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Matti, Swelling comparison 1 week to 1 month - London, UK

I've decided on a rhinoplasty procedure as I feel...

I've decided on a rhinoplasty procedure as I feel that my nose is just slightly too big for my face, and I would love the tip to be a bit more defined. At the moment the problems are that the tip is too bulbous, and also that the columella hangs much too low, particularly when I smile. I don't particularly think it's a bad nose, just that it'll be much better with a few improvements, and I've found these reviews really helpful in deciding my surgeon so I wanted to add mine :)

First Consultation with Matti

I had my consultation with Matti last week Tuesday, and it was pretty much how I expected it to be after reading his other reviews on here. It was quite brief, I'd say only 15 minutes, and probably a little shorter than others because I didn't come prepared with any questions. Anyway I really got the impression that he knew what he was doing, he took one look at my face and knew exactly what I wanted before I even got the chance to tell him!

The description of Matti I'd read on another review as quite uncle like couldn't be more accurate and I found him very reassuring too. He suggested I have an alar base reduction and tip refinement, as well as lifting it up a bit to correct the droopiness of the tip when I smile.

I had originally planned to see Dr. Gonschior but researching a little more I'm not sure it's worth it, I feel as though I'd be tempted by his much lower price and end up terrified and cancelling last minute. So I spoke to Matti's assistant after the consultation, and requested to be put on the cancellation list for surgery and by 5pm that day she called and said there was a cancellation for the 4th June! It means paying much more for the more expensive hospital but otherwise the earliest she could put me down for was late October :/

Really happy with the morphs Matti created, although I think it's a little too pointed but I'm sure we'll sort things out more in the second consultation :)

Starting to feel a bit more real!

Just booked in for my second consultation and pre-op visit, need to ask Matti what he plans to do about the slight tilt to my nose, he didn't mention it in the first consultation. It's starting to stress me out a bit planning all these visits, plus I should really be focusing on my exams but it's so much more exciting to think about this :)

I also need to book a hotel for a week as I'm not planning on telling my housemates or family about the surgery, so I'll be spending the time after surgery completely alone, probably not the best idea! The few friends I've told so far have been so unsupportive that I don't really want to let anyone else know, but man I am not looking forward to that lonely, worried week in the hotel room :/


So I had the surgery yesterday. Everything went swimmingly!

The surgery itself was a delayed by a few hours after a problem with the anaesthesiologist, which worked out great for me as I reeeeally needed a nap after having travelled all the way up from Birmingham. Cromwell hospital itself is absolutely lovely, the staff I met were all so friendly and good to me :)

Whilst I'm on the operating table Matti asks me again whether I want a slight tilt or a straight nose which I found a little worrying since I'd requested a slight tilt so many times previously, but he was very kind, stroking my hair and telling me not to worry and that he expected great results.

Apparently the surgery only took 2 hours, I'd been watching come dine with me beforehand and when I got back to my room I just caught the ending :) No pain at all, just a slight grogginess and the feeling of a blocked nose. It's day two now and I still don't have any bruising at all, maybe that'll come tomorrow?

From what I can see so far I love the results, the base is so much smaller and the tilt is exactly what I wanted, fingers crossed it'll stay like that :) The only slight negative is that Matti really doesn't spend much time with you, I must have seen him for less 10 minutes overall, the first time on the operating table and the second just before I went home where he just kept saying it was a beautiful result and was gone within 2 minutes. Not at all a problem for me as so long as it is actually a good result but I could see some people hating this about him.

Anyway I get my cast off on Tuesday so I'll update again then :)


Still not bruised at all! Will this come tomorrow?

Cast Off

I've just had my cast off and I absolutely love the results!! Matti has done wonderful work :) Initially when I saw it I was worried as I thought it was very small and might go down even further when the swelling subsides, but by the time I got home it had ballooned up so much that I now realise that two minutes after cast off is how it'll look at the end result - i.e. perfect!

So these pictures were taken a few hours after cast off, by which point it had got so much bigger everywhere. There's also a very slight hump on the profile view which he's assured me is swelling. So overall I'm extremely happy with the results, once the swelling subsides it's pretty much my idea of perfect and it changes how I look very much for the better :) it's amazing how much more feminine my profile view looks after raising the tip so slightly. So so happy with everything.

3 Weeks post

Just a quick update to show what I hope very much is swelling! It's huge!

