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Firstly, I want to thank everyone that has posted...

Firstly, I want to thank everyone that has posted on this website. I found it so reassuring and it really helped affirm my decision. I’ve gone on a fair bit so bear with me....here’s my story: I had implants in August 2002, at the age of 21, because I believed I needed them. I only wanted to go up to about a D and ended up a G cup! I never really liked them. In a bikini or naked I felt I looked good, they looked pretty natural but dressed I felt like Dolly Parton and never wore revealing things as just didn't feel comfortable doing so and there were so many amazing styles of clothes that made me look so much bigger than I am because of the size of my top half. I'd planned to, after the 20 years I could safely keep them in, have them removed....and then I found out I had the PIP implants. I'd been switching myself off to all the news reports about the PIP scandal thinking it was something that had happened to women with new implants, not something that had been going on for years. When I finally paid attention to the full report I looked on my surgeon's website and saw that he had posted a bulletin stating that between certain years he had indeed been using the PIP implants and I fell smack bang within that timeframe.

I contacted the hospital and they were able to confirm that I did indeed have the offending PIP implants. I was gutted to say the least. I knew I was going to have them removed at some point but not now, not at 31! I planned for this when I was 40 and had a family and settled and O MY GOD!! I freaked just a little (a lot). I was lucky in that removal was being offered free of charge. Replacements would be £3,800. Had I have had them done 2 years later they would have been done for free, My surgeon was working on the basis that the nearer you got to 10 years of having them, the closer you would be to having them removed any way and so the cost of replacements went from free up to full price. If they were ruptured, the replacement would be free of charge. I stupidly began hoping they were ruptured. I’d just started a new job (literally weeks earlier) and the thought of having such an obvious sudden shape change in a small company where everyone notices EVERYTHING was terrifying. I also don’t cope well with anaesthetic and am difficult to wake and always sick and found it a scary experience. I have an amazing partner who has been hugely supportive of my decision.

We're trying to clear debt and save for a future so don't have nearly £4k just sitting about but he offered to sell his Cello if I wanted to have replacements. I had the usual dramatic female thoughts of "how will he feel if I no longer have big boobs!?"....I joked that I was a form of false advertising. He kept quiet and said he’d support whatever I decided as wanted me to make the decision for myself. I knew I didn't want them, I was just scared at how I'd look - would I be deformed, would he still fancy me.....you know how it is ladies! We lay in bed one night and I asked him “what do you think I should do?” and he finally answered with something along the lines of “I think you should have them removed. This has been so stressful for you, can you imagine going through something like this when you have a family?”. I was so relieved and decided there and then that I was going to go ahead with a complete removal.

My appointment with the surgeon was emotional. I didn’t feel he was too bothered about how hard this was on me and what I’d been through. I cried when he told me ‘they won’t look good, there will be a dip in the chest and sagging’. When I saw the picture of my breasts and how they’d looked before my first op, I cried more. They were amazing! Pert and perfect and what the hell had I been thinking or seeing to think I needed to be bigger. What a moron!! I told my close friends and my family. They were supportive despite my friends giving me the new nickname of ‘asbestos tits’. Don’t be shocked, this is how my friends and I are, turning everything into a comedy sketch! It was good to be joking about it and they were also all amazing and constantly reassuring me that I was going to look great! I booked 4 days of work from a Thursday to Tuesday returning to the office Wednesday. These were the first days of holiday to use since joining in January. In the run-up to the op I started eating healthier to loose some weight (lost a half stone) to facilitate the lie that I was working on about my sudden physical change. I also wore loose clothes and minimising bras to hide my big bust as much as possible. People noticed the weight loss...I told them I was going to do a juice diet on my days off too....hmmm a juice diet that eradicates breasts? Let’s see how this works! Risky! I’m hoping that even if the big change is noticed, nobody is going to be gutsy enough to ask the new girl questions but the rumour mill will fly!

