4 wk

Over the years I have gone up and down in weight...

Over the years I have gone up and down in weight and size. The 2 main times i really put on weight was after falling pregnant with my kids. First one I put on so much I went way up to a size 22ish(uk size) (can't remember exactly....was years ago), but then went back down eventually. Divorced and was a single mum for about 6/7 years. Then I met my present hubby. After getting married, I feel pregnant fairly quickly with my youngest (now 4). Put on weight again but not as much as last time but I was 10 years older than the last pregnancy. Went up to around size 18 this time. Eventually after my little one managed to take a photo of me at my worst to say the least I decided I had to do something about it so I joined an online healthy eating programme. Within 7 months I was down to a size 8. I have been at this size/weight for a year now but the skin left on my tummy just won't go away. And there is still fat that is determined to stick around no matter what I do. I go to the gym several times a week, in the better weather I go cycling as much as I can and still not any better. It's still great to be slim again and healthy but it just puts a big downer on all the hard work and effort I put in to be slim again. No flat tummy for me. If i suck it in.....the skin is vile and if I don't, I look pregnant! It's awful and so depressing after doing so well. Anyway, went to see several surgeons before deciding on one who works partly private and partly NHS. He was so down to earth, really nice and the best bit....the hospital where I will have surgery is only 15 - 20 mins drive away! PERFECT!! I have already booked in, 3 weeks and 2 days to go. I need to call tomorrow actually to book my pre-op appointment. The only thing I am concerned about is he says he never uses binders or compression garments etc as they are uncomfortable. He says if i felt i needed one I could always buy myself one later if I felt I needed it. Has anyone else experienced NOT having a binder/garment of some sort?? I guess it might be a good thing, I have heard so many people complain about it and how uncomfortable it is. Hubby can't get time off work as he just had time off unexpectedly but he can work from home for a week or so. If absolutely necessary my teenager could stay at home to help me. The school is in the next street so I know if I explained the situation they would just let him pick up work from school or do it online. My mum would have come down to stay but she just started a new job literally about 3 or 4 weeks ago and they won't let her have the time off, plus someone else has already booked holidays that time. Argh. I am a little worried about having someone to help me out. I', in London but originally from Scotland so all my family are there and my husband is not from here either, all his family are abroad! I guess I will just have to wait and see how it goes.

Have pre-op consultation with my surgeon on 20...

Have pre-op consultation with my surgeon on 20 June. Can hardly wait. I can ask all those questions I need to get answers to.....like the no compression thing. Anyway, 3 weeks tomorrow it will all be happening. 3 July is d-day. :)

3 weeks today till the actual op. I am so excited...

3 weeks today till the actual op. I am so excited nut also a little scared. I am terrified of being one of the ones that don't get a good result, or have a long recovery. I have never smoked, I don't drink, I eat pretty healthy and I am a good weight for my height now. (5' 2") 3 weeks sounds so soon but it feels like aaaaages now. I want it done yesterday. Anyone else in UK booked for tt or in fact anyone else booked around the same time anywhere?!?!

Everyone on here is amazing. Thanks to you all for...

Everyone on here is amazing. Thanks to you all for posting your journeys. It really is helpful. You get so much more insight from REAL people having the same operation. I'm amazed at how well most of you cope. I worry I will cope so well. Hubby should manage a week at home with me, although he will be working from home so not quite the same but as least he will be around IF i need him. He applied for a 0% credit card to pay for this for me. How great a husband have I got eh!?! I will try me best to pay off as much of it myself as I can but I am still in shock that he was willing to do it. I only work part-time running my own business so don't earn enough to get a card in my own name of that amount so he did it for me. He is like many out there, he said it doesn't change the way he feels about me but he sees how much it bothers me and how much it means to me so is happy to support me along the way. Hopefully after he goes back to work after the first week I should cope a bit better. Not sure if I will manage to get the little one to nursery in the mornings though. It's just short of a mile walk there and same back, then again when I go to collect him. I guess we will see how I feel at the time. Surgeon said it will be 3-4 weeks before I will drive so it might be difficult.

