1 year and a half po!!! loving it!

Hi im belle im a newbie on here :) i have 2...

Hi im belle im a newbie on here :) i have 2 beautiful children, i had them both quite close together so ended up with excess and wrinkly skin so that made me feel really uncomfortable and i lost all my confidence although i do feel so guilt ridden i decided i had to take the plunge and do something what would make me happy with my body and not looking in the mirror everyday feeling down. im oh so excited but so scared of everything about the whole procedure. im getting it done at the riverside hospital in london with transform they are really good so far. Has anyone else had there tt done here? I have my pre op there end of september.


Yes, I have two children, both of which are grown. I understand the fear of something happening. Even when they are grown you still worry about not being around for them. My children are 21 and 18, so I still need to be around for a while. Hopefully one day to at least see grandchildren......even though I really hope that is several years in the future. LOL Still too young for grandchildren at this point. LOL I understand about the smoking part as well. It sounds like you and I are going through that together too. I don't know what is worse at this point.....the anticipation of the surgery or the no smoking. It's hard either way you go, but like you said, it will be better for our health AND our pocket book. I am on day 3 with no smoking. The cravings are not as bad today, but still getting to me at time. What have you found to be helpful with the cravings?
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Thanks hun its made me realise that i shouldnt be so hard on myself after all my 2 children are still really young so they wont know whats going on. I just thought of what if i didnt make it? i know its silly and im fit and healthy i stopped smoking a week ago so even though i smoked i was still putting myself at risk anyway but i know when i have my operation i wont smoke again and il be saving all the money i would of spent on fags on a holiday to disney land when they are old enough to enjoy it! glad wel be recovering together please stay in touch id love to hear about how you are doing and we could talk if there is any worried or concerns on our recovery :-) do you have children? x
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Sounds like you and I will be recovering together. My TT is scheduled for the 15th. As for the guilt, just think of all the things you do everyday in order to take care of your family. I am sure that you have sacrificed your time, your money, and especially your body. Having this surgery is something just for you to help you to feel good about yourself. Don't let the guilt get to you, because you more than deserve this.
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Gulp 20 days to go, thinking to myself what the...

gulp 20 days to go, thinking to myself what the hell am i doing? butterflies and bad tummy ache at the mo. Ive quit smoking for 2 days now at least i did it sooner than later but i wasnt really a heavy smoker anyway. I just keep pushing through i keep saying to myself i am a woman im strong i can do this! Im not scared of dying i say if it was meant to be then it was meant to be i believe when your time is up thats it, the most thing im scared of that is ill never see my children again. I know god knows i have the greatest purpose in life of being a wonderful mum to my beautiful children, i love them dearly. pre op tomorrow one more step ahead!!


Hey belle Keep me posted on how you feel day to day ..... I'm scheduled to have mine done on oct 31st in Bristol at lifestyle surgery with Simon Lee and I'm actually bricking it .... Met a couple of his patients and had him for boobs before and his scarring is fantastic so going to have boobs redone ( smaller... Had a baby since last BA so need uplift aswell ) and tummy tuck (full) ... I also will blog... All the best will be thinking of you and looking out for your posts x
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Hi Ladies, well just 4 days to go. I just keep...

Hi Ladies, well just 4 days to go. I just keep looking at my saggy tummy thinking you will be gone soon! As for how i feel i actually dont feel too bad i wasnt as scared as i was about a month ago, obviously still worried and anxious i have no idea if all those feelings will come back all at once on the day. Im taking 30c of arnica a week before for bruising hopefully that will minimise the brusing alot. So weds il be going in at 9.30 to check in then will have to wait around until they call me in, i have to stay in for 2 nights so i have all my hospital bag bag packed, all i need to do know is the housework before the big day! I wish i could post before and after pictures but my laptop is broken so having to use my phone but i will post some when its working. Fingers crossed for me best of luck for up and coming flat siders! :-)


Please be sure to have your phone with you so you can let me know how you are doing. Mine is scheduled for Monday at 12:45. Nervous and excited, but not nearly as scared as I was a month ago. I feel like I know what to expect thanks to this site.
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Hi Donna i have only just seen your post sorry for taking so long to reply, i will keep you posted so dont worry, im such a nervous wreck when it comes to operations its my worst nightmare but as its an elective one it made it a lot scarier for me, i had my ups and downs ever since booking the op, its all ive thought about and talked about, i have been driving my partner nuts! But the last couple of weeks ive been quite calm maybe i have just got used to the idea. Dont worry hun you will have enough time to reflect on the reasons why you are going through with this, its normal to feel anxious! my surgeon apparently is a boobie god so hopefully he can live up to being a tummy tuck god too hehe. all the best of luck xx
What a lovely way of putting it ! Thank you for that comment I know it wasn't for me but my mind has been going though The same trauma and you put it in a more positive prospective xx

