Desperately Want a Breast Reduction - London, GB

Hi ladies, I am a 25 year old woman with very...

Hi ladies, I am a 25 year old woman with very large breast, as many of you are. Not only are they big but they don't fit with my frame at all, they are heavy and uncomfortable. I started growing breast since I was 10 years old , by the time I reached 14 I was a UK F cup. I'am now 30-32H. my breast makes me so sad and depressing and i hate summer so much due to my breast. I always wear baggy tops, t-shirts and Jumpers. I've wanted a breast reduction since I was 16, Ive now started to save towards as I don't want to go thought the NHS,as my doctor already advised me not to get my hopes up and i have to go through a psychological analysis to se wether my breast really affects me or not which i think is horrible, and due to the funding being cut in the UK there are no guarantees I will receive the funding. to cut the long story short I went for a consultation with the Harley medical group and the said it will cost me £5995 to get it done, which I'am willing to save up and pay for myself. i have set myself a target to be able to have the money by this time next year.

If there are any UK people here that lives in London that can recommend any other clinics that do great breast reduction I am open to hear.
thank you xx

Hi, what's the latest? I know you don't want to go nhs but they gave me funding. Save yourself the money.
Hi all I had my reduction surgery June 2013 - left boob 34g, right boob 34h, surgeon removed 1.2kg, i now have equal very perky 34dd's, they are amazing and I can't wait for summer 2014. I can wear a vest out in public!!! Bra buying still stumps me, I can pick up any 34dd and it fits. I am still not wearing underwired bra's as support is not required. Recovery was more of a struggle than expected but well worth it. I call them the girls and for the first time I can remember I adore my boobs. Fantastic surgeon with BMI.
Nope, they don't... I checked with my doctor. Seeing I'm quite an old lady, I'm wondering how SAFE it is, to have this job done at this late stage of my life... Seems since I started taking HRT the boobs have BOOMED!! Alternative of NOT taking HRT is not an option - they'll be like empty socks, and I can't face that!
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