Anyway, the form my hubby signed (usual ts &cs) has disappeared in the mail so they are sending out another form. We have to wait for that, sign it, send it back and then wait for them to send the actual card. I'm really stressing now because the op is 2 weeks on Tuesday. What is the card doesnt get here in time. They have said they will wait and let me pay just a few days before rather than 1-2 weeks before but I am now soooo worried it won't arrive in time and I will have to re-schedule. Everything is all set and arranged around this date now so it would be a bit of a nightmare to re-arrange. i have already told all my customers the dates I will be off. EEEK!! Oh....and finally uploaded some pics. URGH

Oh forgot to add a wee bit of info about me. I'm...

Oh forgot to add a wee bit of info about me. I'm 37 years old, 5'2" ,weigh around 130pounds. I have 2 kids age 14 and 4. oldest was emergancy c-section (which was done under general anaesthetic so I remember nothing) and the little one was a very easy vaginal birth. Anyone else booked in around similar time? 3 July. :)

I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone on...

I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone on here. I only joined a few days ago and already feel like I am making some nice friends. It's so good to know there are others going through the same things, worrying about the same stuff, planning the same things and having the same experiences. You girls are so lovely. I look forward to watching so many of your stories and seeing the amazing transformations.

On another note. I put on a few pounds a while back. I went up to 9 stone 10 lbs (136 pounds) but so far have managed to lose 6 pounds. I would like to be down to 9 stone by surgery day which means I have 2 and half weeks to lose 4 lbs. Almost there so I should at least be close to it. When I look back at old photos of myself I am shocked I let myself get so big. At my biggest I was 15 stone 4 pounds (possibly got worse than this but you stop checking when you get that big!) That's 214 pounds to all the US ladies ;)

I have been hitting the gym several times a week, and been trying my best to eat well too so I am in tip-top condition for surgery, every little helps eh. I have never smoked, I very rarely drink (like 3 or 4 times a year!!) and have been eating healthy and exercising lots for about 2 years now, plus I have pretty much stayed around my target weight for about a year. The Surgeon said all that is very positive as regards my recovery but that he still cannot guarantee how well I will recover. Also, my c-section scar is barely visible so if my scar ends up like that....I will be MEGA happy.

Just checked and I am a size 8-10 over here (uk),...

Just checked and I am a size 8-10 over here (uk), which means size 4-6 in the states for all you pretty american girlies. I should try and find pics of me when I was BIG and post them so you can see the difference. :)

Not much going on really, just on the countdown to...

Not much going on really, just on the countdown to the actual day, which is 2 weeks today. Have my pre-op consultation tomorrow afternoon with my ps. Looking forward to seeing him and asking a few questions. Will update after I see him.

Well just had my pre-op consultation which was...

Well just had my pre-op consultation which was basically just for me to ask questions, he never said much other than answer all my questions. Firstly he told me under no circumstances to take ARNICA because it can cause bleeding. He has had several patients take this and not tell him and he has had to repair the damage after. He said it is fine AFTER surgery to help reduce bruising from lipo but other than that it's not necesary. It will take around 3 weeks for the bruising to go, and if I take arnica it will reduce that to about 10 days.

He is going to use dissolvable stitches so they will not need to be removed.....i just about whooped with joy when he said that. No stitches to be taken out.

My muscles he checked again and said they are really strong and very much doubts he will need to do any muscle repair which will dramatically reduce both the healing time and the pain!! I am sent home with paracetamol and ibuprofen etc for pain relief when I am released from Hospital. He thinks I should only need 2 nights in hospital, the night of surgery and the following night, at which point the drains will be removed before I leave.

