Vaser Lipo Severe Complication 1 Week on from Op - London, England

I had routine vaser on my lower abs on the 27th...

I had routine vaser on my lower abs on the 27th June in London. All went well and saw immediate good results. After my 3rd massage as part of aftercare the therapist did deep tissue and MLD. Completely routine apparently. 2 hours later my lower abs swelled like never before and I was rushed to A&E. Scans revealed a huge hematoma due to a broken blood vessel and blood filling the space where the fat once was. I am still in hospital and have been told my the surgeons here and mg original surgeon that the hematoma will dissolve but it will take a very long time. I am devastated, I am bigger than what I was before. I can't see how the swelling and hematoma will go down. I am not seeing thecosmetic surgeon until next week, I have been disappointed with his lack of care considering what has happened. He says I have been very unlucky and this is a rare incident. Is it? What has caused this?

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Wow, sorry to hear that. I wonder if the massage had anything to do with it. Thanks for the post, keep us up to date please.

2 weeks post op, 1 week post hematoma

Seeing original surgeon tomorrow for the first time since hematoma although not expecting him to tell me or do much. I am seeing a private plastic surgeon who specialises in reconstruction etc. Rather than cosmetic on Monday. I am also being referred to another specialist later in the week for yet another opinion as best course of action. Swelling has reduced the bruisingis much darker ans travelling down (a good sign) but there huge lump is still there. But something is telling me to wait and be patient...

Hematoma removal, 3 weeks post op, 2 weeks post hematoma

I travelled to Riverbanks clinic to have the hematoma reviewed by my PS on 12/07 (just over 1 week post hematoma) and he advised to see one of his colleagues for a second opinion regarding removal. As it happened I was already scheduled to have a consultation with a reconstructive plastic surgeon, who my PS approved of, the following Monday. The Royal London had also recommended him to me. The consultation on the Monday was excellent and he agreed with me the hematoma needed to be removed as it would take months and months to go and leave a build up of scar tissue. He scheduled me in for surgery 3 days later on the Thursday. I have now had the surgery and the hematoma is removed. All went to plan the reconstructive PS has done a great job. I am swollen but it has certainly gone and my scarring is minimal and below the bikini line anyway. It will be a couple of months before I see final results but so far I am really pleased. However I will not be having any massages any time soon as part of any after care, the risks of another bleed are just too high. I am keeping my pressure garments on though and will do for the next couple of months.
wow sorry to hear about your experience, thanks for sharing, it is hard to know when/what to do as I keep reading different things, i have found this this: useful, but i am still waiting for final post, about massages etc.
I am also wondering if it was the massage. I had mine done on Aug 2nd and was not told to massage but to drink a lot of water to help decrease my swelling. I did the first 4 days and then went back to work and wasn't able to. It made a huge difference in swelling for me. Also I was told to wear my compression garments for 21days only removing to shower. I find it fascinating that we were all told to do different things. Good luck glad your getting better you certainly look good in your photos
Glad to hear you got things fixed and you are OK
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