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I had my TT & MR on Friday 15th April. My PS...

I had my TT & MR on Friday 15th April. My PS said there was no need for lipo, so have avoided the brusing and pain from that. The experience so far has been brilliant. This site prepared me for every eventuality and I felt like I had eaten everything I could that would help and have all the aftercare on hand necessary.

The only thing I forgot to take for my PS was my photo's of what I thought was 'the perfect scar' and which ones I didn't want - but luckily my co-ordinator at the clinic was happy for me to sign into my hotmail and print them out. I haven't seen my scar yet but can see the little dots of blood through the gauze and it looks as good as it gets. My PS also let me put my bikini bottoms on once he had drawn the lines - so that he could revise if necessary. Can't wait till Monday when the nurse redresses my wound and I can SEE!

Feeling a bit tight across the top of the abdomen, believe it is gas. I have been burping but no action down the other end!

I was drinking & weeing constantly in hospital - which makes it really easy now. I actually don't feel as scared of BM, as I am able to use my stomach muscles to empty my bladder and they are fine. Keep thinking maybe he forgot to tighten them!

Ate rather a lot in hospital, (treated it a bit like a hotel). Had evening dinner at 2.30 am (well starter of soup, and pudding of jelly), eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & toast for breakfast, 3 course lunch and minetrone soup for dinner.

In the morning when my PS came to check on me, he requested that I stay in till 6.30pm 1 day post op. This was so I could have another anti-blood clot injection and wait 3 hours afterwards and so that I was confidently moving about and rested before I left. My drain was removed the morning after surgery. I came home in a long dress with a little bit of make up on, and my husband and son couldn't believe I had just had major surgery!

My binder is too long (4 panel) - I know that the nurse suggested spanx pants or cycle shorts as an alternative, I have spanx that goes up to under my bra - however most people suggest you keep using the binder. Should I buy a 3 panel one or is anyone else happy with just the spanx in the day and maybe the long binder at night? A bit concerned about the effort to get it on and off - this velcro is much easier (although not sure I could do it myself yet).

Peppermint Tea is helping with the gas, cherry soothers with the cough - and this site with concerns and support from my 'sisters'.

Will post before pics and one day post op when DH wakes up and brings me the lead.

Day 4 and feeling happy that recovery is just how...

Day 4 and feeling happy that recovery is just how I wanted it to be... went for a 400 metre walk this morning with hubby to our local Tesco. Lovely as I could just point at what I wanted he put things in the basket and then carried the 3 bags of shopping home. Lovely sunny day, and although about quarter of my usual speed (if that fast) feel really good that it was easy and I could have gone further. May go for another walk this evening and then will try out the park from tomorrow.

Taking 2x Tramadol Hydrochloride capsules for pain twice a day. Not interfering with BMs as I don't think anything stops prune juice! Also taking my penicillin regularly and vitamin C and arnica.

Bit of back ache today, may put the heat pad on before my next walk - and tummy quite tight across the front. Left binder off for 20 minutes after my wash and rubbed some bio oil in the gaps around the bandages. Binder feels fine now and no itch. Gave my hair a spray with dry shampoo and I'm good to go.

Day 8 - feeling great! Swelling is quite...

Day 8 - feeling great!
Swelling is quite minimal, movement really easy and back ache gone. Walking each day, today did a mile out, ate dinner and a mile back - much faster than last time I went out with my hubby on Day 3 :)
Will do a longer update when I have seen under the dressings on day 11.... oh forgot to mention, sneezed today and survived!

Day 15 - Just posted new photo's - can't...

Day 15 - Just posted new photo's - can't believe how skinny I look on my side view! Swelling going down more and more each day, tummy tingling and feels like sensation is improving each day. (didn't really understand what everyone meant about the numb bit till I got my own- arrived instantly with the dressing removal on Day 11)

To celebrate day 14, my friend and I who had surgery on the same day, did a 5 mile walk as the beginning of our new 'permitted' exercise regime. I then went on and did another couple of miles in the evening & 4 miles today. It feels great to have an exercise that I can do, very excited to look so good in my gym gear and seems to have a positive effect on my tummy sensation and will help keep my muscle tone. I have lost 3lbs since the surgery (and I had lost 5lbs just before surgery - so expected this to go straight back on..) Quite funny because the op would probably have removed about a pound or two of skin max - but I will end up looking different when I go back to work anyway because of additional weight loss, so much for keeping it a secret...

Had a little dip on day 11, when dressings were removed. Got myself all worked up, nervous, tense and scared of what I was going to find. Got over the wobbles by sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, and taking bikini photos. Other than that, things have been great :)

Day 19 - quick update. Out cycling for the second...

