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Hi, I have had pips in now since November 2002...

Hi, I have had pips in now since November 2002 after breast feeding two children and wanting to get the fullness back in my breasts, as to me they looked like 34B empty sacks. Went to a 34D at first but as time has gone by and put on a bit of weight and ot older i am now a 36E and they feel very heavy. Started having pain in them a few months before pip scandal broke but ultasound and mri tests came back all clear.

Went back to original surgeon and explained about problems with pain I had and that pip scandal had made me feel worse. He said he was happy to help and that I would suit a replacement as they would look empty and droopy if I didn't have them replaced! Felt he was too quick to push me in for a replacement at £3800 cost without considering my feelings.

Went home and soul searched and talked it over with my husband who never wanted me to have them done in the first place but will always support me whatever I choose and decided i didnt want the hassle of having to go through a replacement in another 10-15 years time as not getting any younger so decided to just get them removed and be done with it, the relief I felt after that decision was brilliant and pressure of not having to find the money for replacements gone and thinking uncomfortableness will all be over very soon.

Am due to get my explant in two days time and now starting to get really nervous about the operation, worrying about being put to sleep and pain after etc is that normal?

Well its the night before my op and I'm so...

Well its the night before my op and I'm so anxious! I'm having to get up at something 4am to be at hospital for 7am, as I'm first down at 8am. In some ways wish I wasn't having op cos of how its making me feel but know its gotta to be sometime so best to get it over with. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing! Wished I chickened out of the op when I was having the dreaded pip's put in!

Well its the day after my surgery and all went...

Well its the day after my surgery and all went well. Was pleased that surgeon supported my decision and said that you should do what ultimately makes you happy and comfortable. I'm getting quite a bit of pain from my breasts today, which I'm quite surprised about as wasn't expecting quite so much but it is bearable with paracetemol. Finding it hard to sleep on my back though last night so feeling quite tired today. Really pleased that implants are out though. Just concentrating on getting better now;-) will pst some piccies of before and after shortly.

It's my second day after my op and I'm still...

It's my second day after my op and I'm still feeling a little groggy although I'm not getting much pain from my breasts (taking paracetemol every 6 hours). Been out for a short walk but getting tired quick so still taking it easy.
I think the worse thing after the op has been having to sleep on my back, can't get comfy at all and end up with a stiff neck/headache. Have been waking up every few hours in the night with backache so feeling a little fuzzy in the morning.
Still no regrets though;-) and loving the feeling of smaller breasts again.
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Alex Karidis did the original BA and I chose to go with him originally as he was the expert always on tv shows like This Morning etc and news programmes as the top plastic surgeon expert.

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How long have you wanted them out? The idea of perfect breasts is a fantasy. Letting go of the idea, greiving the idea was har fo rme. There is no such thing as perfect. Having the implants looked better from a distance but up close they do not feel the same as real breasts. The freedom to embrace some one without them being in the way is freeing. Simple living, zen, streamlined. Less is more. Now I am inspired to get rid of the rest of the clutter in my life. I am wondering what inspired some of the other people to let go of their implants? What else in your life would you like to let go of? Reading the 100 thing challenge by Dave Bruno pretty inspiring. I just got rid of 2 extra things I didn't need.
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well done on your op, now you really are free again! Hope the groggy feelings wear off soon, i think it can take a while sometimes for anesthetic to go properly but i'm sure it will be leaving your system faster each day. will they let you have something to help you sleep just while you are in the early stages of healing?
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Congrats! I am glad you received support from your husband. Hope you are feeling better soon. Just think how great you"ll feel if you decide to jog once you have healed.
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Hi just wondered how you feeling hope the pain has subsided for you would love to see your pics I too have pips and have had them in for 11 years still waiting for biopsy results a it scary well done to you and hope you are happy with the results x
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Hello, it's all going to be fine! I was so upset and scared before I cried so know where you're coming from. Just remember this is the last time you will need this surgery and that you are in excellent hands. Good luck and keep us posted xx
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Good luck, you will feel great having these PIP implants out! Will be thinking of u xxxx
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Hiya, My story is very similar to yours and had my implants removed yesterday. My only regret was not to do it sooner.
My surgeon also tried to convince me to replace the implants but I didn't want to put my body thru the anaesthetic every 10 years. U will feel great and will love how soft and warm they are , feel tree to read my story and photos xxx good luck xx
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hi there!

your feelings are so normal; you only have to read every womans story on here to realise.

i hope your op goes/went well. as your review is new and was very close to surgery time, the ladies on here havent been able to support you so far, but just keep logging in and asking questions if you need anyone to 'talk' to - as all of us have experienced or are experiencing what you are going through! and its so fabulous to be the other side of it!! i too was a pip lady - have a read of my story someday.

your new journey starts here!! lots of luck xx
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Your fears are SO normal. You will do great! I'm glad you've come to peace with your decision. Please let us know how you're feeling!

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