Wrist Tattoo Removal - London, GB

I'm currently starting to remove a medium-sized...

I'm currently starting to remove a medium-sized teenage mistake on my wrist!

I've purchased 5 sessions of laser removal at Pulse Light Clinic (City Tattoo Removal) in London. (Although I was told I would need 8 - 10 sessions)
The laser used to remove the black areas of my tattoo is Q-Switched NDYAG-1064 and Ruby-694 I believe to remove the purple/pink area. The clinic also uses optibeam and a homogenizer for equal energy distribution to reduce side effects.

20th August 2013
I've gone in for a patch test and was surprised to find it really wasn't as painful as I expected it to be! It definitely hurts but isn't anything unbearable. (I would say stubbing your toe hurts considerably more!) The patch test was using two different lasers, one for the black ink on the lettering where my name is and another for the purple area of my tattoo.

There was significant fading/whitening of the tattoo straight after the patch test. The colour returned after around 10 minutes to the black area of my tattoo but still hasn't completely returned to the purple area, which is supposedly the more difficult colour to remove! (The fading from the patch test is still evident as I'm writing this a week later?)

I am returning to Pulse Light Clinic tomorrow on the 28th of August for my first actual session. Will update afterwards!

First Session

I had my first session of laser removal on the 28th, it was slightly more painful than the patch test I'm guessing because they turned the laser up a notch but again nothing unbearable! The clinic recommends using a numbing cream on the area beforehand which I may recommend doing if you have a low pain threshold or sensitive skin :)

I didn't manage to get a picture straight after the treatment unfortunately as I got stuck into conversation with the nurse and then had a bandage put over the area but the initial effect was exactly like the patch test only all over the tattoo this time. (whitening/'frost')

I was recommended to keep the bandage on for 48 hours (which I did) and took it off this evening to be pleasantly surprised!!
I was expecting blisters, scabs or at least some redness after the reviews I've read online but didn't seem to have any of them.
There is a fair bit of fading of the tattoo, especially in the purple areas where the Ruby laser was used (which is odd as I was told it would be the hardest colour to remove!) and I was told there would be more fading over the next 6 weeks as the broken up ink is carried away by the bloodstream.

Overall really pleased with the outcome from my first session, will update in 6/7 weeks (around beginning of October) with pictures before and after my second session :)

Session 2

Over with session 2!
Pretty much the same as session 1, no scabbing or blistering.
Most of the fading is in the purple area of the tattoo.

Session 3,4 and 5

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit lacking in updates I've been very busy over last couple of months but I'm now up to laser session 5 and I've still kept up with the pictures!

So far, they've been increasing the laser to a higher setting each visit, the 5th definitely being the strongest (as you can tell by my skin's reaction!).
I haven't experienced any blistering so far, just redness and slight swelling of the area.

I'm travelling over the summer so won't be having anymore sessions until around September, but will update when I do!!

Hope this has been helpful.
Pulse Light Clinic

Purchased 5 sessions for £240.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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This spurs me on so much and makes me very hopeful that my tattoo removal journey will be as successful as yours!! Looking great. :)
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I am glad you took the time to update up, your making some great progress! The pink is gone and the lines are getting more faded. Have a wonderful summer and update us in the fall!
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Hey there :) Just checking in to see how you are progressing through your removal, any updates for us?

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One of the tattoos I'm removing is green and I'm just using the typical q switch yag 1064 and its funny because all the tattoos I'm removing are black except for my feather, and my feather is the most faded and is suppose to be the hardest haha
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That's what I found with the purple area of my tattoo too!! :)
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Thanks for your review, and best of luck on your removal!
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Thanks you!!
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They call that whitening "frost" and it shows that your tattoo is responding well to the laser treatment. The less frost the less effective from what they have told me. Good luck on your treatment!!
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Thankyou :) I'm just having a look at your review too, your fading looks great after 7 treatments, especially with such a detailed tattoo! Good luck!!
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I am also eventually going to be treated with a ruby laser for some dark blue ink, I heard the ruby laser hurts considerably more than the yag...what did you think?
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It hurts a little more, but not considerably and definitely isn't unbearable! It actually feels kind of similar on the pain-scale to epilating or waxing. I'd even say epilating/waxing sometimes hurts more!
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When they switch to the ruby laser for the green portion of my tattoo, it hurts considerably less in my opinion. The pulses aren't as fast and compact as the yag they use on the black. But the ruby laser usually produces some large blisters! :)
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Frost apears anyways.. For example, if the ink is at first layers, frost will apear on toskin, if deeper layrs, you dont see frost anymore, but that does no mea that it doe not work. Other thingis tahat, if there is less ink, no frost will appear. This is my opinion. I wait what doc says
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That is great that the patch test wasn't as uncomfortable as you expected. Hoping everything goes great with your first session tomorrow, and will be looking forward to hearing!!

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Thanks so much, just had my first session and everything went fine! Will post an update with pictures tomorrow once I can take the bandage off :)
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