My Journey to a Keloid Free Life - London, GB

Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl from London and I have...

Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl from London and I have been battling with keloids since the age of 16, and it has been absolute hell! It has completely stripped me of my confidence and I've spent years without ever tying my hair up. It's been such a misery being unable to keep up with many of the latest trends and hair styles out there because I am too embarrassed of my ugly scarring. The keloid developed after I got my ears pierced at the age of 14, I was so happy and excited to have my ears done, and be able to wear pretty ear rings like all of my friends. I had no idea the horror that would unfold as a result of this :( today is my first day tying a piece of string around one of my keloids and I really do hope this will work. It will mean the world to me! I literally spend days just wondering what possible hairstyle could ever make me happy with this disfigurement on the day of my wedding!


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I want to start off my by saying, even though I get why you would be conscious about the scar, you are really pretty! I am not a doctor, so I would suggest you go to one who specializes in your skin type (who can deal with non-white skin)... i have heard that silicone sheets work (compression therapy), or steroid shots, some lasers etc. It just depends on how bad it is and you should really speak with a qualified doctor (not all are the same!). Good luck and remember you are beautiful, keloid or not!
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