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A New Nose.....Yes Please! - London, GB

I've got a big nose, there's no dressing it up or...

I've got a big nose, there's no dressing it up or putting it gently, I have a big nose and I've hated it ever since it came to prominence when I was a teenager. I have inherited the unfortunate hooter that my fathers side of the family all poses!

I have just had a breast reduction and it has given me so much confidence and I though why not get the nose done too.

I have 2 free consultations tomorrow both with Plastic Surgery Nurses at reputable Harley Street clinics. I want to meet with a few different people to get the best surgeon, service and cost. Although I would never go with a cheap plastic surgeon to save a penny. I'm going with one who is reputable and has many provable cases of success.

How exciting!!!!

Oooh, very exciting! You may have already had your consultations, but here's a list of questions to consider when meeting with doctors.

And here's what doctors say about choosing the right doctor for your nose.

Please keep us posted throughout this journey!

Thank you. That's really helpful. :)

Surgery Booked!

Following two consultations with a surgeon I have now paid for my surgery in full and have my date confirmed. 13th August! I'm soooo excited! This is something I have wanted for a very long time. I can't believe it's happening!

I have to say that I'm experiencing some worry about it but I guess that's to be expected. I've recently had a breast reduction and I wasn't in the least bit worried prior to having that but the nose is different. It's right in the middle of your face and there's no getting away from it if it ends up going wrong. Anyway, I have to keep these negative thoughts to one side as they are not helpful and I'm not going to know how is goes until I have the surgery.

It's been great having all these stories to follow. I love this website. Very helpful.


Have you met with any actual surgeons or just nurses? I think your before picture looks ok? But I know it's how you feel about yourself. Good luck with everything!
I've met with a number of Nurses and who recommended surgeons associated with their clinics and I chose who I thought was the best. I've had two consultations with him and Im very happy so have gone ahead and booked my surgery. :)
I would love to see a better pic of your profile , it doesn't look that bad from the only pic you gave but I can see you're looking for perfection .. .. nice :)

Pre-Op Assessment done! ***11 Days to go!!!***

Today I had my pre-op assessment where I met with a nurse who took blood samples and swabs from inside my nose and under my arm for the MRSA screening. I had another op 6 weeks ago so I knew the drill. Height, weight etc. Then she took the before photos of my nose which I'm going to ask for and can post on here. She talked to me about the surgery and answered a few questions I had. There weren't many as I have been doing so much research and asking so many questions in my consultations. We then booked my post-op appointment and it all became very real! It was very exciting! In less than 2 weeks it's going to happen! Finally!!!!
I think I'm all set!
Hey nice pic you just added, I can see the improvement that can be done on your nose , of course u r very nice looking for now but a rhinoplasty seems a good idea if you cant live with ur actual nose , you will then be even more very nice looking :) but thats only about looks u know.
You've not too long go! All very exciting. I am glad you are feeling confident, those 11 ads will soon go. Best wishes for a smooth recovery :)

Inspirational Nose

Good luck! I'm so excited for you and I'm sure it will go positively well with fine results.
Thank you!!! :)
Thanks for he message. Much appreciated. :)

2 more sleeps!

I'm having my surgery on Tuesday and I'm very excited.

I went back to my PC on Thursday to get a revised picture of the nose we have agreed on. Nothing more to add apart from I'm looking forward to it.
Good luck , 2 sleeps wow that is coming fast ... come to think of it mine is in 45 days .. far enough... keep us posted how it goes and thx to you :)
Finally found another person from the uk! Your surgery is only a day away now i bet your so excited! I think you look good even with the nose you have now can i add! I just wanted to ask what happens at the pre op? What are they testing for in the bloodwork do you know?? Cant wait to see your results btw! :)
Your surgery is so soon!! Best of luck to you for Tuesday! Please keep us posted!

1 Day Post Op

I've finally had it done! I'm one day post op and I'm feeling good. I have to say I thought it would be a lot more painful than this. It looks far worse than it feels. Perhaps because I had a closed Rhinplasty, maybe that's less painful than an open Rhino.
I got to the private hospital in North London yesterday and was admitted as a day case, as I live 10 mins from the hospital this was allowed however had I lived further away I would have had an overnight stay. They put me in a lovely room with en-suite and TV where I waited to be seen by a nurse who would take a urine sample (routine pregnancy test) and provide me with a robe and slippers. I then met with my anesthetist and surgeon who would explain what was going to happen and answer any last minute questions. Then....it was time!
I went down to theatre and was put under and then next thing I knew I was back in my room and being asked to move onto my bed from the stretcher. the op only took 45 mins. I closed my eyes for another half an hour or so and then gradually woke up. The nurse came did my observations every so often, they fed and watered me and then my Mum came to get me in the evening and I stayed with her last night.
The bruising started to come up about 2 hours after I came around and the swelling much later that night. The real swelling and bruising was apparent when I work up this morning. I have been resting and eating a little bit and drinking a little bit and I feel okay. I've had ice on my eyes today and it helped a bit with the swelling. More pics and updates to follow.
Hey Charles, thanks for the message, it's all done now. I'm glad it's out the way now. I think our before pics are quite similar. I like your morphing pic. Looks great. :)
yes thats y I cant wait to see your results ....
Hi Sammy, Yes it's hard to find UK folk on this website, it predominantly people from the States. I'm not sure what they are testing for with the blood samples. They also swab your mouth for MRSI. The main reason for the pre op is to access your health in preparation for surgery. It involves a health questionnaire, height and weight measurements, blood tests, swabs and discussing the surgery. Nothing to worry about. Mine was 45 mins in total. If you have anymore questions then please do let me know. I will be happy to answer them. :)

2 Days Post Op

Wow! What a bad nights sleep! I kept waking up and wanting to scratch my nose but there was a big cast on it! Very strange. Also I felt the tricking of fluid inside my nose which was very annoying as it tickled and not in a good way.
I woke up this morning to a very swollen face and a headache. I have to say that I feel pretty awful today, no energy, a bit sad (for no reason) and also wondering if I chose the right nose. I think it is all nonsense and part of the recovery process but it's got me feeling a bit blue today. I don't really have an appetite, I've eaten a bit but not much. Go, I sound really miserable, I'm not, I'm just writing how I feel in case it's helpful to anyone else out there.
I've been watching the TV today and I keep seeing peoples noses and wondering what mine is going to look like. I'm a long way off from being able to see the end result.
I think tomorrow will be better........I think I just need a good nights sleep. :)

My old nose.....

