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With just over a week to go before my op, I...

With just over a week to go before my op, I thought I would join this site as all of your reviews helped me make my decision to go ahead with this surgery!

I'm 29, a mother of two (5 & 2) and after my darling baby girl was born, she left me with a crumpled tummy & hernia - she was worth it! But after years of exercising, tummy crunches, etc nothing has changed. Only one thing for it.

This will be my first ever operation so i'm extremely nervous - but know I'm doing the right thing as eventually my hernia would have needed repairing in anycase.

Can you guys help me with my shopping list for aftercare?? My children are going to the grandparents for a week so my hubby will be my acting nurse!


I bought 1 yard of flannel material and lined my binder and bra with it. Ohhhh so comfy against my skin!
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also soft soft tshirt to wear under cg or binder which are not that soft. Helps with preventing irritation on suture sites.
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If you have the money a 4 wheeled walker helps alot! Especially since you are having hernia repair as well. Helps you to get up and also helps while you are walking. Make sure you get enough pain meds you'll need those. Also benedryl in case you start itching from the pain meds. Now or later get silicone gel strips, very very good in making the scar disappear and not develop into keloids, used on burn victims. Milk of magnesia, colace...something to help you poop also from the pain meds. Safety pins and headband if not doing the drainless. Pull headband down over head onto neck and safety pin your drains to it when you take a shower. Velcro binder is alot easier than a cg the first week or so. You can make it tight or loose depending on your swelling. Important not to make it too tight or it will cause skin death on the incision. Some girls get "arnica" for bruising. I didn't have any bruising both times so I bought some but havent used it. I didn't really swell this time either. Be sure you ps covers you for resistant staff infections. Bactrin DS is a great antibiotic rather than keflex which is what most ps prescribe. Bactrin DS is better than keflex cuz it covers resistant staff which is the most common surgical infection. My hubby is doc and cancelled my ps script for keflex and put me on Bactrin DS. Talk to your ps about this. Can't think of anything else. Good luck!
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Two days left!

I've been keeping myself busy organising the children & everything for after the TT...but man I'm getting so nervous!

The hospital called to say my surgery is at 7.30 a.m. which is great - my wedged pillows arrived today so I will be nice & comfy at home after (buying a recliner bed is not so easy here in the UK!) and I've invested in a juicer so my nurse/husband can keep me healthy during recovery.

I'm sure the next two days will fly by. Ive got to take my two year old daughter on the train to my parents tomorrow (they live a few hours away, so she is going to them & my son is staying with my inlaws who live nearby & they can take him to school etc. I'm very lucky!) so I will be gone all day. I will miss her terribly but will also be glad just to be on my own with my man for a week (whilst he hopefully tends to my every need...mmmm?!)


Almost your turn, yay!! I have a detailed list of must haves on my review, feel free to print it out. Good luck!!
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1 day to go

infact by this time tomorrow I should (hopefully) be all done & dusted. Getting REALLY nervous, I feel like my heart is beating a lot faster then normal today. But got the kiddies all sorted so now I just have to worry about myself :)

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Sitting & waiting

In my room, waiting to be called in by the surgeon. So nervous, my husband keeps trying to lighten my mood by making jokes (dad jokes, even worse!) but love him for trying to distract me! Been marked - I feel like Samantha from Sex and the City when she goes to a PS & he marks her everywhere to the point that she looks like a weirdo. I hope I won't look like that! Looking forward to later when I can hopefully re-read this & smile :)

Wish me luck!!

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I'm alive! Apparently all went very well, not had the full report from my PS yet but apparently once I came to I just was like 'THANK YOU!!' Eating some toast & feeling pretty darn good on the morphine :)

Hubby & brother in law we're waiting for me all smiles :)


Congrats! Welcome to the flat side!
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congrats!funny ..once i came to also i was saying thank you to the anesthesiologist and doctor!so happy to to be alive!!happy healing!
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Last night I slept pretty well considering!

I don't know if any of you guys had the leg stockings & 'massager' things that are constantly pumping to prevent DVT? Anyways, this is what bothered me most as it's so loud! My sister brought me some earplugs so I good a pretty decent night sleep. I woke up once at around 2 because I think all my pain relief had worn off & I was dying for a wee. But the nurses are right, everytime i get up, it's a little easier. Anyways, she gave me some more morphine (love that stuff!) and off I went to sleep again!

Yesterday once I was back in my room after the surgery managed toast a couple of times then at dinner which was about 7 p.m. (My surgery was at 10.45 a.m.) I had soup, pasta (only a few mouthfuls of that) and ice cream!

