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Tattoo Removal in Pictures - London, GB

Like most people on here I have a tattoo that I...

Like most people on here I have a tattoo that I regret I had a look around at various options and settled on a tattoo removal place in Soho, London. I have only had one session - about 5 weeks ago , have my second session the week after next. I found the lack of info on the internet other than various removal places using stock images shocking so wanted to share my removal journey. The guy I am using seems really knowledgeable and I paid £180 in advance for the first 4 seasons. I have put not sure on the 'was worth it' as I do not know yet - I think the initial results are encouraging though.


Sorry the titles of the pictures did not come out - the first is after the pat h test bottom right
2 is the evening after the first full session 18/04/13
3 is on 06/05/12
4 is on 18/0513

More Information

I just re read my review and thought it probably needed more info!

The tattoo was done 10 years ago, on a beach in Goa, India whilst slightly inebriated on new years eve. (seemed like a good idea at the time) I never liked it but it didn't bother me that much as I couldn't see it and it is not visible with a shirt on. I decided last year that it was time to get rid of it and will tell the ongoing story here! I am very happy to answer any questions anyone has - let me know

Thanks Ben

Latest picture

2nd session coming up next week - can't wait!!!

Evening after second session

Sorry, the picture is in a different light than before - will post more when I can. This session definitely hurt more than the first session as the laser was 'turned up' its also more raised than last time.

2 days after second session

10 th June 2013

4 days after the second session, the swelling has completely come down and I have been told that I need to wait 8 weeks for the next session. I think that I am getting the start of some encouraging results but its going to be a long process!!

18th June 2013

I think the progress is going quite well, it's a nightmare having to keep it out of the sun though but am sure will be worth it in the long run, hope everyone else is doing well - Ben

Photo July 28th

Been a while since the last update - have another session in a couple of weeks, this is about 7 weeks after my second session, going ok but it's a long process. Keeping it out of the sun is a bit boring too!

4 months in!


So I am 4 months into this process and have only had 2 sessions, looking to get another one done in the next couple of weeks, I think its going pretty well though, some bits appear to have completely gone, hope everyone else's progressing well


After third session

Really pleased with progress, apparently they are getting a pico laser which they should have before my fourth session, apparently it's more expensive - does anyone have any experience using the pico laser? Good or bad!!

Photo after 3rd session

2nd October

Picture update 9th November

This seems to be taking ages!! But I am still encouraged with the results, I have only had 3 sessions and the next one will be with the pico laser that they are getting at the end of this month, I paid £180 for the first 4 sessions and have been told the pico will be c£250 per session, although the chap reckons I might only need 1 or 2 more sessions with the new laser. That would be amazing and I will post an update after it's done - end of November.

First pico session today

Had my first pico session today, seemed to hurt a bit more but was ok photo is a before, will post another one when I take the bandage off!

12 hours after first pico session

So let me update I gave gad 3 q switched session and just yesterday had my first pico session - pain about the same, the only difference at the moment is that I have a few blisters which I didn't get before not painful though, sorry the photo u have put up is rubbish but will put another one when Ivan


Some blisters

19th December

Looming a bit better today!

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas everyone, the tattoo looks to be healing nicely will see in the days to come

3rd jan 2014

Happy new year! Just a quick photo update about 2 weeks after pico sure session, I think it's starting to look much better as it has settled down a bit

January 13th

Update 3 weeks after first pico session, seems to have healed pretty well, thought there might have been more progress though...,

January 16th

Feb 6th

A few weeks since my last post, really pleased with progress, in some parts it's completely gone. It's really interesting that the ink is at different depths and is reacting differently. I think another 3 or 4 weeks until my next session, will keep you posted!


6th Feb 2014

6th feb

Progress update

Been a while since I updated but I am really pleaed with progress, there is a bit at the top left with quite a bit if ink left but the bottom looks like a shadow. Think I will have one more pico session then enjoy the summer - bit of sun after the lasering has healed and then see where I am later in the year.

Excellent very knowledgable , puts you at ease in great central location within a tattoo place.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How long did your first Picosure session take?
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Glad to hear you're progressing well! Would love to see a picture.
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It's sooo faded, looks great from what I can see.....remember the laser only shatters the ink - your body flushes it out so keep your immune system strong :) Keep us posted. 
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What's best in anyone's experience for keeping the immune system strong!
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Hi BjMT, The food you eat plays a huge role in keeping you immune system strong - you want to aim for lots of fresh raw leafy green veggies and a variety of colorful fruits and other veggies (steamed Broccoli  is perfect for men) this will ensure you are getting lots of antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E ) that are great for your immune system.  Another 2 very important factors are keeping active - and no excessive stress...last but not least lots of rest. 
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Looks like the Pico knocked some ink out...also looks like it healed well too! Hopefully there's more fading to come in the next few weeks. Do you plan on having yr next session w/ the Pico?
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Great fading, what do you use for aftercare? Are you feeling any scar tissue?
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Nothing really for aftercare except some aloe Vera gel! Haven't noticed any scarring yet
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Good stuff - take it slow :) We have all learned fading happens continuously over time. Repeated treatments in a short period of time can lead to scarring in my opinion. 
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Really impressive stuff for only a short period of time. You can see he has spent more time on the lower half of the tattoo that the top left, for example. That's also evident from you previous picture, which shows more blistering etc in that area. When's your next treatment booked for? It's looking like you might only need another couple and you'll be home and dry!!
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Thanks - will ask him about that - he did say the ink was deeper at the top? Not sure about that Next session will be in about 6 weeks
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It's hard to tell when it's still so red how the ink is doing!
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Really excited to see how you react to the pico. Your progress is fantastic. :)
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Awesome :) I'm curious to see yr results as a lot of ppl say the pico is better. Did you find the pain more tolerable than the laser you use now...is it a q-switched?
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It was a little more painful and he bandaged it which he hadn't done before ( q switched) bandage has come off this morning and a few blisters but doesn't hurt at all - will post pics as soon as I can
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I'm glad yr not in pain :) Mine is usually sore for like 4-5 days after but I have only gotten treatment w/ a q-switched (Medlite). I also was considering trying the Pico but am not sure yet. I have pretty great results w/ the Medlite but just find that I have to wait longer in/bw treatments to let my skin heal :( but the ink keeps fading so I am happy w/ that. Your fading is really good for only 3-4 treatments. I'm more or less curious if the Pico does better than the Q, which I know a lot of ppl want to know haha. Thanks for updating and I wish you a speedy recovery!
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Let us know how the picosure goes, I'm considering it. Your fading is amazing so far. aloha...k
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Looking really good for three sessions! Another 3 might take of that! Interesting news on the picosure laser. If their prices are anything like the other handful of places in the UK that offer it, it won't be cheap, however based on what I've seen, one session could potentially get rid of it! I'd be interested to hear what they would charge you..
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Take care*
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Thanks, will update with cost after the next session
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You've had a really good response, really pleased for you :)
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Thank you very much !
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What is the name of the Clinic/Doctor you are seeing in London? Would appreciate a first hand recommendation. Good luck, looks great and lots of progress already!
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Hi Alexis, Sorry have only just seen this the chaps name is Wayne and he is at the circle tattoo place in soho
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I will get you the details
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