Pixel Laser Treatment! by a Pretencious Girl-London

So, I guess I should be working on my thesis but...

I guess I should be working on my thesis but I'd rather tell you all about my treatment!
get ready!

Name not provided

I guess its very expensive! I paid 2300 dolars for 3 sessions, is this too expensive?

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now, about 18 days after and maybe earlier, I have felt my skin really lovely and I think i will do it again!



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Hi London,

I was wondering how everything turned out. I'm glad it turned out so well and you are feeling better about everything. Please keep me updated, and now if you do choose to do it again you will know what to expect. Please stay an active part of the community as you can advise others who will go through the same thing.


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thanks britt!
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Of course, I've come this far with you have to keep up to make sure everything turns out well. :)


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hello everyone,
so yes, my skin looks better.
Yesterday a guy helped me moving my bike and today I noticed 3 guys turned their heads to look at me.
I dont know if Im crazy or Im looking prettier after the laser.


I look better now

= D
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See London,

It just took time. I'm so happy you sound like you are feeling so much better about everything.


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Its better but it was never bad.
I think i have been quite upset about the pixel thing.
I wish they gave me my money back, or at least next 2 sessions as i dont feel I can continue.

I dont think it`s worth it, to be alone and unhappy for a week to have nicer skin, at least not for me.

I will continue considering as days pass by.

thanks for the support britt!
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When it all comes down to it, it usually just depends on what's best for you. I would probably feel the same way, But at least things are looking up, and you have seemed to be in ok spirits about the whole thing. Did you ever hear about the interview?


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I dont look amazing!
i still have pixels in 1/3 of my face.

I said above, that it went well, but i felt uncomfortable thanks to pixel.
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Sorry London,

I misunderstood. I'm sorry you still feel uncomfortable, but it sounds like things are looking up? Yes?


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Hello whoever is reading..

Today is Monday, the 10th day after my treatment and I still have

pixels in some places of my face, but at least I look normal.

My skin looks nice where I don't have pixels, it's true.
It was nice before the treatment anyways, but now is nicer, is lovely, is true.
I think it really looks better but I don't know if it was worth going trough a terribly unhappy week,
hidden from the world without really knowing until when these horrible spots were going to disappear.

One of my closest friends, she told me I'd be crazy to go for the second pixel treatment.
I'm still thinking about it.The results will be even better, my skin will be prettier. But I think she's partly right. I cant do this sort of thing, isolate myself for 15 days in 3 consecutive months..

well....I truly think i could have gotten the same results with another laser type, one that I had some years ago, when I had acne. That treatment took about 4 days to recover, but my skin never looked crazy

this is for today..

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Hi London,

How did the interview go? I'm glad to hear you are feeling better about your face, but  a little surprised you are considering another treatment. Are you considering pixel again? Do you have pictures now that you look amazing? Keep me updated.


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Hello Again!
Thanks for the support Britt,
it really helps! :)

So I will continue now.
For my interview yesterday, i put lots of makeup to cover my entire face and told the woman I had a severe alergy. She said she couldnt notice, though i think she said so to be polite. I showed aswell my face to some of my close friends at school and they said that it wasnt AS bad as I said...
So yesterday is the first time after pixel I went out, to meet friends and people. It was nice to go out, i felt bored of working from home and seein just my flatmates..
Yesterday really feelt insecure and wanted to hide my face as an ostrich sometimes.. some others I didnt care

I went out to party at night, It was dark so my face wasnt seen so much... a friend bit me on a chic! he was just playing, it was only a bit but i really got worried. I will ask today if it is bad.


I think I have been by myself alot this time and have remembered some things i liked to do on my free time alone.
this is all!
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so everyday my flatmates come back from work, they take a look at my face to see if it has gotten better..
its ok but now, 6th day i feel sort of anoyed!
I want them outtttt
I put lots of foundation and it seams as if my skin had a very thik texture.
Tomorrow I have an interview and i have my face like this.
they said 4 to 5 days and I'm still like this.....

well... I will survive!
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Hey London,

Fist of all I love that your British accent comes through in your emails "flat mates" oh I wish we spoke like that in the states. :) Second, I know you will survive! I highly don't think you look as bad to everyone else as you see it, we always see ourselves worse ;) Also I looked up from our expert Q&A how long before your skin stops looking different and they said after a week you should really start to feel "normal" again. You are only on day 5? So I would give it a few more days (I know not what you wanted to here? ;) ) Ok, I'm sure I will hear from you tomorrow. Good luck on your interview let me know how it goes.


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....Woke up..
washed my face and still..
pixels everywhere..
please fall off my skin!
I covered them with make up yesterday and from close you could really see something was happening in my skin.
Tomorrow I have an interview with a teacher and thought this was going to be gone by then. I need them to go away. I'm thinking to cover them tomorrow and pretend I have a strange alergy or skin problem. I hope she doesnt know about this pixel treatment.


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Hi London,

I'm sure she won't even notice, or if she does just say you had an allergic reaction to a new face lotion. She should judge you on your skills not on your face. Just wear your favorite and best outfit that you know you look amazing in, that will help with your confidence. Is it at least better than yesterday? Have you connected with anyone else on the site who went through the same thing as you have been?

If I don't chat with you again before tomorrow good luck!


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im on my 5th day at night
to be completelly honest
I think my face is looking tighter..
i dont know if im imaginig it or it truly is!
I had a small wrinkle in my forehead and it seams to be gone...
I still have lots of spots and cant wait to go to sleep everyday to wake up with less and less pixels every day.. until these are completely gone......
Im starting to be a bit happy
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See London,

I will just take patience, sounds like everyday it will get better. Keep me posted.


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I wrote a small beginning of a review, but still is not available..
anyways, I want to continue here

Im on my 5th day of my pixel treatment. Now I feel confident enough to touch my face (specially after yesterdays exfoliation).
It feels so rough, like a mans face starting to grow beard, everywhere.

I guess you need to know I'm 29 years old, will be 30 soon and wanted to make my face look "younger" before my birthday.
To prevent my small wrinkles starting to get more pronunciated. I also wanted to eliminate some stains due to a short period of acne years ago.
Still, my skin is really healthy and I did it just out of pretension..or prevention one might say...
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Treatment on Oct 19, 2010
Hiii Again
and thanks for the support!

Im on my fourth day now and my skin looks slightly better but stil is not as lovely as I wish it was. so,
I still look like texture on pavement, but not so much and I think I deal with that fact better now.
I know Im inpatient and I was even thinking about never going trough this again... but i have tought I'd better finnish all the treatment as it's an opportunity to invest on my skin...

I dont know when I will be able to kiss someone... :O

I feel my skin pulls when I laughg or even open my mouth too much to eat.
I'll be patient...
Posted to Facial Pixel Laser Treatment on Oct 18, 2010
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I will copy and paste my experience so far...

I had pixel 3 days ago and my face looks all pixelated!
Im so un-happy about it!!!!!
I dont know what to do, I feel like crying. It was painful but my skin looks horrible and this is so much worse for me that the short-lasting pain i felt.
I dont know until when to wait!
I want my face back!!!!!!!!

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Hey London,

You should just cut and paste all the info you told me in the comments over to this review. Then you could go back to your thesis. ;)  Your comments did not have price or what you thought, and this does, which is good. Please just cut and paste them over, it would really help our readers, and you have given so much info. Please let me know if you need help.



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London, you are awesome! Thanks so much now it all in the same area, thanks so much! I appreciate it and so does the community.


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