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I am scheduled to have a mommy makeover October 4,...

I am scheduled to have a mommy makeover October 4, 2013 with Dr. Atagi in Lone Tree, CO. I am having a breast lift, silicone implants, tummy tuck, lipo, and tubal ligation. I have had 3 children. I have also lost 86 pounds. It is my turn now. I am 5'0 114 pounds. I am still unsure what size and profile implants I will get.

Here is what I found out at my consults.I was...

Here is what I found out at my consults.I was looking for a breast lift, silicone implants, tummy tuck, and a little lipo of the flanks (muffin top). *Remember everyone is different in what and how much they need. Your quotes might be different from what I got. You also may prefer a doctor I did not these are just my opinions*

Dr. John Millard (Lone Tree),
He does his surgeries in a surgery center not a hospital. He uses a pain pump and calf squeezers to reduce discomfort. He uses 1 drain in stomach and 1 drain in breast. No charge to do revisions on dog ears. He will not due breast and tummy at the same time. You have to schedule 6 weeks apart. He recommends no post surgery garments. I really liked his result pictures. He offers Hi-Def Lipo Vaser. He offers 3 IPL treatments to reduce scarring after surgery. You would have to have multiple surgeries for a full mommy makeover.

Abdominoplasty with lipo 8,500
Operating room 2,224
Anesthesia 900
Pain pump 350
Surgical Assistant 438
Equipment rental 625
Mastopexy with implants 15,801
He will give a discount if you do have both surgeries.
20% Deposit to set date

Dr. Slenkovich (Littleton)
He does his surgery in a surgery center. He does not use a MD anesthesia. I did not like his bed side manners or his results. He charges for consults. He offers pain pump and pain meds. He uses drains in tummy not breast. He offers revisions within 1 year. Price range 12,000-18,000 Sorry, not a lot of info on him. I just did not feel the need to get very much info from him.

Dr. Capraro (Rose Medical center)
He does his surgeries in a hospital. I felt his tummy tuck results were to harsh. His personality was very dry and book intellect not very warm toward patient. He uses drains in the tummy not breast.
Abdominoplasty 5,000
Mastopexy-silicone 4,300
Lipo love handles 2,500
Lipo lower back 2,500 FREE
Surgical Assistant 1,650
Rose medical mastopexy 3,927
Rose medical abdominoplasty 879
Anesthesia 2,650
1 night in hospital suite 745
25% deposit to set date

Dr. Vath (Golden, CO)
He does his surgeries in a surgical center. He has lots of great reviews. He will send you a price quote if you send him pictures. For breast he uses a technique called Laser Bra. He uses power assisted lipo. NO pain pump. He offers revisions. He does use a MD anesthesia. His results look great. He does not use ant drains.
Abdominoplasty 5,600
Lipo hips 1,800
Breast augmentation with lift 5,500
Breast implant 1,850
pre operative exam 110
Anesthesia 1,250
Operating room 2,735
500 Deposit to schedule surgery

Dr. Atagi (Lone Tree)
Does her surgeries as Rose or Sky Ridge Hospital. She has a great personality. Her staff is wonderful. She offers meds before surgery and after. No pain pump. You get 2 massages after surgery. She offers revisions. Weekly follow ups first 4 weeks. She uses Vaser lipo. She sets you up and down to look at breast implants. She has an artsy approach to surgery. Her results look good. Drains in the tummy.
Breast Augmentation with silicone 5,400
Abdominoplasty 4,050
Lipo 3,375
Assistant fee 1,500
Facility fees 6,837
Hospital suite 745
Anesthesia 1,932
1,000 deposit to schedule surgery

All the above surgeons are American Board Plastic Surgeons. They all require labs and meds at additional cost. I have chosen Dr. Atagi. She is not the cheapest, not that you want to go cheap when choosing a surgeon. She is not the most expensive either. I really liked her staff and her. I like the fact she does her surgeries at a hospital. If I was having 1 surgery I would be ok with a surgery center. Since I am having so much done it will be around 10 hours of surgery. I feel more comfortable at a hospital. I live an hour away from her office so an over night in the hospital sounded good too. All the doctors I seen require you to come in the day after surgery any way. This will save me the uncomfortable drive.

I hope my reviews can help you. If you need more information let me know. Or if you just want to talk. My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 4.

