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Hi there, I have had 295 cc pip gel implants since...

Hi there, I have had 295 cc pip gel implants since 2005. At that time I was 34a/b and now im 36dd. Sine I have pips, transform (London) have agreed to remove them for free. I do not wish to do anything to my boobs after this and want to stay as natural as possible. I know at first I did rot my head thinking how il look without the implants as my ps has told me that it won't look good compared to now,(although they look pretty sagged with the implants in)! I'd like to share what I feel with all those courageous ladies here who worries about how their boobs will look after implant removal. I think it's not about how yul look but how yul feel. It doesn't bother me what ppl will think but what I think, and what I think is I want them out no matter how much I sag, as long as I stay more healthier without these rocks being inside me, at the end of the day when will those wonder bra come handy??!!! So go on with yur instincts and don't worry too much about the outcome of how they'll look, but how light they'll be n how grt yul feel with no worries of complications ahead. I'll update after I hear from them in regards to the removal dates. Till them think positive n have faith n courage to be more healthier

Yea go with what u have been advised, during my implantation I ended up getting hard capsules, at that time I used cocoa butter n since then my scar tissues are much softer than then.
I'll certainly check it out, thanks! The nurse suggested bio oil or E45, and mentioned it's not so much the product as the massage motion, but my skins is a little delicate in general, so have to only stick with mild non-greasy products.
I've read palmers bust firming cream got 5 stars as reviews, but wonder if women who have explant can use it.

Ppl have given such great reviews about that cream, google it.

Hi everyone, im feeling lucky maybe, got a call...

Hi everyone, im feeling lucky maybe, got a call from the patient coordinator today n have an appt to see the nurse this sat n a provision date to explant on the 23rd of Feb. Hope that doesn't get delayed to a later date. Can't complain with the speed tranform has showed me.

Wish me luck n I'll keep up with the update.

Many thanks.
Hi gypsy90 n cantwaittobenatural,

I have trouble logging on here n end up creating a new profile name, this is the third time, so im thinking of create a new thread so I can upload pics.

Anyways coming back to the explant, it wasn't too bad, came back to my ward in one hour. I had Dr khan at transform, he is so fast n sometimes that worries u but I guess he knows what he is doing at the same time.

I had no drains, and he removed the capsules only as much as needed since they were soft. I got nice white thick plasters that's holding both my breast nice n firm. I don't feel any pain from the surgery but the tightness of the bra that cuts into my side (not even the incisions)!!! So discomfort on the sides near my arms from the tight bra.

I went straight to m&s to change the bras that I had bought n got a medium impact twin Pac sports bra that fit so nicely, n guess wat? Unlike other bras, the one that actually fitted me was 36d! But bcos of the incision I got 38c. Im 36b actually, but thanks to this style which is 36d. Makes me feel good just saying that. I'll post the name etc if u r interested to know. Breast don't look wow wow due to the way they wud have been handled by the implants, capsules and the Dr, but wow to the tissues still in there. They will defo fluff up with time which I'm looking forward. I'll keep up with the update in a new thread soon. Good luck with yur day girls.
thinking of you today
hope that it all went extremely well and you are now recovering and beginning to feel really excited about being a happy, healthy, gorgeously natural woman again
Thank u, yur supports means alot to me.
Reply do I start? My explant was yesterday,... do I start?
My explant was yesterday, in one line i'll say, 'Thank God'. Feel so great and happy with everything including the looks and freedom im experiencing. Im uploading my before(melon looking) n after(getting- there-natural looking) breast pics.

I was back in my ward with in an hour, not in pain, no drains, no other complications, Thank God. My silicone PIP were intact and not leaking, my doc removed some capusules that were necessary.

Im quite surprised and happy with the tissues left and they dont look too bad being the first day, Im awaiting for the day they will fluff up, which I know will come soon the way it came to most of you lovely ladies here who have got over it and fluffed so nicely.

I am as for today a 36b, but I got this particular style medium impact support sport bra from M&S straight after getting discharged, and guess what? the one that fitted me was 36d!!!(credit goes to the style of that bra) I couldnt believe it but loved the fit. While Il be wearing this style atleast I can say Im a 'd' cup. I think the best bras are the ones you dont feel that u r wearing them, n these ones score 100% with that, so light on your ribcage yet firm enough for the breast. Didnt want to get the high compact as yet cos im not planning to do anything heavy for the next 6 weeks.

