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Start Invisalign Tomorrow Eeeeeek! - Holborn, London

Hi all, I’ve been reading reviews on this...

Hi all, I’ve been reading reviews on this website for a few months now and have decided to take the plunge and try Invisalign. I have been to the dentist and have been told I am a good candidate. I’ve had the moulds, x-rays etc and am now going into the dentists tomorrow to have my first tray fitted. I’m a little nervous but there’s no going back now lol. My x-rays etc were £400 and the total cost of the invisalign is £2100. I have been told I will need the alingers for 18 months...

Everyone has always told me my teeth were ok but I have always wanted a perfect smile. I’ve attached a picture of my teeth at the moment. Any feedback from anyone about their experience would be great.


Lucyann - goodluck with your treatment. I too have been doing research and reading reviews on here the past few months. I'm going in tomorrow to get my x-rays, impressions, etc. I'm nervous but was told I was a perfect candidate. Please keep updating your experience with Invisalign. Thanks and again...good luck! :)
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Everyone told me the same thing "your teeth are fine."
I got Invisalign at age 20, and it was one of the best decisions I made! At age 27, I love my smile and get compliments on how fantastic my teeth are (seriously).
It takes a bit of getting used to wearing them at first, as they are uncomfortable. I saw my teeth changing from tray to tray and it was amazing how quickly it went by. Best part was, no one knew I was straightening my teeth!
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Thank you for starting out your Invisalign journey here! Please do keep us informed with your progress.  I know others will love hearing about your results.

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Day 3 – Ok, I went to my appointment on...

Day 3 – Ok, I went to my appointment on Tuesday expecting lots of attachments and a very tight and uncomfortable feeling when the brace was put on... INSTEAD, I went in, had one tooth filed slightly and on popped the brace. There wasn’t any tightness, it just felt a bit strange in my mouth. It was only when I took it out to eat later that I felt it had been putting pressure on my teeth. The filing wasn’t bad at all, I’m usually a nervous wreck at the dentist but it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful. Once the brace was in, my dentist had me practice a few times taking it out and putting it back in which was pretty easy. He did warn it would be harder when the buttons were attached.

I made an appointment to go back in 4 weeks time and was told I would have a few more teeth filed a little and the buttons added. I’m guessing this is when the pressure will really start. I was sent home with an additional set to change in two weeks time and I also bought a cleaning kit for £20. (The amount I am paying for this treatment I personally think you should get it for free!)

I have been experiencing a very dry mouth but I guess I’ll get use to that in time, I haven’t had a lisp which is good. I think the worse thing so far is waking up after sleeping with them in all night, I have a nasty taste in my mouth and have to get them out quick and give them a rinse. Just last night I noticed that the ends of my upper aligner were sticking out a bit and rubbing the inside of my gums, they’re a bit sore but it’s bearable. I’m a bit paranoid about my breath so have been sucking on tic tacs throughout the day and drinking water.

Most people I know knew I was getting the brace but unless they look really hard they say they can’t see it. I notice it but then I know it’s there :o)


Hi Lucyann,

I am on tray 7 right now and I can tell you that the pressure really goes away after about 2 to 3 days tops when you start a new aligner. I hear you with the bad taste from the aligner. Just brush and keep clean as much as you can. That is what helps the most.

Like you, I have experienced dry mouth and dry lips. I drink a lot of water and use chapstick all day. I do think your mouth gets used to the aligner after a while and you dont get as thirsty. As for the dry lips, I dont see my lips getting used to it any time soon. But, I dont mind.

When you have the attachments placed on your teeth, you will definitely feel more pressure and tightness. You will get used to it in to time.
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Hi Sharon, no, no real pain yet. A little rubbing from the ends of the brace which has stopped now. My teeth are a tiny bit sensitive when I take the brace out to eat. Will keep you all updated.
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Thanks for the update! Have you had any pain so far?

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Dec 2, 2010 Hi all. I went in to have my...

Dec 2, 2010

Hi all. I went in to have my attachments fitted on Tuesday (30th Nov 2010). I was quite nervous but all was fine. I have 5 attachments on my top teeth and 4 on my lower teeth. Also had a few teeth filed. Apart from a strange taste in my mouth afterwards it wasn’t that bad. They are exactly the same colour as my teeth and you can’t seem them unless I point them out :o)

I got back to work a few hours later, really hungry, and did have a minor panic attack when I couldn’t get the trays out. For the first month I had no attachments so taking them out was a breeze. Just pull down and done. But now having to pull the aligner over the attachments there is a lot more effort and dribble involved but I got the hang of it quite quickly. One of my lower attachments came off in the brace already but my dentist said he will just re-attach this at my next visit.

With the attachments I feel a little more pressure but nothing major, I don’t have any real pain or feel the need to take anything to help with it. Obviously I see no movement at the moment but am pleased with the process so far.

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Dec 30th, 2010 I moved on to my 5th aligner...

