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Gastric Band: Just Had It Done 2013 Hospital Group - London, UK

BMI 30 Weight 73.5kg The reason why i am...

BMI 30 Weight 73.5kg

The reason why i am writing this is because i have just had my surgery post 1 week and i wish i had someone tell me these things so i was a little more clued on for the surgery. I went in with my eyes shut not thinking that it would hurt, but it really did its the kind of pain you experience that you cannot itch or scratch or massage because its inside pain.

The WIND gas you have after is so painful it isnt something you can pre-pair for as its not in your stomach its outside of your organs. YOU MUST must must walk around after surgery, i made a mistake and i suffered like hell after. one reason why i couldnt was because i felt nausea and if you do tell them let them give you a tablet if that doesn't work get them to put you on a drip that really helped me. Make sure you stay there the night dont go home same day you need them trust me.

Take a hot water bottle with you the pain you get in your left arm shoulder isnt something a massage will help alot also take some deep heat with you as well as sick bags for journey back. be prepared to burp a lot you will be doing this alot over the next few days and its painful. Buy WIndezz this is a must must must chew able ones or liquid form. also before op i did move my bowls this was a big mistake a few days before make sure you are on a liquid diet like slimfast and soup and take one senna lax just to make it easy otherwise with all the wind it is very painful as i hadnt gone in a whole week and a half it was awful.

If i had done these few things it would of been much better for me this is why i am telling you. i am now 1 week post op and apart from the pain from where the port is and where the stitches are and my stomach inside the pain has calmed down by 75% i really thought it would stay painful.

I had a 10ml band put it i am only a BMI of 30 73.5kg day of op he put 4ml in my band. PLEASE dont expect him to fill the band up because you want to loose weight quickly. i had that intention and 2 days after i had to go back to london and take it all out i have only 2ml left in my band now as she couldnt take the whole 4ml out. My stomach was so swollen inside that it was too painful to have my own spit.

May i add before the op you need to realize that in an emergency if you need liquid out of the band you cannot just go to any hospital it needs to be a specialist one i think there are only 3 in london and when i went they basically said no to me it pays to ring the person you had your op with and book an appointment with them but if at hospital and in pain just get them to take it all out. i advise you to only have around 2ml in the band for the first month so you can let your organs settle around the band if i had had this it would of been less hurtful for me. this is why i am writing this.

Have someone with you at the op you will need them! do not drive yourself. after op i had bottle water to hand as well as soups not cream ones and with no bits in as you wont take them down. yogurts no bits like weight watchers i couldn't even finish one tub. slimfasts and buy oxo cubs make a water drink with that its nice.. you must must must eat drink at least every 2 hours or you will experience this gas feeling in your stomach tht is very painful it took me a few days to realize it was a hunger pain but it wasnt like a normal hunger pain.

I am feeling much better now, i also advice not to get the op done from another country then your own as you really need the after care such as dieticin if you want to keep the weight off the after care is the key i am getting the dieticin to call me every week even though they said to me once a month but hell im paying for it so why not. do not do not do not take any kind of solids in the first 2 weeks i tried it is so painful and feels like knifes going down as it was my bday and really wanted some icing cake! you will prob vomit it bk up. also carry sick bags everywhere in your handbag windezz and keep food drink on you.

I hope this helps someone. all in all i know what i have written might scare you first few days i did regret it but now the swelling has gone down and pain i am feeling really good and would advice it as its for life and a tool not a magic miracle!! remember that xx dr surgardeson i really dont know how you spell his name but hes well known with the hospital group he was lovely and i had a full sheet of questions he answered them all lovely man.

Had the 2ml out and wow feel so much better im...

had the 2ml out and wow feel so much better im going to fill my band slowly 1ml at a time all pain has stopped

In two months although i feel no resteiction with...

in two months although i feel no resteiction with 5ml in a 10ml band i have lost close to half a stone.was 73.5kg now 70.65kg
Dr. Surgardess

