Hi there bootifull ladies :) I'm new to this...

Hi there bootifull ladies :)

I'm new to this website and already addicted!. For as long as remember I have always been unhappy with my body, especially my flat bottom and muffin top :(. I think it's time for a positive change and gain me some confidence. I want some hips...curvy pert the hourglass figure....

I'm 31 and have three children. I live in the UK and this type of surgery does not seem as popular here compared to places like the US. If any of you ladies have any experiences of this procedure in the UK, please let me know!!. I was contemplating traveling to Miami, but with the long flight and being so far away from home....I'm not so sure.

Anyhow I have 2 consultations booked for 19th December at Harley street. One with Dr Aamer and the other with Dr Wolf. I'm uncertain if they can offer me the results I'm after but worth a try.

So excited at the prospect that I may be in reach of my dream body/booty


Have also been doing some research on other doctors in Europe and U.S. I'm loving the results of work done by Dr Salama and contemplating travelling to get the best reults. Have been in touch with Salam's office, I emailed Cynthia with my photos on the 27th Nov. I still have'nt heard anything. Anyone know how long they take to respond??
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Hey I'm from the UK! I'm travelling to Miami in Feb to get the BBL. if I'm honest with you I'd say it's a waste of time and money getting it done in the UK as u won't see a difference at all. The most they put in is 200cc whereas out in America it's more like 1200cc. Consider travelling as there's a few girls from overseas that have.
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Hi there Natalie :) Thanks for your reply! How exciting...feb is not long now, look forward to seeing your results. But I have to say, you already have an amazing shape. I'm going for the London consultations, however I do think 99% of me knows I won't get what I want. I have also contacted dr salama, emailed my pics 4 days ago...but no reply yet :( I love his work but my only concern would be the safety aspect of flying eg blood clots, did you speak to dr salama regarding this?. I'm a real big whimp lol xx

Hi there bbl ladies...hope you are all doing well....

Hi there bbl ladies...hope you are all doing well. I had my first consultations yesterday. My first one was at the Harley street skin clinic, with Lesley Reynolds. Although she's not the surgeon, I did expect her to be able to fully answer all my questions or concerns if she's representing DR Amer Khan. Her answers were very vague and closed and did'nt come across very helpful. When I bought up issues regarding the massages and compression garments...she simply said we don't do either..and that they would kill the fat cells?!. Moving on I asked to see some photos of patients. She showed me two tiny pics of previous clients....and one was a media image that I have already seen. When I asked if there were anymore I could see she said there are but she can't show me as they have names of the patients on them..... I was not very impressed to say the least!. She quoted me roughly £5500.

My next one was at the private clinic, met Dr Wolf...he came across as a warm professional person. He went into detail on how the bbl procedure would be carried out step by step, risks and also showed me where he could take the fat from and the areas he could fill out. and addressed all concerns. He clarified and stressed the importance of the compression garment and LMD. He also reassured me that if there were ever any problems post op, I could come and see him. Also had a look at his work. With most of the clients there was a subtle change...there was one clients results which were wow. His quote was £6500.

I do think seeing is believing and the lack of photos is off putting and also both surgeons use vaser liposuction. I'm not convinced that this is as effective as traditional liposuction when carrying out bbl.

I have also been in touch with Dr Aslani, and hopefully will have a consultation with him in the new year.

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Happy new year everyone!!! Hope your all doing...

Happy new year everyone!!! Hope your all doing well. Having trouble convincing my hubby at the moment. He keeps insisting that I don't need to do this :( He's says I'm beautiful, healthy and that's what matter and I should'nt mess with my body.
I don't think he understands how much my body bothers me. I'm not very vocal about it, but I'm never happy in what I wear and resort to boring black baggy clothes :( Not a day goes by where I don't feel down about my body.
I have another consultation booked with Dr Aslani in Spain. This is my last resort, I don't think I would be able to travel all the way to Miami (Dr Salama would have been my first choice if my circumstances allowed it, love his work!!!). My skype consultation with Dr Aslani is on the 17th this month. Wish me luck girls!! xx


Hourglass sweetie! I totally agree with you, the bit about the tiny pics that you had already seen in the media was so funny! I had my consultation with you know who and I asked him exactly that; can I see your b.a photos please, why do you not have any in your rs gallery Dr.? His response put the brakes on for me. If I can't see evidence of your work, I don't think I will go for it. BBL is a visual thing and I need visual proof of your expertise not just verbal...
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Heya, try e-mailing Cynthia again directly from his website. I e-mailed this way and it took about 3 days for her to respond. She e-mailed me yesterday and asked me for my pics to show Dr Salama's and said she would get back to me within 3 working days with a price and his feedback. If the price is ok I may go to Miami, maybe we could go together? Accommodation is super expensive though and I don't want to stay in a Motel!
Hey there, I did eventually get a response along with quote and Dr Salama said I am a suitable candidate. I would love to say, lets go!!!! lol...if only things were that simple. I've done a lot of thinking and although I know I would get the results I want with Dr Salama, the risks are way too high. As your aware, post op all our bodies react differently. God forbid if anything was to go wrong 2 weeks later post op and I'm here in the UK, what will I do. Unlikely but what if :( and the doctors here won't want to touch another surgeons work. I am really disheartened though wanted to go to Miami. xx

Helloo there gorgeous ladies, I'm one happy...