My right breast was slightly smaller than left from before my implant, its still slightly smaller after the explant, but in the pic the doc has put a plaster on the smaller one just under the nipple area if u notice unlike the other side, making it look very assymetrical, which is not the case in real regarding the left over tissues, so ladies dont get put off by just looking at it as there is more under that plaster :)

Pls feel free to ask any questions. Il be happy to answer if it helps others here.

Id like to say for those ladies who plan for an explant, just go for it, u wont regret the feeling. I honestly love holding these smaller ones in comparison to the bigger versions. I wudnt say I regret getting the implants, at that time I felt I wud do with them and had enjoyed the size but hated the feel of foreign things in me....but now i felt time has come to remove them esp that they were PIPs and had to be removed one day then y not when it was free of charge! now when I have got rid of them im loving these more and more and its not even yet 24 hours to my explant and I may have gently held them 24 times and smiled to myself.

To all of us here, we may not have liked smaller tits that we had before until we messed them up with implanting bigger ones infront of them. For us to realise how good we were in smaller sizes that God had made us, we went and learnt thru the harder way, but cheers for learning it.

Good luck to all with their process, be it thinking stage, explanting stage or recovering stage.
and have changed my name from cantwaittobenaturalagain
to naturalagain - and so happy about that!
U look great naturalagain. Hope u r feeling positive about how u look and not anymore insecured like the way u were today morning?
Yeah I want capsule removed too I'm counting down the days xEx

I had my appointment with the nurse today. So...

I had my appointment with the nurse today. So relieved that the tapes are gone! Like the implants!

Itchiness that was driving me mad has gone down after I finally washed the tape glue n build up of those tapes for a week now. She mentioned as stitches heal they get drier hence skin stretches n that makes us itch.

They look so much better now. Even she was shock n so pleased to see what she saw.

Although she did tell me not to over rest either as that won't let my body to absorb any fluid that has retained in my breast after the surgery.

She gave me gauzes to keep my incisions dry at night from sweat. And advised me to start massaging 2 weeks from surgery date in circular motions.

Since I was post one week, she asked me to keep the incisions hygienicly clean always as im still prone to infection if I neglect. I don't smoke, but she asked me to not smoke as prevention for infection.

Im so glad to be free of implants n tapes n hope all of you get wat u want too. Keep healing and stay positive girls.
wow! well done woman!

who was your doc? mine was the same case, no bandage only plasters that popped up the breasts and made them look odd at that time, but now on the 12th day, i look better n better day by day. Again mine was initially hard to begin with but as i had said earlier, they hardness disappeared a day before the op and during the pre op screen the doc said i had capsules on the right but during the op it was actually the left that had the capsules, so even i felt i was cheated there, but again the doc said he only removed some capsules that was needed.

im so happy for u n u will be so fine soon, give it time to shape n groom, keep healing a stay positive n keep updating your progress.
Gypsy gypsy gypsy, finally your big day arrived too, u will be so relieved by the end if today.

I will keep you in my prayers today n will pray for yur recovery and your desired outcome.

Yul be fine and I'll wait for your update. Keep informing us with your progress.
Hi all ,golden1234, yes Its all done n dusted ! went to theatre at 12.20pm yesterday, and woke up about 1.15pm in recovery. so didnt take long at all,not in any pain no bra or bandage, just big plasters underneath, got antibiotics to take , have to say they dont look too pretty LOL but I didnt expect them too, so im not fazed ! and the plasters are kind of propping them up so they look a bit odd ! anyway I will get my pics on at some point very soon, I feel good about it at the moment , although surgeon said re the CC he couldnt understand why I was having any problems with the hardening, guess when he opened up there was no evidence of it, so I felt a bit cheated ,but I had to remind my self of my other health issues and how that was a very valid reason for removal. anyhow, thanks for your support it makes a huge difference :0)

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well. ...

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well.

Its the 14th day today and it couldnt be getting better, im feeling so good about the whole thing, pain almost gone! not even on my scars.

I have been cleansing and toning them with quality and expensive products. I scrubed them today with a face scrub incl the scars, they reacted well. I use aztec indian healing clay on them once a week and moisturize them with hyluronic serum and palmers bust friming cream twice a day. I also give them ice treatment for 15 mins each daily.