The compression garments/binders he does not use anymore as they tend to cause worse seroma's as the fluid is forced to build up elsewhere and it can rub badly on the actual scar causing pain. They keep a very close eye on you as regards seromas etc and will drain it once a week should that occur. If I was to get muscle repair, they MIGHT suggest a compression garment simply for extra support for the muscles but it is looking highly unlikely that I will need that. YAY!!!

He is going to give me some lip on the upper abdomen and also on my hips/flanks...wait for this....FREE of charge. He said it's not that much so he will just do it to give me the best result. WHOOP!!

He is going to cut extremely low to get under my c-section scar, the only negative to that is that my pubic area will be slightly higher from being pulled upwards a little. I'm just happy I will have an extremely low scar. YAHOO!!!

I asked how good a result I can get and he said he could get me pretty tight and flat and I should be really happy.

He also said because i prob wont need muscle repair, I should get back to heavier work, exercise etc a bit sooner than usual. Here's hoping when he gets in there he doesn't need to do muscle repair as it will make life ten times easier for me. :)

This has put my mind at ease over a lot of things and lots of added things that make it better, such as the dissolvable stitches etc. Anyway....I'm on the countdown now....13 days to go. Thanks everyone for your comments etc.

Oh my goodness, just counted and 11 days to go!! I...

Oh my goodness, just counted and 11 days to go!! I got all my paperwork through yesterday, need to read through it all and fill it all in and send it back. Got my pre-admission clinic appointment on Thursday next week (28th) where they will do all my bloods etc. It's starting to get exciting!!

Well hello ladies, hope everyone is feeling good,...

Well hello ladies, hope everyone is feeling good, those before and excited, and those after are happy with their result. I weighed this morning and I'm down again...yay Just 127lbs. At 5' 2" I could do with losing a little more. I would LOVE to be around 120 but not sure if I can get there! Also, pin number came for THE card I am going to pay the surgery with so that means the card must be in the mail, probably get it tomorrow. YAY...then I can find out about paying it...then it will seem more real. No going back once it's bought and paid for eh. Cannot believe it is just over a weeks time.

Oooooh, this time next week I will be getting my...

Oooooh, this time next week I will be getting my tummy tuck done. I am so excited, it just can't some quick enough. If they called now and said, can you come today....I'd be there!! THE credit card arrived too so I can finally pay. I have a pre-admission clinic appointment on Thursday to do bloods etc so will just pay when I am there. Anyway, It is weird to think it's just a week to go. When i booked, which was only about a month ago it felt like ages away, and now it's next week. I wish it was next week. Hope all you tt's this next week are doing good. Any of you nervous? I'm worried about the fact I'm not worried. Is that normal??? I am just filled with excitement and eager anticipation. :)

Oooooh, this time next week I will be getting my...

Oooooh, this time next week I will be getting my tummy tuck done. I am so excited, it just can't some quick enough. If they called now and said, can you come today....I'd be there!! THE credit card arrived too so I can finally pay. I have a pre-admission clinic appointment on Thursday to do bloods etc so will just pay when I am there. Anyway, It is weird to think it's just a week to go. When i booked, which was only about a month ago it felt like ages away, and now it's next week. I wish it was next week. Hope all you tt's this next week are doing good. Any of you nervous? I'm worried about the fact I'm not worried. Is that normal??? I am just filled with excitement and eager anticipation. :)

Hi all....well Had me bloods etc done about half...

Hi all....well Had me bloods etc done about half hour ago. Everything seems to be fine, did weight, height, blood pressure etc. Really lovely nurse there. Got to see inside the hospital where I will be staying and it looks nice, although I didn't actually see inside any of the bedrooms. Anyway....I ALSO PAID!! That is more painful than the surgery!! LOL Oh well, all ready to go and all paid for. I am just getting more and more excited!!

Getting excited except....yesterday I managed to...