My surgeon came to see me, and said 'you had a nice stomach before, but now I've made it REALLY nice' which I'm sure was meant to make me happy but as he said I thought 'that makes me feel as if there wasn't much point of having it!' But then he told me I actually had TWO hernias from the muscle separation so REALLY glad I did it!!

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CG pains!

So the day after surgery & my CG is causing a lot of discomfort. It seems to dip in the middle of my tummy & one of the nurses said it shouldn't crease otherwise it might leave a permanent mark? Did any if you guys find that?? Now I'm constantly trying to straighten it! I haven't taken it off yet so no idea what my new tum looks like - eeek!


Try folding your cg and making the length shorter.  That's what i had to do.  It helped with the crease alot.  Can't wait to see your results.  Wow, 2 hernias to fix.  Did insurance cover any of that? 
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Oh I will give that a try thank you! No, my PS said he would do it all under the original cost which is great. I didn't need lipo so I guess in that respect it didn't add on too much extra time ;) I can't wait to see the results although I haven't looked in the mirror at all because my legs & groin are so swollen I feel like a sausage! X
Congrats. My cg is the same. I have a short body and it's too long for me. I'm from the uk too, who did you go with? If you read through my review you will see that I HATED the cg, but honestly it does get better and you get used to it. I wear big knickers under mine to stop the jagged firm edges digging in as it was bruising me!
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Slept REALLY well last night...

I woke up at 7 as I think all the pain meds had completely worn off & my tummy was growling! So my hubby went and got me a banana & some pain killers. I then fell back asleep until 9.40, it was wonderful!

Once I was up, I've been trying to move around a bit more, I can get off the sofa now without help which is a big step for me! Not been for a no2 yet which I'm nervous about, any advice??!
I'm sorry I haven't taken any pictures, I'm not allowed to take my CG off until my post op check up, which isn't until Friday (?!) so no shower until then - YUK. My husband is having to give me a sponge bath, which makes me giggle, which hurts!
Once I can stand a little taller I will take some photos although all you can see is me bursting out of my CG!!


Can't wait to see more pics! Happy healing!
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Wow. You are pretty thin to begin with so I can see why you don't need lipo.  You are gonna look fantabulous! 
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Congrats to you! You're going to have amazing results. You have a great figure! Can't wait to see your updates :)
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So, day 5 now

I've ventured outside to a coffee shop down the street - wasn't a great idea as I immediately started swelling & going tingly so we came home!

Not in very much pain at all - just swollen like a sausage! I've got my post op appointment tomorrow so am looking forward to seeing my scar (and not!) as I have no idea what any of it looks like!! Plus I want to ask if it's ok to wear spanx instead of this flipping CG that keeps riding up & creasing right where my new BB is!

I've taken a photo of my waist with the CG as I'm not meant to take it off - I'm still very very swollen!


Girl you were small to begin with .... You are going to look amazing!!! Take it easy u need some rest an there are girls on here who have not had drains an their incisions are like quilted but turn out very flat an pretty!!!!
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Feeling pretty good!

I had my first post op on Friday, was good - the nurse took my CG off (which was WEIRD) I felt quite breathless but was laying down - I couldn't bring myself to look at the scaring...she was really encouraging & said it looks fantastic & my husband was fascinated & said it looks great, but my stomach felt so bloated & sensitive I just couldn't face looking at it!
The nurse cleaned everything & put new dressing on etc then I had a quick peek, very smooth & no bruising & thin scar. Great. Will take a picture as soon as I can but I haven't braved taking the CG off myself yet!
I pooped about 3 days after my op, and everything has been fine :) I followed some other Real Self ladies advice & got a juicer so everyday I've been having fresh veg/fruit juice which I think has helped massively. And I'm sleeping very well - still propped up & dying to lay on my side but I don't think that will be happening for at least another week!!


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Second post op, I looked & LOVE it!

I'm really really swollen, everything around my new BB & incision is puffy & horrible (so is my groin & thighs - anyone else found that?!) but other then that I can't complain at all!
My children are on half term next week which I'm dreading, I made it out & about the past few days a lot & I think that's why I'm so swollen!
I've attached pics, just had my first shower post op, WHOOP!


Looking brilliant! Half term for my daughter too next week *groan* there goes my lazy days on the sofa watching Homes under the hammer!!
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You look great! Healing goes by fast! Well, least to a point...
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A turn for the worse..