Day 19 - quick update. Out cycling for the second day today - 5 miles. PS agreed yesterday that I could after regular walks of 5-7 miles a day for the past 5 days. He advised not to go to gym yet, to avoid exposure to super bugs that could cause infection in my freshly healed scars.

BB looked a bit dodgy, but was just a stitch that my PS removed yesterday, and already healing better.

No bloating at all, swelling mostly gone except around top of abdomen and the scar. Tummy tingling and sensation beginning to return. Lost about 7lbs since the op - without dieting.... must be eating less without noticing?

Next appointment with PS at 6 week point. Back to work next week, started back driving 6 days ago & washed my car yesterday. PS said I can do everything now - just go gently to start with.

Well done to all the ladies that have kept up...

Well done to all the ladies that have kept up their reviews, especially as we approach the anniversary of this life changing event. I am feeling great, looking great and can't believe I have left it so long to update my reviews. I will try and get pictures on in the next few weeks as I know how important it is for everyone else about to make the step forward. I have started a course of strawberry laser lipo to reduce the little bump above my ultra flat stomach! Still in search of perfection - wouldn't have worried me if the rest didn't look so great. PM me if you want further details of how that is going - but will post pictures soon anyhow.
Mr Davood Fallahder

My PS gave me such confidence in him and was so relaxing. My friend that came with me for my consultation, ended up with her boobs in his hands by the end of my consultation - and had her BA done at the same time as my TT. My aftercare will be at a local clinic, just 15 minutes from home. A professional driver took me to and from the private hospital which was an hour away from home. My PS is a micro surgeon, so the scar should be very fine & discreet.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just checked out your pics - you look fantastic too!!  Your scar looks so light & thin!
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U look amazing!!!!! Congrats and happy healing!!!!
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looking good BD, your scar looking great too.
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U look GREAT!!!!!!
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You look great! Congratulations. How is your sensation? Do you still have numb areas on your tummy after 1 year?
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Hi - thanks iw. Yes still a little numb below bb and above pubic area. Can feel touch, but when you get an itch you are not quite sure where it is! I hope it comes back but it's not really a problem.
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You look wonderful in a bikini!! I love the new tummy :)
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Thank you.. dream come true. My BB is doing what it's meant to now as well, I will post pics at the weekend. Haven't had a decent one for years and years!
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hey you are doing so marvelous..you inspire me, i walked for a good hour yesterday which was day ten, but i also made sure i was walking round the house loads too....and you are soooo right, keeping mobile really does help in your recovery...hahaha putting yr pic on yr facebook profile lol...why not? have you told any of your friends? i can just picture the scene with you shopping in your bikini...lol..but i know how you feel you just want to show off to everyone...i am going to spain on the 8th june to visit my daughter and i cant wait to put my bikini on on the beach!! who says life starts at forty...mine is starting at 50 ! my birthday is the 14th june and i will be pretty healed by then so i will be in the fab 50 club and proud of it! right now off for a walk..and to daydream about the new me!
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That is brilliant littleol' - glad to be of assistance. Take note of what everyone says though - got to admin I am knackered tonight.. Went up town to get my hair done today, so walked around town and 2 miles there and back to the station. Then came home got my bike and did another 5 miles. Now one of my internal stitches is aching... I did speak to PS yesterday about it, and he said it is just dissolving and pulling a little, I am to massage for 10 minutes each day until it dissolves. Right now not moving from my chair or rubbing anything. will have a day off of exercise tomorrow, as I will have a full day at work - which may just kill me after all this time :)
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oh good luck with yr first day at work. i hope it dissolves quickly for you. i relaxed most of the day in the sun, after pottering about the house and doing some very light cleaning..since i have had the tummy tuck i am up very early in the mornings sometimes 5 or 5.30, not thru pain or anything, i really dont know why..then i have had breakfast by 7 and tidying up by 9 crazy! lol, got a bit of a pain tonight again under my rib ( a lipo site i think) only hurts if i burp? having dressing changed tomorrow with new sticky stitches put on, but this is being done at my local doctors as my ps is not near enough to me till 20th may. take it easy for a day or two, then u can get back on track .i am really tired now, just been to tescos and walked round there for over an hour browsing, i dont normaly go at night but tv was rubbish lol
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Hey ladies, all the walking has paid off. Saw my PS yesterday (Day 18) - he is really happy with my recovery and has allowed me to go cycling straight away and back in the gym next week. Woo Hoo! (I went out last night and did 4 miles in 30 mins. will do an hour today, had to get back to get the dinner out of the oven yesterday... back to normal duties!)

