diligent in my research this time around, whereas I just went with the first doc I found last time that mostly does body work/laser/lip&skin fillers. I thought "hey he has to be pretty great because he has the highest rating here on real self for denver surgeons, it will be great." Obviously I was wrong, lol.
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How many doctors do you think I should consult with? How many did you consult with? Thanks for any advice (:
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