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Consultation and Lap Band Op Arranged - London, GB

At the moment I am excited to being on the new...

At the moment I am excited to being on the new part of my life but also worried about if I fail. It's a lot of money I am selfishly spending on myself (with his support)....I don't want to be skinny (currently size 22) I just want to loose enought to be able to run around with my children asin and be able to shop in normal shops. Did anyone does worry ? My one question I have about it all is do I eat smaller potions but still feel hungry or does the fullness sensation stop the 'hunger pangs' ?

Pre operations diet week

Day 3 of the pre operation diet...milk yoghurt and oxo cubes....mmmmmm =not !
Not too bad during the day but I do also eat both my yoghurt portions at work so I can stay focused (heavy duty job concentration wise) but once the kids are in bed that would be my time to cook and eat..... So guess what I get to do now instead ....ironing...blooming ironing....I hate it lol ! ...but hey today is day 3 ...tomorromw I'm over half way through this one week, bring on the soup flavours next week I say :-)

oh dear

Going out for dinner is not an easy option today. I'm sorry but I did fail with a home made tomato soup. But at least I stayed away from all the carbs. And the scampi and chips looked so good....Although I did have a quick weigh in today and lost 3lb...but after all when I am just drinking milk and yoguat. .I should blooming well think so to !

Day 5 of yogurt and milk diet

This hasn't been easy, but oxo cubes have become my best friend....chicken, veg and beef... They all taste surprisingly good ..so a good tip for all...buy oxo lol.Had my call yesterday for admittance time 10am Wednesday. My husband asked me last night if I am worried or excited... I'm neither. .I just want it over and done with so I can see what the rest of my life's interaction with food will be. Order some cloths today 2 sizes smaller to be my incentive...they will be hung on prominent display for me to see :-)

now I get to write.....post op !

Surgery was nice and quick. Had a little of the trapped has pain, nothing major but still knew I had it. I didn't realise the band would sit so high (just below the diaphragm) so I have a the sore part (only when sitting up or laying down)...but other than that supprisinglying pain free. Although haven't eaten anything all day not hungry, but making sure I am drinking plenty of water and hot chocolate :-) .. Hubby and kids at a near by hotel they came and saw me earlier but my 7yr old got a little upset seeing me a little confused from the op :-( ...orded some tops and they will hang on my bedroom wall (not wardrobe) to be my inspiration once back home to keep at it all. Oh I have a question. The surgeon put a small lap band in instead of a medium, does anyone know the difference or why he would choose a smaller one
Kerry x

1st day post op.

Yesterday was a bad day, was in a lot of pain and couldn't take a proper deep breath as felt like my diaphragm was bruised (like after a bad cough) went to bed early and tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable spot. Couldn't eat to much but managed a full Tin of soup all day. If some one had told me how much pain I would of been in I most prob would of still done it though. I suspect the pain is around the port site. Just to the left under my breast bone, quiet a bit of swelling (but after all I had an operation yesterday). Oh I must say quiet a bit of flatulence but I have been taking deflatine so to save myself from the traveling wind pain I have been warned about ...and its worked....well depends who you ask...me = I have avoided it, kids = putting up with mummy farting better than them lol....

day 2 post op

Today , started off quiet well and positive...but only managed 1/2 tin of soup ...water and a hot choc (diet variant of course) feeling very bloated and like I need to burp but can't. By end of day feeling out of sorts...hopefully its just the bruising and swelling coming out....on the plus side....not feeling hungry which would of been unbearable....at this stage can't even imagine being able to eat mushy food in less than two weeks let alone 'normal food again....but lets see what tomorrow brings x

today not a good day

Started today of like yesterday, ended the day in hospital ????..over the last few days i have been finding it hard to even drink water or swallowing saliva...this afternoon i started vomiting...and that was pain like no other ! ....i called my surgeons clinic and was advised to go to a bariatric hospital...they have kept me in with fluids, anti sickness and morphine ( god bless that morphine)
..i haven't been sick this evening but pain around the port site is very significant

drama's over

Feeling better today. Still don't regret having it done so today is another day. Have lost 18 kilo since my first weigh in at original consultation...so since the 2nd august...but 8 kilo's is since the 21st (op day)

gettin there

Hi all, haven't been on for a few weeks....feeling so much better now ...almost over the oh my god what have I done feeling lol. Spoke to my dietician today and found out my definition of mushy food and mine are different ...so rolled back what I am eating :-)