Helloo there gorgeous ladies,

I'm one happy bunny today :D I had my consultation with Dr Aslani yesterday. It was perfect, in fact it went so well that the consultation began with my husband completely anti surgery to him agreeing!!!. Dr Aslani is lovely, professional and has a great sense of humor. He dealt really well with all the weird and wonderful questions my husband bombarded him with.

We spoke about the kind of shape I am hoping for and referred to his web page (which has some excellent new bbl images). He asked my weight, height and any health issues. Although he had my images I showed him my fat deposits during the consultation lol...and he asked me to pinch the fat, which I found amusing lol. Dr Aslani assured me I have plenty of fat and that I have a wide enough base to lay the fat.

He said from a aesthetic point of view may surgeons would recomend a tummy tuck for my abdomen. However he said he'll give me his personal opinion too, and said if you were my sister (which was so sweet i thought) I would say get the best you can out of the bbl and then later in a few years if you feel the need get the tummy tuck. I off course added that I agree with him and not interested in a tummy tuck right now. He said my tummy might not be as flat as I like and he wanted to make sure were on the same page. I liked the fact he was realistic, he said he'd rather not build my expectation too high with regards to my abdomen. I know how much of a mess my bulge is so I'm not expecting miracles, but in clothes I don't want the over hang. He said he would also go in after wards and tighten my skin using another technique (can't remember what it's called!).

The consultation lasted about 40 minutes. He did'nt rush me and took the time to speak to me as well as my husband. I will most likely have a second consultation soon. Overall I feel confident that Dr Aslani can carry out this bbl in a safe manner with the results I desire.

I'm waiting for a quote back from Jenny, which should'nt be too long. I'm hoping to get this procedure done in June if not earlier. Soo EXCITING :) XX


Congrats on getting your husband's support. It can be challenging but so important to those that mean the most to us. Good luck on your journey, you will be beautiful.
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Aww thank you hun, very kind :) I can't wait!!
That is great news hun,I know how difficult spouses can be, sure both of u will be delighted xxxxxx

Helloo gorgeous girlies, I hope you are all well....

Helloo gorgeous girlies,
I hope you are all well. I have been doing a little soul searching for the past month or so. I eventually got my husband on my side, and was ready to put my deposit down for a date in June. Thats when the reality of what I was about to do hit me :-s. I am 100% sure I want this procedure and I am happy with the doctor I have picked but theres a little voice inside me questioning my actions. I know this might sound crazy to some of you but here goes.....I'm scared that God may punish me for this in some way or another. He has given me this body and is it right for me to alter it?. By doing this am I being ungreatful?.
For sometime I thought that maybe if I try and forget about it I may be able to accept my body the way it is.....but I can't!!!!. I've decided to take my time, and not rush into anything. If god willing, I'm going to have the procedure January 2014 xx


are u still there ??
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Do what makes u happy cuz God knows your heart. If u were born with a growth on your face , would u be wrong for removing it? I know its a bad comparison but the point is youre not harming anyone nor are u doing it to please someone (are u? J/k). You should definately take your time but do not think less of yourself or like youre insulting God by pursuing your own personal happiness, he is not a selfish or petty God.
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BBL Dr Aslani 2014- SPAIN

So ladies, I took some time out and thought I would lose my post pregnancy weight and see how I feel. My youngest is almost two years old and I am back to my pre pregnancy weight. However I am still dissatisfied with how I look, no amount of dieting and exercising is going to reshape my body. Fed up with feeling so down all the time, how I feel on the inside truly reflects my outer self and how I am as a wife and mother. Time to get things moving!.
I am still going with Dr Aslani. I was hoping to go in Easter but I think that is unlikely to happen, due to other financial commitments. Trying to convince the hubby to make it happen sooner, fingers crossed!!


Hey girly, I so hope you get to do this sooner than later too. I too have a hubby and 3 children and sometimes we have to do things to make our selves feel good. When you look you good you most definitely will feel good!
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Wish pic....a girl can dream right ;)


hi there i agree its an awful feeling to feel so down on yourself all the time.... maybe if you aim to go may we can meet up xx hoping you get the finances in order and get your dream body xxx
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Thank you for the support hun, wishing you all the best in your journey xx
I love this: such a true and lovely sentiment. xx

More wish pics

Going booty crazy googling images lol.


Hi, I was as impatient before I got it done, now I regret not have looked around more..
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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