Getting excited except....yesterday I managed to dislocate my shoulder....not completely, but docs said I twisted it and it locked in the wrong position. I was walking around for hours with my right arm in mid air....was the only position it would go and any movement was excruciating pain. Late on maybe 11pm, i moved it a little and heard and felt it click back in and suddenly i could move my arm again. Unfortunately it still hurts a lot though because apparently i have pulled/stretched the ligaments, tendons whatever and it will take a few days rest till it's better. I can't even drive cos moving my arm hurts bad! I was meant to be away for the weekend before I go in on tuesday but now i'm stuck at home cos i can't drive there. The kids are gutted. Just hope it feels a hundred times better come Tuesday. I was cleaning and was stretching to use the hose bit on the vaccuum cleaner to get underneath something and the hoover fell on my shouder... always knew housework was dangerous. LOL. Well 4 days to go. :)

Well, it's 8.30pm on 1st July.....which means JUST...

Well, it's 8.30pm on 1st July.....which means JUST ONE DAY TO GO!! I have all of tomorrow to prepare then I go in Tuesday morning. I think the one thing that is worrying me is being away from my 4 year old. He is such a mummy's boy. Loves mummy loads. He loves his dad too but he does seem particularly "mummy, mummy". I'll miss him and be worried about him. I know he will be fine but he will hate not having mummy around. Anyway, I will only be in 2 nights and he is in nursery in the mornings so that will pass some of the time for him I hope. Hopefully hubby can bring him in to visit in the afternoon, if not in the evening. Anyway, trying to do last few things around the house so I don't need to worry about them all. :)

On day 2 and feel amazingly good. Was off morphine...

On day 2 and feel amazingly good. Was off morphine and codeine within 24 hours, I just didn't need it. Coping with paracetamol and brufen. It hurts to walk but more achy than actual pain. I would easily do this again. Hubby turned up with huge bouquet of flowers....i swear in the 6years we have been together....this is the first time ever he has bought me flowers. He has been so lovely. Hope it continues when I get home. Will miss the staff in hospital....they are lovely. :)

I have several post op pics but can't seen to...

I have several post op pics but can't seen to upload from ny mobile. Can't be both er ed even attempting to get laptop. Just got home and has taken me best part of half hour to get into bed. I'll load pics as soon.as I can. Really need to sleep.

So I'm on 3 days since my tt.I was worked before I...

So I'm on 3 days since my tt.I was worked before I went in by the fact I wasnt worried, I was just super excited. Now i'm worried by the fact I feel so great. It shouldn't be this easy! I mean my back aches a lot from being hunched up but I.m almost straight already. Taking pain meds regular which is obviously helping as regards pain. I'm so happy with results. Can't wait to see it properly without all the dressings. Never wore any binder/compression garment, not felt like I needed it. Ps doesn't use them now anyway. Seriously.....it's not meant to be this easy is it? I even ended up getting muscle repair and lipo too and yet stil it's really not that bad. Hope it doesn't change as the days go by. Hope everyone else has such a great recovery. Happy healing ladies

Day 6, although I can't quite believe that....

Day 6, although I can't quite believe that. Tomorrow night will be one week since my tt. Its really quite amazing to me that I feel so good. Although, hubby goes back to work today which I am,worried about. I think our little one will miss nursery today, in fact most of this week as i'm still unable to drive and I can't walk that far yet, its almost a mile there, then same back home, then i'd need to go back to collect him at lunchtime when he finishes too. Can't wait till Wednesday when I see the surgeon, maybe hw will remove the dressings and I will finally see my new flat tummy. Hope my bb is ok, bit worried but only cos I can't see it do I don't know. No binder is such a great feeling, its so easy and I don't seen to have any swelling, well not excessive and certainly not worse than those of you who do have to wear them. Happy healing. Xx

Had my one week post op visit with my PS. He...

Had my one week post op visit with my PS. He removed all the dressings etc and I saw my scar for the first time. I was happy my tummy looked pretty flat but the scar is worrying me. Because he had to remove quite a bit of skin he had to kind of pucker the top part to fit the cut at the bottom. He did say this will even out over time and I have to wait but that after that settles and the swelling goes down I should be very pleased with my end result. I just have to keep in mind this is not the end result. I am still pleased and it is early days. I am so inpatient though!! Has anyone else had similar, everyone else's pics on here show such a neat scar. Is it just me??