My muscles won't disappear - the body I thought had gone forever will be back before I'm 50 :)

Doesn't matter how slow you start, or how much your back aches when you have finished. It will get easier each time you do it - good luck with your recovery x
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Wow amazing. I hope I am walking around like u too. I'm day 3 postop and taking a shower exhausts me. Great work
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oh you are allowed to shower at day 3..my dr said i must not :( i am now day 11 and still not allowed but i have washed my hair once and used dry shampoo inbetween. tomorrow i am off to the doctors to have my dressing off and new sticky stitches put on so i am gonna shower b4 i go as it wont matter so much getting it all wet..sticky stitches got to stay on for another week after that ( my dr just likes to be on the safe side) then you wont be able to get me out of the shower lol..day four for you today, its all uphill from there :) how are you doing ?
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my day 14 pics are up :)
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... and smashing they are too :)
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wow wow wow ! your day 15 pic is fab!!! woo hoo x
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Thank you - i would really like to make it my facebook profile, but have managed to stop myself... and trying to avoid going shopping in my bikini is proving difficult too!
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lol ....oh a nice glass of vino i cant wait...need to have some fun, and company. gonna phone my dad and step mum today to tell them about my surgery, i didnt tell him b4 cos i knew he would worry and tell me not to do it. then i can get them to pick me up sometime over the weekend and i will be able to have dinner with them.
i am gonna get on a keep fit regime once i am able...my you are one determined lady, well done x
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omg i dont know how u do it, you must of been quite fit b4 surgery. i am of average fitness. i only walked a short distance, but my back again really hurt. its day seven today so i am gonna try and walk around straight while up and about, then try a short walk over to my shop later. you are defo an inspiration, and making me determined to go walking as soon as i am able :)
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I was really fit before op, 6-10 hours at the gym or classes each week, plus cycling on 1 or 2 of the other days about 5 miles a time. One of my biggest worries was what was going to happen to the rest of my muscles, as the benefit was only just beginning to show after about 6 months of this intensity. Feel great that this walking is better than I thought it would be.

I am tracking my food, exercise etc on a free ipod app called 'my diet diary' - it's great, just worked out that I can cancel out the calories from my breakfast with a 35 minute walk... And that champagne drinking yesterday means I didn't burn about 6,000 calories - even with the 7 miles walking, oops! perhaps a bit more water than alcohol today...
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fantastic results my fellow uk friend. i also had the drains taken out the morning after surgery, so glad. you are doing so well with the walking, it was day five for me today and i walked down my drive just for five mins and my back was killing, it says on my letter not to fully stand up till day 7, but i am day 6 tomorrow so might try a bit more..do you think i should try and walk a bit further, i go to get my dressings done on tues in four days....i am longing for a shower and to get out of the house x
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Definitely walking is the answer. Every day it has got easier, reduces swelling (compared to non walk days)and I shall be doing a normal speed 2 mile walk tomorrow.

At the end of week 1, I missed out on my walk as I was going to a party that night (for an hour..) and was so stiff that i really had to come home in an hour :(

you don't have to go far, just to the postbox and back, to start with. my aim was to build up to a mile the first week and build up to 5 miles before I could get back on my bicycle and then back to the gym.
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blimy!! lol well done you, you sound such a determined lady..my post box is 5 miles away haha...not really, i am defo going to try today, maybe 2 o 3 short walks throughout the day and evening as i am going stir crazy in the house with no one to talk to. the top of my tummy just above my ribs really hurt today i feel like i have been kicked but now waiting for the meds to kick in and i will be good to go. luckily i have kept moving around the house so the stiffness has been kept at bay a little, although it has been my back thats held me back as it has been hurting so much with the stooping but i should imagine i can start standing up straight now as i am on day 6, i am just so frightened of putting tension on my scar and ruining it. oh i had a little peek under my bandage last night at my scar, i could only see a little of it at the front but its looking good, very neat and thin i think yay! i am so exited for tuesday to see...and to have a shower!!!! bliss i think you have done so well and your results are beautiful, thanks for your advice hun x
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How did your walk go?

I remember my back ached so bad at my first attempts. I would get home and my hubby would say you've overdone it.. I even wore one of those heated back pads once. so funny I got my cousin to attach it to the back of my binder - when we got to the car to go to the park (i was too scared to cross the road at such a slow speed in the beginning, thought it better to drive to the entrance!), anyhow it hadn't even left the house with me, fallen off at the first step. But it did help, but I had bought a pack of 2 and only ever used 1.

Meanwhile.... I walked 5 miles on day 14! and then another 2 later that evening. Happy Days :)
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