More Expensive, Less Effective (Lower Abdomen, Inner & Outer Thighs, and Lower Back)

I had VASER liposuction on my lower abdomen, inner...

I had VASER liposuction on my lower abdomen, inner & outer thighs, and lower back 7 months ago (4/09). I was, and am, 37 yrs old, 5'4" and 130 lbs, and wanted to improve my contours and be able to wear the clothes I wore 2 years ago when thinner. I work out regularly and eat a healthy vegetarian diet.

I had traditional lipo. on my outer thighs 9 years ago with good, but very subtle, results. VASER has been very disapointing and very expensive.

I have always had very quick recovery & minimal scarring from other procedures (breast augmentation, hysterectomy); and was not prepared for the amount of pain & swelling I experienced after VASER. It took over a week to be able to sit all the way on the toilet without significant pain. I had edema for months...and kept expecting it to improve. At this point I realize that there is no true edema left, just disappointing results.

The only area which is noticeably thinner are my mid inner thighs (which looks a little strange since my lower inner thighs near my knees are larger than the mid inner thigh). I had seromas (fluid collection) where my lower back "love handles" were done which had to be drained three times before resolving; and still have two obvious lumpy contours on my lower back (either side of my spine).

My lower abdomen was done; but I cannot see any improvement in size or change in contours...definitely nothing like the very chiseled contoured look in the ads & videos. However, I am left with a visible lump at the edge of the area done on my right upper abdomen.

I also have a protuberant horizontal lump along my left hip/outer thigh. Neither outer thigh has any improvement in contour or appearance...they may be a bit smaller; but I cannot tell. I am left with a small "bannana roll" beneath my right buttock which I feel whenever I walk.

Definitely no noticeable skin tightening in any area done.

I paid extra to stay in the area of the physician's office and to have the expensive "post-lipo" massages done at the attached spa. I wore compression garments for months as recommended. My scars are still red and prominent (my past scars were white and flat by now).

Overall, this is not a horror story, but I really doubt all the VASER hype now, and feel my money was wasted.

My physician has offered to do a re-examination for free; and then schedule a touch-up if recommended. However, this will cost me additional time from work and significant travel expenses; so I am seeking a second opinion closer to home.

I would seriously consider your options if thinking of this procedure; and recommend that you choose a place to which you can easily travel for postoperative care if needed. I chose the physician with the most advertised experience and national coverage, the known expert; but this has not worked out as well for me as the less expensive traditional procedures I had done by a local plastic surgeon years ago when I had less money!

Name not provided

This physician is personable and intelligent; but very busy and has built a lipo. "factory"; which gives you almost no face time with the physician. If you are one of the patients thinking of travelling for the procedure; carefully consider whether or not you can afford the time and money to return for examinations and/or further procedures if you are not happy with your results.

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Hi i'm sorry your not happy with the results,
Why not posting the name of the dr

I'm looking for a dr to have the vaser done and i found a doctor in Lone Tree, Co
His Name is Dr Millard , Is this the same Dr ?

Thank You
~ T
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Yes, this procedure is very painful. Your lower back pain is most likely the result of positioning for a five hour surgery; do as much gentle stretching as your pain allows and use NSAIDS (like naproxen or ibuprofen) unless you have a condition (like history of gastritis or bleeding problems) which prevent you from using them. This will get better and the pain will resolve over time; but, as I stated before, I am very underwhelmed with the results compared to the time, cost, and postop pain. Good luck with everything Bootfull!
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hi, i had vaser on my back, upper and lower stomach and love handles. I had 4 litres removed, it took 5 hours, i had mid def. I am in agony with my lower back its killing me, did u have this problem? x
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Totally agree..what a waste of money...9 months down the line absolutely no change. Trad lipo is much better as also had the same about 15 years ago.
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