Dec 30th, 2010

I moved on to my 5th aligner last night, had a little pain this morning when taking it out to brush my teeth and putting it back in. All in all though I haven’t had much pain at all. Not enough to need to take anything which I guess is a good thing but makes me think maybe it’s not working....

Anyway I‘m looking forward to actually noticing some movement, does anyone know when I’ll start to see a difference?


princesaliz - I too am doing invisalign and will start my 6th set of trays this evening. I have a fairly short treatment: 11 upper trays and 8 lower trays. About 5 months total.
My first few trays (1-3) I never noticed a change visually, but you can tell its moving your teeth in how your bite changes. In trays 4 & 5 I've seen a difference. I have some crowding issues on the bottom and a large gap between my top two front teeth. My gap is about half closed and my bottoms are moving into alignment pretty good.
I'm fairly pretty diligent on my treatment. My trays are out only during meal time and I wear them for about 22-23 hours/day. Hope this helps
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Hey! I'm considering getting invisaline... I think I can deal with the niggles like the pain, discomfort and the cleaning etc. The only thing is the cost! I work really hard for my money and am reluctant to spend so much... would you say it's worth it? Have you seen results yet?

Princesa x
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Hi Princesa,

I am on my 8th set of trays now and can honestly say I don't see any difference but my treatment does spread over 18 months. I am going to ask on 22nd Feb when I go back to the dentist when I should expect to start seeing a change...

Hi all, just a short update. Things are pretty...

Hi all, just a short update. Things are pretty much the same as before. Still don't see any change other than a small gap in my front teeth. Really can't wait to start seeing a change.


Lucyann, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

I'm considering Invisalign treatment and my dentist has quoted £4000. I have mild overcrowding on the bottom but require an extraction to create room.

Is £4k a fair price or should I shop around?

Any advice from fellow bloggers is much appreciated, thanks a million.
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Well what can I add. Nothing really. I’m on...

Well what can I add. Nothing really. I’m on trays 15 on the top and bottom now. On my packet for the bottom trays it says 15 of 17. Which I find strange as my teeth top and bottom don’t seem to have move at all! I’m getting increasingly worried and these trays aren’t doing anything at all :os

I’ve added a recent picture of me wearing my trays.


After I was finished with my bottom trays (had 11 uppers & 8 lowers), they instructed me to wear my bottoms until I was completely done with my treament. Then I wore them both for another month solid before I just wore them at night.

Not sure if this is any help, but wanted to share my experience and the process my provider used. Hope it works out well for you.
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I'd be worried about only wearing the bottom tray at night too. Sounds like you are making a good call.

Glad to hear your lateral is starting to move into position, even if it is slow its always exciting to see progress!!

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Hi Megan,

Well I went to the dentist, he filed a few of my teeth at the front, barely noticeable as always. He said my progress was good. As I’d come to my last tray for my bottom teeth, tray 17, he said I only need to wear that one at night now whilst wearing the top one until I finish those trays which go up to 25 I think. I found that a bit strange, worried that the teeth may move back as a few people have mentioned so I’ve continued to wear the bottom tray. When this set have finished he said more moulds would be taken and new trays made.

I can notice a slight change to my right lateral incisor, it has moved forward, on its way to lining up, which is good news.
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Wow I’m almost up to a year with my brace!...

Wow I’m almost up to a year with my brace! And no change! Brilliant! Not!

To be honest I can’t tell if my teeth have moved much. I am still wearing my last tray for my bottom teeth which was number 17. I am on tray 24 for my top teeth. The tray is almost perfectly straight and my teeth are nowhere near straight so this tray is very hard to wear. It doesn’t fit properly and I’m struggling to talk. I have two more trays for my top teeth which I assume will be the same as this one. Straight, even though my teeth aren’t! I have the dentist appointment on 25th Oct. I may have to have a chat and maybe change my course of treatment. Surely this isn’t working??? :os

I feel as if maybe the brace is giving a little to fit around my teeth and not the other way around :os


Thanks for posting an update. I was wondering how things were going for you!

That is a bummer to hear that you aren't seeing much movement in your teeth relative to the trays. Do you mind me asking how many hours a day you are usually able to wear them?

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November 2nd, 2011 Hi all, went to the...

November 2nd, 2011

Hi all, went to the dentist yesterday for my check up and to have new photos and molds taken of my teeth. Wow it is a year today since I put on my first brace! Anyway I was a little worried as I haven’t seen much movement but the dentist assured me everyone is different and it takes longer for some than others. I have to wear the brace I currently have for 3 weeks while I wait for my new braces to come through. My last few didn’t fit well at all! Obviously because they were straight and my teeth don’t seem to have moved much so I’m really looking forward to my new trays. I asked what happens if they don’t completely straighten with this set and he said they just keep on going... Fingers crossed I see some changes soon....


Hi Lucyann,

Glad to hear an update from you, and very glad to hear they are getting you new trays! Thanks so much for posting the updated pictures. As much as I wish it wasn't the case, I have to agree with you that there doesn't seem to be much change. Unless there has been a lot more change with the molars & we just can't see that in the pictures.

