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Hi, This is first review I have ever done but I...

This is first review I have ever done but I thought I must give it ago!
5 days ago I had permanent makeup done on my brows I've wanted the treatment done for a long time as mine full out and I have patches someone recommend a lady to me I looked her up and her work looked good, then one day I notice she was doing a compertition so I entered -never thought I would win to my surprise meant I won

So I had the treatment done the lady chose my colour drawed on my brows and told me they won't be a thick as she done them I felt happy and put my trust in her after all she has done this kind of work for over 10 yrs
When she was finished I looked in the marrow and felt my hole body go into shock I lied and said I was happy but ran out the shop! I looked like someone from Sesame Street big thick very dark black brows!! I just wanted to get home I felt sick! I texts the lady she said they will fade 60% in a few days! I just wanted them off, why did I do this to myself! I have put a tattoo on my face! I found myself on this site looking for help I wanted them removed and sadly I think I'm on a long journey now

It's taken me 5 days to get over the shock of what I can say only me has done to myself for 5 days I've not eaten I've been sick and can't even sleep or go out! Today they have started to fade which I'm happy about but the shape is awful and so different!
Now I can cover with makeup but the point was to not put makeup on them anymore ;(

Can anyone recommend a way to fade them or tell me do they fade completely
I'm so not going back for the touch up
I'm getting married in a year and I'm so worried ;( :(

Anyone who reads this and is thinking of getting permanent makeup please make sure you know what shape you want and speak up don't leave it in the hands of just anyone! Make sure you really want this because removal is not easy, the lady who done mine was very experience and I'm not happy
I say stick with pencil at least you can wash it off

I would be most great full for any advise

Thank you for your time in reading this

Why me---try not to stress over your permanent makeup eyebrows. They will fade a lot and the color will look more natural. Since I don't have a picture of your brows, I am going to guess that technician did the style suited for your face, and that you are not accustomed to that style. I have had the permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner. I LOVE it!

I'm really sorry to hear how distressed you have been over this. :( Its good they have started to fade. Has that continued?

Yes they have faded a lot ;) but I've been toled they will come back! I will keep up updated
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