1st installment, and set back

I sent in my first installment toward my surgery this past weekend. It felt really good to know I am one step closer to my surgery. Well the happiness was short lived. I took on a part time night job to help with the cost a little. Last night at work I fell off a ladder. I bruised my ribs, bruised my right knee and broke some blood vessels. I also severely bruised my left ankle bone, tore ligaments and muscle and sprained it. I am on crutches for two weeks. I feel like this is a set back. I have been trying to get in the best physical shape possible before surgery because I feel like it will improve the results and help with healing. I swear if one more person says, " looks like you have your hands full" as I hobble on crutches with my 3 kids following behind I might hurt them. If you think my hands are full don't make a stupid comment instead offer to help. I guess on the positive note my arms will be stronger. LOL

122 days and counting

Husband says no

I am 72 days from surgery. My husband has now decided he does not want me to have the surgery. He said it was the cost and he doesn't want it to change me. After further talking, he finally said he is worried something will happen to me. I hemorrhaged after the birth of our 3rd child. I coded 4 times and required 4 units of blood. I understand his concern. I have put all the rice sizers away. I am hoping by not talking about it for a while things will calm down. Our friend who had surgery 6 years ago offered to talk with him about his concerns. He has not talked to her yet, but I could tell just having the option made him feel better. I understand his concerns, but it was such a blow to hear him say he did not want me to have the surgery.

Searching for a

I started the search for a nanny / personal assistant / chef / house keeper person. I am planning on hiring someone for the first 2 weeks to help during the week when the kids are home from school.

58 days and counting

Patient Appreciation Day

Dr. Atagi had patient appreciation day today. I took a friend with me to meet Dr. Atagi and her staff. My friend really liked Dr. Atagi and her staff. That made meal feel even better about my choice in doctors.

As my surgery date gets closer I go from excited to nervous a lot more often.
I have also started a new list of questions for the doctor that I did not think of before.

I am at day 44 and counting.

Pre Register

I called the hospital to pre-register today. I feel like the count down has began. I hired a care taker for my children and I for 2 weeks following the surgery. My husband will not be able to help much due to his work.

I am 25 days and counting.

Pre-op visit

I my pre-op appointment today. I had a 2 hour visit at my doctors office. I talked with the patient coordinator made my last payment, RN, physician assistant; who did vitals and measurements, I met with another person who did pictures. I then had lab work done. Wow this is getting real!!

8 days and counting

Can we just do this already

I am 2 days away from my surgery. My head is playing really mean games with me. I just want to get this over with.

Flat side

I had my surgery on Friday the 4th. I have been feeling great for everything that was done. I ended up not getting a lift. Dr. Atagi decided once she had the 350cc and 375cc implant in by breast filled out nicely. She did not feel it was worth the extra scarring. They look great to me. The lipo has been the biggest surprise to me. I have felt burning at every spot when I move. It is finally calming down. I can't say that I have had pain but just very stiff and tight. I did have to go in yesterday to have my dressings changed. I was bleeding through them. Go figure a red head with fair skin would bleed.

9 days post surgery

It has been 9 days since my surgery. I am going stir crazy. I know I am not ready to go out in the world yet but I am going crazy inside.
Friday I went in for my 1 week check up. Everything is healing nicely. I did not get my drains out. I passed out twice after they took my compression garment off. I was hooked up to an IV. It was determined my cells were dehydrated. I have been drinking lots but my insides just did not have enough. So every time my compression garment came off it was a huge wave flushing through my body and my blood pressure dropped. I am doing better, but I have not tried to take my compression garment back off.

Pictures after shower

Here are some pictures after my shower. My back was hurting so I am hunched over my boobs really don't point down. I just couldn't stand upright.


Breast not pointing down


Breast not pointing down

Drains removed

I had my drains removed at my 2 week appointment. OMG no one ever talks about that part. I did not know rather to vomit or scream. I am doing great since then. I started using silicone sheeting for scar treatment.

Week 3

I started doing more this week as my help left. I am swelling everyday now.

4 weeks

I am at 4 weeks post op now. I got to take my compression garment off. I am swelling more now, but not to bad. My doctor did not do the lift like originally planned. She did not think it was worth the extra scar. I feel like my breast are droopy. What do you all think?

Week 6

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Today was my first day to exercise. Wow I am very surprised at what I can and can not do.

3 months

I had my 3 month post op yesterday. My collar bone to nipple measurements where exactly the same as before the surgery. I really wish the doctor would have done the lift like we had planned. I love my tummy tuck though. I have to wait a full year before Dr. Atagi will do the lift. I am very flustered about it. I mean I like my new body, but I am just flustered its not 100% like I wanted. Plus, it means another surgery and recovery time. Thank goodness for Kerri at Dr. Atagi's office she always makes me feel better.
I am attaching a picture of me trying on swimsuits. See how my breast are huge but they are droopy. I only wanted to be a C instead I am a DD-DDD. I wanted to be smaller than I was before the surgery a D instead I am bigger.
I am trying to decide now what to do in 9 months. Lift only, lift + smaller implants, Lift take out implants. My current implants are Right 375 Left 350.