It sounds like you are being very patient & reasonable. I'll be looking forward to hearing how the new trays do for you!

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Hi Megan, I wear them between 19 and 20 hours a day, lately a little less as I haven't actually been able to talk as the fit was so bad :os Hopefully the new sets will fit better.
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That is so strange...have you been shown a revised clinicheck video? Might be worth asking to see it with the new trays.

November 18th, 2011 Hi, got my call on...

November 18th, 2011

Hi, got my call on Wednesday that my new braces had arrived. Went and picked them up last night. Popped in and had a couple more attachments put on. Two of which have come out since when removing the braces. Annoying.com. When putting on the first brace at the dentist last night it was very tight and a little painful but a brilliant fit compared to the last of my old set. I am now to wear each tray for 10 days. I have 26 trays for the top and bottom, should finish them around August 2012. It’s worked out a lot longer than the original 18 months. Oh well. The pain when I took them out this morning was awful but I know it’ll get better so not worrying about it too much. Fingers crossed this new set make a difference.


Hi Lucyann, thanks for your review - actually we're going to the same dentist for our treatment! I am only on my third tray, though - so far, so good, although I definitely preferred the first month without attachments! Anyway, sorry to hear about your lack of progress on the top. This might sound like a very trivial observation, but are you biting on something when you put the aligners in, to make sure they are sitting as they should on your teeth? You probably know that some dentists give their patients aligner chewies for this reason - but ours doesn't. I've been using my finger to bite on, which really makes a difference to the force they exert. Of course, your problem is probably something far more complicated than this, but thought I'd mention it, just in case it's a factor in why your teeth aren't moving as they should.
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I thought it was a lot too, especially as it doesn't include whitening at the end. Is your price for top and bottom or just one? Yours are London prices too aren't they? Think I need to look at a different place, but it's hard to find out whether one is reputable or not. Good luck and thanks again.
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My price is for both top and bottom aligners. I wanted someone good so went into London. It is a bit of a pain having to travel up there, especially as some appointments are literally 10 minutes, but it's worth it. Info on my dentist can be found at this link: http://www.holborndental.co.uk/meet-a-dentist-in-holborn/andrew-mccarthy-holborn-dentist.html

January 6th, 2012 Hi all, I took a new pick of...

January 6th, 2012

Hi all, I took a new pick of my teeth today and noticed a little movement, WOO HOO!


Hi lucy, thanks for your posts as im thinking of getting mine done too. Sorry to say but cant see much of a change hun, any news?? X
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Thanks Invisaboy - that's really useful to know when I get mine.
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Hi there,

I see that you wrote you are wearing them 19-20 hours a day only, and recently less than that....

You do know it is advised to wear the braces for about 22 hours or more per day right? in a typical week you are wearing these a total of 2 hours less per day, in 7 days that is 14 hours less per week than the average Invisalign patient. In a year your are wearing the braces for roughly 30 or more whole days less than the average person. I don't seem to be suprised that your results aren't happening quickly.

I would advise you to stick religiously to having them in for 22 or more hours for the best results.
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March 26th, 2012 Hi, I am on tray 12 of 26

March 26th, 2012

Hi, I am on tray 12 of 26 on my second set of braces now. Each time I put in a new tray I feel pressure on a different tooth, I can see a difference from when I started and have uploaded a new pic :o)


@cupcakecat - my buttons are very noticeable when I take off the aligners. But never have they cut me.  Biggest complaint, someone remarked that I know have "Corn Cob" teeth! Not cool

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Are the buttons noticable and kind of sharp?
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Thanks for posting the new pictures Lucyann! I have to say, you are so unbelievably patient. I'm glad to see some change, but I really am surprised there hasn't been more in the time frame you have been in treatment. Hopefully this series of trays will straighten everything out for you. :)

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June 26th, 2012 Hi, I put in tray 22 of 26

June 26th, 2012

Hi, I put in tray 22 of 26 last night. Nothing new to report really... getting there slowly :o)


Glad you are still plugging along Lucyann! You are right, slow but steady change. :)

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May 29th, 2013

Hi all, it has been a looooong time since I last posted on here. I am on my last two trays of my third set of refinement aligners. You get your first set and then three refinement sets. I assume if I want to go further with my treatment I’ll need to pay more. I had a visit with the dentist yesterday afternoon, he removed all of the attachments on the front of my teeth. I have to say they feel really strange, good strange! They feel very smooth and straight. I have three weeks left and then I’ll be going back to be fitted for my retainer. I know they’re not perfect but they’re definitely better than when I started out :o)


I'm glad everything turned out in your favor! Great progress! I have a ton of attachments and I can't remember what my mouth feels like without them haha
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humph. I was never provided with "refinement" aligners and paid 3x what you did! My retainer was fitted to push back one of the teeth, but that's about it on the refinement end of things. Congrats on being near the finish line. It feels great to chew gum again.
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