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I had chin lipo 4 weeks ago and am still waiting...

I had chin lipo 4 weeks ago and am still waiting for a result I am happy with. When I took the compression garment off to cb age the dressings the next day I loved the results and took pics but since then it seems to have crept back to what it was before. I never had a huge double chin before but it was something that bothered me and was getting worse with age. Anyway I have visited this forum loads of times since having the procedure for reassurance but I'm just worried that I won't get the result I wanted. It's so frustrating as I did have it for about 2 days but now it's gone again :o(

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I'm sorry your lipo didn't give you the result you wanted. Now that's it's been another month, what do you think? What did your surgeon say about your chin falling back to where it was?

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