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I had a CO2 laser treatment in August 2007 around...

I had a CO2 laser treatment in August 2007 around the eye area. After about 3 months of having this treatment I was left with horribly hollow ugly eyes. At first I did not understand what had changed about my face.
In 2010, I was on this site (realself) and I suddenly recognised that the condition I had, had a name, "upper hollowness of the eye". I also discovered that this there were possible treatment optons, fillers, fat injections or pearl fat grafting (from Dr Meronk's excellent website).
I did not want to go down the temporary filler route so chose fat grafting.

In June 2011 I contacted Dr Sorensen (in London) and had my consultation. I didn't want scarring so we decided that we would go down the fat injection route.

Unfortunately the improvement was minimal. The hollowness was due to lack of fat in the actual socket so I didn't get the result I wanted. The brow was fuller put the hollowness was still there.

I returned to Dr Sorensen for actual pearl fat grafting in 05 Dec 2011. The discomfort was minimal post procedure. I made sure I slept in a sitting up position for 2 weeks to keep the swelling down. There wasn't significant swelling.The immediate result was quite lumpy especially when I looked down or closed my eyes. I had a bit of a panic attack because I was afraid that the lumpiness would stay. I visited Dr Sorenson a week after the procedure to have the stitches taken out. I used this opportunity to tell him of my concerns regarding the lumpiness. He said that we should give it a little while and that if it didn't resolve he would remove the lumpiness without any cost to me. So, I had the procedure on 5 December and on New Year's Eve I went out to celebrate the new year. The recovery period was very fast.
The lumpiness began slowly resolving itself and after about 3 months I would say that it probably had gone more or less completely. Some days the hollowness looked like it had returned but I think it was dependant on my hydration levels.
So now I am 2 years post op, I wouldn't say the result is not perfect but I would say that I am very very happy with the result. The pearl fat grafting has improved the look of my eyes by about 250%.
Dr Sorensen is very conservative in his procedures but I do wish that he had put a little bit more fat in than he did. I am considering going back to him and asking him to put a little bit more in.

I hope this information helps others who are facing a similar problem.
Hello, I am new to all this. i have hollow eyes too and went to a doctor in manchester who treated the area with restylane. Unfortunately it caused an allergic reaction which had to be sorted out with steriods. i have checked Dr Sorensen's website and also read about him being named as one of the top doctors in the tatler's magazine. I would LOVE to have a fat perarl graft done to fill out the hollows under my eyes as they make me so self conscious. How many days did you have to stay in London for the procedure and was it painful? I am based in Manchester which means that I would have to travel to London to get the procedure done. Ant further information would really be appreciated!! Myra
Thanks for posting this! I have post bleph hollowing and I hate it and want to find a permanent solution to this.

no scarring from liposuction

Dr Sorensen performed liposuction around my abdomen and back at the waistline when he was harvesting fat for injection. Later he told me that he had gotten the very very good quality fat that lies at the deeper levels. He said that this also means that you don't get any bumpiness or irregularities showing up on the skin that tends to happen with liposuction procedures. I have just been looking at bad results for liposuction and seen scarring and irregularities. This makes me very grateful that I chose Dr Sorenson. I cannot see any liposuction scars on myself a all where the lipo "nozzle" thing was inserted into my skin. Thank you Dr Sorenson. :)

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meant to say:
I cannot see any liposuction scars on myself AT all where the lipo "nozzle" thing was inserted into my skin. Thank you Dr Sorenson. :)
Hi, I am so glad i have found a GB group . I had upper bleps in 2013 which left both eyes destroyed. I wont go out the house unless i have too, then i wear glasses. My eyes were lovely.i only wanted fatty lumps removed. Been to see Mr L in Manchester who suggested pearl fat grafting to hollows He seems a highly professional straight talking man who knows his stuff. Have heard nothing but good reports . Has anyone been to him or know anyone who has had this procedure with him?
Your results look good, but how come he scored 3 for bedside manner and aftercare?
In terms of aftercare, when I went to see Dr S post procedure (to have stitches taken out) I felt I was rushed in and out. I wanted to talk through my concerns regarding lumpiness of the fat. Dr S did have some people in his waiting room and maybe he was running late but I just needed some reassurance. He did say that if the lumpiness didn't resolve then he would correct at no cost to me. Luckily the lumpiness did resolve itself, it took about 3 months. Maybe if I had needed this extra sugery then he would have scored higher in terms of after care. The after care score was based on the fact that I felt rushed. In terms of bedside manner, Dr S is very matter of fact. He gives you the facts and there's no "hand holding" or anything. But I've read on this website, that some doctors appear very caring, showing lots of empathy, etc and have a great bedside manner and then they do a rubbish job which requires subsequent revision. Personally I would prefer someone who is very matter of fact and does a good job. Dr S did an exceptionally good job on my eyes. When I find the time I plan on a follow up consultation with him with a view to add more fat (via fat injection) and maybe even get an abdominal muscle repair (due to pregnancy). The incision he made to remove the fat pearls was sewn up extremely neatly. I was very impressed.
Dr Sorensen

During the consultation Dr Sorensen listened intently to my concerns. After the procedure he gave me his personal phone number in case I had any problems. When I returned to have the stitches taken out he seemed a bit rushed and he had a few people waiting in the waiting area. Overall though, the important thing is that he did a good job, so I am happy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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