So, had a set back.
I woke up the night before last with a horrible stomach ache - (my post op appointment the nurse explained I would get weird sensations due to my nerve endings repairing themselves.) so I thought nothing of it, but it got worse & worse. In the end my husband took me to A&E as I was throwing up due to the pain. My mind was starting to go into overdrive worrying about internal bleeding etc.
After blood tests & morphine for the pain (it was nearly childbirth bad) they said I have that gastro bug with causes abdominal pain & vomiting (just what you need after a TT) anyways I'm feeling better but like I've taken 10 steps back with my recovery. My stomach is so uncomfortable, I don't know if being sick so much I've pulled a muscle? After having to take no painkillers by Friday I'm now back to around the clock painkillers :( not sure what to do?!

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Back home

After having gastroenteritis (it was the worst week) where I couldn't eat without being sick or feeling sick, & barely being able to move as I must have strained my new muscles :( I am now home & on the mend :)
I'm fed up of not being able to do much, especially as I was doing so well before the bug. I also had a urine infection I think just because my kidneys had flushed through so many different drugs! So I had my 2nd course of antibiotics in 3 weeks. But, on the plus side - my stomach is looking fantastic, less swelling & nice scar.


Hi your tummy looks great , your so brave .I have the same issue with my tummy after two children aged 5 and 2 I'm looking into Harley medical to do the op for me I've had treatment with them before and happy with the results how does your scar look now I'm worried that if I have mine done the scar will be huge I've looked at so many and yours is the most helpful land similar to what my tummy is like do you have any advice for me thanks
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Hi Rebecca, I have to say in really really pleased with my results - I'm now 5 weeks post op. I still am wearing my CG full time, but otherwise feel pretty much back to normal! I obviously am not back at the gym or anything but doing all of my day-to-day things with my children. The recovery has been great (except for my set back with gastroenteritis, but that was just really bad luck!!)
Wow! Your belly looks great! Glad your past the bug. I read that antibiotics can cause a gastrointestinal bug, (c. diff. over runs your gi). My PS had me eating yogurt, which I have to do daily anyhow, as I have no gallbladder ( intestinal chaos!). Good luck, and happy healing!
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Feeling good

So, it's been a while but I guess I haven't updated because life has pretty much gone back to normal. I'm still wearing my CG full time, I hate not wearing it! Does that get easier? I'm able to run up & down the stairs, do the school run & normal activities (except working out, it's only been 5 weeks!) I stayed over night at a friends yesterday, & used her floor length mirror to take some pictures - sorry it's so dark!!
My scar has now healed - I'm really happy with it. It's dark (but thin) higher then I expected but I think that's the same for everyone. Once I'm not as swollen I don't think it will look as high. But I'm not really concerned about it!

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Sorry I meant to add this!


What a fantastic result - you look amazing!! And so tiny as well! That's one waistline Scarlet O'Hara would be jealous of !! (As am I !!) especially in that last photo! Thanks for posting such a detailed account of your experience, it helps so many others contemplating these procedures. I'm currently considering a TT (to correct a botched lipo job), although I realise yours was more complicated by the hernia removal. Amazing how you pulled through and I think you're very brave to have gone through all that, PLUS suffered a stomach bug (you poor thing!) I would have probably fallen apart (I'm a wimp re:stomach bugs!). I cannot believe the difference between the first pics and the most updated - Your Dr did a marvellous job. And the last pic is just 1 month post so it's going to look pretty incredible once you've healed - although you look pretty perfect already. Would you be able to disclose your Dr's name and would you recommend him as a good TT surgeon? (am currently looking for one in London). If you can't post it publicly I'd be so grateful if you could send it by PM if that's not a problem. Thank you! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your recovery, and hopefully a very speedy and painless one! x x x
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You look fantastic :) x
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Looking great!
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First trip to the gym today!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while :) but I was so excited - off to the gym for the first time! I managed 40 minutes which I'm really pleased with (id given myself 20 mins!) I did 25 mins cross training then light jogging - I finished only as I felt quite out of breath which I think is just from not doing much at all these past months! I will go again in a couple of days I think.

Really happy with my progress, still wearing the CG in the day but not at night - just as I feel quite exposed without it! Not 100% happy with my belly button but I'm being picky - everything else is all good! I will put some photos up I've just taken, I had my CG on so excuse the marks!

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More pictures!