Here are a few pics of the old nose......

Feeling better

I'm feeling so much better today. It's now 4 days post op, over the worst. I went out for a little walk today and got some fresh air which was lovely. Got some very strange looks with my hideous face!

The swelling has gone down and the black eyes are starting to fade now which is great. The splint is driving me nuts! My nose is so itchy underneath and I can't scratch it! Not long now, I have my follow up appointment on Thursday to have it removed and I can't wait!
4 days after do you still have nose packing ? like no breathing from nose yet ? until thursday ? is it hard ? thats the worst I mean just trying to swallow blocking my nose is horrible enough ... I asked my surgeon if I would be able to remove them myself after 2 days or so he told me not to do it ..
I had the nose packing taken out on the day of the operation before I was released. It was very strange eating and drinking with them in because when you swallow it creates a vacuum!
hiya, who was your surgeon? thanks

Can't wait to have my cast off!! It's so itchy!!!

Everything has really settled down and I'm very much looking forward to Thursday when I can have my cast off and be rid of this itching! I have to say the two worst things so far have been the swelling and the itching. Not the pain, it's not a painful operation, or at least it hasn't been for me. I only took pain killers for the 1st two days and I didn't really need them, it wasn't that bad. Although I do suffer from a chronic bad back so perhaps my pain threshold is higher than normal. Either that or it's just not a massively painful op.

Can't wait to see how it looks on Thursday!!
The shape looks great even with the cast on. I can imagine how excited and eager you must be :)
What is the software program you used in your first post to see what your nose may look like post-op? Thank you so much for detailing your progress. Your post op pictures help me to know what to expect the first week after surgery. Please continue to keep us posted throughout your recovery Best of luck on getting your cast off! I can't wait to see what's underneath :)
HI, I used www.facetouchup.com. I had to pay a small fee to upload photos. I'm sure there will be free sites out there too. You will have to check. Glad that my review is helpful, I think this site is wonderful at answering questions and preparing people for surgery. If you want anymore info then let me know. :)

Cast offf!!!

I had my cast off today and not a moment too soon!! It was getting really itchy in there. I met with a nice Nurse who removed my cast which took a while as the dried blood had acted like glue, she used wet cotton buds and gently got all the tape unstuck from my nose. I had a look in the mirror and it was noticeably smaller and slimmer although still quite a bit of swelling overall which will go down over the next few weeks. I'm happy so far, I know this isn't the end result so I'm not worried that's it's still quite big.

I'll post some more pics over the coming weeks.
wow...how exciting! It looks awesome! I'm getting mine in less than 3 wks so I love seeing the pictures before and after of everyone on here.
You look great. No bruising at all and you look so happy :)


As you can see there is a difference, the hump is gone and the shape has changed. I'm glad I have this comparison as I can see there is still a lot of swelling to go down on the nose itself but also where the nose meets my forehead too.

This is what I'm really hoping it will turn out like, my imaging from my surgeon, looks a long way off that at the moment and I'

It looks great! Yay!
Looking awesome!!! Love it! It's going to look even better once the swelling goes down. Happy Healing!!! :)
nice comparisons , I think you should have what you wanted .. you have to give a lot of time like 6 months or more .. it depends on your skin I heard . but we can clearly see that he cut the tip of your nose to refine it .. it will be perfect i think it is not falling down anymore.


Where did you go on Harley street for your consultations? and who did you end u your new nose looks fabulous!
Great nose! you look even more beautiful! My surgery date is sept 17th, I hope my results are as good! great job!
Thank you!! Good luck with your surgery! I look forward to seeing you results. :)

New Nose!!!

Where on Harley Street did you go for your consultation?, and what doctor did you end up picking? thanks x
I private messaged you with the details. :)
Your new nose looks amazing!! Very nice :)

More pics

Well! Things are going really fantastically and I'm becoming more and more pleased with my result. The swelling has been going down over the past 3 weeks and it will continue for another 6 weeks perhaps. The swelling has been working it's way down my nose from the top so I still have a swollen tip which looks like it has a bit of a bump on the end but this should go and the nose will look more curved.

I haven't had any problems since I has my cast off. The only thing that I can comment on is that I have a blocked nose most of the time but I'm still able to breathe through my nose. Blowing is still quite sore (feels rather like I might blow the roof off my nose but that obviously wouldn't happen, it's just still very tender) so I have to do it very gently one nostril at a time. Most mornings I wake up needing to blow my nose. Cotton buds are also a good way to remove what you can't blow out but I'm extremely careful and don't poke at anything. I just blow a little bit and coax out the rest with a cotton bud. Speak to your surgeon before trying this though as all after-care rules can vary based on different surgeons opinions.

Overall I'm very happy!!
Who done this surgery? It looks good,really good!!!!!!
Hi could you tell me what surgeon did your operation? Nice nose job glad your really pleased with it barbsy x
Lovely, may I know which Harley Street surgeon/surgery you choose?
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