One of the Few to Have Brazilian Butt Lift in the UK!! - London England

I'm all booked to have my BBL on the 6th June 2013...

I'm all booked to have my BBL on the 6th June 2013
I'm going with the Riverbanks clinic Harley Street London (Dr Jain) Although my surgery will take place in the Harpendon clinic.
Iv had my consultation and he really put my mind to rest, I got a really positive vibe from him.
I took my best friend with me to the consult and she loved him too :-)
I had prepared about 30 questions before I went but didn't need to ask many of them as he pretty much answered all of them before I asked, the before and after photos he showed us were amazing and I'm feeling pretty excited as its only 3 weeks away now!

I have been investigating everything about this surgery for over a year but if there is anything anyone would like to tell me please do....

I will (reluctantly) post my before and after pics once I'm all done.

Has anyone else had this surgery in the UK?? tips and advice would be wonderful :-)

I'm most worried about the healing after the surgery and am not sure If the course of after care is important or not?? its pretty expensive £1000 for 10 sessions and it means travelling back to the surgery which is not near to me...

Wish me luck!!
I cant wait to see your results. i live in london and if your one turns out good then i might just do the surgery here.... good luck babe xxxx
Oh thanks love... I'm less excited not and more scared at this point!!! lol but cannot wait to see my results.. The only thing is, Dr Jain said he will remove the fat from my flanks and love handles (so I get a more pronounced shape) which is obviously great!! but he said he will only put 400cc of fat into my bum cheek!! Looking on this site at the lovely big bums they all have at least 700cc and started off with more than me :-( I have my pre opp appointment next Friday 24th May so I'm hoping I can get him to take off some of the fat from my stomach and put a bit extra into my bum!! As I'm worried about reabsorbing fat!! I will post what he says... I'm not sure if the UK allows the large volumes that the US does :-( Thank you for the luck .. I'll Keep you updated xxx :-)
Hey hun just read your updates. How did it go in the end. 400cc isnt that much but depending on your shape it might make a difference for you. How was the pain eeeek..... im going dominican republic for mine im kinda scared but I need that miami body lol. I want to see your results send pics xxx

How do you eat??

I have a few thoughts.....

Hi guys... might be a really silly question but did you stand up to eat every day after your BBL surgery??? or did you kneel down??

I'm booked in for June 6th and this is something people keep asking me..

Along with can I keep my semi permanent eyelashes on for surgery??

Also I want to know if anyone got the aftercare Lymphatic drainage massage?? was it worth it in your eyes?? can I just get a regular massage or do it myself??

Thank you ladies :-)

Had My Pre op Appointment today!!

OK guys I'm officially all paid up and all booked in!!

I'm more excited than ever now and caught myself smiling on my long journey to work..

The staff at Riverbanks were very friendly and thorough in all my checks and information.
They took my measurements, height,blood pressure, weight, bloods, gave me a look at my compression garments and explained the importance of me wearing them for 6 weeks.
They also gave me my prescription for all my medication.

Pain killers (Ibuprofen, paracetamol, and neat codeine)
Antibiotics that I have to take from the night before.

I filled in loads of forms on medical background, past surgeries, consent forms etc and also a form asking me what my expectations were for the surgery.
They said we will re visit the form post op to see if I got everything I wanted.

In the waiting room there was a man that had got the Vaser Lipo that I will be having at part of my BBL
We were chatting away and he told me that he had his surgery the day before and was there on his check up! ( he said his pain was minimal) :-)
Luckily for me he had the conscious sedation that I will also be having and he allowed me to grill him in detail about everything!
Unfortunately the nurse stole him away from me before I could strip him and look at his results LOL (joke)

Dr Jain came in and had a quick look at my surgery areas again and said he will be able to take all of the fat out of my love handles flanks and the upper back fat too!! thank god!!

I was told that I will not have drains put in but instead the surgeon will leave 1 maybe 2 holes open for my body to naturally drain fluid.

Iv already decided to come back another time to get Lipo on my stomach *hides face* lol
After everything was all booked and information was given and all questions were answered I was walked to the reception desk where I paid for the remainder of the surgery.

I booked in my aftercare appointments and one massage therapy session too.

I must say everyone was so nice and made me feel at ease and the man in the waiting room had nothing but praise for my surgeons work,

I cannot wait to get this down and am counting down the days with nervous excitement.

I have lost 12lbs since my consultation and asked if I could continue dieting before my surgery and was told that would be fine.

I'm going to my sisters next week so she can take my before pics *dies inside* lol

And as soon as its all over I will post them with my after pics :-)

Love and kisses
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Well this is the problem Mistressyelda he said he will remove my flanks and love handles and sculpt my lower back so the result looks more prominent but will only be putting roughly 400cc of fat in my bum :-( I spoke to the nurse who will attend and she said to ask him on surgery day if I can have as much as possible .. I think you a right there.. In the uk they only inject small amounts as they say there is more chance that the fat gets squashed and deteriorates .. How much fat will they inject in Spain??
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Today is the day!!!!

I'm sitting here at my friends house waiting for the taxi to take me to Riverbanks ... I'm gonna have a quick read through my aftercare notes again just so I'm ready...
My resting are is all set for when I return.. I'm lucky because my friend made me sandwiches and packed water and snacks on a cooler bag for me.. Just incase I'm hungry after surgery :-) bless her!!!
Iv had my last sip of water that I'm allowed now... Which means ill be on the table in 2 hours *bites nails*

Wish me luck.. See you on the other side :-)
How did the surgery go? I really want to get mine done?
I haven't seen any good bbls from europe at all, post some pics so we can see. I think if your going to spend so much money, definitely find a good surgeon with results that you love and that's going to do what you want. My favorite is Dr. jimerson in atl, GA. Awesome work he does
Dr Ravi Jain

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