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I went to a highly rated semi-permanent makeup...

I went to a highly rated semi-permanent makeup specialist. I was very unhappy with the results. The shape was unflattering and uneven and the ink faded and looked pink/grey within a few weeks. I am currently having them removed, which is expensive and painful. I would recommend people think very long and hard about this. They will never fade completely and need to be retouched every year to two years.


Can anyone else give me there experience on removing semi permanent makeup (eyebrows) with rejuvi ..thank you
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Londo8614.....did u have rejuvi to remove? are u finding it
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Yes, many people are very happy with their semi-
permanent make-up. In-depth consultation are a must. I would advise people to go home and really analyse the shape and colour before going ahead. Mine did not flatter my features. I put too much trust in the hands of my technician. Experience and a great portfolio are no guarantee. I would caution anyone who has little in the way of eyebrow hair, as the application will be much more obvious. I would also caution anyone who isn't used to wearing make-up or anyone who has perfectionist tendencies. Fading colours are a separate issue. Ask about the inks being used. They all fade but I did not expect eyebrows that looked pink!
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Hi Everyone. I have completed my removal. It...

Hi Everyone.

I have completed my removal. It finished in Dec 2012. It took me one year of time, pain and expense. My skin now needs at least six months to heal. My skin is pink but fading. I am happy with the results. My brows look miles better then they did with the spmu, but I cannot say if my skin will heal in full, leaving no trace. What I had was a milder version of rejuvi, but the process was the same.

1. The skin is broken with the same machine used to apply spmu.

2. A cream is applied that pulls the ink to the surface.

3. The ink is wiped away.

This process is repeated 2-3 times. Your skin will be red like an shallow wound. It will scab and remain so for 1-3 weeks. It all it depends how deep the removal was. Initial treatments will be deeper. As the skin is healing is must not get wet. You must not interfere with the scab.

Before deciding on this method I had a consultation for laser removal. Anyone thinking about laser needs to know what ink their spmu technician used. Mine was Iron Oxide which is commonly used. Iron Oxide does not respond well to laser. It can turn black or another random colour, and again will need multiple treatments. The Dr at my consultation advised me against it. To anyone thinking of having spmu, my advice is 'DO NOT DO IT'. It does not look natural in my opinion.

Since commenting on this forum I have had many public and private messages from people in distress. Anyone thinking of removal needs to know they run the risk of permanent scarring, be it laser or rejuvi. Do your research. Not all removal technicians have the experience required to remove spmu safely.

Again as a warning, I went to a highly publicised spmu technician.


Hi can you advise where you got the laser done I have had my eyebrows done recently and they are green and I hate the shape, such a huge regret. I would do and pay any amount to get back to my natural brow. Please please help me.
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Hello, i also had a bad experience 5 years ago when i did my eyebrow spmu. Now i would like to remove it. I have been seen by a lady, who made me a test patch on a small part on the tail of my spmu eyebrow and it turned to brown (it was pink redish previously)..... She saidthat with a second laser session it will remove the brown.... I am lost and would like to see a real specialist, a Dr. Please could you give me your Dr details because it is hard to find in the UK. Regards, Anais
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I would like to know where you got these done originally before I make the same mistake. Please can you share?
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