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London 24 Year Old in Need of Advice! (Rhinoplasty) - London, UK

I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been scouring...

I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been scouring the internet for most of my Sunday going from success stories to horrors..

I've hated my nose for about 10 years and recently with a shiny new job and stable income I can afford to look at surgery for my nose, I've arranged an appointment with Harley medical and Transform (who called me.. but I have read some bad reviews?)

If anyone from London who has recently undergone rhinoplasty has any guidance, tips or recommendations I'd be so grateful.



Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. If you can, do consult with more than one doctor (three is great) to learn of different approaches. And please keep us posted on what you decide to do. I had a rhinoplasty and a revision in my late twenties and I've never looked back. So liberating!
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From personal experience and things I wish I did: Research plenty of surgeons and have consultations with surgeons who specialise in Rhinoplasty or even better revision rhinoplasty. Read all the things you can expect after surgery, not just swelling but how it will affect your smile afterwards or a constant runny nose or the scary upturned look when you get your cast off. Don't just look up the big things but all the little things that will matter to you once it has been done. Really really think if it's the right thing for you and be sure you and your surgeon have a complete understanding of how you want to look after. If I could go back in time I would but I am so grateful that I am not one of those complete horror stories. I just realised afterwards that I was actually quite happy with the way I looked but I thought I wanted better. After 2 and a half months, anti-depressants and patience things are finally starting to improve so I am hopeful things will only get better. Do not go with Transform or any other company that means you will have surgery with a 'all round plastic surgeon'. They are not specialists. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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Personally I think got very beautiful features. If you are resoluted to have a nose job make appointments with different surgeons and don't go under knife with the first surgeon you come by. If that center you mentioned has bad reviews, that's not a good signal.
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Cancelled appointments

I've actually chosen to cancel my appointments with above clinics due to warnings.. however I've seen prices for surgeons at 250 pounds for a consultation!? Is this normal?


We'd love an update! Here in the states 100-200 dollars isn't unusual for a consultation. Some will also meet with you at no charge. It really depends on the office.
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i had rhinoplasty on the 8th of may in essex. i am very happy with results and my surgeon is amazing if you want any info let me know xx
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I think you're nose is well proportioned to your face. If you did want to go ahead nonetheless, I couldn't recommend Dr T Le, Baltimore, MD, highly enough. He did a revision for me- his attention to detail, professionalism and eye for proportion is second to none. I also went over to see him from London (I heard the UK doesn't do rhinoplasty well...)
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