So Pleased I Had the SMAS - London Mills, IL

For 3 years I kept lifting my face up with my...

For 3 years I kept lifting my face up with my fingers when ever I looked in the mirror,thought I can't keep doing this so I searched for a surgeon,interviewed 4 and choose the one I felt comfortable with. Now when I look in the mirror I see me 15 years younger, I'm so happy with my results. London UK

Swelling is lesser and will continue to become...

Swelling is lesser and will continue to become less up to a year. My face is very slightly changing every week for the better. My chin area is smaller cuter and not kinda squarish anymore which happens with age. it's like the triangle shape face is coming back again slowly. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my face feels tight probably due to sleeping then within half an hour it's gone. I sometimes get twinges in my face which is a good sign that all is healing well. My moisturiser and make up goes on much smoother and looks much nicer/fresher. I'm having a lip lift this month to balance the rest of my features out. This is one of the best things I have done in my life. I no longer avoid talking to people for to long in fact I talk to everyone now and am full of confidence like I was when i was in my 30s. Finding the surgeon that can give you a natural look is the key to a successful SMAS lift.

8 weeks later and Im happy with my results however...

8 weeks later and Im happy with my results however now the swelling is a lot less my face looks like it has slightly dropped a bit. Can anyone tell me what they think about this,if its normal for the face to drop a little after the swelling has gone down. It's has been 2 months since SMAS. The British surgeons never over pull because they have there reputation to think of and they don't want freaky looking faces leaving there office. My face still looks good much better that before I just wish she took it a bit tighter. In have another 4 months to wait for the final results. My lip lift is in a couple of weeks time,I'm looking forward to it with the same surgeon. Any comments? Thanks La007
Miss Caroline Mills in London UK

I had my SMAS in London UK not in the USA

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Hi Laa 007 I think you look beautiful! I want to do this! Can you share pics with me as well? And tell me more about the pain and healing time? Thanks, Linda
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It actually gives me comfort for you to say that you have drooped a bit! I just had mine yesterday and it looks TOO tight!! Im freaking out worried! Its more swollen today and thats fine but yesterday as soon as I woke up the doc showed me my face and swooned about how I looked 25! I dont want to look 25!!! Im 57 and I want to look 45! Im hoping that I was already swollen after 4 hours of the surgery and that is not what I will look like when it all goes down! I told him I looked like ET! I think I hurt his feelings but its true! Please can anyone out there tell me you were already super swollen right after the surgery!
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Hi I am considering work done either in Korea or UK where I live, can you show me more pics of your before/after and details of your doctor? My email is, thanks
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Hi Laa007 I'm hoping to have a consultation soon with your surgeon would you send me some me some before and after pictures of your surgery too? my email is
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Hi I'm considering a lip lift with miss mills how was opp and much bruising ? Do you have a scare under your nose ? Some b4 and after pics would be great. Sue
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Hi Bubs..There will always be a scar and swelling/bruising with any cosmetic surgery procedure. Yes there is a faint scar just under the nose. Swelling peaked in the 3rd day then became less after. Some bruising not much. The results are superb and final result is after a few months. I will send you b&a pic if you send me your email address. La007 xx
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Thanks so much for adding more info! How are you feeling about your results at this point?

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Yes I'm very happy. SMAS has slightly dropped,my surgeon said its to be expected after the swelling subsides. I certainly look much fresher and the skin around my jaw line is much more firmer like it was in my 30s. Nasolabial folds have almost disappeared which has given me that fresh look. Would I have another SMAS in 10 years most defiantly if I needed it. I'm 51 I look 36. I had a a liplift 6 months ago the results are amazing and compliments the SMAS perfectly. That's my update so far.
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Thanks so much for sharing. If you'll come back and add more information about your actual procedure and recovery, I can file your review in the SMAS community. We'd also love to see our photos in your review. Pictures help others about to embark on a similar journey so much.

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Hi Laa007, Do you have before and after photos? I'd love to see your progress. Thanks for the encouragement on my review!
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Sure I do. Here is my email Fitn***** if you email me I will send you before and afters SMAS.

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