Too Expensive, Lasts Too Little, Too Much Pain - London, GB

Had Macrolane done in England years ago. It was...

had Macrolane done in England years ago. It was supposed to be almost painless. Well, it was during the procedure, but ohhhhhhhhhh, it was so nicely painful afterwards. I had BA a year ago and was not as much in pain as when i had Macrolane done. Plus, very expensive and i have seen results for less than a year.


Hello how long did you wait before getting your BA?
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around three years....useless to say there was zero left when i had my BA!
OK well sound like you were lucky.... I had mines about 9 yes ago and my breast are still lumpy the clinic that did my procedure closed down 6 months after to I've been searching for a doctor off and on...No doctor has agreed to do my BA yet! !:(
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