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That is what my neck looked like. How ever good I...

That is what my neck looked like. How ever good I felt, what ever I was wearing I HATED MY NECK!

I had already been to a ‘top’ Harley Street surgeon to have a neck and facelift years ago. I think I was impressed with his bow tie in the consultation (and had read that I should only to use a BAAPS registered surgeon). It had taken a lot of time for me to pluck up courage (years in fact) to go ahead and book this procedure and although the surgeon looked the part, I was very disappointed with the result. My 3 daughters felt I was not as pretty as before because the shape of my eyes was round, rather than almond. The morning after my surgery the nurse discovered I had suffered a hematoma and I had to go back under to repair this. After that, I was on my own as my surgeon disappeared on a golfing trip. The hematoma left me with dreadful scarring and puckering on my neck. I quickly realised all the letters after his name, the designer suit and bow tie were worse than meaningless, and had only led me into a false sense of security. After 20 years I was very, very nervous of letting anybody operate on me again, but I STILL hated my neck, which was worse than before. After encouragement from a friend I made an appointment to see Dominic Bray feeling very, very uncertain and skeptical. Within 5 minutes my opinion had changed. All I can say about his practice is that it is very ‘human’. No matter who you are you are treated to a warm welcome and suddenly feel very at ease. Very quickly Dominic earned my trust. You just know he is the real deal. He really engaged with me during the consultation and listened carefully to my concerns. He explained in terms that I could understand what he do to improve my horrible neck and that he would do what he could to try and restore my eyes to their previous almond shape. I knew that he approached facial surgery in an entirely different way, and after seeing lots of honest before and after pictures I bit the bullet.

My other concern was having a general anaesthetic at my age. The last time I really felt so poorly for ages afterwards and I did not want to put myself through that again. I felt much more comfortable having surgery with sedation.

I have to be honest. I did not expect a miracle, I was just hoping for some improvement. Within a few days I knew I had the former. My face felt very tight which worried me a bit but Lucy reassured me that this is quite normal, and within a couple of weeks this feeling passed. I just can’t believe my face, it still hasn’t sunk in that I have a neck I am happy for the world to see and the improvement in my face and eyes is just astonishing.

Thank you team Bray. You are the best-kept secret on Harley Street! Dominic has a gift, no doubt, and if you are fortunate enough to find him then I can promise you that you just got very, very lucky indeed.
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Wow ... U look amazing xx
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You look beautiful! It must have been so hard to go through the surgery again. Congrats and thank you for posting!
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Congrats!! You look Amazing!
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You look amazing and at least 20 years younger! Did you eventually go for general anaesthetic or sedation?
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Thanks Katwin! I just went for sedation. I really knew nothing about what was going on - I just felt incredibly relaxed and sleepy. It was all done in what seemed to me to be no time at all. Sedation and local is DEFINITELY the way to go, I was up and about within a couple of days days and felt absolutely fine.
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May I ask was there much hair loss from the incisions - usually from those behind the ears, I believe? Also is it possible to show a side view? I agree sedation and local anaesthetic is a far better option for faster recovery!
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Beautiful results you look amazing.... Congrats!
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Beautiful results! Thank you so much for sharing here on RealSelf. I'm glad you found the courage to go through with the revision.
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You look lovely and certainly not 72! I can't believe it was only $8500 in Harley Street. I live in Australia (I'm English) and am going to Thailand for a full face and neck lift - $7200, in two weeks. I thought it would be about a quarter of the price of Harley Street. Thanks for the info. x
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I hope you get a great result - good luck!
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72! No way, 52 more like it. What a fantastic result, congratulations. Such a great review, it's easy to be swayed by the smooth talking charlatans, a lesson for all. I had a similar experience with a dentist in Thailand, the building was all glitz with gold pillars etc. picked up by a limo. Smarmy dentist talked me into crowns and once I agreed and paid the service dropped considerably and I got a rushed second rate job and taken home in an non air conditioned car lol. Thank you for sharing.
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You look great and that must feel wonderful after your ordeal! Did you have any fillers or fat transfer; your face looks much fuller and I wondered if that was accomplished with only the lift or with volume via fat or fillers. grace
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Just the lift. Dominic told me that he was 'moving' my facial volume from my jowls back into my cheeks. It seems to have worked. I can't believe how full my face looks now instead of a bit scrawny..
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You look fantastic. You must be so happy and at a very reasonable price as well!
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