I'm now on day 11 i believe. Had to call hospital...

I'm now on day 11 i believe. Had to call hospital last night as my pubic area was huge and looked a bit like a waterbed. I thought it was either swollen or seroma. They spoke with my surgeon and he said he thinks it sound slike a seroma so I have to lie down and hope it resolves itself and if no better by Monday to call for an appointment to see him on Wednesday. He will drain it if needed then. The other thing is under the left side of my scar the top of my thigh is numb. Is that normal??? seems a bit strange to me. I understand why my tummy is numb, cos all the nerves have been cut and need to re-attach but why is the top of my left thigh numb?? Doesn't seem right to me so if that doesn't change I'll mention that when I call Monday too. I feel like my hips have swollen more too. My tummy isn't flat at all. It's all bumpy and still bulges out a bit, particularly where it meets my pubic area, both stick out and I HATE it. I am a bit concerned. Also, the skin on my tummy....it's not red or anything but does feel warmer to touch than the rest of my skin. Not sure about that. Anyone else had any of these issue and can re-assure me? I tend to think the worst of everything. Thanks all.

Have been feeling so very very down and negative...

Have been feeling so very very down and negative about things the last few days, Crying about how things look. But this morning, I had a doc apnt, just a normal local appointment. She wanted to see my TT as she was the one who recommended the hospital I went to. She was very impressed, saying how great it looks etc. My hubby came with me, he's been very supportive and encouraged me a bit the last few days saying I need to just wait and things will improve, to slow down a bit and let him do things for me. Anyway, I feel hugely better today even took pics, and I was happy with what I saw. It's pics wearing the exact same undies in my before pic. Swelling has gone down a lot over the last few days as I've been resting lots. There is still a huge amount of swelling so I know this will look even better in time but I feel good. Thanks for everyone's messages on here. You are all lovely. x

I am now 16 days po and feel super good today....

I am now 16 days po and feel super good today. Went to see my surgeon yesterday as I had a couple of niggly things I just wanted reassurance on. Firstly the top of my left thigh has gone numb but he reassured me it was just a little nerve that has been squashed a bit with the scar and it will get better in time. My swelling he says is normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I don't have any seromas still which is fab. (I have never wore a binder/cg as my ps doesn't use them and I am so glad he doesn't). The scar looks great. I asked about the dip on my left hip and he said to give it 6 months but he may have to do a little lip on there in 6 months if needed (all within the price). So I came out a very happy lady.

I love my surgeon, he really is so nice. He said to me that if I am ever worried to just come and see him if only to put my mind at ease, that he would rather that than there is an issue or I sit at home worrying. He is such a nice man too, really down to earth, friendly. Just great. Unfortunately our car is in the garage so I had to get the bus and train to the office. It felt great to be "out" from my prison. lol Luckily the bus stop is in the next street and the train station I get out from is next door to my surgeons office. I was very tired on the way home though....

Unfortunately so much so I fell asleep on the bus!! I only woke when a passer by noticed i was in the bus and knocked the window. I had missed my stop. in fact I was at the end of the route. The bus restarted and was about to go another route. The bus driver hadn't noticed me!! I was hysterical laughing telling my mum about this last night. If I hadnt woke up I could have ended up in a completely different part of London. EEK. Luckily the main stop where they wait and change routes etc is a couple stops from mine but it did mean i had to walk a whole lot more home than I expected to. I felt like such a fool!! LOL. Oh well. I got home eventually. Was really sore by time i got home so had to take painkillers but they helped and I was ok later.

Managed for the first time since surgery to actually sleep almost right through the night last night and I feel so much better for it today. The night before I had been up loads cos i kept coughing....oh the pain of that is immense eh!! I must have only got about 2 hrs sleep! Thats probably why i fell asleep on the bus. Ha!