I religiously do the above and make a point to softly massage them twice a day.

I want to start light breast exercise from tomorrow.

They look visibly well lifted to my eyes compared to the 1st day. I m still a cup size 'c'

I just cant wait to sleep on my belly now, which is something im looking forward.

Hope all of you are healing well. keep updating pls.
Golden, how's things?
Sorryn it's been a long time;)
Went to the docs, fluid ok, started massaging and stuff. Nipples seem a bit tender. Is that normal?
Now i have Mondor's Cords? you heard of them? They are, what look like tendons attached to your scar under your breast. And when you lift your arms up they pull tight, they also run alway down my abdomen. Apparently they are a complicatin, but do clear up with iburofen cream/ tabs and massage. Hey I have had every complication going ha ha x
hi lisalou,

things are all well, growing boobs day by like a teenager : P

My nipples are a little sensitive than b4 and i was been told its normal during recovery.

Im so sorry to hear of those cords and all poor u r going thru. Here's a big huge virtual hug for hanging on and smiling...A little i know about it: Mondor's Cord is not really a complication, as it goes away on it's own and doesn't cause any permanent damage or problems. Most surgeons will recommend warm compresses and/or ibuprofen for discomfort.

U r a strong woman and will soon enjoy the newer u. Keep smiling girl!
you are right Golden, just another issue really not complication as you said.
My nipples are really sensitive, just thought it was me stressing. Glad it's a normal issue, hopefully they will settle down soon. Also are you getting like a sharp shooting pain sometimes in them?
You ok? Just Suzie saqid about your stitches babe x

It's the 23rd of since my explant and im a little...

It's the 23rd of since my explant and im a little upset on myself! : (

On my one week post appointment when I went to see the nurse to take off my mad ithcy plasters, she trimmed off the ends of the strings used to stitch me up that were sticking out. When I came home I saw that it wasnt trimmed too close and there was still some sticking out. I called the clinic and was told that bcos they are dissolvable that end will snap off as it gets dissolved.

I waited, untill yesterday when i noticed every other area nicely healing and drying but the area that had this sticking string wasnt closely healing and that string had started giving me a sharp discomforting feeling when I touched it or my bra touched it.

I called the clinic again, and the nurse said it was just fine to snap it with scissors if it hasnt fallen off yet.
Last night the pain was quite feelable and discomforting. I got a little brave and got a scissors today morning, as I was cutting it, I dont kow how but I think I must have sligthly pulled that string from inside while the scissors was chewing the string in attempt to cut it!

Now the pain has got worse and hurts no matter what I do. Im upset on my own skills : (
I could have never been a doctor!!

Has anyone gone through that string pain apart from my failed skills?
You look great post explant, much more natural, and you are quite filled out, I think you look better now.
hi sirena,

I agree to what u think, my jaw drops when i look at my implant pics and think what was on with me? They looked so fake to my eyes, and i feel so natural now. How r u keeping?
Hi golden, how are you doing now? Is the stitch starred to soften yet. Just think you are nearly there! All behind you, what a fantastic feeling. Xxxx

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are well. I...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are well.

I completed 6 weeks yesterday and had my post 6 weeks check up with the nurse. Everything so good so far and Im now allowed to go back to my routine life. As long as I dont overdo my breasts or scars Im ok to wear underwired, do active sports at gym, run or sleep on my belly!

Back to normal now. My breasts feel and look much much better now. Ill see if I can post a new pic. All I'll say is Im happy with my journey, it happened too fast and time flew like anything. I am enjoying life and the clothes I wear to maximum now.

All the best to all the brave women on here. Keep posting n healing.
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Hi Kentucky, stop taking the vit E as it will interfere with your healing. Speak to your surgeon about when it is safe to take again. The lift should remove the extra skin, as for scars I swear by Dermatix and Bio oil daily (Dermatix twice a day for the first 6 months to a year and Bio oil daily indefinitely). Good luck, I'm sure they will look fabulous.
I am a 42 year old woman and have had three surgerys due to capsular contracture of my right breast. I am massageing and taking accolate as well as vitamin e Looks like I will be facing my fourth and hopefulley finally surgery.. I am scared. What about scars? Could there be more surgerys? The doctor wants to do a simple lift.? What about the extra skin ? I cant wait to get back to my beautiful self.again.

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