4 months post po

We went on vacation just my husband and I. It was so wonderful wearing a two piece swim suit and feeling no shame in my body.
I will be having a breast revision in October. I will be going with smaller implants not sure what size yet and a lift.

4 months post op

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Atagi and her staff are wonderful. They make you feel very comfortable. I am looking forward to my surgery with her.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Does Atagi charge for consult?
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You look great! Great info on the consults with the docs. Thanks. I am looking at consulting with Dr Vath, is there any more info you would share on him? Thanks again for sharing your story. You really look amazing in that bikini!
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I think your breasts look very natural. Your nipples seem well placed and are not pointing downward. As for the lift, it just depends on what look you are after. As we age, our elasticity in our skin breaks down. It is possible you may decide that you want/need one in a few years. You look fabulous! May you continue to have an easy recovery!
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Looking great!  I think your breasts look nice.  Very natural with the extra weight.  I wish I didn't have the lift scar, but I needed it so it is what it is.  Hope the rest of your recovery is smooth!
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You and this bleeding! ;-). So happy to hear that you are recovering well! You look awesome so far!
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Let us know how it's going. Hopefully you're feeling better than you thought. Happy healing.
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Hi there! I'm going on 10/28 to dr Vath. I'm so excited/and scared. What made you choose dr atagi over all of your consults?
  • Reply
Never mind apparently I skipped over your reasoning haha
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Lol. I started my MMO back in 2005 with a breast augmentation and just had my tummy done this past April. And now I'm having my breast redone after the first of the year.
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My stomach looks a lot like yours before my mini TT. And our measurements are almost identical. I wish you luck :)
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Hi there! I read your review. I hemorrhaged after my second...was really interventional radiology along with infusion. my hubby is scared too. My OBGYN has cleared me. Said it was a freak thing to happen. Her c scar healed well so she gave me the go ahead. I hope everything works well for u. You seem to in great shape already! Did u get everything for prep...recliner walker etx?
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Thank you so much for your reviews of the doctors. I haven't made an consultations yet but I have been researching doctors in the Denver area. I had initially decided to have a consult with Dr. Slenkovich but now don't think I will. For one your review isn't the first I've read that said he didn't have a good bedside manner. I hope your husband comes around for you. My husband is all for it because he knows how much I don't like my body. But I've been through 4 births and multiple surgeries with no major issues so he doesn't have that worry like your husband has. I hope all works out for you. Keep me posted.
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:-(. He has every right to be concerned. When you have several births, there can be a greater risk of post partum hemorrhage. Maybe your uterus just would not clamp down, and that was the reason for your bleeding. Unfortunately, that is a risk, especially with ladies who have had several births. You don't have any other risk factors, do you? Overall, are you healthy? Maybe your husband will change his mind. Your previous delivery has scared him terribly. Maybe do one procedure at a time for piece of mind. Maybe tummy, then next time breast? I hope that everything works out. Best wishes.
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They think the reason I hemorraged so bad was because I was pregnant with twins. I lost one at 12 weeks. They think my body was very confused. I am overall healthy. I would rather do 1 surgery. 1 time under anesthia. I have a family history of MH. So 1 time under anesthia is better than multiple times.
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I am sorry for your loss.You are right about going under once. I too am a bit anxious. This is the biggest elective procedure that we could plan to have.Keep saving your money. I hope things work n out. If not this year, then maybe next. Keep us updated.
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just take deep breaths.....I have had to dip into my savings (to the amount of 1600) to help with family emergencies BUT you still have 122 days so keep your head up!!! (((hugs)))
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Congrats on weight loss! That is so tough!! I look forward to following your journey. I will not be taking the plunge until January 2014. I WILL lose 20-30 pounds before then. Yay someone to help the time go with me...
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Congrats on your weight loss!! We will be having surgery around the same time. Best wishes!
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Congrats on losing that weight! Nice work!

Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right implant size for you.

Good luck and please keep us posted as you get closer to your big day. Do you have lots of help lined up for your recovery?

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It took me 2 years 2 months to lose the weight. It may have taken a while but studies suggest by taking time it is more likely to stay off. I have maintained for 8 months now. My biggest problem in choosing implant size is the amount of tissue I currently have. How much of that will be coming off and how much will stay. So I don't feel like the rice test is very accurate for me. As I have a lot of skin that will be going away. I wear a 34D bra but I know it is only because of the amount of loose skin. However, I am confident that by talking to my doctor and showing her LOTS of pictures of me and other woman we will get a good fit for me. As far as recovery I will hire someone for 2 weeks. I have had family offer to help, but I am a little controlling and I know it will be best to hire someone as to not hurt anyone's feelings.
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