4 weeks post-op

28 days later on the dot and I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the swelling, it's slightly embarrassing when some of your friends know you've spent so much on a nose job yet can't even tell the difference! Also kinda annoyed with Matti as I asked so many times for a slight tilt to the nose, a request which he assured me he would honour, (though needing reminding when I was lying on the operating table!) and at this stage I think it's fair to say that that isn't going to happen - it's completely straight. On a more positive note the little bump I was worried about does seem to have been swelling.

Swelling comparison

So since I last posted complaining about the swelling just two days ago my nose seems to have made a little breakthrough with regards to swelling :) It's finally started to go down in the tip and I've been comparing it to pre-op pictures like wow I can't believe my nose used to look so bad!

So I'm pretty elated with the results so far :) I've attached some pictures showing the progress, it's crazy to wonder how much more it'll go down as the tip still feels quite stiff. I'm not sure I really want it to go down much more!


Forgot to add the comparison pic with the 1 week swelling
London Plastic Surgeon

Matti is amaaaaaaaazing at what he does, I'm so glad I went with him even if he is so much more expensive it was worth it for the peace of mind - I really felt as though I was with the best I could get :) He's a lovely, charming guy too and was very sweet with me. Just don't expect to see him much, I must have had less than 30 minutes with him throughout the whole process!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I can't see your photos how do I access them. I'm trying to look into mattis work. Glad you recovered well. Sounds positive just can't see photos eeek!?
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Wow! The swelling went down so much from 1week to 1month! Gives me something to really look forward to.
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Great results. Your post reminds me to be patient after my surgery. Lots of changes after.
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Great comparison pictures. I can't believe no one has noticed, but it just goes to show that the people close to us really AREN'T staring at our noses haha. And the people not close to us don't care enough to remember how our noses look :p. From someone who HAS been staring at your nose for the past few weeks, I can say that the improvement we can see is huge! Now your nose really fits and adds something special to your face :). Are you in any pain at all still?
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Haha yes exactly! Nope not been in any pain at any point through the entire process really :)
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Oh wow u can really tell the difference ...my nose is still very swollen well I hope it is lol as it looks fat... did u have an open rhino
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Nope, closed like yours
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Hi most likely that is swelling wanted to know if u r bump has gone x
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I've added some pics, I think it's gone :) x
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Looks so lovely!!! I'm in love with your nose haha. What did your housemates and family have to say in the end? xx
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Looks so lovely!!! I'm in love with your nose haha. What did your housemates and family have to say in the end? xx
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Thanks :)) they didn't comment or notice at all! xx
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I think he has done a fab job it looks so natural ...I know u wanted a curve but trust me that's when u would have ended up with problems he has gone with the natural shape of ur nose going for something unnatural would have given u an undesirable result ...u look beautiful xx and it's still swelling so let it heal and then assess x
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Its so little and beautiful! Love it!
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It's not huge! It's fine :-) Definitely swollen but you can expect this to be the case up to 6 weeks after surgery while the tissue starts to fuse again. It looks amazing. Be patient xx
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...congratulations. My friend had her nose done and it has taken months to see the final result. Infact the immediate result left her nose looking bigger than originally...but now the swelling has gone she loves it:-)
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Very great result!!
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Congratulation!!! You did get the perfect result :-) Such a difference in the recovery without having the bone fractured. It's wonderful to know you didn't suffer the agony of it all. Your profile is super cute. I hope Ion can make me something similar. I would be ecstatic! xxx
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Thankyou :))) I'm sure Ion will do a great job on yours, I absolutely love the results of his noses, they're always so feminine and pretty. xx
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Amazing results thank u for posting story I am still scared lol about Monday but some excitement there too now
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Yaaaaaay I'm glad, will look forward to reading it and really hope you're like me in that there's just nooo pain involved :) xx
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Amazing results! SO happy for you. This has convinced me of my decision even more :).
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Thankyou :) will you be making a review? I wannaaa read! xx
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Ah hopefully I will be updating my review and posting the pics once I am done X so will keep u posted pray for me
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Hi, yes I will definitely make a review when I do it. Now I've seen your nose I really want a consult with Matti. I need to save some more money first :(. I have around £5000 saved but want to make sure I have some more savings behind me in addition to the full cost of the surgery so that I don't have to worry about money when I've had it done. If my job gives me more hours I could even be having it this year or early next year! Would really like it done before next summer :). Sorry for the essay haha.
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