Tried on a bikini today and was actually quite impressed. Given me another little boost today. :)

Still not tried my jeans on....I've only been...

Still not tried my jeans on....I've only been wearing yoga pants or similar, although they are still a size 8 (us size 4) and are super comfy. I just feel the thought of wearing something more rigid might hurt....probably wouldn't. it's just in my head but I'm pleased about my clothes still fitting. Once the swelling goes down ....could I possibly go down to a uk size 6?? (US size 2!) That would be so weird. I have NEVER been that small. I can't wait to be all healed up and the little bit of swelling gone and go clothes shopping!! Or at very least BIKINI shopping. I really need to go on holiday now so I can have an excuse to actually wear a bikini!! : D

I have finally hit the 3 week mark, well it was 3...

I have finally hit the 3 week mark, well it was 3 weeks yesterday. It is amazing how much better I feel than the first week. There really is a big difference week by week. Still have pains and feel stinginess along my incision occasionally but overall so much better. Been outdoors pretty much every day the past few days. I usually have a walk to the local shops and back, probably about 2-3 miles altogether but it's lovely and we have the most amazing weather here in London right now. I should really be outside lying in the sun in my bikini eh. ha ha ha....now that I look fabby in one! We have had nothing but problems with our car the past few weeks and have spent an utter fortune on repairs! It is in the garage yet again. We have decided to just sell it off and get something newer and hopefully bigger. Which means by time I feel up to driving again....we might have a nice new car. (well still second hand but we hope to get something under a year old) I'm excited. :) As far as my tummy feels, I just feel great and so confident. Have managed to sleep on my side the past 2 or 3 nights which is the best feeling ever. I have to do it very carefully and slowly but once I get myself into a nice position it is amazing how much better I have slept. The only problem really has been the heat! It has been around 30 degrees the past couple days and it is lovely but so hard to sleep!

Hope all you tt's that were happening the past few days are recovering well. Wishing Heleninuk the best after having hers done yesterday. The first couple days are the worst but it gets better. Got my credit card bill in yesterday....now the really hard bit comes of paying off this surgery. I'm still so so happy I did it. Need to feel better to get back to work though so I can start earning. Unfortunately as I do heavier work I have to wait till I am about 6 weeks or so and since I am self employed....no money till I get back to work. Hope it is 6 weeks and not longer. PS recommended waiting till at least 6 weeks but might take longer. I feel much better so hopefully won't be longer. Coughing and sneezing still hurts but not the extreme agony that it was before. I'm so happy my hubby has had so much time off work. The first week he worked form home, the 2nd week he got home as early as he could (plus my eldest son had a couple days off school which worked out great) then last week and this week hubby is off on holiday. He has also been asked if he minds working from home the next few weeks due to the Olympics. YAY for me. He might still need to go into work sometimes but this timing has ended up being absolutely perfect. Kids are off now for summer break. Little one had last day of nursery on Monday...was quite sad as he just loved it there but he has to go into Primary. Well...he is meant to start in September but he is one of 1500 kids in London who didn't get a school place as there was not enough room. We are just hoping he gets into a close by one before September or at worst within the first 2-3 weeks of everyone else starting. It has put a bit of stress on us but then again...it will be nice to have my little one at home with me just that little but longer.

Anyway....I'm rattling on here. Hope everyone else is recovering well and for those of you with it still to come.....take your time and you will do great. It's the best thing ever. :)

Was out for a good few hours today with my 4 year...

