Picosure Tattoo Removal Because Artist Messed Up Cover Up - London, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for...

hi everyone,
I have been following this forum for around 4 months and would like to share my experience on the procedure. I am currently having picosure tattoo removal with wayne at the circle London...reason being I had a cover up that went wrong. where the artist did not cover up the bottom part of my old tattoo..i wanted some writing on my arm but the artist decided to place it over my old tattoo, hence it looked rather wrong and my old tattoo was still visible.....not good. She also did some other more shoddy work which is being lasered too..

I am looking to fade the tattoo writing as well as my old tattoo to the point where I can cover it AGAIN.AGHHH!! Complete removal is hard in my opinion so I have come to accept this.. I will be on here regularly from now on. We all need to support each other through this process as im sure a lot of you can relate to the fact that It is so mentally hard to go through all this..i went into a massive depression but through support from my girlfriend am being more positive.

it can be very lonely process this tattoo removal and with summer here it is so frustrating having to wear long sleeve shirts as I expect you all know

good luck everyone

hey everyone

hey everyone hope you are enjoying summer wherever u are...

my apologies for not updating regularly as i said in my previous update! as I have just tried to forget about my tattoo and at times I found visiting the forum made me obsess even more! strange I know as this forum is brilliant and so much help...
anyway with regards to my update, my usb cable has broken so I haven't been able to upload any pictures from my phone to the my laptop since my last treatment with wayne in London (I will soon though)...my next appointment is next Tuesday with him...

I have to admit though, I have been struggling lately, the money for picosure is so much and whilst I trust wayne, I am getting some hyperpigmentation and a touch of hypopigmentation from treatments..
lately as well I have started to hate the rest of my tattoos...its such a emotional rollercoster ride the whole removal business...my intentions are to get a cover up...but im wondering if its all worth it...and spending the whole summer covered with long sleeves was pretty soul destroying...never thought I would look forward to winter! im not gonna give up though....yet... I know people are much off worse than me but it does bring me down so much sometimes...I went in for a simple tattoo cover up (researched what I though was a good artist) and now have spent so much money trying to fix it...
sorry guys for a negative post but im sure a lot of u will understand!

