Vaser Lipo on Inner, Outer Thighs, Knees and Saddle Bags - London, United Kingdom

I had vaser lipo on my inner, outer thighs, knees...

I had vaser lipo on my inner, outer thighs, knees and saddle bags 6 weeks ago at the wimpole aesthetics clinic in London by dr josh. 6 weeks down the line there is a change in my shape, but was it worth the discomfort and money... I'm still unsure.

The procedure wasn't as pain free as I was told, however you do soon forget this part. It was bareable but at times very painful. When pain got too much i would just say and more anesthetic was placed in the area. I was able to be up and walk about straight away. The staff were amazing, very kind and caring through out the entire procedure. Couldn't have got through it without them.

I had 3 and a half litres of fat removed which took 3-4 hours with all hands on went fairly quickly. Once procedure was complete, I was able to shower, all insitions were cleaned and dressed, followed by squeezing into my garment. I have to say this was the part I was wasn't so bad. I was sent home the same day with antibiotics, painkillers, dressing and had follow up appointments on day 1,3&5. When I went in to be checked, I was abe to shower and dr josh would check everything over, change any dressings and make sure things were on track.

Straight after procedure I was very swollen, bruised and felt very tender. Parts of my legs felt very hard, but this is expected to happen. Anything from bending, walking up/ down stairs, going to toilet, putting garment on/off for showering, getting in and out of bed was saw. I was told I should expect this due to the amount of work I had done. As there was a lot of swelling and fluid to come out, for about 5 days I had a yellowish/bloody liquid which oozed out of the insitions, sounds to stay indoors in your own home for these few days. I had a few lymph drainage massages to help stop this, not sure how much it helped.

Depending on how active your job is a good week to two is best to be off work. I went back after 5 days but I would say That was to soon as i was in pain up until the 2nd week.

The reason I wanted this surgery was because I was very bottom heavy and found the weight here very stubborn to get rid of. I found clothes hard to find as I was so out of proportion. On week 6 I haven't got skinny legs, my knees and inner thigh are still a bit bolgy, but the shape on my outer thigh is much better. I never told anyone apart from my imidiate family about this as I wanted to see people's reactions. Not really anyone has noticed a difference, this is a little disappointing. I am wearing jeans and leggings and not feeling like I have to cover up the tops of my legs as much, but I do think deep down I would have liked to have seen a more drastic result.

The reason why I choose dr josh was because I fully trusted him and he related to me and explained everything in a way I could understand. It's really important to him to get the best result, from what I understand sometimes less is more. Taking too much fat away can result in bumpy uneven areas. This is something I don't have and am relieved about.

I feel like I was at my smallest straight after I took the garment off, which was at week 4. 2 weeks later I feel my legs aren't as small but maybe it's just cause I'm getting used to them. Annoyingly I don't have any before and after meausrents but I do have pictures pre op and at 4 weeks. I'd be happy to answer any questions and I'd highly recommend dr josh. Carole and jackie who work along side him were fab throughout the entire time. I am going on holiday in a weeks time and will go back to see them when I return, so I may have more pictures then to share. Oh and the scars that are left are tiny. Hope this is of some help....thanks for reading. Lauren


Hey Lauren, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, your review is very detailed, which is excellent. Hopefully with time you'll see more results coming through, I have read that it can take 3-6 months for the full results to show.

Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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Hi everyone, I'm now on month 4 and legs seem to have settled more. They seem firmer, with a better shape. I seem to have lost lots of cellulite from the front of my leg, which is great. The outline of my legs look a million times better, although I'm a little disappointed with the result of my knees and the part a little higher up. I'm keeping everything crossed that this will still get better. My right leg is a little bit smaller with more definition ( know one else would notice this, but I've noticed more as times gone on) If it wasn't for the recovery time, I'd probably as dr josh (wimpole street) to go in again and remove some more. People have been asking if I've lost weight, not necessary on my bottom half... I feel more comfortable in more fitted clothes, so maybe this is why. I have some great before and after pictures, but having difficulties uploading them as I require a pc.... Will try get them up for you all soon. Bye for now!
Dr. Josh

I do have pictures but not sure how to upload...

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