Yikes! This weds is the day! I have done all my...

yikes! This weds is the day! I have done all my washing today, i keep checking my hospital bag to make sure i have got everything i need. Im just speechless i cant believe its come round this quick. At the moment i feel quite good some times i get really scared then it turns into excitement. Im really craving a cigerette right now but im not going to go there AGAIN waste of money! I have saved so much i treated myself to some lovely shoes but i probably wont be able to wear them for a long time yet, i will just have to admire them instead. Anyway im excited to see my compression garnment ive heard they are oh so sexy! I have no idea why i am doing this am i nuts? everyone else thinks so!


Thanks hun i will keep you posted i promise, i really want to post pictures up too i will when i can so can see before and afters! 2 days and im so ready! i cant wait to be feeling a confident woman again! ill look forward to hear about how you are doing too we will be recovering together :) im only 3 weeks before you! I cant believe this is happening! I was so scared a few weeks ago but more excited now, we will be fine i know it! x

Day 4 PO and i feel great, the op went really well...

Day 4 PO and i feel great, the op went really well i havent been in any major pain just soreness! Im still hunched over like an old lady and the binder is irritating me, 4 more weeks of hell to go with wearing these. I have my first appointment with the nurse on weds, she will change all my dressings so i will get to see how my scars and bb are lookin, im really hoping im pleased with the final result8-. OMG dont sneeze i just did just then and it felt like my stitches split ouch! Also be sure to have a laxative at the ready when you come home hospital my first bm was like giving birth out my back side i was on the loo for an hour!


Belle..LOL! I can so relate to that first BM. MY 2nd one wasn't much better. It is an accomplishment for sure.
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lol my first one i thought was bad but my 2nd woah now that was something else! it sure was an accomplishment i was quite proud of myself! Hope you are healing well hun you look fantastic in your pics still cant believe we have done it! and i still never watched that video on youtube i have no idea what happened to me in that room and never will lol.

Pictures posted finally!! Thank you for your help...

Pictures posted finally!! Thank you for your help kimmers! I do have some cream on my chest as i had a rash please excuse that one! im very VERY pleased with my results the scar looks like a biro pen line very neat and low and the pics dont do it real justice! Im one happy lady.
Im feeling great today!

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Oh no itchy itch! I hope i dont feel like this for...

Oh no itchy itch! I hope i dont feel like this for long its driving me crazy!


you look fantastic!
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Wow looking great :)!
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Thank you both im so pleased i really wasnt expecting that much of a good result but wow im gob smacked!
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Hi lay

Hi lay


Hi Belle, I am just in the research stage of my journey. My tummy is almost identical to your before pics. Your results are amazing, Mr Chantarask looks like he's the man!! Lol do you have any recent/fully healed pics of your scar Xx
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Your pictures are amazing I am from just outside Manchester, tummy tuck and boob lift for me 21st Jan 2013, I hope mine turns out as good as yours, hope rest of your recovery goes well. xx
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Thank you janeellie i think you are on look your best website? im really excited for you i cant wait to hear about your journey! im recovering well its not as hard as i thought it would be, im just taking it easy xxx

1 year and a half po and loving my results!

Hi ladies its been so long since I've been on the flat side but let me tell you this is the best thing I have ever done! I had very bad loose skin after my second child which left me feeling so self conscious and unhappy with my body I couldn't wear anything nice or tight fitted, I tried everything to get my shape back went to the gym I lost all my weight but was still left with a saggy pooch so I knew I had to do something about which I did .I had full tummy tuck in Oct 2012 even though I still have numbness now I don't really think about it I just look at my tummy and I feel so happy and much more confident in myself :) my scar has blended in nicely I still use vitamin e oil religiously!!! I felt so lucky to find this site as I couldn't of done it without all your support reading all your stories gave me so much inspiration I think you all look fab and I wish you all the best with your healing and to anyone who is going on the flat side soon good luck and you won't regret it!!!

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mr chantarasak

Mr chantarasak is a great man he is well known for his excellent stitch work and i couldnt find any thing that was bad said about him. He is a very quiet man but he answered all the questions i needed to ask, he was honest and straight down to the point and thats what i liked about him. You will be in very safe hands with Dr chantatasak, im very pleased with my results so far!

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