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Does Anyone Know What Has Happened to my Tear Trough?! - London, UK

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is...

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is fine but my right eye has swollen - yellow discolouration of the skin (immediate) and puffy like a pillow - can't feel anything hard underneath. The inside ridge of the pillow almost has a flap where it has gotten so swollen. I don't know what filler was used - it was either Juvaderm or Restylane - just waiting to here back from the lady who performed the procedure (who I have to say has done this on me many times before without any issues at all!). One bruise to the side of the pouch and a couple of pin marks but nothing massive ............. can anyone think what could have happened? It feels slightly stingy. I look like a total freak and need this to go!!!

Yellow discoloration can be seen from bruising, but this is typically not seen for 4 or 5 days after the procedure. Swelling, especially profound, is more common with Belotero

Thank you so much for sharing this information Dr. Brader. To make sure I'm understanding correctly, it is your experience/understanding that more swelling is seen with Belotero than with other HA fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, or would it be about the same for all HA fillers?

Hello dr - the filler used was teosyal meso. Do u know anything about this one - I had never heard of it. The yellow colour was there the day after I had the injections x
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