hope everyone is well and getting along fine.
Wayne, the Reset Room

for anyone who lives in England you must see wayne...he is by far the best at this..do not be tempted by the people at trueskin and there picoplan.. it is worth a days travel wherever you live to see wayne. A top bloke and genuinely cares.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that hyper/hypo pigmentation should fade as time goes on, just keep your tattoo out of the sun. 
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Don't be sorry for posting your true feelings, this is the perfect platform to do that and I think it helps to just get it out to a group of people who fully understand. I can recall those feelings of having a cover up I didn't like and asking myself over and over how this could happen...I also longed for winter so I could hide behind my sweaters, and I too remember loathing the clothing options that "I" restricted myself from wearing..eventually I just had enough and was at the beach one day and ripped off my shirt and said...I want to feel the sun on my back and I came out of hiding. It was liberating, and I will never forget that day. I have learned through all of this that what I look like does not define who I am, it is a part of me of course because my appearance is an expression of who I am - but only a small part. In some ways I am thankful I had to go through this experience. Hang in there, everything will work out. 
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Thankyou eva for the kind words and I hope alls well with you....you are right it is the perfect platform to express your feelings here..just wish sometimes I could talk face to face with someone going through the same experience sometimes!
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You're welcome :)
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I heard that the hypo/hyper pigmentation goes away after the second treatment (from the research I have done online, there are a few stories that have pictures of what you're talking about). Those blisters look CRAZY! How has that turned out?
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Ah I hope so..but surely having another laser session will make the hyperpigmentation worse? The blisters have gone thankfully but underneath is very pink skin..hope it doesn't scar!
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I've not got any scars yet and hopefully I don't I heard picosure doesn't really harm the skin that much to cause a scar.
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I've had my treatments at Trueskin and I couldn't recommend them enough. I think pdd1986 is confused about the Pico plan, as there is absolutely no pressure to space the treatments 6 weeks apart. Trueskin's Pico Plan gives you two benefits: Price is lower: You only pay for 4 treatments, and can get up to 8 free (so 12 in total). The Pico plan gives you as many treatments you need within 12 months (so up to 8 if the healing process is very quick). If your tattoo hasn't faded completely within 12 months you will get extra 4 treatments, no questions asked. Service is better: Trueskin were the first clinic to bring Picosure lasers to the UK, and have the most experienced staff. reset room has only been doing Picosure since January. Trueskin only use highly trained staff (and my therapist had even had Picosure treatments herself), so I couldn't have been happier with the service and knowledge about the whole process. The clinics are very clean and have a nice, relaxing atmosphere. I did a lot of research before I had my treatment and I was not impressed by the reset room parlour, felt very dirty and shabby with old carpets, a bit like an old pub :-)
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I totally disagree with you on this - I think Trueskin in Esher don't really know what they're doing. Plus they introduced the Pico Plan a few months after they started offering Picosure laser treatment so suckers like me forked out £800 a time for 2 tattoos to be lasered, only to find out from this site they offer Pico Plan. I challenged them about this and they said unfortunately I started my treatment after it had been introduced. I ended up paying for 5 treatments and then complained so much about the shocking results they gave me 2 free treatments. I'm now left with awful splodge/scars on my torso that I fear won't ever go (haven't been assured they would be gone by 5 treatments) ! Ultimately you're being treated by a 'beautician' who has been trained how to use a Picosure machine. I'd far rather be treated by a medical professional who knows more about side affects/pain relief/after care etc. I wouldn't go back to Trueskin knowing what I do now but when I heard they offered it and were the first in the UK to have it of course I couldn't wait!!
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I'm on my 5th treatment with picosure and I'm on the pico plan, in my opinion I'm having a good experience and true skin are the only place in England with picosure, well there Is the exception of a few tattoo shops with it but on a more professional level of cosmetic care i think true skin have handled my treatments well and I feel I've had the best treatment possible.
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This comment above sounds suspiciously like you work for trueskin. The staff at Trueskin are telling people they can remove tattoos in 2-4 treatments which is completely false, as many members on here are now finding out to their disappointment. No one can predict how many treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo, and any good laser technician should know this. People should not be telling customers how many treatments it will take to remove a tattoo, because if the tattoo is still present after the estimated amount of treatments needed to remove it, the customer is only going to be disheartened. Yes you are right there is no pressure to have treatments at trueskin but you are still contracted under a time frame to have 8 treatments in 12 months.. Key to removing a tattoo is patience and the amount of time you leave between treatments to let your skin to heal and encourage further fading. This is a well-known fact. If you take 3 months off from removal, then you have to fit more treatments in a shorter space of time which is not good. You should post some pictures up of your removal process to help others. Actually wayne is cheaper overall, he prices his tattoos on circumstances not size like at trueskin... as for the Reset room being shabby, u must of went to a different place, it was extremely clean and no carpets were present when I was there! Nothing like an old pub! wayne has been removing tattoos long before January and does it every day. Many people on here are leaving trueskin going to see wayne and trueskin are fully aware of. Members reading this, I am not trying to be funny to the above “member” but I am sorry some of the information posted above by elinm is simply not true. I am genuinely on here to help others if I can as let’s face it this whole process is very hard, but any information posted which is untrue is just wrong (especially the bit about the reset room being shabby). Read welshchads review of wayne if you still doubt what I am saying, and he knows rather a lot about this whole process! But wherever u go for treatment as long as your happy that’s all that counts.
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Couldn't agree more mate. I went in for my consultation at Trueskin Bluewater and was told "we're averaging 3-4 treatments for removal". What a load of rubbish, I do think it's more effective than q switch but to say 3-4 is a total lie. I have never heard any stories or seen any pictures ever of a tattoo removed by them in 3-4! I have had 6 so far and think it will be 8 maybe 9 before it's gone. I'm staying with them until this is gone then when my next wants removing I'll go elsewhere, rant over!
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Welcome, glad you found us :) I love the colors in your tattoo, your tattoo looks very pretty. It sucks when not everything goes as planned, but it looks like a very small portion that you are removing. Can we see a photo of what it looked like before you started the laser?
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hey eva, yeh that's the most frustrating thing, most of my tattoo I was pleased with but my artist has messed up..this aint just me being a perfectionist either as other tattoo artists have seen it and agreed... I will find another photo and upload of what it looked like before if I can find it!
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Sounds good, thanks :)
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Why not go to true skin?
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you are under a time limit schedule where u have to have 8 treatments within the year.. it works out one treatment every 6 weeks. Like wayne says the minimum should be two months between treatments..it is extremely important to let the skin heal to avoid scarring..
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I'm having treatment on my half sleeve at the moment and I'm into my 5th treatment with the picosure and I've been leaving it about 8 weeks
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that's good to here, good luck...if you have any redness, buy a product called remescar..worked wonders on my redness, and flattens out scars..i used it everyday for 9 weeks and it made a big difference
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