Early Days but Happy So Far!

I chose to go for liposuction as I found it...

I chose to go for liposuction as I found it difficult to shift weight from stubborn areas like my hips and abdomen. I'm still under a week after the procedure so full results are yet to be seen but overall I'm very happy with the results. When I was younger and slimmer I was always very self conscious about the shape of my abdomen and this procedure has given me the shape that I want. It has also helped me to realise that I still have a way to go through diet and exercise to achieve the figure I've dreamed of and now I no longer feel like it's an impossible task. Before weight was between 136-138lbs and I maintained this post opp. Total extraction was 700cc from lower abdomen and flanks.


You look super!! Congrats!!!
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Gorgeous results, you look fantastic! Your PS did a great job... I wish you a speedy recovery
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Hey, you look great! Especially after just one week. I think I am going to do my hips and inner thighs soon. I was wondering, how was your skin elasticity? Do you have any stretch marks? I have some marks and what seems to be okay skin quality, so I'm trying to find out about other people's experiences. Thanks and I hope your recover continues to go so well!
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Marc Solomos

The surgeon who performed the surgery was very good to work with my curves and not extract too much that I would suffer loose skin or look disproportionate.

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