i read up about them on net

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Hello I has consultation and within 4 weeks had op. Could have had earlier but my choice of consultant was not available , I followed their diet for the four weeks instead of two pre and lost a stone. And have lost 5 lbs first week Have suffered with wind in shoulder. And constipation. It was worth it and if you follow the rules you can't go wrong. GOOD LUCK Like you I think I tried every diet going
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Hi I'm considering having a gastiric band, like you i have a BMI of 30 now but have been as much as 35.I have struggled with my weight for some time I have been on countless diets and lose a lot but always put it back on. i was wondering how it has worked for you, how much weight have you lost so far and if you would recomend having it done?
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Hi, I had a BMI of 30. I weighed 74 kg . I too hated being over weight and I decided to get banded. I could not afford surgery in the UK so I opted to go to Belgium, that was last year Oct. I have lost most of my weight. I am now 58 -60 kg. I would do it again. It does not answer all your problems but it does help. It's a tool.
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I lost 12lbs on pre band diet have lost another 5 lbs since op. I have spoken to dietician and she says you do not particularly lose lots of weight until four weeks post when you start eating dryer less liquid food then you will start losing more. I can feel the difference and people have commented that they can see easily that I have lost weight. The dietician was very good on the phone did not rush. Kept asking if I had any question. Only point make sure you drink your liquid food every 2 hours or else you will get the wind and it is very very painful. Soon as u remembered to feed regularly I was fine. 2 1/2. Post my appetite is coming back. But I will eat when I am hungry and follow all the rules. I feel more confident. Even with the 1 stone loss so far and it is spurring me on good luck I believe it is worth a little discomfort and discipline
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hi can you let me know how long from consolation is the wait for the band fitting
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Yes I do not have a high pain threshold. I have an appointment in novemeber. I would like it if we could keep in touch? Help each other through this?
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hi im due to have band in nov excited but scared ive struggled all my life with my weight I just pray this is the right thing to do worry about the pain factor
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How did you get on okay ?
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Hi there I am thinking of having the band at the hospital group as NHS will not fund mine even though I fit the standards. I have PCOS and thyroid (under active) tried to conceive but need IVF and won't touch me until I lose 10 stone :-( I have always been obese even as a child. I have little confidence and finding clothes to fit is a struggle. I am only 27 and need to change me life (crying writing this) it seems so drastic but necessary.
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I had bmi 31 weighing 14 stone 2 lbs - 90kg. Went to Dolan Park 1/2/13. Mr Richardson. I started with 4ml in 10ml band. I want to lose just over 3 stone (42 lbs). I have a thyroid issue & have been overweight for about 15 years. Every morning I woke up depressed about my weight. I did once manage to lose all my excess weight by following a liquid diet but over a year gained it again. Today I am 75 kg about 12 stone. I got to this quickly - probably month ago. Now stuck. I have realised that a lot of the issues for me are mental not physical hunger. Although my food intake is limited I cheat with wine cheese & chocolate! I really want to get to goal and keep it off so I have booked some hypnotherapy to focus on the cheats. A band really helps but isn't the complete answer.
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Hi I had a gastric band fitted 1 week ago, also with the Hospital Group. I also underestimated the level of pain I would experience. Thanks for posting this because it just makes me feel better that you have pretty much had the same experience as me, except I have 4ml in still. I am one week post op now and feel I am getting better day by day but do feel like I am getting hungry in the evening now so the liquid diet isnt filling me but am being strict with myself as I know this is normal and wont get much restriction from the band until it is filled. I have however, been shopping to the local supermarket today with my mum. She carried all of my bags for me bless her but tonight I am in a lot of pain again around my port site. Did everyone else experience pain around the port site one week on? How long did it take for the port pain to disappear? I know on one of the other sites someone said it took them 5 weeks but I just wanted to know if anyone else can tell me how long they had the pain for just so I can reassure myself that nothing is wrong Claire
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hi the pain will last a while mine lasted around 3 weeks and my stomach swelling went down after 3 also. i had to start again with the band fills as i had it all taken out at the begining. im now half way on 5ml however i still feel no restriction its been two months now but i have no pain at all its almost like i dont even know i have it.i have another band fill this sat so lets see. i hope it goes well for you.i cant eat fat chips anymore! although i have not vomitted once.if you feel pain and you cant swollow your own spit call the emergency number its not normal.also dont have cold water when you wake up it tightens your band
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thats great thanks, I am fine with swallowing so am sure it is just the post op pain near the port that I am experiencing but wasnt sure how long it lasts for in other people. I know everyone is different but just nice to know its not just me that still has it. Thanks so much for replying and good luck with your next fill
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I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough time with you're surgery, I had mine done with the hospital group in december and I too had a few problems with the wind post surgery especially the first day mixed with bouts of nausea which was always just before bringing up a large amount of wind but between these times I was fine apart from the general pain of the incisions, but yes to get up and walk around is very good after surgery its helps a lot to disburse the gas. The surgeon also pre filled my band with 4mls which i was happy about and it never caused me any problems and I was fine on my liquid diet for the first 2 weeks and even had a little bit of solid food before the end of the 2 weeks as I was feeling quite hungry how ever i did chew it to the point of being like a smoothie before swallowing, I think everyone is different when it comes to surgery and accepting foreign objects in our bodies, but I must admit the first few days were not nice. And I was also wondering how you were able to get a lap band with you're BMI and weight being so low? I was only eligible by 1 BMI point as mine was 36 and start weight 107kg

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How are you doing now? Would love an update, if you feel upto it?

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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Thanks for all of the great information, that is really helpful to the community!

If you don't mind me asking, what were your reasons for having WLS? With a weight of around 160lbs and a BMI of 30, you don't fit the normal criteria for WLS. Most doctors won't even perform surgery on a BMI of 30, unless you have other co-morbidities.

Good luck with your weight loss and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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hi i went private and acording to their guidlines anyone with bmi 30 can get it. my main reason was because ive struggled with my weight and even when i went to the gym for hour work out every day over six months hardly nothing cAme off.i stopped all fatty foods everything i cAme to realise it was my portions i cut them but always felt hungry. because im soon to be marrid and no childeren i dont want the nagging thing in my head everytime i eat i want to be confident when i eat to be able to say no to food thats why becsuse i came to realise i couldnt say no to food by myself. and i want to feel confident that when i have childeren i have a tool to help me control my emotional head cravings inside. food is more emotional to me i eat to comfort
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Ah, that would explain it then! Thanks for the update, I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Hopefully if you start to fill the band up slowly, you won't suffer any pain like you've been having.

Please do keep us updated and let us know how you're doing throughout the process! We'd love to see some photos along the way, if you feel comfortable sharing.

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Hello, I am thinking of having lapband and I have a BMI of 30.5. The struggle to lose weight is constant and I too have so much trouble saying no to food. Plus, I have gained and lost 20 lbs numerous times. I am tired of being this weight and not having any tools to help. Every time I lose and gain back, there seem to be a few more lbs added. I have heard other people say that they don't want to wait until their BMI is much higher and then have MORE weight to lose and I agree. I know the doctor's here in the states are very cautious and I hear that you are a liquid diet for two weeks before surgery, plus you cannot fill your band until you are totally healed inside, which is 4-6 weeks. I hope you feel better and your band gives you the strength to keep the weight off. I would love to hear more about your journey, since I too am a low BMI patient. Thanks!!
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hiya sorry for the late reply..did you have it done?
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