The op! April 25th 2012 – Up early and nil by mouth which my other half needlessly did with me, bless him! The nurse that came to go over the procedure obviously hadn’t read my notes properly and when she realised I was having just a removal and not a replacement, the look on her face! Honestly, you’d think I’d just told her “I’m going to have a penis surgically attached to my forehead instead”. She was genuinely shocked and started asking questions about ‘why’ and all that fear I had resurfaced and had me blubbing again....which soon put a stop to her insensitive questions. Unhelpful and unprofessional. After my surgery, even wrapped up and in a gown I already liked my new shape! Seeing my breasts for the first time was a shock as there is a dip in the chest and the dressings underneath push them into an odd and unflattering shape but, in a sports bra, they were fine and I even still have a bit of a cleavage! I also noticed that I my arms fit better against my sides and don’t push against breast when I lift them up and down. And when my partner hugged me it was a whole new experience as we were even closer together. Such an odd thing to enjoy I know, but these little differences really made me smile. Can’t wait to try one of those push-up bra numbers! Two days after surgery, as I sit propped up typing this, I am admittedly a little sore and have had a little bleeding from one breast but I’m told by the other half that’s because I ‘won’t bloody well sit still!’. I’m already perusing on-line shopping sites and looking at all the styles of things that I can now confidently wear. Yes I do have a dip in my chest (only visible when naked) but I know from looking at the other helpful reviews on here that this will fill a bit over the next few weeks. I may not have the full perky, firm boobs that we are told are sexy, but what I have are mine. I can dress them up how I like and I love how soft they feel!! I will post pictures on here of how I am looking in another few weeks time and update those that are curious as to how my return to work went. Right before I head of to Spain on a girl’s holiday and the new me makes her debut in a very different sized bikini in fact! My advice to those wanting to go back to natural? DO IT! If your other half tells you to have the replaced? Tell him you’d like him to have a penis enlargement and see how that makes him feel. Then dump him and go find yourself a decent man! Thanks for reading. If this helps anyone a fraction of how the other stories helped me, then I’m happy. Good luck! Asbestos bits x

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Free removal which is good. Unprofessional administration. Unprofessional nurse care. Uncaring advice.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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My breast look just like yours G cups. I am removing mine on the 11th. Like you I only wanted a D but 17years later they grew. What size are you now? Thanks- you look great post op.
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Your breast look AMAZING! I can only imagine how awesome they look now months later! You are too funny.. if your man wants you to have big boobs, tell him to get a penis enlargement then dump him LOL best advice EVER.
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That was such a Great Story!!! I also had mine for 20 years plus. I had the same fears you spoke of. All is good now. I am 57 and was able to heal up Great. And yes the price seems to keep going up on even removal. I thought best get this done while I am young enough with no problems. And yes a hug is so nice now without footballs in front of me. Great Story. Glad you are happy and yes they will fill in over time. Thanks, Ellen
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Brilliant story of your journey. I am looking to have explant Spring 2014 when I've got enough money saved. If anyone out there in early fifties has had explant would love to hear of experience and outcome!
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Hi flowergirl. I am 57 almost 58...I am sooooo happy I got those footballs out. Now no worries...Plus I look my size and those boobs made me look bigger than I was. It took time to get it to where I am now. Was so worth it. I really thought I would look pretty bad after removeal. Was a nice surprise to see I went back and even ended up with alittle bigger than when I started. I would say go for it. Love , Ellen and good luck : )
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Hi thanks for replying. Have you posted any before and after pics. Did you have uplift at same time. Which clinic and doc did you use. Pleased ya happy with outcome. I have alot of saving to do!!!!!
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No lift. I got lucky and picked the cheapest doc I could find on the phone. He did a great job. Also forgot to mention that I got feeling back in my boobs after eplant. The docter told me I would. I just did not believe that would happen. He told me the implants cause the feeling loss. He was right. I did get most of it back. Just so many good things to report from getting them out. Hard to remember all of them because it has been a year now. Plus the older I get and the way medical is going up every day. Just for me seem right. I would say good to look around and ask like you are. In the end best to go with what makes you happy. I did not keep before pics. The after I did post on my page. I do wear padded bra's here and there. Just depends on what I am wearing. Most times not. If you look at my page it tells the docter. One girl on here went to him from here. I would say because of price. Keep on your savings and I wish you the Best !!! Love , Ellen
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gypsy90 That was such a Great Story. I had to laugh for sure. You really do look good.
Even better to tell your man to get a penis enlarge ment if He is not happy. That was the best and then dump him...You do have your mind in the correct state...Thank you so much
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Send some more pics !!!!!!
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Thank you for your candid story! I loved reading every word of it and am so glad you can laugh about this. I think you look absolutely beautiful and it will just get better with time. Once again, thank you for helping so many other women by sharing your journey!