I had my op done with The Hospital Group in Birmingham. I found the hospital well maintained, staff amazing and attentive and my consultant lovely man. Would recommended him to anyone. Anyone want to chat let me know and I will give you my number :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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hello, im also planning to have the procedure done with the hospital group in london. How is yor weight loss going thus far?? Thanks for the diary updates, really really informative!!
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It is really just slow right now, only 4.1 cc. In my band at this time. Doctor says safest to lose 2-8 pounds per month. How much are you trying to lose? Good luck! Keep in touch! The surgery is very easy, you will feel fine the same day & day after..... Keep in touch
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I live in Victorville, CA looking for a local Doctor to get a fill. I was going to Mexico and my Doctor passed away last week. Dr. B rest in peace.
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Sounds like your doing great now! Sorry you had a little trouble at first. ;(((. You had your surgery right after me, I have been looking for a lap band buddy to share notes with & to experience with, email me anytime! ****@Aol.com and best of luck to you too! I did have the difficulty in swallowing after my first adjustment, it was quite uncomfortable. They moved me back to liquids for couple days & each time they take fluid out or add fluid in, looks like I will be on liquids 2-3 days but doctor keeps letting me know, everybody is very different! Good luck! I would love to hear from you anytime! Our surgery dates are only 1 week apart! :))).

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Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Most people have the concern that they're going to fail, or not lose enough weight after surgery. The most important thing is that you make sue you're doing it for the right reasons and that you're in the right frame of mind. The surgery is a tool, to help you lose weight.

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Thanks for your reply kirsty :-) ...have you any suggestions for the milk only diet for the week pre op ...I know its only a week but I'm sure it will feel like for ever at the time ..aswell as coping with the carbs withdrawals
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I haven't actually done the pre-op diet yet, my surgery is in September. Is your pre-op purely milk based products? Are you having protein shakes? I would just do your best to change things up to keep yourself interested. Mix between yogurts, shakes, etc

Are you allowed other things such as sugar free jello, etc?

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Well I'm waiting for the dietician to get back to me with what I am allowed for 1 week pre op diet...they offered a lot of support but don't seem to be forth comin with it :/
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It's to reduce the lives size pre op, if the liver is still enlarged on the day of the op they can refuse to do it :/
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How long have you been waiting? If you're op is on August 21st then you eally do need to know!

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Haha, tell me about it
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I got a fill (3) weeks ago and this is as tight as it comes. I have an apt for adjust in Rancho, CA next week with new Dr. I found on this site but can anyone shed light on a temp fix for severe heartburn at night. I'm on my third week and it's bad at night. I'm sleeping straight up in a chair and the Zantac 150 is not doing a damn thing.... I'm still only eating puree foods that is how tight my band is.
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has the heartburn started more since the fill? I was told by my doc i should experience some heartburn, but if yours is that extreme it could possible be too tight of a fill? I also dont eat anything after 6:00pm just drink liquids usually tea or water and that has helped with heartburn tremendously.
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Hart burn after a fill = to tight, ( cheekily asked my consultant yesterday for you)
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You will not have hunger pains. The small amount will make you feel like you ate a big mac , I promise. FYI it's not about the money it's about wanting to be healthy for your self and family. I have been struggling my entire life to be thin and healthy. I have had the gastric done and the lap. I'm currently at 152 as of today and in a size 10 for the first time in my life..... The support you get from home will make a huge difference in your successful you go girl.....
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Thanks for letting me know :-)... I have done several diets (haven't we all) I stay dedicated and strict with myself but felt hungry all the time so I then have into temptation and that's it game over again. I so as long as I don't feel hungry I know I can and will succeed like you have :-)
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