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Not Sure if It Worked. - London, ON

All the treatments were nice and relaxing. I have...

All the treatments were nice and relaxing. I have a physical job, so it was nice to lay back in the dark with the laser on me. However, I followed all the steps, and even exercised more because like I said my job is very physical. I lift heavy stuff all day.

They tell me I lost seven inches and four pounds, but not really sure if I see it or not. Here are my before and afters though. I go back in a week for final measurements. They tell me I lost 2 and a half on my belly which is where I wanted it the most. But I kind of think my befores look smaller in the picture even though I don't feel fatter. So for now I am undecided but I don't have really small belly like I wanted. Kind of feel like a loss of money.


Well I feel like my pants are even more loose....

Well I feel like my pants are even more loose. Yesterday I was wearing a pair of pants that used to fit, but I had to keep pulling them up. Still don't see any improvement with my belly though. Even someone asked if I lost weight the other day. And no one believes me that I have a belly, even though I don't see how they can't see it. It's huge.

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Heres new photo ten days later. Belly still looks...

Heres new photo ten days later. Belly still looks exactly the same.


Zerona was basically designed for full body slimming. The loseness of your pants is already a good indicator of inch loss. Zerona results of 2-3 inches circumferential are very hard to document visually. Results are more felt than seen esp on camera. It was not designed for spot reduction of a specific area, if this your concern, you would benefit more from a liposuction procedure. Results are subtle with Zerona and not drastic like iposuction. Expectations must be managed.
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I think my belly has gone down after a couple months.

I think my belly has gone down after a couple months.

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Although to be fair, the new pictures are kind of...

Although to be fair, the new pictures are kind of far away, so it's hard to see but I have seen improvement with every single pair of pants I own. The problem is, I think I am slimming down in the waist and everywhere else except the stomach. Those pictures were taken two weeks ago before I started my weightloss competition at work, and my clothes are even looser today and my rib bones are sticking out but my stomach is still really huge so i don't understand anymore. I think the Zerona did help a bit for a while, because they told me I would keep losing even after the 6 treatments.


If you naturally have a big stomach i would recommend a tummy tuck. I had one and it totally and completely worked! That was 10 years ago and it is still flat, the surgery is a permanent solution to a big stomach. I feel your pain, i didnt like my stomach either, but the tummy tuck worked, absolutely the best thing i have ever done for myself!
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Hi! I see an approve meant in your pics too! I'm starting my Zerona Monday! I'm hoping my hips go down! I understand about your belly. I had the same problem with every excercise and diet I tried, until my Aunt gave me a book called "The Belly Fat Cure" It was the easiest plan I have ever tried and it cuts down the belly noticeably in no time! I weighed 176 when my husband proposed, March 11,2010. I started the Belly Fat Cure plan that same month. We got married that same year on September 11th. I weighed 123 at my wedding. My belly bulge is practically gone completely! The book is only like $15 I think so the only real investment is your dedication. But it was really easy and I've gotten the book for practically everyone I know as gifts lol! I hope Zerona along with my excercise will just help kinda shrink wrap the last bit of bulging in my hips and thighs. But we'll see. I'm getting the Venus Freeze along with it so I'm hopeful! But seriously... Get that book, I read the entire thing before I went along with it, and the theory Sooo completely made sense! Good luck to you! If you do end up trying it please let me know how you're doing. :-)
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Thanks, I'm looking into it, although I've never been pregnant so not sure if it's my case but I will check it out. My stomach is my only problem area. Although it could be just genetics.
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I guess I should update this

So it turns out that my gut actually wasn't fat. It kept getting bigger, and then I was in a lot of pain. So I went to the doctor, and I found out I had a huge ovarian cyst. I had the operation back in April. It must have weighed close to 20 pounds and they said they drained 6.5 liters of fluid from it. So it makes sense why the Zerona didn't work for me, and why I didn't notice any differences. Although I kind of wonder if they do still try and rip you off. They told me that I lost some inches from my belly which is impossible.

So after this experience, I am thinking that it doesn't work, and they lie about your results. At least they did at the clinic I went to, which is no longer open by the way.


Wow what a crazy story about the cyst. So glad you got that removed. We are looking at adding this to our weight loss clinics and the studies out there show that it works. I wonder if people think it will be a magic pill and they can just lie there and continue to eat and drink what they want and not change their habits or lifestyle? You look very healthy and like you eat right and work out. The Zerona folks told me that it was poorly marketed and sold to doctors who did not require patients to change their eating and they would get treatments and go out and eat what they wanted putting back on the fat the Zerona burned off. There are a lot of people who say it worked for them. We are going to try it for 3 months to see if our patients like it while on our weight loss program along with putting them on a vibration machine for 10 minutes after the treatment to get the lympahtic moving and draining the liquified fat. Will check back in a few months to let you know how it is going. But thanks for the information we are trying to do our research because we want something that helps the patients and not just charges them more for the same results they get on our weight loss program.
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Well my case is special. I can't really say if it works or not since my problem area was my stomach. I did lose weight while I did Zerona (except in the stomach obviously) so maybe it did work in other areas. I do work out quite a bit. It's why I couldn't understand why I had a belly. By the time I went in for surgery, my stomach was twice the size it was in these pictures. I looked about six months pregnant. I had it taken out in April 2013. Perhaps Zerona does work quicker with a lifestyle change. A lot of people are looking for a quick solution to lose weight while they still eat too much, and not exercise.
Thank you for your comment and agree about people not wanting to do the work to lose weight. There is no magic pill out there, there is a pill that will take away your hunger and cravings but if you don't change what you eat you won't lose weight.
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They were really good at the clinic. Had no problem with the staff.

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