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I have been talking to my mom about what I would say people if they asked what happened to my boobs when I finally have the expant...she told me to responded their question with "Why do you ask?" and 9 times out of 10 that simple question stops rude people in their tracks!
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Looking good chick ! you did the right thing, u dont need the stress of what if and when, now u know ur all natural and should never have to go through all that worry again, you still have a good size breast, so with carefull dressing at work I'm sure they wont notice, but if ur still worried try those boost you two size bras, they really do the trick and have to say pretty comfy, they have them in primark, matalan, and most bra shops.but be honest I dont think you'll need one , keep smiling xx
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Wishing you the best with your recovery! Brilliant positive attitude to get you through this all :D And FWIW, you look FANTASTIC!
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They look perfect !
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btw i love your juicer story. brilliant. also i wear scarves all the time anyway so i dont look like i have a new fetish ;-)
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haha me too :) and it is winter here also so it doesnt look too strange!
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congrats asbestosbits. well done on your explant...you look amazing!! - just think what they will look like with fluffing and some lovely bras! x
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Hello, your story is so like mine! I'm 31 and had the pip implants aged 21 too. I really appreciate you telling your story and posting photos (you look great by the way, I really mean that- I can see no dip!) because I have my surgery soon. I am very curious how you get on back at work because I am having the same worries. I say somewhere else someone suggested getting scarves that hang down which I plan to do. I also got a couple of the geni bras which have a bit of padding in and no underwiring in (please note I dont actually no if my surgeon will say these bras are ok, need to check with him). Good luck with your recovery x
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Hello Andi22!

Thank you for your kind words and well done you on making the decision to go full removal, I know it’s a hard one!

I am now day 2 of being back at work having returned 6 days after my surgery. I stopped taking the painkillers they gave me after 2 days as they turned my brain to mush and I needed a clear head to be back at work. I found that I wasn’t too uncomfortable and ibuprofen did the trick if needed.

Right, to the important matter of LIES AND FASHION! - I think the fact that I never wore (especially in the office) revealing or very tight clothes on my top half has helped my situation. I never felt comfortable with them on show so I wore looser things which unfortunately made me look a bigger clothes size than I am (apart from a few shift dresses which I won’t wear again until people have gotten used to a smaller me so as not to be too obvious). As I stated above, I started my deception in the run up to the op by wearing minimising bras (sports bras work well too as squish everything down) and wearing loose cardigans over brightly patterned coloured tops (Aztec and colour blocking is in fashion so this helped lots!). I also told people I was dieting and did managed to shift a few pounds to convince people!

