25% TCA Peel - Age 27, Black Female - London, UK

I tried a really low percent TCA acid peel and it...

I tried a really low percent TCA acid peel and it did nothing to my face, a few days later i done a 25% acid peel. It began to frost instantly and the burning was horrific. I left to acid on my face for 2 mins but i couldnt handle the pain so i ran up and down my house screaming. I splashed cold water over my face. I then was able to neturalise the acid. My face stayed white for a few mins then it went really dark and discoloured.

Ive just completed day 1 and my skin feels really dry and tight no matter how much mosterizer i use. I am so scared because ive never been through this type of thing before.

You need advice from dermatologist before applying home peels. You need experience knowing how to apply for even peeling by removing oil with rubbing alcohol and not to apply 2 coats unless you want deeper peel and how to apply the NEUTRALIZER!!!! You cant just put on a chemical peel without a neutralizer. That is like applying bleach to your hair without a neutralizer to stop the bleaching process. Should never be more than 2minutes before neutralizer. MOST IMPORTANTLY BLACK SKIN HAS A HIGH RISK OF CHANGING PERMANENT PIGMENT IN SKIN!!! SO IF YOU ARE BLACK YOU SHOULD GET A CONSULT OR DO IT AT A DERMATOLOGIST OFFICE FIRST OR YOU COULD HAVE PERMANENT WHITE SKIN ON A BLACK BODY AND BE VERY VERY DEPRESSED FOR EVER.
I used this amount my skin was fine , no uneven skin tone , but I done it in patches on the areas I needed to, you was meant to start with a lower percentage , but its done now dont be scared , the skin tightens and feels dry but it will peel, dont peel it urself ! Use sudocream or coconut oil it helped me , get alot of vitimin c / omega 3 in ur system
U should always do a small patch test to measure the strength and the results. You have to have your baking soda near you so u can neutralize it immediately. You know you have to put neosporin and vaseline on your face to prevent infection and scarring. U need to go to a doctor and get a triple combo bleaching cream so the hyperpigmentation is reversed.
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