Was out for a good few hours today with my 4 year old. Went into town on the bus, went to bank to make first payment on the credit card for this gorgeous new tummy. Had a wee look round the shops, got him his first watch that helps him learn how to tell the time.....and bought another bikini!! LOL. I think I may become addicted to buying cute little things like bikinis now. I tried on my size 4 (UK size8) skinny jeans and they zipped up so much easier than normal cos i had no belly to squash in at the top....and I still have swelling so my goodness it's going to be super fabby by time that goes down. Anyways....feeling really good despite being out so long today. Went out again later looking for my teenage son who decided to go on a very long bike run without telling us and we didnt know where he was. Anyway, he was on his way back by time he finally answered his mobile! I am managing to do so much more but the heat here is unbearable. I would have so loved to have gone swimming today, especially with this heat but I will have to wait a few weeks yet till the PS says ok. I'll add a pic of the new bikini. :)

3 and a half weeks on and feel almost normal....

3 and a half weeks on and feel almost normal. Still can't lie properly. I can actually lie on my tummy but i can't lift my head up far and certainly not my chest as it really pulls like there is no stretch or give in my skin. I took a pic of my scar about 10 minutes ago so I'll add that. It looks a bit shiny as I had just put bio oil on it. Anyway, it's good to see how it differs over the weeks. I'm not sure there is much difference as yet but then it's only 3 and a half weeks. I'll get there. Feel so good I could go back to work but been told not to as it involves some lifting etc. I'll see what ps says next time I see him although that's another 3-4 weeks away. Might try and get an earlier appointment with him.

Took some close up photos of the scar as I have...

Took some close up photos of the scar as I have noticed there are bits here and there that look like they have disappeared already. Like no redness just looks like my normal skin colour. If it ends up like this I will be amazed. I also bought myself some new Jeans (size4) and I am wearing a top...TUCKED IN!!! I would never have done that before. I am worried how much money I am now going to be spending on clothes. :) Hope everyone is well and coping with their recoveries or their wait for their own TT.
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Hey Fluffy Cloud and A New Me Regi, how are you going? I have been with no internet so been u7nable to get online and chat and see how everyone is going. I have to say im a little depressed, my tummy is obviously flatter and I can get into my jeans (just) but doing them up is hard and I could wear them easily before my op. I wonder if it is still swelling but I have been measuring my tummy everyday and it doesnt seem to be going down at all. I am starting getting back to exercising tonight so I think I will feel alot better once I can do that so I feel like I am burning the calories I am eating rather than just getting bigger. My scar looks amazing and everyone keeps telling me that it looks great but I just really thought I would be able to wear my old clothes by now. When I had my four week post op with my surgeon he said that I was healing well and could do non impact exercise but no running which is gutting. How do you guys feel about the swelling etc? I really hope this isnt the final result. I have been trying to post pics as well but I cant seem to manage it and I cant see your pictures any more either which is really weird. Anyway hope you both are going well and so glad you guys feel amazing. xx
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Sounds like things are going well for you. Mu scar is also looking great I have one little pucker to go but that's it! I have started back my P90x my first workout tonight and made it all the way through it without difficulty. Yaaahhhh! When are you going to post photos? I am dieing to see your results! ;D
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Hi fluffycloud,

YOur welcome : )
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You look awesome!

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You have really inspired thank you.
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hi Tina, thank you for such a lovely comment. x
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Hi fluffycloud. You look amazing in ur bikini. Wow I bet u r so pleased. Glad u r healing well and how different do u look. Whoop eee amazing. Go girl strut ur new body xxxx
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i really am very pleased. didnt realise how much better my scar looked till iI compared.my day 10 scar pic. x
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Hi, You look fantastic and I love the confidence oozing from you in the bikini photo- the smile on your face says it's definitely worth it!! I saw my PS for my 2nd consultation yesterday and have gone from feeling terrified and having 2nd thoughts to being so excited!! I cant wait to get it over and done with. I was encouraged by reading that you managed to get out and about with your son. It worries me that I will deny my daughters an exciting summer holidays before they go back to school and I return to work in September. I also love the fact that you dont have to wear a CG. Happy healing x
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Angela, you are ROCKING that bikini! You look fabulous! That's so encouraging to see! I'm feeling really swollen this evening so it's great to see how things could be in just 3 weeks' time. I'm so happy that it's worked out so well for you. You look so pleased with your results!

