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I've had big tits for years and my whole life work...

I've had big tits for years and my whole life work and personal has been defined by them. When I weighed 48kgs I was 32d now I'm 65kg I'm 34 h if not bigger. As you hit middle age they get even bigger. I've had back ache neck ache. They sag and currently look like a pair of untethered barrage balloons that could have single handely saved Coventry from the Second World War bombing. My nipples look like the noses on sniffer dogs, permanently pointed at the ground. When I have my dressing gown on my waist is bigger than my chest. It's just gross.

Anyway I've had nothing but trouble with my neck which has always been booked down to an old riding accident. Well I got this really good male masseur who said to me that's not your neck that's the size of your boobs you can get that done on the nhs.
So off I troll to the gp who promptly said no. He also said no to HRT. I think he doesn't do women's bits that well he panics. Anyway I decided to draw foen a pension early , paid £4900 and had the op yesterday at BMI blackheath.
I saw the surgeon about 4 weeks ago. He's an nhs consultant at a teaching hospital and a plastic surgeon. That's important and something that I'd advise anyone thinking about surgery to look for. He said that I would be suitable and that I would liaise about 0.5kg per breast. Bmi did a very comprehensive pre op check I was advised to have a mammogram and they chased down ECG work I had done in the nhs. On the day the staff were very helpful and the anaesthetist was big into pain relief and anti emetics as there is a higher risk of puking after breast surgery. He was very professional and considered all aspects of my health. I have a dropped heart beat. I found it a bit disconcerting to have the surgeon drawing all over my breasts before hand. It did cross my mind that i wad paying him to do this when I'm sure that there are dodgy clubs in London where I'd get paid for it. But once in the theatre I went out like a light , dreamt about work for god's sake , and came round without throwing up which is a first got me. They also hooked me up to a morphine pump which I made ample use of all night. No pain for me although eventually I did puke after that prodigious consumption and I deserved every minute of that. I hit the button 40 times. In fact in the op 0.8kg was removed from each breast. The surgeon said my right was slightly bigger than my left which im glad to say i agreed with. I eould have been slightly worried if he'd said the other way round. My first sensation on waking up was that I didn't have a massive weight on my chest and i could breathe I was discharged today at lunchtime. I was in 24 hours. This time 24 hours ago I was in theatre and I'm at home with my pain managed by ibuprofen although they've also given me 30mg co codamol which I will probably use tonight. My tits are currently strapped up with my nipples poking out like rovers nose. They look swollen but ok, not as if they ate about to drop off. (One of the less pleasant potenyial outcomes) My tits are swollen and look like cricket balls but this should go down. I see the surgeon next week. Strapping off in two days but not the dressing. I've got a sports bra in an estimated size from m&s. I've seen that zip up front is z good idea.

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Still happy. Screwed up my meds on Thursday and I...

Still happy. Screwed up my meds on Thursday and I ended up feeling very sorry for myself but I'm back to normal. I thought I could run before I could walk. Rover ( my right boob) is bigger than Rex. They are still pretty rock solid, I look like the women in madmen but without the need for a bra. I dont think ive been this perky since i was 15. I bought a 36e zip front sports bra which is a bit too big on the band size but its comfortable. I reckon I will end up around a 34c. Any discomfort is more than offset by the removal of the strain on my back and neck.
Worse thing so far is the constipation , laxitives aren't even shifting anything and the constant post op nausea which might be due to the constipation. I'm about to double the dose.
See the surgeon next Wednesday for a follow up and back to work same day!



Um have just put on an old old bra 34f which fits very nicely. I dread to think what size I was before , because I have gone down at least one dress size and lost 1.6kg. I am now starting to suspect that I was a 34j or k and not the 34h I was kidding myself. It looks like I had a pair of st Bernard's in the kennels and not Rottweilers. I should shrink back to a d or c fingers crossed. I do hope so, these are now so in your face in a totally different way. My sister a 34d on a good day reckons they're the smallest they've been since I was 15. I have no pain. My neck is great. The only downside is I am showing an allergic reaction to the tape so I'm having to take anti histamine. Dithering about whether to take hrt tomorrow or wait till I've seen the surgeon on Wednesday. Looking at everyone here I think the post op in the uk may be slightly different as there less emphasis in the uk on post op bras, drains etc. What I would say is that a good surgeon with a track record and a commitment to post operative care and corrections if necessary is a must.
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OMG your description of your boobs has me rolling in tears of laughter here.  But I totally understand!

Glad to hear you are on the other side with a nice set of perkies!   Keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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Post op review today. Slight scab on left nipple...

Post op review today. Slight scab on left nipple which may be problematic for infection so will have to keep an eye on it. 8 days in I'm not on painkillers and back in work. I will have to go back for lipo as I had so much to take off if they had done what was needed they couldn't have preserved the blood supply to the nipple. That increased the risk if it dropping off. I think I stick with the lipo option. Am as happy as Larry absolutely over the moon


I'm so happy for you .! Congratulations !!! Isn't it great.! Il be so glad when all this recovery is over !
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Hi Elle, did you have Matt James? I'm having him for mine at BMI Shirley Oaks on 9th April, happy but scared. Been told to get some Tamazepam in to take on the day.
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Elle! So great to read your story and to hear that you are healing well! Hurray! I cannot wait for that feeling of the neck & shoulder pain being gone, I am pinching myself. Thanks for the recommendation by the way on the front zip sports bra from M&S - i think I will order one of those. Will ask surgeon what he thinks, the clinic recommends a surgical bra from Macon - but the surgeon himself said any sports bra will do. Arrgh, so confused. I think you are right, they dont seem to be as focused on the bra afterwards in the UK. Anyhow, so excited to hear you are over the moon and keep us updated on how you are doing! x
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