Coming back to work yesterday I was very nervous about how I looked and I really needn’t have been! I hate wearing my sports bra as doesn’t give a very flattering shape but I doubt we’re allowed to wear anything with shape in yet but do let me know if your surgeon says yes and I am in! Scarves are a good idea but people may wonder why you have a sudden scarf fetish and think you’ve gone love bite mad so I’d advise not to wear them every day or you’ll be having different rumours! I wore a standard black skirt, my usual big heels and on top I had the same thing I used to disguise how big I was before as it works both ways!! A brightly coloured (purples and pinks) blotchy patterned round neck top (round neck makes your top look bigger than v neck!) tucked into the skirt (we want to show a nice silhouette darrrling!) and a cardigan that had a silk neckline than ran all the way down the front of the cardigan. Don’t do it up, just wear it loose for a couple of weeks. Cardigans with a busy neckline like ruffles or anything similar works as ‘busies’ the top area giving something else to focus on than the boobs themselves. I also wore a HUGE chunky necklace that sat just below my throat. Today I am wearing an Aztec patterned top in darker colours with a different cardigan but a blazer or suit jacket would also work well as long as not done up.

I walked into the office and within an hour I’d had 4 people say to me “wow, the 4 days holiday have done you well, you look great! You’ve lost weight!”. HORAR! I think people noticed a change but because the lack of big boobs has changed my shape completely up top, everyone thinks I’ve lost a load of weight (I have not). My response to people was “Thanks! I bought a juicer and went a bit juice mad over the past week!”. I have also been asked where I got my juicer….looks like I’ve started the girls in the office on a juice diet fad. Oops! – I do actually have a juicer and have been bring my bottles of homemade juice in to further concrete my lie!

If any of my closer friends in the office ever have the guts to mention that my boobs have shrunk I intend saying something along the lines of “I know, it always go from where you don’t want it to and what with the dieting and coming off/changing my pill…..”. Sneaky I know but honestly, who’s going to question it!?

I intend to wear loose boring cardigans and blazers until I am out of this bloody awful sports bra and then I can wear padded ones and finally (FINALLY!), I can wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to! Pretty fitted dresses and things! My top half will look bigger and fuller and nobody will suspect a thing and of this I am now confident!

Pros of lying:
People don’t stare at your chest to see if they can tell/notice the difference
You don’t have to wonder ‘who’s told who’
You don’t have to explain the same story about PIP scandal over and over every time you go to the kitchen
You get to shop for new things!
You get to keep your private business PRIVATE!

Cons of lying:
You have to lie!
You have to hide your new fab figure for a couple of weeks
You don’t get to ‘take it easy’ on your first day back because nobody knows you’re a bit delicate

I wish you all the very best of luck. If you post a story on here, will you let me know? I’d be really interested in following your progress!

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Hi thanks so much for your detailed update, I am so going to steal the juicer story. I regret a bit now that I have already told my work i am having an operation, rather than just saying I was having time off. I didnt say the reasons obviously, but i wanted to take sick leave rather than holiday, and I also occassionally have to move equipment round in the office and needed an explanation as to why I cant do it for a few weeks. I intend to say 'womens problems' if they ask for more details to embarass them into asking no more!

I'm wearing baggier clothes now and scarves. Love your fetish comment haha :) Fortunately because it is winter where I am it doesnt look too odd. Thats a good idea on the patterned baggy tops, I have already been wearing a sports bra constantly so they look smaller. Today am wearing one of the geni bras without padding and they are quite unflatteringly flattening- which right now is a good thing!

Love your sense of humour about it all :) Your new boobs look great and actually still pretty big!! What size do you reckon they are now?

Good luck with your recovery and I'll keep you posted :) xx
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I also have the PIP implants, I will get them remove in June, but I will get a breast lift with implants, I hope this time things go better!
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Best of luck to you Tinabelly! I hope they are everything you hope and wish for! x
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They look good, even on the first day. I am sure the fluffing fairy will be kind to you!! I love how you have kept your sense of humor about the whole thing, as I find it's what really helps you get through things in life!
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Thank you! I have updated with the 'before' and an 'after' front view pictures as they didn't load up first time.

You were right, they have already 'fluffed' a bit up the top. They look much better in a bra and I love how they feel!
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