Angemary, don't worry, you'll be fine. I've wrestled with the same issue, and it's working out ok - I've ordered a bunch of DVDs so we can watch stuff together, and you can arrange play dates and other trips while still allowing yourself to take it reasonably easy. They won't resent you for it, especially when you are a super-happy mum with a great beach body next summer! Hx
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You're looking great!
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Thanks, so do you. You have such a teeny tiny waist now. :)
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Wow you look so good. I love the smile. Are u less swollen than the first week?
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The swelling is just the same as the first week but I guess it takes time. I dont have a ridiculous amount of swelling. Considering my PS doesn't use cg I am very impressed so far. It can only get better. :)
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WOW! How great do you look?! You must so super proud and pleased :) All the best!
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I really am. I actually bought this bikini a while ago but didn't wear it cos of my belly.....I would happily wear it out now. Thanks for your comment, I AM super pleased.
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Fluffy.. you look fantastic! what a transformation your tummy has gone through. Wow.. ladies answer me real honestly... what has been the worst bit of the whole procedure and healing process so far ?? I'm stressing myself out and still have 20 odd weeks to wait ! lol.. Im making myself a list from all the different reviews I read of all the things to look out for and not panic about like pain niggles and odd things that I might experience so that I have an easy reference guide for when it is my turn and also of all the gadgets and equipment that you ladies recommend and have tried and tested. Once again I say, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE.. thank you ladies .. (do men have tummy tucks ... havent come across one on here has anyone else ?)
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To be honest I think the worst thing for me has been not being able to sleep cos I had to be on my back, I have always slept on my side or on my tummy so I have found the tiredness and not being able to get comfy the worst thing. The pain seriously isn't bad. You can always take painkillers for that anyway. But it's not pain as such, like most of the ladies say it's more achy. After that you have a tight feeling and occasional twinges here and there, sometimes it feels like a burning sensation, sometimes, tingly, other times like pins and needles almost. The numbess is a bit odd but you kinda learn to live with that. The first 24-48 hours are the hardest cos of the drains and not being able to stand up....not that you can stand up after that but the first 24 hours, I was at a 90degree angle...lol. My hubby was laughing saying he was left with an 80 year old wife. :) When do you get yours again? And who are you with? x
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WHOOT WHOOT! Look at you hottie, sport that bikini! You look outstanding! So happy for you! I can't wait to go bikini shopping. I've got more inspiration from you and others on this site that I am certainly going to give it a try! ;D
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So mrs.....you got yourself a bikini yet?? I am dying to go out and buy another one. I had this one before but never wore it. Now I want a collection of them. I need a holiday somewhere hot now so I have an excuse to walk around in it now.....he he he....what a great excuse eh. :D
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I have not made the purchase yet but I did go try some on. I have the one I want picked out but it's online and I'm worried about how they run (large or small) I was happy with the way they looked on me but did not like the style of the ones I tried on. I loved the way the triangle top fit and looked but the bottoms all had the cutout or tie on them they show my scar so I want to keep looking for the right one. LOL! Do you need an excuse to run around in it other then you feel good in your new body and you want to? Although a holiday would make it that much more special! ;D
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Absolutely....I was sitting out in our back garden in my bikini this afternoon....a new bikini....he he he. This might be my new obsession...buying bikinis. LOL
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haha! LOVE it! you look fantastic. I can't wait for my first bikini! I have my eyes on a few. I know what you mean about it becoming an obsession...I may have the same problem. one for each day of the week? hehehe!
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OMG you look absolutely amazing in your bikini. I bet you are so so pleased and I bet 16 Days ago you never thought you would look so great. Sexy Fluffycloud x
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Sexy fluffycloud....lol....I LIKE that. :) I can't believe I actually look ok in a bikini. It's a weird feeling eh. Where did you get yours....it's really nice. x
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