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I wanted this tattoo for a long time (about 2...

I wanted this tattoo for a long time (about 2 years), however after a 2 day session I got up from the tattoing chair and I hated it. The feeling still remains and I lost my confidence having to carry something that I can't even look at. Anyways I am booked in for a consultation on tomorrow in Trueskin Harley Street. Let's see what they say.

After consultation

I had my consultation yesterday, I was told about the pain and the cost and been given an estimate of 4 sessions in order to remove the tattoo, which I think is way too optimistic. I can not have my treatment just yet since my tattoo is only a month old so I will have to wait at least another month before I can begin. I was told about the pain and the blistering after each treatment which got me worried in case I went for a full tattoo removal. I am booked in for the 12th august although I might have to move the appointment to september since I am going on holiday in the end of July and there s a recommended 4 weeks of no exposure to sun before treatment. I am also thinking of removing or fading out the dense black fading around the tattoo and see how that goes rather than removing the whole thing and having blisters all over the chest.

1st treatment done

After much hesitation I finally had my first treatment done. It got a bit delayed due to my holidays in Cyprus. I went into the clinic with the idea of only having the black shading around the roses done since I did not know how painful it was going to be. In the end I went for the whole thing. The treatment really hurt, I think it is even worse that getting the tattoo done. Im dreading the next appointment in two months time. My chest was very swollen a day after the treatment and also the area with the dense black in has blisters everywhere.
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Hi, how is your healing coming along?
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Happy Healing!! 
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Hey Vlad. Sorry to hear about your tattoo regret. If you get a couple of moments, take a look at my review. I've had 14 q-switched treatments and I've decided to try Picosure next month to really speed things up. I was actually looking at Harley Street first but decided to go with ResetRoom in Soho (about 20 mins away) as they were much friendlier and cheaper as well. Have you checked them out by any chance? Will be really interested to see how your first session goes either way!
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It annoys me when they say you only need 4 treatments (I was told I needed 3) and I'm on my 7th and STILL a long way to go. Definitely double, if not treble what they suggest (that's just my opinion of course). Good luck !
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Hey! Laura at harley street is great! The pain does hurt on your chest however no pain no gain! You do feel shit i felt like it for about a year now and i never felt anything like it before panic attacks the lot but now i think fuck it get it sorted and carry on theres plenty of people worse off! Deffo go for the picoplan how ever i think you should consider only removing some of it because personally its a fucking wicked tattoo and i would deffo point it out if i saw it Lifes to short to worry Pezxxx
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I have bed going to trueskin for picosure and had 5 treatments. I've been really pleased with my results however think 4 treatments is optimistic. I would suggest their picoplan as that way you can keep going back for more until it's gone. Don't worry about the pain. The first one hurt but was more the unknown and I did blister badly but each session has got easier and lest blistering to the poi t where my last two treatments I didn't blister at all. Good luck
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Hey there, so sorry you don't like your tattoo, it's very well done but I understand when something doesn't feel right you want it gone. I went through this too...you can see my review here

Are you going for full removal or just fade for cover up? What is it that you don't like about your tattoo if you don't mind me asking. 

I know you feel like your confidence is gone, I felt that way for months - but it does get better, you have to work on accepting the situation and your solution will come in time. A tattoo, no matter where it is on our body or what it is, it not worth letting your self worth go out the window...be stronger than that, you have the power within you to do that. Just look at this like a challenge in your life that you have to face and the most important thing about any traumatic event we have in our life is not the event itself but what we do to overcome it. 

Let us know how your consultation goes and I am sending you some happiness. 
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