You look great!
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Hello, sorry its taken me so long to reply! I felt like all i did was go on this website before my op & just after & now I'm back to normal I keep forgetting about it :) which is a good sign I think! Yes I would really recommend him, he's called Dr Allwin (thats his first name, no one can pronounce his last name so he just says to call him by his first - he's very sweet & down to earth) I contacted HMG through the Bristol clinic, but had the surgery with him in London near Hamstead. I've not had my post op with him yet its in january - but I don't have any complaints :) they were all fab in the hospital too. please email me with any questions :) xxxx
Hi, thanks so much for getting back to me, and also I'm very grateful for your very useful info about your Dr and clinic. I ended up, in the intervening period, changing my plans and decided to have a revision instead of a tummy tuck. I haven't quite got the guts to go through with a TT to be honest, and am very squeamish about the scar. However if my revision doesn't work out in the end, e.g. if I develop any complications, then the TT is my something I am keeping in mind as my last resort. I shall keep all your very helpful Dr/clinic info to hand, thank you, incase my revision ends up going wrong down the line and i end up having to have a tummy tuck after all. I hope you are doing OK and enjoying your new body ! You look incredible in your new pics, and I have to say, Huge Congrats for getting to the gym and starting to exercise again. That will really help with healing and also get those old endorphins moving about - which we all desperately need after an operation and periods of forced non-activity. Wish you the best of luck for the rest of your recovery, which is going fabulously. I'm only on Day 3 post op so am wiped out but will pop in occasionally in future to see how you are getting on xxxx

Pain above my naval 3 months post op

Hi everyone, this is more of a question really - have any of you experienced a throbbing pain above your new BBs? It's happened a couple of times & both times have woken me up at night with a pain like little contractions, but the pain is above my BB. Ibuprofen seems to stop it - I'm just hoping its common?!
I'm back at the gym a lot now so I don't know whether it's just new muscles getting used to being used?

Thank you!


The area above my bb is a little like that. I think its just muscle spasms from overstimulation/inflammation. I just get back into my spanx and maybe ease up on it for a bit. Definitely take advil for it! You look great! Love your flat belly!
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Thank you, phew!! I have just stopped wearing spanx in the day so maybe that's it too - I can't wait to feel normal again! Xxx
Me too, I was out of mine for about 3 days and that area was really unhappy. If your ps used temp sutured they should be dissolved about 4 months. I think mine are permanent, I'll have to double check. But there may be some extra pull in that area once the sutures are gone.


I've been back doing spinning & Pilates for a couple of weeks now...and it's going great! There were a few strange tugging sensations to begin with but now feeling stronger & stronger. Very happy! I have my follow up with my PS in a couple of weeks which I'm looking forward too.


Your belly looks fabulous!!!
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is it possible to see a picture of the TT scar and how it looks now

Picture of the whole deal

Just a quickie to show the whole scar. It still looks quite aggressive but I know in a few years it will be faint & not detectable :)


I love your shape! I think he scar will fade dramaticly in the next few months.
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Child baring hips! Hope so but I'm not too worried - I've got a friend who had a C-section & you can't see her scar at all anymore (her baby is a few years old though now!)
I've just added some pictures :)

Signed off!

Last week I was signed off by my PS (who was VERY happy with my results!) and I finally was able to have a bath - it felt SO good!!
Life is normal again, back spinning & have started Pilates to strengthen my core muscles.
Now I feel I can look back & be more objective about the whole procedure so I will give you my honest opinion.
*nicer flat tummy (obviously!!)
*stronger core stability
*less back pain
*actually don't mind if my toddler lifts my top slightly in public!
*i feel better about myself when I'm intimate with my husband ;)

*discomfort for months (not pain, unless you are unlucky enough to catch gastroenteritis like me, see my review)
*now when I get my period, the pain in my tummy seems to be worse, I don't know if anyone else found this??
* turned not only my life upside post op but my husbands also. Please don't consider this operation unless you have constant family/friend support!

So that's it. I will keep updating but I will say I'm very glad I had this done. My saggy stomach, detached muscles & hernia would have only gotten worse with age.

I'm going to post a few pictures but please excuse the bloated tum - I've just eaten a huge plate of lasagne. It's the weekend!


You really look great! I notice the monthly bloating is worse for me too since the tt. I dont regret it al all either. I sure enjoy being able to pull off a hoodie at work and not fret about the old belly roll.
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Really enjoy your updates ... you are looking fab honey, thanks for sharing xxx
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Hi, you look amazing! I had a consultation with HMG today for a BA and they told me I would be having Dr Allwin, but I have been able to find practically nothing on him online, which is slightly worrying as that means no reviews! - your comment is the first thing i've found on him! I would appreciate it so much if you could describe to me what he's like & your experience with him and his team? Glad to hear you would recommend him :) xxx
Harley Medical Group

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