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Facial Swelling and Tingling Continuing for 10 Months After ILP. Anyone Else? Any Treatments to Help Heal? - Londonderry, NH

I have read a lot of personal stories about the...

I have read a lot of personal stories about the damage IPL has cause many people. My heart goes out to all everyone of them. The physical and psychological damage is devastating.

The damage I notice on my face seems different from all that I have read. I am wondering of there is anyone out there who has had a similar experience to mine? About a month after my IPL treatment my face began to swell all over and I developed a constant tingling in my face. Anytime I eat my face swells more. My thinking is because of salt in my food. My face cannot seem to handle any addition fluid that is attracted by the salt (I do not add salt to my food anymore). This has been going on now for 10 months. In particular I have a strong tingling around my mouth and nose. In addition to this general facial swelling, I have "patches" of swelling around my mouth (where most of the IPL was done) Its' like my body is responding to trauma inflicted (I'm hoping in an attempt to heal itself). One area is the size of a nickle located below the right side of my mouth. Another swelled are is located on the opposite side and is the size of a dime. I am also swollen above my top lip as well. I've also developed a pulsation about the size of a pea on the left side of my check about a half inch away from the corner of my mouth. I know this is where an artery is but it was never visible until I got the IPL treatment. It pulses along with my heart beat. I've also developed a fold where the pulsation is and see a general heaviness to my skin that I did not have before the IPL treatment.
Does anyone share this kind of damage as well? Does anyone know of any treatments that may work for this damage? I would be so grateful for some information.

Hope!! Potential treatment from IPL/PhotoFacial damage

Through much research and reading personal testimonials, it seems HBOT therapy is a viable option for healing from the damage inflicted from IPL treatments. HBOT treatment is expensive and it seems that at least 12-24 treatments have been recommended to promote recovery (even more). Most of us can't afford that out of pocket. Please bear with me while I explain what I've learned.

IPL causes thermal burns. It destroys our cells and surrounding cells from the fallout of the treatment. Something called apoptosis happens to our cells...basically cell suicide. Below I have shared legitimate clinical studies published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that support this and support what all of us know and have been saying about the damage to our faces caused by IPL.

When I learned that I am suffering from the effects of a thermal burn I thought ..."Burn doctor! Get an appointment with a burn doctor!" I called a burn center and told them what had happened to me and asked if they could help me. I was told they would like to see me and I booked the appointment. I'll be going in about two weeks. I am hopeful.

Burn centers use HBOT therapy to help heal wounds of burn victims. Insurance will cover HBOT treatment only under certain conditions. However, one of those conditions is THERMAL BURNS. I am going to my appointment with the studies in hand hoping to get some treatment. I'm hoping there may be other treatments options as well.

I've done much research on HBOT treatment. It's truly amazing. If you are interested, I encourage you to do some research on it. There is also something called mild hyperbaric chamber treatment. It works the same as HBOT...it is HBOT therapy but at a lower pressure. It heals in the same way just takes a little longer. Mild HBOTs are available for residential use. I am working on buying my own to have at home.

So here are the studies I mentioned earlier.

I hope this was helpful. I'll update after my appointment. Don't lose hope! Andie
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I am sorry you are having these issues.  Have you gone in and seen a doctor about these issues?  

Here is a link to another user who experienced the same issues.  Click Here 
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